The Nudge Reviews

The Nudge Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-07

About: What if you had a planner friend in your pocket, working full time to nudge you
to go on more hikes, sip more wine with friends and generally be your best self?
Meet The Nudge: Every week, we craft and text you 3 lifestyle “Nudges,”
from secret hike plans to life-changing date ideas. We design each Nudge to make
it effortless to be your most adventurous, romantic and social self that week.

About The Nudge

Every week, we craft and text you 3 lifestyle “Nudges,” from secret hike plans to life-changing date ideas.

We design each Nudge to make it effortless to be your most adventurous, romantic and social self that week.


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Key Benefits of The Nudge

- Provides creative and exciting ideas for exploring a new city or finding new things to do in a familiar city

- Clear descriptions and videos give a good idea of what to expect from each activity

- Nudge Plus subscription offers multiple ideas per week for a low cost

- Interactive features like text polls and saved plans make the app more personalized and user-friendly

- Categorization of plans makes it easy to filter based on activity type

500 The Nudge Reviews

4.6 out of 5


Simple, phenomenal, well executed

This is a truly brilliant app. I moved to a new city recently and I’ve found The Nudge to be an extraordinarily helpful and exciting way to explore it. TheNudge has shown me gems around town that I never would’ve found myself. The descriptions are clear, and the videos create a clear expectation of what you’ll get out of an activity. The only improvement I can suggest is better functionality in the actual app. I can ONLY view a ‘nudge’ if I added it to my ‘saved’ from the original text. If I swipe thru the vault and tap on any ‘nudge’ from any list, even the ones I’ve saved, I’m unable to access it or even search for it—I’m blocked by a promotion telling me to sign up for the paid Nudge Plus version instead. I work in marketing so I understand the hard push to the paid product, but please don’t let it get in the way of actually using this brilliant service!


This is the app y’all

I absolutely love TheNudge. I’ve been a long time user and am most impressed with the way they’ve improved the user experience over time. One of my favorite new features are the videos! You get a series of short clips so that you can get a better idea of the Nudge plan.

I’m also a Nudge plus user. It’s only $5 a month and you get multiple ideas a week. You also get awesome discounts on a variety of activities, and at least in NYC we’ve been receiving free coffee texts! Can’t beat that for $5.

I’m a huge fan of the text notifications. In my opinion, The Nudge is the company that I see best using this feature for customer engagement and interaction. I’ve seen an increase in non-alcoholic plans, a mix of plans for singles and couples, and day trips. I also signed up for the journal prompts, which was a really cool added Nudge Plus feature. Looking forward to what’s coming next!


All you need is a little Nudge.

Absolutely love TheNudge. During the pandemic I had lost my job and couldn’t find much to do that was safe or involved social distancing. I found myself going on the same walks, just to get outta the house. The Nudge truly came in handy when I was stuck asking myself “what should I do this weekend”. I signed up just to check it out, and instantly fell in love! They txt you creative ideas once a week and even welcome your feedback. I can tell it’s a small friendly crew, probably locals, working hard behind the scene to make sure there are various fun activities to choose from. And although we can’t save the txt messages, if I see something that interests me, I can always save it for later on TheNudge . I really like the idea of having a planner in your pocket, because we all wanna see new sights or try new restaurants…but all we need is a little Nudge.


The Nudge KNOWS WHAT’S UP!!!

I am a MEGA fan of The Nudge! I feel like I have endless ideas for outings and love saving the places they share to my map so I can hit sweet spots whenever I’m exploring a new neighborhood. I don’t always do the whole “curated plan” they share, but when I’m trying to find a cool restaurant or try something new I surely turn to The Nudge first. I tell everyone about it and just think it’s perfect for people new to a city or people that have lived somewhere for years and need a new wave of inspiration! The videos are short and sweet and the text messages are easy to access and I look forward to the new things they send each week! I subscribe to both the regular Nudge and Couple’s Nudge - both are sweet and I think WELLLL WORTH $40/yr! I wish I was a Nudge curator just cause I love the people so much and I wanna share fun adventures with everyone.


Your way into the city!

I love how interactive Nudge is. The text polls allow us to really cater a custom experience.
I’ve had some of my best couple-dates for a year’s long relationship and my ex-bf always asked me “how did you know of this place?” - him being a born and raised New Yorker while I’m international :P
I also use the date ideas to go out with friends or just by myself. It’s a great thing to have my favorite plans saved and use them every other weekend to just get out of the apartment with a purpose (or even plan a short trip out of the city)! I feel like this makes me feel less alone even when I’m by myself. My only suggestion would be: send us more Astoria plans! I recently moved here from Brooklyn and feel like everything is either in Bklyn or Manhattan, even though Astoria has great places to go to as well!


Makes planning so much easier

Ever get tired of googling “best things to do in xyz” when people come to visit? Bored of the same old dinner spot for date night? Want to try somewhere new with your girlfriends? Look no further than The Nudge!

They take the planning out of what your weekends with visitors, Friday night date night with your partner or even just things to do with your friends! Everything is curated by an amazing team that actually goes through the experience for you and then shares a thoughtful written summary and pictures/video on Instagram stories form to really give you a sense of what to expect!

There are sometimes events or places that only Nudgers can go to and out of all the experiences they have sent me, I had only ever heard of 1 or 2 beforehand. Such an amazing concept and really nothing else like it!


Easy way to save and share plans

I’ve been signed up for the nudge texting service for a while now, and I love that TheNudge offers the option to save any plans I’m interested in so that I can quickly access them from my phone. There’s also an option to easily share plans with others! I like that they categorize the plans I have saved so that I can filter the plans based on the type of activity I am looking to do. I’ve lived in or near Seattle area for almost 10 years, and am still discovering new places through the nudge! I do understand how searching for plans within TheNudge could be confusing, since the vault is only available to nudge plus members (even plans that are not nudge plus plans) but when TheNudge is used as an addition to the texting service, I think it’s great.


Great app for new towners!

I got The Nudge app about 3 months into my move, which was fantastic for the first few months of using it! I took my friends to so many new places - I even learned from Nudge who to request as our host at an axe throwing event and he was so happy for the recognition! However, as time went on and I grew to learn more about my city on my own, I found TheNudge was using some of the more popular attractions in town instead of what felt like hidden gems when I first started using it. This may not apply to larger cities or individuals with Nudge Plus, but I would love to see more hidden gems or a filter for types of attractions in the future of TheNudge. Overall, I love TheNudge and think it’s especially great for someone who is new to town and is looking for fun things to do!


The secret to all of my good ideas

I am really having fun with TheNudge. I moved to Los Angeles nearly seven years ago and hit the ground running then with exploring my new city. Fast-forward a few years and my enthusiasm and will-power to find new things to do, find ways to get there (and park) and find out how much I’d need to budget was waning. And then a pandemic hit.

I found TheNudge at a time when things were starting to open up again in LA and I was restless. This is serving me detailed itineraries and maps and parking recommendations and menu items to explore and so much more! It helped to ignite in me a passion to LIVE again; to taste new things and see new sights and explore new corners of my home I didn’t know existed.

This is a no-brained rec from me. Free to use and instantly fun. 5 stars!


Game changer!

Great ideas for things to do and places to explore not inky in my own neighborhood but also others. I really needed this to get out of my CoVid rut. I belong to many museums and theaters and read up a lot on what’s out there, but Nudge is waaaay at finding much more - the kinds of things that don’t make it into TimeOut. I really love the complete date concepts that include not just what to do but also where to eat, grab a coffee, shop, rest, observe nearby. Also the varied focus on solo, romantic, group, active, self care activities.
The videos are great - gives you a better idea of what to expect. One nice feature is that if yiu don’t have time to look at the texted suggestions and videos, you can see them weeks later. Give it a try. You’ll love it.


Great for what it is, but limited

TheNudge does a great job at what it was made to do - publishing recommendations for unique local activities, and allowing people to save them. The activities are interesting and well-thought out, and often include things that I (who have lived in those area almost whole life) have never heard of.

That said, it would be nice if the selection of activities was a big larger. Right now, its pretty limited, and not easily searchable. If the company plans to expand at all, I hope it will include a broader list of searchable activities (live music, festivals, etc), in TheNudge , so users are relying only on the suggested itineraries. This is a small complaint though - overall I am happy I signed up, and will continue to use it.


Takes the stress out of planning!

I recently moved to a new city and there is so much to explore that it can be a bit overwhelming. The Nudge makes it so easy to plan outings, from date nights to day trips to fun with friends, they have something for everyone. Their attention to detail and fun write-ups make you feel like you’re getting a recommendation from a friend. I have now have suggestions for any kind of occasion and it makes me look like an amazing planner, though I always give credit to The Nudge and encourage my friends to sign up! Whether you’ve been in your location for years or are trying to get a lay of the land, I highly recommend TheNudge for fun and creative ideas on how to make the most of your city.


LOVE the Nudge

I absolutely love this service and app. Even if you’ve been in one of the cities for a while, they help you find new things to do and places to check out! They provide suggestions of things to do solo, with friends or a date/partner, both at home and around the city, and you can save most of the text suggestions to TheNudge (and the ones you can’t I’ve always just screenshotted and saved for later anyways). Some older reviews have said it’s buggy but I’ve never had any problems, even before I became a Nudge+ member. There are so many great reasons to use this service (if you live in a city that they offer), and I can’t recommend it enough!


Loveeee it

I’m such a huge fan of TheNudge. I’ve been raving about it since I downloaded. I was one of the first people to start using it for the DC area and immediately put all my friends on to it. When we want to go somewhere new to eat or get some cute drinks from somewhere, TheNudge is what I pull up. They already have all the info you need like reservation links, recommended food/drink. It’s so cool
They’re have been some cool ideas/plans that I never would’ve discovered myself in DC. And with the Nudge plus I can change cities which is awesome because traveling the states a lot makes it easier to find things to do all over!
10/10 recommend


Super Disappointed

I was so excited for TheNudge. I’m new to a city. I saw these cute videos on TikTok and was ready to explore! I go through the whole hassle of downloading/txting to get TheNudge , even shared it with friends, then realize there are only TWO free plans. A hike and a brunch/art day. I was embarrassed I shared it at all. I get wanting to profit off an app, but only 2 for free? I can just watch TikToks and find plans for free. I think they could’ve still charged for like exclusive parties or holiday planning. But honestly can’t believe it’s advertised like this great thing for free, then get in TheNudge and nope. Will not be paying for the exclusives nudges because the first 2 plans weren’t enough to make the hassle of downloading worth it unfortunately. So 2 stars for the 2 nudges available to me for free. It’s got amazing potential, just missing the mark.


Great concept and wonderful dates!

Ok let me preface by saying that I was totally single when I downloaded the Nudge app for the first time. Now that I’m not it makes TheNudge even *more* valuable and awesome!! I downloaded the Nudge because I saw an ad on Instagram and it made Dallas look so freakin’ fun! My thinking then was that I wanted to: (a) explore my city (Dallas) MORE (b) go have fun with my friends in all of these cool places (c) begin a repertoire of super unique dates to go on with my (future) partner!! TheNudge let me do all that!! And I use the free version! 😉 So thank you Nudge creators for sharing something so wonderful! I’ll probably check Nudge Plus out really soon haha


I’m not sure how to feel…

I absolutely love the idea of nudge because I am a bit of an introvert and I’m trying to do more outgoing and social activities, but TheNudge seems to have either a couple of bugs or an insufficient pay wall. I understand there is an option for nudge plus, but even the activities that you are trying to get information on that aren’t marked with “plus“ still make the pay wall show up. I actually couldn’t even search for anything without the pay wall showing up. I tapped the search bar and immediately they were asking for my money or to use the free trial. It’s very generous of them to offer a month free, however if I’m not interested in plus at all, how am I supposed to see what my other options are? I just think this is some thing that needs to be fixed.


Amazing app

I can’t tell you how much I love The Nudge. My S/O and I have found so many cool spots and activities over the past year and we always look forward to doing more! The only difference I wish TheNudge would have was the ability to mark an activity as “done” - I was able to do it once when I first joined but haven’t been able to since then so maybe it’s user error, but otherwise it’s an amazing app and never disappoints! I have probably 12 Nudges saved right now and plan to do them over the course of the next few weeks; can’t wait to see what’s in store as the weather improves!


Could be better

I really like the concept behind TheNudge which is why I paid for premium. The only problem is that the majority of TheNudge is centred around bars and drinking. Just yesterday they sent me a nudge for a mini bar crawl. As someone who is only 20, I feel like a lot of the nudges on TheNudge are things I either can’t legally do or have to figure out alternatives for and do research myself which defeats the purpose of have a pre planned excursion done by TheNudge . I wish there was a way to turn off nudges based on bars, it would be great for people underage, staying sober, or even just families with small kids or who aren’t interested in bar culture. For now though, I don’t think I’ll be renewing my subscription once it expires.


Single Handedly the best app on my phone!

The Nudge is the ultimate key to unlocking your city. The curators behind TheNudge and the awesome community super humans running it (locally) take all the work out of your event planning. TheNudge sends you weekend trip ideas, dinner dates, cool city hidden gems and the list is endless. The interactive notifications / pitched adventures arrive weekly (via text) and you even get options to better customized the activities you would like. Honestly, TheNudge takes all the pain and research out of planning fun activities for you, your friends and family. TheNudge is by far my planning secret weapon 🔥


Cute events/places but very limited. Meh.

I was subscribed to the basic level Nudge for about a year then upgraded to "pro" and the options offered are still scarce. I've done a few of the suggested ideas and it's nice but always packed. Yes, the service provides really cute and fun events/ideas but when there are a handful of "date night" (or whatever category chosen) options listed in their archives and when prompted via text, over the last 6 months, and it creates bottleneck of people wanting to find the cool, fun, hidden, whatever event and makes it over saturated and sometimes lame. Also wondering if they partner with venues to boost attendance for a fee or to inflate costs? I wish a wider range and much more idea options were provided. Instead, I find myself flagging these event ideas as a "stay away" because of crowd and over inflated cost.


Simple, phenomenal, well executed

This is a truly brilliant app. I moved to a new city recently and I’ve found The Nudge to be an extraordinarily helpful and exciting way to explore it. TheNudge has shown me gems around town that I never would’ve found myself. The descriptions are clear, and the videos create a clear expectation of what you’ll get out of an activity. The only improvement I can suggest is better functionality in the actual app. I can ONLY view a ‘nudge’ if I added it to my ‘saved’ from the original text. If I swipe thru the vault and tap on any ‘nudge’ from any list, even the ones I’ve saved, I’m unable to access it or even search for it—I’m blocked by a promotion telling me to sign up for the paid Nudge Plus version instead. I work in marketing so I understand the hard push to the paid product, but please don’t let it get in the way of actually using this brilliant service!


Love Nudge! But…

I love nudge. I found it first on social media, and then I’ve been utilizing both TheNudge and the text services ever since! It’s a fantastic way to find new and fun things to do in your area, especially if you haven’t really explored your city before! The text messages are great, I love the weekly ideas and opening TheNudge to find even more is great! My only problem is that they very recently updated TheNudge to where you have to scroll forever to find a certain plan if you didn’t have it saved… you used to be able to see the title in a list and select a video that way, as well as having more details about each plan in a guide left by the nudger who made the video. But now it’s very TikTok esc and lacks all of that… and I kind of hate it lol. Thank goodness for the text messages, because I probably won’t use TheNudge again but still love the service.


So helpful & fun!

We moved from Nashville to Seattle last summer, not really knowing anyone in Seattle. In such a big city, with so many things to see, places to eat, and areas to explore, we didn’t know where to start or who to ask for recommendations. Downloading Nudge was a game changer for us. Now, when we want to do something but don’t know where to start, my husband turns to me and says “What does the Nudge app suggest?” It’s like having a friend in the city who knows all the great places to go, and they have an endless supply of options. I definitely think the Nudge Plus subscription is worth it. I have a whole library of things to do in Washington now. I even shared TheNudge with my friends back in Nashville, since there is a Nashville version as well. Even after living there for 10+ years, they still find it so helpful! If you’re stuck in a rut going to the same places or just don’t have the mental energy to make plans, this is TheNudge for you!


Do not get nudge plus

So I just liked it for the weekly texts of things to do in the city. It was great for that so I tried getting the premium nudge that you have to pay for and downloaded TheNudge . Absolutely not worth it. Half the time the ai never responds or if you ask for multiple ideas it will just spam you with the same idea and event. For example I asked for wheelchair accessible events and it responded with one event. I asked are there any other events it just kept spamming the same exact message with the same event. TheNudge also doesn’t work. There are 5 parts of TheNudge . The discover page which only works half the time then just shows you the same posts over and over again, the profile section and friends section works and as for the last two, the map and the asknudge ai they do not work at all. When you click on the icon the whole screen will turn white and you can’t press anything. Not even to exit out. Once again ngl the weekly texts are a cool idea but as for TheNudge and for the nudge plus do not bother.


Loved this app before the update

I loved getting recommendations from Nudge but recently the feed went from easy to navigate categories to a TikTok feed. This is fine as an option when I’m not sure what to do, but horrible when I’m looking for something specific. It also shows recommendations that are no longer applicable (ex: I was recommended something I was excited about but saw that the last one was 3 months ago and there’s no timestamps anywhere, even in comments).

The AI is also SUPER buggy. It sent me a summer recommendation in January. When I told it that this wasn’t applicable anymore, it tried to send me a new recommendation but sent the same summer link, twice. I gave up at that point. The idea of AI giving you event recommendations sounds nice but bugs like this make it hard for me to trust anything it says.

Please reverse this decision. I love TheNudge but it’s becoming unusable.

Is The Nudge Safe?

Yes. The Nudge is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,314 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for The Nudge Is 36.5/100.

Is The Nudge Legit?

Yes. The Nudge is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,314 The Nudge User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for The Nudge Is 68.5/100..

Is The Nudge not working?

The Nudge works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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