Flora - Green Focus Reviews

Flora - Green Focus Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-31

Flora is a new way to stay off your phone, clear to-do lists, and build
positive, life-changing habits. Whenever you want to make progress towards your
goals, plant a seed in Flora. As you work hard, the seed will grow into a
healthy tree. Let the tree be your coach and grow yourself wit...

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Flora - Green Focus Reviews

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    Needs some fixes

    I love the concept behind this app, but I’ve experienced some problems with it in the past. For example, there are times when I spend 40-90 minutes studying and once the timer is up, I’m directed toward a “connection failure” menu even when I’m connected to the Internet. This screen will not disappear until I close and refresh the app, which prevents me from earning the time spent on my different goal trackers. At times, when I open the app after the timer goes off, there are messages saying that one of my tress was killed, even when my phone remained untouched the whole time. It would also be helpful if there was a “0 minutes” mark when planting a tree for when people want to focus for exactly one or two hours. Maybe you could also add minutes that are not just multiples of five for those that need to concentrate for a very specific amount of time. This last point is not a flaw but something I would like to see in the app. As a busy student, I like to keep track of multiple aspects of my life, and I would like this app to have more than just six goal trackers if it were possible. It would be truly beneficial as there are some aspects of my life I’d like to monitor too besides my six main ones. This app has helped me a lot in concentrating on my homework and studying during the summer and with some fixes, it could be even better.

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    I really love this app; it’s helped me be so productive, haha. It’s simple but works really well. The Grand Tour feature is also really cool! Plus, I like how you can set goals and how many hours you want to focus on the goal, although it would be nice to be able to reset the goals like every week or something. Another idea is maybe to have an option where you can silence notifications from other apps while planting a tree, because I know those lock screen text notifications can be very tempting, haha. Also, it would be cool if a timer could be added to your phone’s lock screen while planting so you know how much time you have left. Or maybe a widget. Finally, I think there’s a glitch of what plants I planted? When I planted one orange, it somehow duplicated and replaced other existing plants so now I have three oranges instead of the just one orange that I planted. I don’t mind that much though, since it still looks very nice, haha. Overall, I love the concept of this app and how it lets me channel my inner focus!

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    I would give this app a million stars if I could!

    I love flora! It’s just the most amazing focus timer app I have. I have trouble concentrating but I’m a very driven student and I constantly have to study. I love plants and I love “traveling the world and growing their native plants” in this app. It’s just the most rewarding experience in my opinion. I downloaded this app last week and I’ve already completed 22 hours! That’s a lot considering it’s summertime right now and I only have one online class. I also really like the fact that I can take a break. Things always come up when I study and I have babysit my brother when my moms at work so being able to pause to do my chores and etc is a wonderful feature. I highly recommend you get this app and actively use it to focus if you are a student!

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    Couple bugs

    Pros: really does help me and my sister to focus on our work together and overall a really helpful app with lots of nice features. The all around the world feature is by far my favourite as well as the group planting aspect. Very helpful app overall if you just want to get off you phone. Cons: there are a couple bugs which I feel need to be addressed. One is that sometimes when logging in with Facebook it’ll say the login isn’t associated with a account but opening the page in safari seems to let you log in as normal. Another con is the fact that it’s Facebook only but I understand that the team is looking at adding more options soon so it’s not that big a deal. Just a small feature I would like is for me to see on my lock screen the time remaining as a notification so that I don’t have to unlock my phone but that’s just a nitpick. Overall: the app works great and gets the job done. Obviously there are downsides which many people see as having a big impact, but personally if you don’t mind using an old Facebook or making a throwaway one, it helps a lot and I would highly recommend.

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    Love the idea

    One of the first things I did with this app was set aside time to read a personal book. The timer is a really easy way to focus on one thing at a time and get an idea of how much time you need for certain activities. I love that they include Flora Care which is a charity you can donate to and in exchange a certain number of hours logged in the app translates to a real tree planted. However the only way you are able to use the app is if you have a Facebook account, I haven’t used my Facebook in months but was lucky enough to remember my login. Although after only a couple days of using the app I was told I needed to log back in to Facebook and was redirected to a Facebook security measure asking for a photo of my face -after this i was told i had to wait for the photo to be reviewed before i could log back in. It would be much easier to use an account that I use more readily such as gmail, or even the option to create a new Flora account not necessarily connected to another social media

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    Facebook mandate

    Flora is a great app and concept, I’m not sure if this or Forest: stay focused, came first but either way I appreciate the idea and the fact that this app is free makes it accessible. It truly does help my workflow. However the face that you HAVE to log in with a Facebook account is annoying and frankly a huge turn off to a lot of users, especially those in the 16-24 range I imagine. If the app wants folx to plant seeds together consider looking into airplay compatibility or simply generating share codes for long distance collaboration. Finally and this is a minor note, I used one other app similar to this and one of the touches I appreciated was as you racked up more time you unlocked different plants and could get an overview of your ‘garden.’ Perhaps integrating these features would veer to close to a copy right infringement. I’m not sure. But overall flora gets the job done it’s highly customisable in terms of time and relatively intuitive; though I will say returning to the planting screen after finishing a session isn’t the smoothest transition. 3/5 keep going !

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    Seems good but don’t have Facebook

    Update:it’s May 5 of 2019 and you STILL DONT HAVE A EMAIL LOGIN OR ANY OTHER LOGIN ALTERNATIVE. You say you’ll add it as soon as possible but you updated the app last week and still NO EMAIL LOGIN. Just look at your negative reviews for 5 SECONDS and you’ll see that’s all we want. I have it as 4 stars in hopes that you will see this. You guys say that you’re “working on email login” but it’s been months. Why is it taking so long. Almost all your low star ratings are because it’s Facebook only. This isn’t good for your business because people won’t use the app because of Facebook login only. You might be working on it but make it a priority. I don’t want to use forest cause it cost $ and I just want to be productive. I understand it takes time to implement this but people have been asking since AT LEAST 2017, I didn’t scroll further cause it was long. Most apps that have sign ins have email function so why is it taking so long. At least give us an explanation

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    Good, but a bit buggy

    I love how this app encourages me to put down my phone and keep my hands off for a time. Also, a recent update lets me plant while offline. And of course it’s cool that o can plant a real tree with a donation. However, there are still a lot of bugs in the basic functions. If I plant offline and then turn the WiFi on, or vice versa, the finished plant doesn’t show up in my garden. And if I open the app while offline, it often gives me a login page that requires me to turn the WiFi on again and log in via Facebook - which I’m usually not willing to do at that point, since my goal was to get OFF the phone and internet. Strangely, when I come back to the app with the internet on, later, it doesn’t require me to log in again, but goes straight to the planting screen. I really don’t think an app about putting down your phone should require any login, internet, or other special steps to use unless the user requests to make it a social event for that particular time. (It also requires a social use to get past level 9.)

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    Good yet Frustrating

    I do like the incentive to put down the phone & focus, BUT there are two main problems. First, it is dificult to navigate the "grand tour" because it MANDATES that you get a friend to play, and some of us don't like to prosyletize our apps (or "play" with friends in this way). Since I didn't invite a friend to play with me, it just stpped progressing, which was quite depressing. Second, sometimes the app stopped counting down when my iPhone went to black screen. So I'd be focusing for 50 minutes, and over an hour later I'd check my phone (why don't I have a tree yet?) and the countdown clock would be at 48:33. I found that I had to keep the screen live the whole time sometimes just to get it to actually countdown - which was beyond annoying and really undermined the entire purpose of the focus app which is, after all, to focus AWAY from the phone. That glitch seemed to be fixed when I restarted everything, but still, quite annoying.

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    After just two days of using this app, I can finally say I have found a tool that actually helps me focus. I love the incentive of planting trees, it is an incentive outside myself which is more motivating than a cup of coffee. I feel that with each plant added to my personal garden I am working to make a difference! The reason I didn’t give this app a 5 star rating is the lack of alarm when the goal has been met. It doesn’t seem to have one (or I just can’t find it). I like to break up my tasks in smaller increments which this app does wonderfully, but it doesn’t alert me to when I need to take a break or switch to a new task. Ultimately, I have found myself working for an hour instead of 25 minutes (who CJ is GREAT, don’t get me wrong), but it also doesn’t show a true reflection of my focus and doesn’t show me true progress toward my goal. I’d love to have the option for a notification. (If it’s there, please point me in the right direction!).

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    Helps me stay away from my phone!

    I’m going to be real, I really enjoy this app. It makes me feel terrible to kill a tree, so I can focus more instead on getting assignments/studying done. I also like how you can categorize the time you spend not on your phone- I use it to keep track of how many hours I’ve worked/studied for each of my classes, and it helps me balance out the hours for each subject! There are a few bugs though, sometimes when I set a timer and turn off my phone, the app will stop, and refresh. Then the timer will be completed, even though it is not. It gives me free time on the app, but I didn’t actually earn those minutes. I think another feature that would add to the experience, could be a log of each week’s total hours. I know you can scroll through your feed to see it, but if you did a lot of sessions, scrolling can take a while to see these summed up. Overall, would recommend!

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    The reason why this app is awesome is because it actually helps you, scientifically if you understand why. The use of it is simple. When studying you can’t just sit for hours upon hours and retain the knowledge. Our brain naturally stops focusing around 25 minutes. If we take a step away from our work for as little as 5-10 ten minutes to tidy up, talk a walk, go on social media, or play games etc... and go back to study our brain is refreshed and ready at peak effectiveness. The incentive and the little Forrest you develop is really cute and gives you more reason to stay on the app while doing your work. Also the fact you can donate money by your hours of focus is also an incentive to work hard so you can give back to the world! Love it!

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    It’s good

    I like the idea, and it works well for what it is. It has helped me control my impulse to use my phone. One time I left the app without even thinking about it and then freaked out and reopened the app. Luckily because I hadn’t entered another app, my tree survived :) The reason I took off a star is the in-app purchases. I thought I would be able to plant real trees without paying, but I was wrong. That isn’t a big problem, but I wish I could help while still being a starving student. I also do not want to participate in the paying section that involves putting money on your ability to stay off your phone. Overall I use the free parts and like it. The tags are cool because I can see what I’ve worked on. I think I’ll be using the app in class too because I have a bad habit of checking my email instead of paying attention.

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    Great App, just needs some major fine tuning

    This is a great app, there are very affordable plans if you want your focus time to actually contribute to planting real trees in the world. The only issue is when you want to study with friends who have flora. The only issues I have with this app are: 1) The timer starts as soon as you send a request for your friends to join your study session. This means that time is wasted until they can all actually join rather than all of us starting at the same time. 2) Inviting friends is very old school and clunky. If you request for a friend to join your study session directly through the app, it’s a hit or a miss. Sometimes they’ll get the invitation and sometimes they won’t..so that’s more time wasted (keep in mind the timer has already started) 3) The only reliable way to make sure your friends get the notification to join the study session is to text them a password/key to join the session. Now they have to wait for the text, get the password/key, type it into the app (you can’t copy-and-paste), and you’re friends are finally joined...oh and the timer has already finished a few minutes...why can’t there just be a link that friends can click on and automatically join the study session?

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    Real tree planting and timing needs improvement

    Planting a tree if you kill the tree in app doesn’t make sense, because the more trees planted means more people killing their trees in-game. I think the flora care plan is better or more effective for planting real trees because you plant a real tree only if you succeed. It is a better incentive because you are rewarded for your focus and the more time you focus using the app the more trees are planted encouraging you to keep growing the tree in game. Also, the timings on the front page don’t make a lot of sense, 25 minutes should be half an hour 50 minutes should be one hour etc. Please allow us to set the time for focusing to a longer time, up to 24 hours because I like to run it while I’m at school since I can’t have my phone out at school and I have to reset it after three hours

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Is Flora - Green Focus Safe?

Yes. Flora - Green Focus is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 41,640 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Flora - Green Focus Is 65.0/100.

Is Flora - Green Focus Legit?

Yes. Flora - Green Focus is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 41,640 Flora - Green Focus User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Flora - Green Focus Is 65.0/100.

Is Flora - Green Focus not working?

Flora - Green Focus works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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