Brili Routines – Visual Time‪r Reviews

Brili Routines – Visual Time‪r Reviews

Published by on 2021-08-29

Brili calms the chaos of daily routines with kids. Simply set up a routine for
mornings, bedtimes, and any other time of the day. The fully featured version of
Brili is available for the first whole month free! With Brili’s dynamic
timers, visual and audible activity prompts and motivati...

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Brili Routines – Visual Time‪r Reviews

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    wish it was watch compatible

    Hi! I’m an adhd adult who uses this. I am finally able to be on time to work and feel in control of routines!!! Thank you so so so much 🙏🏼 I am using a trial right now and i’m deciding if i want to get the subscription. I kind of want to get an apple watch to run the routines on so i don’t have to keep looking for where i set my phone down while i’m doing routines and trying to remember what i’m supposed to be doing, but it’s not watch compatible! I forget what i’m supposed to be doing if I get distracted by something during a task, but I feel like having it right on my wrist would be helpful and also expand the number of places/genres of tasks i can use the app in. Could you make a watch version of the app? i’ve also noticed a couple of glitches with the current app. it glitches when you type to label tasks and it glitches when you are trying to set the times for things. i also wish that there was a setting where you could skip particular tasks if you are running low on time (eg make bed) or they don’t need to be done rn (eg scoop litter if it’s already clean). overall though, this app is ingenious and incredibly helpful. thank you so much for designing this.

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    Every parent should get this app!!

    From the first night it has saved us at least 30 minutes every night at bedtime. I love that you can add your own pictures for each step of the routine. We added pictures of my son doing each step of the routine which was so much fun and really got him into the app. It used to take so much time just to get him moving upstairs to start getting ready for bed. Now I just start the app and he takes off with it to see how fast he can get it all done so he has more reading time. This is the absolute best thing we've found to help with the nightly routine. I will be upgrading to the paid subscription when it gets closer to school starting back up so we can have routines set up for morning, afternoon, night, and a weekend routine as well. I've recommended this to so many friends with kids. My son has ADHD but this app is extremely beneficial to ALL parents, especially those with kids that don't like to go to bed.

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    I LOVE this app

    With a 1 and 4 years old boys, my morning routine is stressful. And I realized I needed an app to help keep my 4-year old son’s morning routine (and us) on-task. I wasn’t sure if he would take to this app at such a young age, but it’s worked well. Because he is still young, we don’t always get the tasks completed within its allotted time, but we do manage to get the entire sequence done on-time. Also if we don’t do the routine in the exact order outlined, he insists that it must be completed (and not delayed). I still have to prompt him, but not to the extent I had previously and less yelling too. This app is also great for my husband and our nanny. Nothing gets missed now! There are other apps for routines, but this is the first that I’ve found that can truly be customized. For example, we customized (really for me) a routine to manage his learning time (we needed to work on some preschool skills), and it’s helped to ensure that it gets done.

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    For my 4-year-old daughter, this app has been perfect. It's not that she didn't want to have a less conflict-laden routine or refused to do the tasks or anything, it's that she would get super distracted. So if you wanted her to get ready for bed or get ready for school, you would have to stand over her just chanting the thing she was supposed to be accomplishing ("pajamas, pajamas, pajamas") until she finally focused enough to complete it. Now we lay out her clothes in the morning and she wakes up and starts swiping through her tasks on her own, with no reminding. Nobody has to follow her around getting increasingly frustrated, and mornings are all around so much more peaceful. The best part is that she feels really proud of herself. She's gained a lot of confidence knowing that she's capable of getting these things done on her own. I highly, highly recommend Brili if you want to improve your kids' routine!

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    Bait and Switch

    The commercial for this app is amazing! I was excited to try it with my kids (9 and 15). I set up elaborate custom routines replete with photos and everything. The kids were highly motivated by the rewards. It was all going to be great ... until I realized the app requires integrity, which my nine-year-old is still working on. She’s highly gifted and always looking for a shortcut. There is nothing built in to keep a kid from just swiping swiftly through tasks they haven’t even completed in real life! That’s the first lie from the commercial. The little boy in the ad is brushing his teeth, and Brili tells him he didn’t brush long enough. That is not a thing. You know why? The app also doesn’t talk! I haven’t heard this thing make a peep, and I don’t see a setting that makes it do so. Those three things are dealbreakers for us. I can’t be dishing out Roblox bucks and trips to the movies for a kid who isn’t completing the tasks. She says she did them, but ashy legs and funky breath tell a different story. $50 a year? Nope. Back to nagging I go.

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    An adult using Brili

    I am 38 years old and was diagnosed with ADHD a few years ago. Mornings and evenings have always involved a lot of what I call ‘spinning’. Although I work to accept my neurotype as I am, it’s often frustrated me when I realize how long certain tasks have taken. There are other things I want to do with my life! I get most off track during transitions. Now for my morning routine I use Brili in combo with Focusmate and the routine takes exactly 50 minutes ending with a short drive to the lake where I walk each morning. I have played with and fed my cat (a whole 5 min of play!) done physical therapy exercises, 5 minutes of mindfulness, scooped litter, and the other random little things many people do in the am. The app helps me do things in an order that makes sense, in an order that I have fine tuned. All this is a game changer.

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    Great tool, not worth $8 a month

    This app worked well! Basically, it's a set of timers which have pretty icons, and you create a "routine" (custom set of timers for activities like brushing teeth, brushing hair, etc). When an activity is done, you swipe to automatically end the timer and start the next one. Once you have a routine you can set it to begin at a certain time (for example, when a child comes home from school) or to end a certain time (leaving for school), which saves a lot of math. You can also factor in rewards for completing tasks early. The user receives "stars" for completing tasks (you can set up how many stars per task) which you can choose rewards for. It's a great tool!! Some apps support themselves through ads at the bottom on the screen. Not this one! There's no free version. There is a "free trial" when you first download the app (which they don't tell you is a trial and has limited capabilities anyway) and then with no warning you can no longer use the app at all without paying eight dollars a month. Not worth it.

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    Grateful for this app!

    This app is helpful for me personally, an adult with ADHD. The routines are easy enough to set, and the interface is pretty good. A couple of improvements would definitely bring me up to 5 stars. First, I have to sign in almost every time I open the app for some reason. Second, each time I switch a task, it stops playing whatever podcast or radio stream I was playing. Both of these things are very annoying and made me not use the app for a long time. I would additionally be very excited if there were an adult version! But that would just be icing on the cake. Very helpful app overall!

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    Too expensive for what it does

    This app is great, don’t get me wrong. It is well-designed and can help kids and adults alike stay on track and develop routines. However, $8 per month is an awful lot of money since this app essentially only does one thing. I shouldn’t have to pay the price of a monthly streaming or cloud storage service to have an app walk through a routine with my child. I understand that developers need help paying for app maintenance and subscriptions do that. However, this app is worth $2 per month at most (which is still $24 per year or $120 over 5 years - that’s WAY more than apps used to cost!). To ask for $8 per month (or $480 dollars over 5 years) is just plain greedy. Please don’t prey on parents who are looking for a solution. Instead, perhaps you could offer more services or features as a premium option and lower the cost to provide this more basic version.

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    My kids love it and so do the parents

    I have 2 kids with ADHD and one of them is dyslexic and can't read at all yet. The voice prompts are fantastic. My oldest is now getting up on her own with her alarm clock, showering in her bathroom and coming downstairs dressed and brushed (which is huge because she has always struggled with executive functioning). It even works miracles with my youngest son. He doesn't have ADHD, he's just a whining, pain in the morning. Now he gets up without complaint because he knows the faster he gets through his routine the more free time he can get before he has to go to school. Highly recommend

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    Huge help with mornings

    This app made a HUGE difference in our mornings! My 9 yo ADD son gets ready in half the time and doesn’t need any reminders from me. My 6 yo ADHD son still needs a few reminders but it’s well within reason. I’m no longer losing my mind trying to get them both out the door for school. I highly recommend it for other parents. I’m giving the app 4 out of 5 stars because I think there are a few small tweaks the developers could make that would improve the functionality of the parents’ experience with the program. I’ll happily revised to 5 should if those updates happen.

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    No more nagging!!

    This app is great for motivating my kids (8&9) to get moving! Mornings we're out the door with time to spare, also streamlines the time after school to dinner, homework isn't a chore but a step to attaining their rewards. Custom routine set up takes time but allows you to tailor it to each individual child's needs. Easy enough to use on their own, although I wish that the routine steps were interchangeable for completion. The subscription fee is worth the reduced nagging time!

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    Smooth Mornings!

    I just want to say thank you for the app. I purchased the year subscription last week and it has made a really positive change in our home. The kids love getting their routines finished quickly so they can get extra free time before leaving for school. They also like being able to see how much time is remaining. I even created a child profile for myself for my own personal routines and it is really helping to keep me on track. The email tips. Keep up the good work!!

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    Absolute best app ever

    I am an adult with ADHD, and this helps TREMENDOUSLY. It has changed my days. I would highly recommend just trying it out for you or your kid. It is customizable and easy to use. It does take a bit of time to customize the routines, but took me about 5-10 minutes to get it set up and then it is a HUGE time saver. It also adjusts time frames for if you are running late. You can have pictures for tasks, set times, earn stars, set up custom rewards, etc. They really thought of everything!

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    This app has been a lifesaver

    I use this app for both my children. One has ADD and the other does not. It works equally well for both of them and has stopped the nag cycle! They look at the routines and do what needs to get done without constant reminding by me. It has made for much more peaceful mornings. I also have weekend chore routines, after-school routines, meal routines, and bedtime routines for each child and they were easy to set up. This is in my top five favorite apps on my phone. Well worth the money.

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Is Brili Routines – Visual Time‪r Safe?

Yes. Brili Routines – Visual Time‪r is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 129 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.2/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Brili Routines – Visual Time‪r Is 74.3/100.

Is Brili Routines – Visual Time‪r Legit?

Yes. Brili Routines – Visual Time‪r is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 129 Brili Routines – Visual Time‪r User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Brili Routines – Visual Time‪r Is 74.3/100.

Is Brili Routines – Visual Time‪r not working?

Brili Routines – Visual Time‪r works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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