ProShot Reviews

ProShot Reviews

Published by on 2021-01-13

"World-class photography app" -iMore "The screen layouts are excellent. DSLRs
could learn a thing or two from the design of ProShot" -Engadget "if you can
name it, chances are ProShot has it" -Gizmodo /// CAMERA FEATURES /// •
Auto, Program, Manual, and two fully configurable Custom...

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ProShot Reviews

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    Updated at long last, but settings are confusing and glitchy

    Nice to see that ProShot has finally been receiving updates again. I had deleted it after getting an iPhone X in favor of camera apps that were optimized for its cameras and screen size. The new design looks good and (mostly) works. I decided to take off two stars for some issues I ran into pretty rapidly, at least one of which should have been easy to catch in testing: (1) Settings buttons are unintuitive. The haptic feedback toggle looks like the “hot air” icon on bathroom hand dryers, or perhaps some strips of bacon; the “volume = shutter” toggle looks like a camera making noise, as if it enables or disables a shutter sound. (2) The “volume = shutter” toggle doesn’t work. I can switch it on and off repeatedly without ever disabling the option. When I manage to disable it, it re-enables itself moments later without the icon ever lighting up. (3) It’s possible to cause the frame of the gallery view to appear around the camera somehow. When this happens, I have to close and restart the app to continue using it.

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    Still the best camera app I've used

    A short time ago they did a redesign of the app and I wasn't feeling the new UI. I'm still not entirely with it, however I felt the need to revise my review because I have spent a bit of time using it. I've used this app across multiple platforms and it is my go-to camera app, one that I've even gifted to others because it's that good. The controls you have over the camera settings help you capture the shot you want when in manual mode but it also does a fantastic job in auto which, let's face it, is going to be used by most people that aren't trying to set up a shot. I definitely recommend this app and if there was only one camera app you can get, this is the one.

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    One of the best camera apps out there!

    As others have mentioned the iOS camera app generally includes most features (and now the photo app & mark up feature includes most of the photo editing functionality that other camera apps used to add) so 3rd party camera apps aren’t that necessary. However, ProShot not only brings more features (that I’m not sure any other camera app has to offer) but also packs a lot of functionality into an easy to use, attractive, and not-confusing (pardon the redundancy) UI. ProShot used to be my number 1 go to for photos, however it seems as though development may have slowed down a bit (I hope this is just a lul since the new phones have a lot of new functionality). What I mean is that ProShot can’t use the built in zoom and portrait mode (for phones that have it). I fear that other apps are getting more attention b/c of ad spending & craming in the new hardware features :( Anyway, AMAZING app (the photo/light bracketing functionality is cool & the easy to adjust manual adjustments are numerous). It should be ranked way higher

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    My go-to camera app

    I’ve been using ProShot for just about everything but panos - and with the Xr, portraits - for several years now - having tried many many other camera apps. The UI/UX is simple and gets out of the way when I don’t want it, but I can opt for a lot of control when I want it. I also have to say the developer has been open to feedback and some of the changes in v5.5 are a direct result of comments I made. Can’t ask for a whole lot more than that!

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    Crashing App Causing Disappointment

    This app was one I downloaded a few years ago (and pretty sure I paid for this app at that time) and I loved having the ability to adjust shutter speed and the chance to zoom in more on my photography subjects. Sadly, this app has become useless. Developers claim to have recently fixed a “rare bug” that causes the app to crash when the user takes a photo. I continue to experience this “rare” crash even after the update supposedly “fixed” the problem. I visited the website and cannot find any way to contact the developer for support with this issue. Hopefully they read these reviews and take action accordingly? Crossing my fingers they do...

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    Thank you

    I had somebody on the developer team for this app encourage me to download it about a year ago. Let me be that person for you now. Having this level of control over each setting on my iPhone X gives me even more reason to use the bomb camera it has. Only improvement I can think of off the top of my head: gestural controls would be much appreciated as tapping on my screen a bunch isn’t always the easiest for me

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    Best looking interface, but app needs just a little more

    Very nice camera app. Love having the camera and video buttons (super clean interface!), and that you can take 16x9 and live photos. Only reason for 4 stars: Would absolutely love to see the ability to change image quality (resulting images are much smaller in size (so less details) than photos taken by another app I use) & more EXIF details (please include GPS info).

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    Pretty nice but pretty useless

    I thought this was a good purchase considering, for a while, it was the only app to have 24p video recording. It looks good but I've recorded 20 minutes of video before, looked back in photo's, and noticed it never actually saved anything. The counter is counting but it doesn't save what it records. The app also will crash randomly before it saves resulting in more lost video. This has happened to me so many times it renders the app basically useless and, retrospectively, was a terrible purchase. I've lost countless hours of video because of bugs in this app.

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    Recording time - Updated

    Updated: I reached out to the developer regarding my prior issue with record time. They looked into it and extended the amount of recording time/space that can be used!!!! No more complaints, great app and great developer! ——————————— Only records up to 34min. Tried multiple times. Plenty of free storage on my phone. Giving 3 stars as it does not state that anywhere and I wouldn’t have purchased if I’d known that.

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    What happened? Abends in iPhone 6.

    Worked just fine in previous version. Now I’m just confused. I am not sure the UI is working as intended and seems more difficult to use on the fly. Maybe my fingers are just too fat. :-) Updates seem to fix one thing while breaking another. It is also not lost on me that developers are endeavoring to resolve issues with frequent updates. I am wondering whether my iPhone 6 with iOS 12.1 beta 3 has the horse power to run the app properly. I do notice that some patients is required when open camera. I also experience app “freezes” and “abends” (abnormal endings). If I could roll back to previous version (5⭐️), I would. My opinion is the new version is just “not ready for prime time”. Support has not been easy for me to find and understand. Support seems More about functionality, than troubleshooting. I miss it working. Just sayin’. And can’t find support/response. Stopping me from upgrading to paid version.

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    Update lost a feature

    I love this app dont get me wrong. But after updating it, it lost a feature that I really liked. It was the ability to control the brightness of the flash light. Can’t seem to control it in the new version. But all other features are awesome and I recommend this to everyone who loves video and photography.

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    Bugs + why is data needed?

    1. When I use the volume up button to take a picture my volume is gradually increased. 2. Yes, I can take a still photo while taking a video which is great, cool and all but I cannot get back to the photo camera screen from the video. If there's a way, please let my [email protected] know. 3. Not a bug but I looked all over the developer's site so I'll ask here; Why does this app need data? I'm just taking pictures not uploading or sharing them anywhere.

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    Great Photo App

    This app is amazing. It takes great photos. I’m pretty sure it uses my phones camera potential, it can take photos with crazy resolution. Which is awesome. It does its thing and takes great photos. One thing I wish was the picture button wasn’t a hold and take. I wish I could just tap it. And it would take it. I’m still working with it.

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    I think I really like this app. I like the 16x9 screen and the UI. Just going to take some getting use to. I want to play around with this app and then I’ll come back and update this review. Be nice if their was Apple Watch support to be able to see the intended picture and use the watch to set the timer off a tripod. 5 stars for now! Thank you

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    What a great app! Spent days wrestling with another "top" camera app, then got to speed in 3 minutes with this beauty. I'm using it for video capture in my top-down rig, and it performs flawlessly. Controls are incredibly intuitive, and all the pro features I need are here. Manual white balance is a breeze and setting custom color temp is a huge time-saver. Outstanding!

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Is ProShot Safe?

No. ProShot does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 306 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for ProShot Is 17.3/100.

Is ProShot Legit?

No. ProShot does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 306 ProShot User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for ProShot Is 17.3/100.

Is ProShot not working?

ProShot works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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