Atom - Movie Tickets & Times Reviews

Atom - Movie Tickets & Times Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-28

Everyone’s Favorite Movie Ticket App. Over 83,000 5-Star Reviews! Atom is the
only mobile movie ticketing app that lets you buy movie tickets, make movie
plans with friends and get a VIP experience at the movie theater so you never
wait in line. Find all the latest new and upcoming movi...

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Atom - Movie Tickets & Times Reviews

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    I absolutely love this app

    I first heard of the app through T-mobile Tuesday when they gave us free tickets to see a movie. I absolutely love this app. It’s really convenient and gives you multiple ways to earn free tickets. It’s fast. Every time I go to the theater and go to my app it right away pulls up my ticket before I go searching through it and I love it when I find promos to use to save more money on new movies or even get free stuff. As a regular movie goer this app is perfect and I can count on the app to get me through without major lines and I can enjoy my movie with less hassles along the way. Truly would recommend this app to everyone and the benefits are great. I also love the fact that I can still earn my points from rewards programs I am a part of in the process. Thank you Atom and keep up the great work!!! ❤️

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    Better than Fandango

    Fandango does offer “free” movie posters and such when you buy a ticket for certain movies, something that Atom has yet to offer, but you have to pay S&H for those “free” stuff. Atom is better. A few cents cheaper than Fandango (Fandango charges a $2 service fee while Atom charges maybe $1.35 or something) and it gives you the option to also add foods and drinks to your order so you can skip the long lines and go to a special line for Atom customers at the theater and quickly pick up your stuff there. Definitely have to download the app and use it during those times. I used to use Fandango as my primary app for movie ticket purchasing but Atom has just replaced Fandango as #1 in my opinion. Thanks!

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    Will stick with Regal app

    Tried this app today with my son. Purchased 2 tickets with it. It did not apply a Regal gift card even though the app showed a picture of a Regal gift card. I have an Apple 7 plus phone and it gave me the option to put my tickets in the Apple wallet app… which I did. This presented the next issue. In the wallet the Atom ticket did not tell me what row my seats were… just the seat numbers in the row. I had to go back into the Atom app and actually count the rows. I was excited to try the concession ordering thinking this could help me get to my seats quicker… wrong again. Once we checked in with our movie tickets I asked where do I go to get my concessions ordered with the Atom app. I was told to get in line with everyone else getting concessions. I was expecting a dedicated line for Atom preorders. So basically I got to stand in line and get my concessions like I have been doing prior to using Atom. There was no advantage to ordering my concessions in advance. Long story short, Regal app works better and does anything this app does but better.

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    Great app, annoying privacy requests

    Great app. Makes ordering tickets super easy, and allows for pre ordering concessions if the theatre supports it. And supports loyalty cards from a number of theatre chains. Loses one star though as every single time I try to order tickets, the first step in the process after selecting the movie location and time is to “invite friends”, and it asks for access to your contacts. If you decline, it will ask again every single time you place another order. In my case, I was checking seating availability at a number of different theaters and showtimes, as it was a new movie and selling out quick. So I checked at least 15 different location/time combinations, and it asked me 15 times to allow access to my contact. I already said no once. Stop asking me every time time! Remember my choice!

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    Cool Idea, Theaters need to get on board.

    Wish this existed when I was a teenager, so perfect. Hopefully this social element will encourage studios and theater chains to embrace dynamic pricing soon, just like every other industry out there already has. In theory, ordering concessions ahead of time is awesome, but when I get to the concessions counter, the people behind the counter seem a little clueless. Occasionally, they don't start making the concessions until I arrive at the counter. It'd be nice if there was actually someone dedicated to incoming atom concessions alerts. Currently, theaters in Portland don't prioritize those alerts. Sometimes they'll serve all the regular customers before coming over to the atom lane to serve me. At the Regal Cinemas Bridgeport Village or Lloyd Center (Portland, OR area), to be specific, they treat the concessions piece of the experience like an after thought... it’s a bummer because in theory this idea is super cool.

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    1) Trying to figure out a few things and one is why are there some theatres that the time of this movie, is either lit up which this light sky blue going around each time of this movie and 2-3 theatres have the times all lighted up around each time and 2-3 theatres are not lit up? Does it mean they don’t support the ATOM?? You filled some of my questions. I need this info today please? I have it right there but can’t finish until you tell me? I hope I can still finish this because my friends will freak out once I can finish this. 2) I know it said something about getting your friend(s) tickets so we can sit together. Is it saying they can get their ticket for the same price or just for sitting by each other? If yes then how do I add them on? What if I am paying by cash and her (them) want to pay with a bank card? 3) I take it that once I started to finish this then I will see the finish bottom? I also want to find out if all tickets are $4 like in the 3D theatres that are a little more if they are $4 as well?? If you could answer all the questions please? I am just asking that because anytime I ask more than just 2-3 questions they don’t answer all the questions. Thanks Amy

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    Great app with ATOMICALLY splendid customer service!

    Love this movie app for buying tickets! Recently their servers were down and I wrote them about the issue and hoping for a free ticket when servers came back up (a promotion they were doing) and they wrote me back via twitter quite promptly and told them they were working on it to get it back up as quick as possible, not to mention they kept their customers informed of the technical issue via Twitter, when they replied back to me, they even made light and friendly convo directly in reply to what I wrote them! I love more than anything else when a business is more than just a frigid entity but actually appeals to its customers with friendliness and a commitment to concern about their product and the customer’s satisfaction! Thumbs up! 👍🏻😃

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    Exceptional service

    Let me preface by saying I rarely, if ever, write reviews. But Atom and the app are the exception. From start to finish, this service makes ticket purchase and management painless and incredibly convenient. Their support is equal for regularly scheduled showings and special events (such as Fathom events). What won me over, aside from a well designed and reliable app, is their customer service. Very simply, we bought tickets to a special event months ago and literally at the last minute couldn’t attend. Go to the app, pull up the ticket and click cancel. We had a refund in our account within minutes. Great customer service will always win customer loyalty. Five stars, Atom.

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    Decent app

    If you want to just scan in and go to the counter with the goods ready for pick up this is your app! (Note -turn on location services your gps thingy it acts as a beacon alerting the concession stand worker you have entered and for them to prep everything for you pretty snazzy ) draw backs atom developers and the corporate side fail to insert conditions for service as in all theaters that participate MUST include allowing the customer the choice to buy the food in advance of entering Regal is the problem some refuse to participate only tickets only and if all things they exclude from the food menu if they do allow it are hotdogs they absolutely refuse to sell the hotdogs via the atom app. This is a regal branding situation sort of there is NO uniform conformity each theater operates independently not good Cinemark refuses to partner with atom and they should! Atom’s app charges less than the Regal app !

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    Great app ONLY IF theater participates

    Purchased popcorn and drinks with tickets for Springfield mall, VA. Prior to movie starting I got text asking if I wanted everything prepared and ready for my arrival. I was in parking lot when I got text so of course I agreed. When I arrived my purchases were not ready. The computer was blinking red with my order and no sound because they lowered the volume. 4 people working the registers and each one saw me. 3 males and 1 female. When the male with glasses finished serving his customers he went to assist his coworker even though he saw me. He walked in front of me to get something. Finally I had to yell “Excuse me. Are you taking care of Atom orders” If I wouldn’t have said that they would’ve continued taking care of others. What’s the point of ordering food purchases if you’re going to ignore the orders and customers ordering from Atom?

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    Perfect way to keep up with this new age of watching movies. New Interface is super user friendly. Out of all my purchases through Atom I’ve never had not one complaint nor had to contact customer service about a ticket or money issue. It is SO freaking easy to buy and to CANCEL. You do not know how many times I will buy tickets ahead of time and the group I am with will decide to do something else instead... cancelling with ease. No need to talk to a machine, a human, nothing.. cancel with one button!! Amazing!! Thank you so much Atom. Please look into a monthly subscription service.... where we can go watch any movie as much as we want as long as we’re subscribed!!

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    Update review

    I ordered tickets and a poster for acengers endgame and took avout 5 weeks to arrive, customer service didnt know where my poster was adter shipped or know when it would arrive, after being frustrated about the length of time since it was suppose to be a gift for my nephew, i refused to use this service again. Now After speaking to someone from the developers team two months ago, i was explained and satisfied how that person helped me after my issue. I planned not to use atom again but i am. I was given tickets to see any movie and my nephew choose lion king. Honestly great full with the service the lady gave me and so is my nephew. We will be happy customers using Atom.

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    Verry efficient

    I like how it has so many offers through the app and especially when you use T-mobil Tuesdays specials. At first it is difficult to understand the works of the app but then wen you find you can do so many things its amazing. I love how you can invite friends and instead of going to each separate movie theater website you can just go to one app pick your( and your friends )seat and decide as a group how it will all be paid honestly i have bought so many tickets since i got this app. Not only that but there is often a separate and shorter line (in many theaters i have gone) to scan your tickets when you buy through atom.

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    Worst experience

    So I have tried this app twice and it always disappoints me!!! I specifically booked a certain day because I knew I would be off work the app chose another day for me to see my movie!!! When I realized what happened the app was asking me for the review of a movie I didn’t get to see. Call customer service to explain only thing he says is I understand so I asked for a supervisor and he never returned back to the call!! Customer service is horrible and this app has more fees than fandango. I learned about this app thru T-Mobile Tuesday’s and was trying something different!!!

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    Shorting Giftcard Values, Bogus Fraudulent Giftcards

    New “feature” makes it impossible to load up multiple gift cards into your account at once — you have to do it only at single movie checkout. This means if you purchased multiple gift cards, you to have to juggle and remember the balances of them all, serving the purpose of having Atom expect you will forget which have been used and effectively shorting you the hanging balances on some (to their benefit). In addition, I bought 4 giftcards from Costco and one of the four shows that it is “invalid” despite being the exact number and pin provided from Atom themselves (email was sent by Atom with the giftcards). I would say this is a system error, but numerous people on Costco’s review report the same thing, so this appears to be some fraudulent activity or best case ineptitude on Atom’s behalf. Good business strategy screwing customers, Atom.

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Is Atom - Movie Tickets & Times Safe?

Yes. Atom - Movie Tickets & Times is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 100,987 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Atom - Movie Tickets & Times Is 54.3/100.

Is Atom - Movie Tickets & Times Legit?

Yes. Atom - Movie Tickets & Times is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 100,987 Atom - Movie Tickets & Times User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Atom - Movie Tickets & Times Is 54.3/100.

Is Atom - Movie Tickets & Times not working?

Atom - Movie Tickets & Times works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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