Night Eyes - Night Camera Reviews

Night Eyes - Night Camera Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-08

Have you ever wanted to take a photo in low light conditions? Due to complex
mathematical algorithms Night Eyes provides residual light amplification in
real-time for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch without additional hardware. The
image is illuminated in real-time (without delay). Yo...

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Night Eyes - Night Camera Reviews

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    If only they added video

    I use this nightly in Alaska (soon to be daily as well in the dark) I've caught kids in my backyard and we have had a rash of break-ins and can't get lights in all the corners of our property. I wish I could add photos to my review!!! This app is everything you could want and need. The adjustments allow you to see anything and everything. I wish my security camera and trail cam had the distance and reliability this app has. Please work on adding video. We would gladly pay for it and I'm sure others would too. For those saying it doesn't work there are three different ways to adjust it based on backlights and background. It is hard to find them but now that I know they're there I have no complaints. Please don't add bright labels. As it is now I can discreetly use the app with no bright flashes disclosing my location.

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    Second attempt

    I wasn't happy that my first review was erased just bc the name was taken, without the option of simply changing the name. Its a good app for low light pics, u wont find a better paid for app online anywhere that I have found so far, but they have had plenty of time to add a video feature,( with most pic apps out there, after a short time, if it does well, they add video to make their customers happy), Id be willing to pay $5 for the video feature,( provided theres a 2-3 day trial to make sure it works), so the creators need to get with it and make themselves some money, if just half of everyone who has this app, also bought the video feature, (and paid to remove adds too), they would have a good chunk of money just from app purchases regardless of advertising profits, its a win for everyone, get on it guys.

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    For Real. Actually not a scam

    This app actually is functional. I was bored one day and I went and got the Camcorder app and in the suggested/similar searches I saw 'night vision camera' and me being curious, clicked on it. It loaded up and the top suggestion was 3.99 and I was not paying for an app that honestly seemed impossible to work. So I scrolled Dow and found this app. I downloaded it and immediately started experimenting. To my grand surprise, this app actually wasn't a scam. I went into my basement to test it out and it lit the room up like crazy!! Definitely recommend this app.

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    This actually works, I've downloaded it before and I didn't understand the settings but now I'm older and I'm taking a photo class so I understand almost all the setting, I'd recommend it for night time pictures or hide and go seek, just turn down you brightness so you don't get seen in your hiding place. Also the m1 m2 m3 are modes for when your zoomed in... for instance mode 3 will make it so you can stay on target without the shakiness. Hope that answers your confusion.

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    It Actually Works No Joke

    I originally downloaded it for fun but assuming it wouldn't work but it seriously works. iPhone cameras are known for being bad with low light but this app basically makes up for it I don't know if there are any other apps that are better but this one does do the job. Download it & mess around with it I liked it enough to actually come back & write a review But a video ability should be a future update but still great for pictures

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    Users get CONNED into 5 star reviews. GIMMICK, SCAM.

    This thing is a gimmick. It inflates its review numbers by conning you into giving a 5 star rating to this joke of an application, in exchange for more robust features.. I saw the great reviews and thought, Hey I’ll give it a shot. Now I’ll shoot holes in it. In pitch black, it sees nothing! In low light conditions, it simply color shifts what your own eyes can already see! Honestly, does anybody really THINK any more?? All you have to do is COMPARE what your own eyes are seeing, then look at your screen! Just compare your regular phone TOO is also better. I have a brand new iPhone XR, I CAN think, and see with normal acuity. This developer is getting RICH off simple minded reviewers, and buyers who think, ‘It’s only $1.99...’ WAKE up, people! 5,000 people is $10,000, which will go a long way in a third world country where Nico Schroeder probably lives! A fool and his money are easily separated. DO NOT buy this or load it. Scam, scam, SCAM! It does NOT work. Your regular camera and for sure your own eyes are BETTER!

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    Great zoom and focus

    I personally have been using this app almost solely for the great zoom. This allows your phone to zoom in a lot farther than the normal camera, and because it has a manual focus, you can make very zoomed in photos actually pretty clear. I do wish though that it did not start out green, and I could use a more normal color filter to begin with instead of having to change from green to something normal.

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    Fun app!

    It’s exactly as described; a low light camera. It won’t take clear photos without some ambient light, that’s why a true night vision camera costs $1000 plus. This is a fun app, though. In low light, it works quite well. I’ve taken a lot of photos in every color available & they’ve always been nice & clear. The black & white photo mode is an especially nice addition to my iPhones camera capability. For a free app, you can’t go wrong

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    I rarely write reviews - but this apps no BS

    It's not just a green filter added to your picture. It adjusts the camera to work in the dark without using the flash in any way. It's a little pixilated- but far less than a true infrared cam. It does more then just use your low light settings. It's that app you tell your friends to get- like you've got secret app connections -shhhh. lol! It works just as well without the green filter also.

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    Night Eyes

    With this app, Clark Kent could have read the Daily Planet, Dorothy wouldn't have needed to leave Kansas to see color (red, green, blue, your choice) and the Blair Witch Project could have been filmed in daylight! I now can see varmits scurrying through traffic, villains lurking in the shadows, and I can watch TV in the dark! I definitely got my money's worth with this free app! I can honestly say that this app has changed my life, even with my fingers crossed.

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    Failing to understand all the 5 star reviews

    I think the wording of the "go rate us 5 stars" (to suggest new features) is being interpreted as a way to unlock existing features. I say this because it only takes a few seconds of use to see this does not work at all how you wanted to believe it just might. Basically this lets you turn up the exposure just as high as you can in the native iPhone camera app, and optionally apply a red, green, blue, or greyscale filter. It does have a histogram meter that appears to kind of work actually. In a low lit room this would probably be a fun app for young kids with big imaginations.

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    In my opinion , The Best!!!

    Cat Eyes is in my opinion the best night vision app. The fact that it's free makes it even better. This app has tons of features that . Check the App Store , look at the details of the app and you'll know. Many people are asking for video and I'll ask for it as well. If this app had video this would be the ultimate night vision app. 5 stars from me.

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    Great app

    I was in the market for a decent night vision camera to capture some strange lights in my area but I wasn’t ready the pay several hundred dollars for a camera so I turned to the App Store and found this app and thought I couldn’t actually work but I downloaded it anyway and I am very glad I did i really like this app but I suggest adding a video camera feature but other wise this app is flawless.

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    Great Ap

    Neighbor was having, we'll just say... Dark issues... In her home. Downloaded the app and used while walking around her block. Several photos taken using mostly the green night vision lens. To say that Shock and Awe (along with a few others) quickly overtook us when we looked at the images captured that night. Continuing use.

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    Really? Guys c’mon

    After trying every setting and every filter and zooming in and out and just trying every option possible the best I could get while standing in a dark room was green static. If I let some light leak in the area around the light was defined and “see-able” but that’s really not the point of Night Eyes. If there’s light I can see on my own. I’m not real sure how this got four stars overall but don’t take this out in the woods thinking you’ll be able to see your way around. Cause ya can’t. Too bad

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Is Night Eyes - Night Camera Safe?

Yes. Night Eyes - Night Camera is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 7,239 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Night Eyes - Night Camera Is 47.3/100.

Is Night Eyes - Night Camera Legit?

Yes. Night Eyes - Night Camera is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 7,239 Night Eyes - Night Camera User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Night Eyes - Night Camera Is 47.3/100.

Is Night Eyes - Night Camera not working?

Night Eyes - Night Camera works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Chuck McCord
Feb 14 2021

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