Remente: Self Help & Wellbeing Reviews

Remente: Self Help & Wellbeing Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-18

Small actions everyday create life changing behaviors. Our mental health tracker
and self care journal helps you with goal setting and achieving personal growth!
Remente acts as your life coach and provides a bunch of self help tools to
achieve self improvement, healthy habits and well b...

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Remente: Self Help & Wellbeing Reviews

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    Almost awesome

    As an iPad Pro user for all things, the lack of being able to have the screen flip is almost a non-starter (unfortunately). But if everything else worked like a charm, maybe I would use it. I only used the free version and I personally don’t mind what some other reviewers complained about with the free version. The price point for the Premium seems reasonable for a coaching app if it is completely dialed in and the content feels valuable. Here is what I loved about the app. The interface is simple and fun to use. The wheel of happiness is really cool and the way you can scroll the timeline and see a time-lapse display of how you feel about any one sector is helpful and interesting. The journaling is nice and setting up my day was fun and easy. Why I lost my positive mojo? I decided to edit my goal. There is no button that lets you edit a goal, but there were the ... in the upper right hand corner I press them and the program terminates and I’m out. I try it 3 more times, same thing. Maybe it is a simple bug or whatever, but setting up a program like this (especially if you invest in the Premium version) takes lots of time and I just don’t want to invest my time on a program that is buggy from the get go. I may try it again some day because it has potential if the courses are good, the bugs gone and horizontal workspace available.

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    Definitely Cute UX Design. Content and Function?

    This app is so cute it makes you want to buy it right away! There are lots of great topics on the app for personal growth. Dig in a little deeper, however, and you’ll find that there’s not really anything special about it. It has general information. The “Goal Plans” are basic lists of information. For anyone who needs guidance in achieving the goals, you won’t find it here; no detailed insight provided. “Boosts” are tips - about a paragraph of reading content that lacks significance and relevance. “Courses” are no more professional or in-depth than you would find in a blog written by an average person. There are articles within the materials from “experts.” The “Master Communicator” course, for example, doesn’t even touch on the foundation that our communication is built on. It doesn’t discuss self-talk, positive voice, self-esteem...okay. Like many other people have said, you must pay up! The free version won’t keep you around long! It’s so cute, and the topics are great. There’s something mysterious about what you’re going to get if you upgrade. Will it suddenly be fabulous? Read the description of the benefits of going premium and you’ll be far from excited. Very cute! Great ideas! Consider analyzing some other apps for the structure and organization. Improve the content. Nice dashboard as far as I can tell. Lastly, offer a free trial. Anyone who believes in their product has no issue doing so.

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    Spiritual Focus- The Next Step For This App

    This app is incredible! There are so many helpful resources within this app as well as different ways to measure how you are feeling and what you are focusing on. I really love how it teaches you how to set proper goals so that you set yourself up for success! I personally think it would be beneficial to add an optional spiritual focus, as well as spiritual resources and goals in the app that users can choose if they so desire. Obviously this is a very general topic so it would be difficult to pinpoint sources users could refer to that they would enjoy. But maybe the sources could be divided up by religion (Christianity, Jewish, Muslim, etc) and by general spirituality. This would require a lot of work, but I really think it would be the next step for this app moving forward. It would be ideal to eventually even divide up into specific religious groups so that those who seek sources for their spirituality can find sources from their faith (that is, if their church releases such articles online). As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I personally feel it would benefit me a ton to include this aspect in the app. I love finding spiritual applications to the things I learn from Remente. I know I’m not the only one that feels this way too! :) Anywho, this app is amazing! I’m thoroughly enjoying it, and I look forward to continued updates in the future!

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    Won’t let you add any goals in free version

    Liked the app until it started refusing to let me add goals unless I upgraded to the premium plan. It gives me a message saying I can only have three goals in the free version. I currently have added 0 goals and it won’t let me add any unless I’m on premium, so I’ve just deleted the app. It’s impossible to use effectively without paying, so forget it. Don’t advertise a free platform and then refuse to let us use the free platform. Edit: I’ve now received a response from their help team saying they can’t replicate what I was dealing with and to reach out to them. I don’t feel encouraged to reach out to them based on that reply. I have no incentive to take the time out of my day to post a review if I am not actually dealing with the issue I described. If you can’t replicate the issue, I’m not encouraged the app is worth it or that a tech team could resolve the issues. I’ve already troubleshooted the app, logging out and back in, deleting and redownloading, all of which failed to resolve the issue.

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    Perfect for keeping you on track

    After cycling through many of these apps throughout 2019 I can confidently say that Remente gave me the most success. It kept me in line and made sure that I didn’t forget about it. Unlike a lot of the others, Remente excels in all areas that it wishes to. From keeping you on a set schedule all the way to tracking your mood, there is a lot of value you can take out of the app. One of my favorites about this app is that it doesn’t overload you with notifications as well, whatever you set is what you get. As for setting goals, Remente has a great layout. They offer their own Goal Plans as well as allow you to create your own very detailed plans for the future. After so many failed attempts on other apps, I wasn’t very optimistic going into Remente but luckily I was quickly enjoying it.

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    So motivational!

    This is a very creative app with course ideas, goal setting, a mood tracker, as well as clock reminders to keep you on track with your plan. I love reading all of the course material. It's very practical, straight forward, with great tips and helpful advice. I also like the fact that once you choose a main goal to work on, for example, such as eating healthier, it is then broken down into small mini steps for you to check off that day. Excellent idea. I believe if you stick with this app, it does have the power to keep you on track and make progress in your life towards achievement. Overall, there's lots of fun stuff on this that will keep you intrigued enough to continue using it. Plus I love the little owl! 🦉

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    The best organization app. Ever. Period.

    The amount of apps I have been through like this is astronomical. I Approximately downloaded and went through about 12 different organization, goal setting, and journaling apps. Out of all 12, this is the only one that I kept. It’s absolutely perfect. I’ve been using it to keep track of what I essentially need to do, things I need to work on, and planning my life. The interface is so, so smooth. It leads you through absolutely everything, so there is no confusion about ‘what am I supposed to do now though?!??’ (Which was a problem I ran into with many apps) This is literally my first time writing a review, ever. That is how much I thought this app deserved it. So if you are scrolling through the reviews to see ‘hmm, is this worth it?’ Stop scrolling. And click that little download button. It’s worth it 👌🏾👀 Thank you for reading this longggg review. By the way, I ain’t even over 15 years old. So that just proves how easy the interface is. 😁♥️ thank you for making this app! ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

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    I paid for a quarterly subscription because I wanted the premium features (no trial period for this app). I’m bummed I bothered paying for it, there isn’t any difference from the free version as far as I can tell except that you can add more goals. I did the motivation goal and it gave me actions like “create a SMART plan” but doesn’t go into detail into how to really set up a plan or be held accountable for it. I had to google to get an idea on how to start. I’m not sure what the Insights tab is for because it didn’t analyze anything about me. Even the life wheel just showed me visually how I’m feeling in the moment about certain aspects of my life. But there weren’t any tips or suggestions based on that data. I signed up for Fabulous and I feel like that app delivered what I expected from Remente as far as resources, alerts, detailed letters to motivate me, a calendar view of how many times I’ve consistently kept up with a goal, etc.

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    Excellent life improvement app

    This is an excellent app if you want to set goals and focus on improving your life. I’ve only had it for a week and it’s already helped me formulate and organize my goals and thoughts more so than I have ever done. Also has a clever journal function built-in which is very useful for jotting down notes and reflections. It also has great suggested courses to help you improve in various areas depending on where you rate yourself in the categories of your life. I have a couple of suggestions below: 1) On the Goals page perhaps provide the ability to divide into short term, medium term, and long-term goals. Or maybe just have the ability to have some kind of labeling. 2) Allow more flexibility for task repeat function such as 2x per month or once a quarter, etc. instead of just by week. 3) On the iPad version please allow landscape mode since the new iPad Pro cover is not very portrait friendly. Please keep up the fantastic work, thank you!

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    I love it!

    I’ve had multiple self improvement apps and honestly I just collect them till I get bored and delete them all. Remente is completely different! It has goals that are easy to achieve and give you clear instructions to follow. It is divided into “sections” so basically you have personal development, finances, love and relationships, career and education, friends and social life, family, health and fitness and fun and recreation. It adds your goals to your calendar and it comes with little boosters (short articles) that help you improve your experience. I honestly recommend it to everyone I know

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    Great app needs MORE courses

    I love this app! This app has helped me a lot through these last few months. I love the feature where I can track my mood and leave a note with it and check back on it later. I also love the different challenging courses to choose from—you can even make your own and customize it. The ONE suggestion that would make this app better is if there were more courses that were cycled in and out. Add new courses every so often or even have a challenge where users of the app can make one and can it can be featured for everyone to use.

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    Best app for motivation

    I really enjoy this app because of all the goals, and motivation it has given me. It has taught me how to appreciate the world around me and my life. It also helped me improve my habits and I have become a way more happy, positive person because of this app! Highly recommend. It’s also free! I get so much for free! Many other apps only have 1 free course. But this app has many! I truly appreciate this! Please download! You won’t regret it!

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    Low quality content, lots of upsell.

    Virtually everything is paygated. The content is organized into "courses" but these tend to be small collections of pithy blog articles, such as you probably get in your email every day or find yourself reading on Medium because you have lost track of time. Harmless fluff but not the sort of thing anyone should be paying for. Apart from this there isn't much here. The goal section is more content-farm blogspam. The app has a todo-list style planner, but even just making a short list for tomorrow is a "premium" feature. If you're using that word to describe a function that came free with my phone ten years ago, I don't think you know what it means.

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    Has potential

    I’m enjoying this app, mostly considering how there aren’t many decent goal setting and step tracking apps available on the App Store. My main issue, and it keeps me from using the app, is the background image. I wish I could change the image of the mountain on the main screen. It’s strange that users (even paying users) are forced to have a particular image as the main graphic for their goal setting system. Would use much more often if this was changed to allow users to upload their own images.

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    i only had this app for a couple days and i love it, and can see the tiny changes in my self and mindset already. the only bad thing is that i can’t add my moods daily. when i click on the mood button, i can pick a mood and the feelings and write a description, but after that there is no way to summit it. no done button no next button or finish button. so basically it’s a waste of time. and i hope you fix that because i feel like that is very important for me to look back on.

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Is Remente: Self Help & Wellbeing Safe?

Yes. Remente: Self Help & Wellbeing is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,729 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Remente: Self Help & Wellbeing Is 47.6/100.

Is Remente: Self Help & Wellbeing Legit?

Yes. Remente: Self Help & Wellbeing is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,729 Remente: Self Help & Wellbeing User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Remente: Self Help & Wellbeing Is 47.6/100.

Is Remente: Self Help & Wellbeing not working?

Remente: Self Help & Wellbeing works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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