FIXD OBD2 Scanner Reviews

FIXD OBD2 Scanner Reviews

Published by on 2021-09-02

FIXD translates your car problems into simple understandable terms. Whenever you
run into a problem, FIXD will give you the severity of the issue and the
consequences of continued driving. FIXD also reminds you when your car needs
maintenance to help extend the life of your vehicle. New...

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FIXD OBD2 Scanner Reviews

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    I really wanted to like this but...

    I understand you need WiFi or cellular data to connect to databases, stay updated etc etc but when your stuck somewhere with bad phone service it won’t work (only mentions Bluetooth but the data required always is inside after you buy it....) my $15 OBD2 will save the day if you have no service and you can use apps to update it when possible and uses Bluetooth and has many of the same features without the gimmick premium service..really, 7.99/mo? I’m a developer and can’t believe for certain services you need premium when some should be optional. I like the like the live gauges with a mounted tablet, but you need data to login lol.... other apps that connect to much cheaper OBD2 devices with live gauges work with no data (why would you need service data for that..?) oh, you need a required account to login with device to access that, dumb. I’ll stick to something else where I don’t need live data to login, especially if you’re stuck in a dead zone with no service. Come on. Would give 5 stars with such minor development work and fix many of the negative reviews. I could go on more how this can be easily improved while still giving out a premium option but this is just a disappointment (for me) I’m sure it’s fine for others that are not aware of unlocked OBD2 devices that cost 1/4 the price.

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    First day opinion.

    Well, so far I am satisfied with this device, although it is giving me a warning for a problem that so far, I cannot detect. It is also giving me a note to clear the engine light. I had an engine light for a day, after I left my keys in the ignition, and by the next morning the battery was dead. I charged the battery, got the car started, and that is when that light came on. After driving it for a half day, for approximately 80 miles, the light went out by itself. The next day, I got the “FIXD” unit delivered to my house, of course. It is giving me two possible faults. The first, a low voltage for the ignition switch. The other one, a possible problem with the transaxle, with possible shifting problems. I have not noticed problems with either, so far, however I am looking forward to seeing the performance of this unit in the future. By the way, I ordered the second version of the FIXD II. So far, so good ! At least it gives you an intelligent basis to relay information to your service provider. I hope... Con G. Englewood Ohio

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    Good, but buggy

    The app works well, but it’s execution is sometimes hit or miss. The daily, and I mean daily bug that I encounter is while the app is either running in the background or being used continually asks me to log into my iTunes account... Aside from this, overall, it’s great! Just tired of logging into my iTunes account. Edit: Hello lead dev! Certainly, describe and give you as much information as I can. I Purchased the device and downloaded the app at the start of September. I purchased two of them for two vehicles. I set up the app via the instructions for vehicle A (Honda) on my device (iPhone X). It was running the final version of iOS 12. I have since upgraded to the most recent iOS. I then changed the connection to that device to my fiancé’s phone (iPhone 8), and paired it because she would be driving it and checking it more often than myself. I wasn’t sure if you could do dual connections for one device. She has not updated to the new iOS and is running the last version of iOS 12. I then installed the other device in vehicle B (Nissan) via following the instructions. It tends to prompt the login when we start our respective vehicles. Sometimes I’ll get random ones while not driving. The only pattern I can see is when I start vehicle B and it will ask me to log in. I’ll update with more information if I observe different behavior. Thanks for your help!

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    FIXD saves the day!

    Until recently, my car has been relatively trouble-free. Lately, however, I’ve run into a few problems. It’s nice to know that when that “check engine” light comes on, I can instantly find out what the trouble is. It’s helpful to know if the problem is imminent disaster, and should pull over and call for a tow, or if it’s one of those things where I can still drive, but get fixed soon. In my particular case, I had coil packs go bad, and I was able to tell the mechanic “I have a misfire on cylinder 2”, and have him wonder how the heck I have such specific info! At least my mechanic is trustworthy. But this could be a lifesaver (or at least a wallet saver!) for someone going in blind. An unscrupulous mechanic can turn a vague “check engine” light into a gold mine.

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    Amazing device

    My transmission recently dropped. Moments prior to it dropping, I pulled it into a repair shop on the road I was on as my engine was struggling. My FIXD app warmed me on my phone that I was in trouble. It identified the problem and that it was severe. I told the mechanic the work numbers that were on display on my app. He said it was my transmission and that it most likely will need to be replaced. Just to rule out any possibility that the problem may have been something else, I had the mechanic check my engine and transmission. The FIXD app and device was unfortunately accurate. So, I have a new vehicle and am writing this review as I register my new vehicle to the FIXD app and device. It has been a great and reasonably priced investment. 👍

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    Bluetooth pairing problem

    I always seem to have pairing issues with my FIXD OBD II reader on my vehicles, my 2014 Mitsubishi Lancer ES and my 2003 Nissan 350Z. I constantly have to keep trying to pair my vehicle to the reader about 5 to 10 times in many different ways like erasing my vehicles and pairing them again before it can finally pick up my vehicle. But then after I browse around the interface and something brings me to my internet browser and I go back to the FIXD app, I have to pair my vehicle again and it’s becoming an irritating big issue now. Please fix this issue ASAP, this is an awesome device but this problem is going to bring it down because connection with the vehicle to my phone is the main purpose for this device. But it’s not doing its job properly. I’m going to have to give this a rating of 2 out of 5. Until this problem is solved permanently then I’ll bring it back to a 5 out of 5

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    Bad customer experience. No functionality outside of their proprietary app

    The app has an easy to understand interface and the codes are given in easy to understand language. However for more complicated vehicles it just isn't up to the task and a more advanced tool may be needed to diagnose the problem. This is where my chief complaint comes in. In a competitive field where an excellent OBD2 scanner is one third the price of the Fixd hardware, it makes no sense to lock their scanner to the app. If their hardware had functionality outside of their app (which they must intentionally limit) this would be a 5 star program (possibly deducting half a star on price). I understand locking the app to their unique hardware as you have to pay for development somehow and the app is free. But intentionally limiting which apps your customers can use with your hardware is a terrible way to do business.

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    Great While it Lasted

    I purchased two FIXD devices for the special discounted price of $89 approximately a year ago. In conjunction with the free app and online processing of the data to interpret the trouble codes, it was easy to understand. Used it a couple of times to diagnose troubles and it worked well. Just tried to use it again only to discover that the online service necessary to diagnose the codes now requires a subscription of $7.99 monthly or $59 annually. That was not part of the original deal. To continue using the sensor, I would now need to pay as much for the service EVERY year as I paid to buy the sensor! If I was a mechanic using the system regularly that might be acceptable. But for someone who might use the sensor a couple of times a year, that is completely unacceptable and I would argue unethical since it was not part of the purchase agreement. Save your money to pay the mechanic who is going to actually fix your problem!

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    Nothing special High Priced Device

    The commercials that I saw for this device claimed to provide a lot of features as a part of the purchase. Now, many of the features that were initially provided appear to be moving to a subscription model. The problem is that the device is priced higher than other similar devices. If this were a subscription from the start I would have purchased a cheaper device and just signed up for their subscription from the start. I received feedback from the developer indicating that nothing was removed from the original service. If this is the case, in my experience, all of the new pop ups and advertisements have made accessing the information more challenging for me. I appear to no longer see the information I thought I had originally been receiving in the manner I thought I had been receiving it.

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    Has it all covered

    I love this app and I rarely say that about apps. Not only does it allow me to track service on my car, my wife’s, and my daughter’s car (who never warns me about problems), it also has a log book for everything else. Gas, car washes, tolls, etc. Keeps track of everything on my cars so I no longer need to keep notebooks in each car. Really simple to connect once I found the port (which did take some work). Make sure you remember the number on the FIXD reader or you will have to remove it to get the number and then connect to your phone. My only concern is it falling out over time if I hit a bump or the connection gets loose.

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    Still new but it’s freaking awesome

    I can’t believe how easy this was to setup and use immediately. First thing I did was scan my check engine light and it came back immediately with all the codes. Not only that, but it gave me possible fixes and it recommended the cheapest possible fix. I have contemplated for years gettin my own OBD II sensor and when I saw an ad for FIXD on Instagram I was attracted the idea right away. Thank you to the creators of this product and everyone behind this idea! Even though I’m poor, you gave me confidence to work on my own vehicle to save me time, money and hassle dealing with the a$$holes at the mechanics shop. God bless you.

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    Loved this app!

    AWESOME! Such a fast response! Thank you for fixing the situation. My dashboard light was on and since I have no mechanical experience I like to have a heads up before I go to mechanic. Looks like it’s just general maintenance this time… I can deal with that. Thank you guys! PREVIOUSLY: The app will not except my email and password on my iPhone… Which I know are correct because I can sign in on my desktop. Unfortunately, if I can’t connect to my iPhone I can’t use the gadget in my car to do the diagnosis. I have a request submitted to help me solve this issue… If we can I will change my rating to five stars.

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    Who expected Freemium app with the hardware

    App is ok but way too much is paywalled behind the pricey monthly subscription. And the app is obnoxiously geared to steer you to click and get you to buy it. I’m sure the get referral fees from the services they point you at. They did more clearly label the premium features, which just clarifies how minimal the app is without them. If you could hide them you would be mostly left with a basic scan and mediocre maintenance reminder. The device does work with other scanner apps. One can only hope they don’t try to lock those out in a future upgrade. Try car scanner pro for better scanning, stats, and graphs for free or minimal one time cost. Given the FIXD scanner costs more than other reputable models, one would expect their own app to include much more without a subscription. Subscription models are all the rage and maybe VC investors mouths watered with what might seem like a reasonable fee. But I might suggest the fee is excessive and the purchase of the device should come with a least a year of free premium service. Or a least a substantial portion of it. This would at least provide enough functionality to satisfy and justify future costs.

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    Emission pre check 7.99 a month???

    I work at a car dealership and paid 50 bucks for this FIXD device because of the good reviews. It’s a good scanner. I’ve enjoyed it for the most part. I was a little disappointed the app didn’t allow the emissions systems readiness check (I check cars for emissions readiness almost on a daily basis) the first app didn’t come with it. In the new app update it now has the emissions precheck but it’s a subscription of 7.99 a month!!. It’s a total scam. If it was a one time purchase of 7.99 I would think about buying it. Every other scanner I have used has come with this feature as part of buying the scanner but FIXD does not. For the average customer having a emissions precheck is usually about a once a year event. So for FIXD to charge 7.99 a month I think they are total crooks. But that’s my 2 cents.

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    Keeping mechanics shops Honest

    Plug it in and leave it or wait till you have a problem (Engine Light) Then see if the Mechanic shop tells you the same thing. I had mine alert me and cleared it a few times, Took the vehicle to AutoZone and they tested it for FREE with their testers and said it was the same problem went to the shop and they verified it without me telling them and repaired it correctly, had a 2nd unit and did the same thing and another shop tried saying it was going to be a little over $2500 All in the end the bill was $275. Told the 2nd shop they were a fraud and reported them

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Is FIXD OBD2 Scanner Safe?

Yes. FIXD OBD2 Scanner is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 7,473 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for FIXD OBD2 Scanner Is 51.5/100.

Is FIXD OBD2 Scanner Legit?

Yes. FIXD OBD2 Scanner is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 7,473 FIXD OBD2 Scanner User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for FIXD OBD2 Scanner Is 51.5/100.

Is FIXD OBD2 Scanner not working?

FIXD OBD2 Scanner works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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