Animation Desk® Draw & Animate Reviews

Animation Desk® Draw & Animate Reviews

Published by on 2021-01-09

Dream big with Animation Desk. Draw frame-to-frame animation from scratch, or
create animations upon videos, images, Photoshop layers. Animation Desk supports
multiple export formats. Create animation on your iPad and iPhone with Animation
Desk. Screenshot credits, #4: Pei Yu Lin, Crya...

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Animation Desk® Draw & Animate Reviews

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    Procreate instead!!

    If you’r looking and app just for fun and practice the basic principles of animation, this may be the app for you. On the other hand, if you are serious about learning drawing and enhance your animation skills, this is definitely not the app for you. After two years using this app, came across serious frustration. The poor brushes offered with bold tick doesn’t allow you to create a smooth sketches. The palm rejection need to be enhanced, every time you touch the screen with your finger either to skip the frame or increase the tick of your pen, a line is recognized in the canvas. The limited interface withdraw you valuable time of your creativity, related but not limited to flip your canvas, add a photo, sort and organize you frames. The most thing I struggle with, was that for reason if you close the app in the middle of a running of an animation, when you came back it delete randomly delete frames, so your force to number your pages and keeps back up in case the program delete or sort the frames. I have reported this issues severely times and supporting team bring no corrections. Also I won competition several years ago and for some reason they delete all my projects from their webpage. This only speak of the poor supporting team behind this app. A good recommendation, try procreate instead. You’r welcome in advance!

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    Great but hard to use

    I don’t know if i am supposed to be using this app in a iPhone 7 (LOL). But it is lots of fun. But i have many problems. I dont know how to use images. Like, if i take a picture and want to use it in my little stupid cartoon short thing, but I don’t know where the button for putting the picture on it. Another problem is the color copy option. It, it’s just broken. When i use it it puts a random nearby color instead of the color i am pointing at. Making it very hard to use the same color. The undo button does not work when i change frame. Normally this wouldn't be a problem but sometimes I accidentally use the fill button and change frame accidentally or confuse the undo button with the change frame button and i have to start over. Also the change frame button is SOOOOOOOOO SMALL! I can barey use it and it is very hard. Also i would like you to change it from FPS to a bar like the one Flash uses. I would also live to be able to add sound recordings and sound effects to tge animations. Overall good app but very buggy. gato_feliz

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    This is the best animation app you will find!

    I have found many great animation apps, including FlipaClip, sticknodes, this one, and even more. After all that, Animation Desk is, and has always been-in my opinion-the best one out there, and the easiest to use. Thank you to the creators of this app. I might get Animation Desk ultimate one day. Though this is one of the best animation apps there is, I have a few suggestions; sometimes I want to loop one part of an animation, so I copy the frames, but each copy goes after the original frame. I would really like the copied frames to go to the end of the animation. This would make it much easier to do that function. Another thing that isn’t necessarily a drawback, but would be a nice addition would be a v-cam. One final suggestion would be to make all the animations arranged as thumbnails, and you could be able to scroll up and down, to find things more easily. Thank you for reading my suggestions, and I hope you consider adding them. All in all, this app is awesome, and I really recommend it. Sincerely, a really happy animator.

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    Great fun until it deleted hours if work

    Initially I was very happy with this app until after spending multiple days and dozens of hours on one animation, the app froze and when I reopened it, hundreds of frames were just missing without explanation. As you know, if you’ve spent any time animating, it is a very slow and tedious process so to have this happen after hours of work is totally unacceptable. Why would I ever commit to another project again knowing that at any moment all my hard work could just vanish? There are multiple other bugs too, that make this app annoying to deal with and obvious that it never should have been released yet, but the fact that hundreds of frames can just vanish from a project should be reason enough for any serious animator to want to steer clear of this app. I reached out to the company about this issue and wanted to give them a chance to explain before I wrote a review but their response, which came a week later was very dismissive and for some reason assumed I was using an old outdated version of the app, when I was in fact using this, their most updated version which I har only downloaded a couple of weeks ago. I very much regret downloading the app and especially laying for the annual subscription. Totally useless.

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    Fantastic animation tool

    I’m a professional artist that’s always wanted to get into animation, and I’d highly suggest this app to anyone looking to do any level of animating. It’s easily the best animation app I’ve found for iPad Pro. My only problems are superficial ones. Seems like I have to click back and forth to make the smallest changes. If you want to change layers, you have to click a couple menu buttons back, then click back over to the colors section, then click over to the brush section to adjust size, etc. If you’re used to a program like procreate, this will take a bit of adjusting, because the way it’s set up, everything is kinda all over the place. I look at this app like I’m trying to animate on a messy desk where I spend time trying to find my things - as opposed to an app like procreate where everything is just right there in front of you. Having said that, this app is so much fun. If you’re looking to scratch the itch of animating on your iPad, look no further. Thanks for such a cool app!

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    Needs some adjustments

    This app is very useful, when I first purchased it (for free) I was excited, then the app tried to show me how to use it which wasn’t exactly very helpful. It is very hard (at least for me) to use it because when I try to draw something I forget how to use it at times and I think..what do I do? It’s not like I have any problems remembering! I wish it was less complicated, but once I got the hang of things (kinda) it was a little easier to use (kinda) nowadays I don’t use it often I think I will delete this app. This app is useful and I would recommend it if you love to draw and it’s something your good at. You can make it a movie ish.. and that’s where it gets fun! I love to draw and it’s so fun also challenging, but I am a horrible for me it’s stressful to use this app! Please just try and see how you like this app you never know! It could be a hoppy someday or even more! And I only rate it three star cause I wish it was easier to use and I’m horrible at drawing which makes using it boring and gives me a heart attack not that it will give you one I’m just saying...

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    Pretty good!

    This app is pretty great! All though, I’ve only been using the app for a few days and have not discovered every feature about this app. I’m not sure if there are any tools such as a ruler, a circle maker, and maybe a cut-out. Maybe I am just not looking hard enough. (That’s probably the case.) But yes, I do recommend this app to anybody. Maybe even starters. I do recommend this app over FlipaClip. In FlipaClip, you can’t really draw straight lines. So basically everything just looks rough. Congrats to the developer(s) who made such a great functional app! You did so good! But, I do feel like this may be confusing to some people just by reading the reviews. Also, I’m glad you are commenting back to others in need of help. I was wondering if maybe you could tell me we’re the tools are if there are any. If you see this comment and respond, thank you for reading this. Once agin I do recommend this app. Please do download this if you are into animating and drawing. Thank you!

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    It’s not bad....

    I’ve been using this app for a while now, and overall, I think it’s pretty good. It’s not an app for professionals, (which I am not,) but still gives you a wide variety of tools to work with. The screen isn’t always responsive though, which makes it difficult to draw a single frame. When I draw, I have my pencil, (or whatever drawing utensil I’m using,) in a sideways position, to where the side of the graphite is pressing down against the paper instead of the tip. However, when I use this app, the screen doesn’t always react to the side of the pen when it is pressed down against it, and it just makes digital drawing quite frustrating. I know you get a lot of 1-star reviews from little kids who rage on you because they’re just mad that they can’t draw, but I’m not trying to be one of those people. Actually, everything negative said in this review isn’t really even your fault. I just wanted to let you know the problems I was having. If there is any way you might be able to fix this please do. Thanks! :)

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    Kept deleting frames

    I really loved this app, and used it as my primary place to animate for a while. Granted when I wanted polished drawings a would draw them on a different app and just move them over, but either way I liked it a lot and it was a solid workspace. However a bug arose where I had a set amount of frames that I would be moving through and tweaking. Suddenly one of my frames would double, and delete another one in the process. It would leave me with the same number of frames as before, except two were the same. I would delete one and be left with less frames. It did this at random and made my working more stressful as I knew I was losing random frames the more I worked on a file. I ended up deleting the app. I might download it again and see if the bug re-appears, because I really do like this app and I haven’t found another one I’m happy with. Please look into whatever’s caused this bug or how to fix it. Thank you!

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    Things Always Change...

    Hey, I just wanted to say that I remember 2 years ago I was still a crappy animator, and a furry, that wasn’t good at animating until I got this app, it was a great thing! But as soon as I starting drifting away things changed, in a good and bad way... There are now multiple brush options which I do enjoy... but there are now things I find annoying (or always have.) the 500 zoom isn’t that good.. I wish we could rotate the frame around so if your doing a upside down picture or animation, you can turn it 180° degrees so you can draw it. Just a suggestion.... Now there’s only 2 frames (not including the background) that you can animate with. Maybe it’s just for the phone version but I found this annoying.. and so far those are my only complaints.. thank you and good day. P.S. Thanks for adding the paint bucket to the phone version!

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    Very Buggy

    I like this app a lot, but I am very deterred from purchasing any upgrades because the base app loses frames, layers, and is very inconsistent in exporting sequences. I use the iPad Pro 2018, so I know my hardware is capable of far more complex operations than exporting 100 frames of lineart into a video. If the weird bugs were to be gone completely, I would probably give this app 4 or even 5 stars (the learning curve is high but it’s a very capable free app), but with the time I’ve lost redrawing simple frames and losing layers/toolbars (the left toolbar started disappearing and I can’t bring it back, even closing the app. It might come back on a hard restart but it shouldn’t be an issue in the first place), the effort to make even a simple animation warns me that trying anything more detailed will cost me far more time. I will update my review if the stability issues are resolved, but as it stands I cannot recommend this app for anyone besides those learning the fundamentals.

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    Great app, but difficult to use frequently

    After some welcome fixes to a bug that deleted many images in my animations, there are just some big workflow issues remaining. If you make a lot of sequences, the only way to specific ones is to scroll through them. For some reason, the oldest ones are in the front. Since I make animations every day, this takes several minutes of flipping every time I open a newer animation. I do pay for their cloud services, but it takes too long to upload each one. Since the app crashes regularly on my iPad Pro, it’s especially annoying to have to re-open the app and then, again, spend several minutes finding the one I was working one. Also, you can’t make a simple loop. If you want three frames to loop, say, 4 times, you would have to copy each of those frames and then drag all 12 frames into order, one by one. Both of these problems are unnecessarily time-consuming.

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    Could be better

    Ok so it has potential however it does not cover the basics. 1st: The canvas!! I can’t stress this enough but how you have it set up does not work. I find it too small and the when you zoom in it is nearly impossible to move, and it is clearly not meant for details. You also can’t rotate the canvas which I personally like to do when I draw. 2nd: You don’t have a nice fine liner. This is a basic thing. You have a pencil like thing with texture, you have a brush which has an uneven flow to it, you have the calligraphy pen looking tool which can be used as a fine liner however you can not make it very big, and then you have the chisel thing which can be funky, none of these are very good for outline and other things. You need a flat and versatile marker which can be big and small. 3rd: This is the last problem I have found with it. On smaller screens some do the controls are too small to press easily. It is more of an inconvenience then anything however. Hope this helps.

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    The app seemed very promising at first but it really is just a let down. Note that I've only tested it on the iPhone and was surprised to see how well it is rated given how bad it was. The number of frames is only adjustable upon the creation of a project which makes it annoying since you probably won't know in advance how many you'll need. All of the import functions (expect for video) are broken which ruins it for me since I won't be able to import my art. Using it pulls up an empty menu which doesn't nothing at all. The stylus support is also glitchy and will crash the app. The button assignments will not apply your changes either although there's only 2 options. There are annoying ads in the home view. Overall, it feels that this is a poor port of the iPad version which could be convenient for those who use both device but just isn't usable at all. I won't be buying the $20 version to see if it is any different. I cannot trust this product based on my experience with it.

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    A good app but just one kind of big issue...

    This is the first animation app I have ever used to make cartoons and its good but there is one problem that is kinda big camera panning with all the cartoons I have made they all seem kind of lifeless with how stiff the camera is like in cartoons like on TV the camera can move like when a character moves the back ground moves with them like even when there is a fight the camera shifts you know what I am talking about? But with this app I can’t seem to get the background to move and with the cartoon I’m planing to make if I cant figure that out I may have to switch apps but I have seen you can do that from looking at the cartoon in the tutorial on animated story boards and the horse cartoon they show but there is nothing I can do to find a guide on the internet so if someone can clear that up it would be a HUGE help.

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Is Animation Desk® Draw & Animate Safe?

Yes. Animation Desk® Draw & Animate is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 10,507 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Animation Desk® Draw & Animate Is 49.7/100.

Is Animation Desk® Draw & Animate Legit?

Yes. Animation Desk® Draw & Animate is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 10,507 Animation Desk® Draw & Animate User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Animation Desk® Draw & Animate Is 49.7/100.

Is Animation Desk® Draw & Animate not working?

Animation Desk® Draw & Animate works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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