Shudder: Horror & Thrillers Reviews

Shudder: Horror & Thrillers Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-25

Brought to you by AMC Networks, Shudder was built to super-serve fans of
thrillers, suspense, and horror. Home to the largest and fastest-growing
human-curated selection of high-quality, spine-tingling, and provocative films,
TV series, and originals there's always something new and unex...

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Shudder: Horror & Thrillers Reviews

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    Almost great

    A lot of great titles to choose from, and it’s especially nice how many older and foreign titles there are. Shudder definitely knows their stuff. Major bonus points for the Joe Bib Briggs marathon. Whoever’s decision that was needs a raise! My middling rating is only because I think Shudder still has room to grow, especially the design and layout of the platform. Limiting the ability to search only by title rather than other keywords like actor or director, especially with genre films like horror and thriller, is pretty annoying. It would be really nice and convenient to be able to isolate Shudder’s selection of Argento or Cronenberg films, for instance, or see which films feature Brigitte Lahaie. Also when searching through genres, it seems like the movies are always in reverse chronological order, which makes sense, but is also kind of frustrating while trying to brush up on the classics. Lastly, and I realize this is probably a licensing issue, but it’s kind of weird that there are various entries from certain series while omitting crucial chunks from those series (Phantasm without part 2, Halloween without parts 2 & 3). Overall, been having a lot of fun with this app, but would look forward to some adjustments.

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    Great concept but apps need more fine tuning

    I love shudder and what it offers for people like myself who are into the horror genre, and the price for a year is unbeatable. So as a concept for streaming options it is a solid 5 stars. However, the app itself is problematic for several reasons. The search options are not as widespread as major streaming services like Netflix offer. The app has a tendency to shut off suddenly or crash that I do not notice with other streaming apps. It will not save your spot in a show or movie unless you manually exit out of the video to the main screen first, which is not true of netflix. The phone app also doesn’t sync with bluetooth headphones well so I cannot pause and play like I can with anything else in my phone. The phone app does do a good job of showing you the ratings of the movie and details with suggested titles but the xbox app lacks this ability and is limited in presentation overall. So great streaming service but the apps have a long way to go. I paid for a year so it is clearly worth the glitches. Looking forward to some improvements...

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    Mandatory for horror fans

    This is it, chief. I thought I was going to get Shudder for a month or two to watch a few things and then unsubscribe, but I didn’t realize the depth of the catalog and how often they add new movies and shows. Unless you can afford to spend all your money and time buying physical media and going to film festivals, Shudder is mandatory for keeping up with current horror movies and series. And besides that, it’s the only place to see Joe Bob Briggs. You think you probably don’t need another streaming service with the other stuff you’ve got, but you’re wrong. It’s an outstanding value. I guarantee that you’ve spent a lot more and gotten a lot less. Anything you’ve heard about service problems is old news and is probably only related to the night of the Last Drive-In premiere. I’ve been using for months and haven’t had the slightest hiccup. Highest recommendation.

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    Shudder is a great horror film resource for all types of fans. Whether you are casual watcher or a hardcore devotee this service has something for you. The collection ranges from cult classics to more modern day mainstream classics as well as direct to video titles and ones you may never have heard of. All types of horror genres are represented here whether they be haunted house stories or stories based on ghosts, serial killers, aliens, monsters, zombies, etc. The app is a very good companion to the collection making it easy for users to find content whether by alphabet, collection or keyword search. The design is of high production value with atmospheric menus and a slick fast loading interface. Members can create and manage lists of films they want to see of keep in mind. Users can also set push notifications to stay aware of the latest titles to hit the service. The app also allows users to watch Shudder TV which is the channel that airs horror content. Whether allowing you to search content, manage content or subscribe to the service itself the Shudder application does a great job.

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    Huge scam!!!!!

    If I could give this company negative stars, I would. Everything was fine with them until I tried to cancel. They ignored my emails to cancel and then proceeded to charge me 3 payments, that I never agreed to pay, in the same day right after another. I emailed them about the charges and didn’t hear back again. I tried to contact them for 3 weeks before I gave up and went through my bank to dispute the charges. They took over and had to go so far into canceling my card because the payments started going through. I had to go for 3 days without my debit card because I couldn’t get through to their horrible customer service. I finally sent them an email telling them how upset I was about the whole situation and how my bank is disputing with them, and they replied two days later only asking to cancel the dispute and they’ll refund the money. They didn’t bring anything else up; it seems like they were only worried about the dispute with my bank and not the issues I’d been having. Seriously the biggest pain I’ve ever been apart of and I can only hope that this review will save people from having to go through the same situation I did.

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    A Great App with a Fantastic Vision

    I really love shudder, namely because they take the genre seriously. I love that they give access to so many subgenres and hard to find titles (their Giallo collection is amazing, all the hits and even some lesser known gems). Of course they have your trashy horror flicks, but they are incredibly dedicated to building a library that rests on a foundation of film history and even film theory. I've been a member since they first came on the scene and I've seen their catalogue grow and expand. They invite notable horror figures to curate their own lists. In addition, I love their approach towards holidays and notable months. For things like African-American history month and pride month, they curated lists of notable horror films that not only feature the reference month, but they take great care to select titles from a plethora of eras, from all different styles and techniques. Their film movement focused collections are also wonderful, especially love the GIALLO! collection (huge Argento fan). Last but not least, THEY GOT JOHN CARPENTER TO DO THE THEME. Talk about paying their respects to the legends! Shudder did not come to play with the other subpar horror streaming apps out there. They came to show them how it's done. This is how you do a genre focused streaming site.

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    Good Service With Room for Improvement

    Shudder is a great deal at only $5 a month with a really good catalog of horror films. The only things holding it back are that a lot of the titles added get removed very quickly - a good number of them will get added for only a month or less. The titles often get removed without warning, and it would be nice to know when and which titles are leaving so I would have a chance to watch them. There is sometimes a “Last Chance to Watch” category, however this sometimes is there and sometimes isn’t, and it also doesn’t say when the films are leaving/how long you have to watch them till they’re gone. Those gripes aside, I still love the service and it has made a wide variety of films accessible. With some user interface improvement and better consistency with the longevity of titles added to the service, Shudder would easily be one of the best streaming services available.

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    Great app, bad customer service

    So it took me way too long to notice this. But I received a notification that my card was declined. No big deal because I recently changed the address on the card and must have forgotten to update it. However when I went to look at my bank statements I saw that I was being charged through my iTunes account and on my debit card as well. When I reached out to customer service, Julia is apparently the only person in customer service, she just kept giving me the same answer “which subscription would you like to keep?” Well Julia there is only one subscription but I am being charged double! Then she sent me a link to cancel the iTunes subscription! I want my subscription, I just want someone to tell me why I have been paying double for almost a year. How do you even sign up for two accounts!?! Wouldn’t your system alert you to the fact there was two accounts with the same email. I am just amazed at how unhelpful they are.

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    Essential for Horror Lovers

    I have a pretty extensive physical movie collection, so at first Shudder seemed superfluous for me. NOT the case. These folks know horror and what’s more, they know the history of horror. There are a lot of gaps in my own knowledge and taste that I’ve been able to fill in with this app. Lots of new stuff I didn’t know about as well. I love their streaming Shudder TV channels - great way to get around the paradox of choice I sometimes succumb to while scrolling through all the pretty thumbnails. The tv stations also remind me of the way I first fell in love with horror as a kid in the 80s: tuning in to the local station’s nightly movie, often horror. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that the Joe Bob Briggs all-might marathon didn’t forever endear this app to me. HIGHLY recommended. -Shawn C. Baker Author of A Collection of Desires: 7 Tales of Modern Horror

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    I only wish I’d subscribed sooner!

    I just found Shudder through the podcast, “Inside The Exorcist”, and I am absolutely loving it! Just a few nitpicks about the app functionality itself: - Please add 30 second rewind/forward buttons. - Fix the pause function and or get rid of the pause screen that shows the movie summary. When I click play after having paused, there’s a lag between when the sound starts playing and when I actually get to see the video, which makes watching movies with subtitles really, really annoying when there’s no way to rewind except scrubbing. - Make the home screen display some kind of “pick up where you left off” option. It’s a pain to have to search around for what I was last watching.

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    Incredible Value, Incredible Entertainment

    I hate paying for a lot of things, mostly the things I have no choice but to pay. However, I am more than happy to see the Shudder deduction each month. This service offers some of the best movies, television series, documentaries, and podcasts available today. The crew at Shudder is on top of posting on their social media accounts about what will be available or upcoming. There’s always something worthwhile to see in their streaming collection, anytime, any day. The movie selection, the quality of the app, and the team behind it all make for an exceptional streaming service that no horror fan should be without.

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    Wrongfully charge... Terrible Customer Service

    The first time (after the initial free month) I was charged twice.... it was corrected. The following month I was charged but it keep stating that I do not have an account. Contacted customer service, it’s been 4 days now with no reply! I feel like Shudder may be trying to weasel their way into getting their $5.99 that I was reimbursed the first month or trying to get money for the “free month”. Waiting until the end of this month to see if they reply since I was already charged, if not I’m completely unsubscribing. A subscriber claimed they had to change her debit card info through her bank because Shudder kept charging her despite unsubscribing for similar reasons. I will keep a close eye on this, I recommend you do the same if you are having a terrible experience like I am and a good amount of other subscribers, just look on FB and IG. What a shame!!! Shudder does have some cool stuff for Horror fans! GET IT TOGETHER SHUDDER!!!!!!

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    Let’s just say, Shudder is the only essential channel to subscribe to.

    Sure, there’s the usual slasher trash trope, though, admittedly, some groundbreaking classics, There are some films I’m not interested in and guess what? I don’t watch them. But what keeps me subscribed, besides the opportunity to revisit so many well-known, well-made classics, are the amazing little known, small releases and a banquet of indie horror films, films I probably wouldn’t know about if not for Shudder and the wide range of “horror” fare presented. I get a kick out of reading (and writing) reviews, though it does gall me when someone says “meh” about “Don’t Look Now,” one of the few distinguished films that are more terrifying with each viewing. Any programmer who presents “Angst” and “Barking Dogs Never Bite” on the same channel, certainly gets (and keeps) my attention.

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    Hub of Horror

    Shudder is a great app and website for any new or veteran horror fan to use. It has tons of old classics like The Re-Animator and Halloween and newer movies like the Orphan. It also a great place for people to get exposed to different cultures of horror from Europe and Asia. The content is amazing but the app it self is quite sub par. The settings has no means of changing any account information or changing your subscription which is inconvenient. The search engine only works by exact spelling of title so it doesn’t show results for spelling errors. And a lot of the movies especially older ones don’t have captions. I understand that a lot of the older movies don’t have captions to begin with, but it would be nice to have. All in all I love shudder but it has a lot of room to improve.

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    This is THE horror movie app

    If you’re a fan of horror or have any inclination for the genre then this is a must have app for you. I can’t recommend this enough. It’s suitable for casual fans of horror as well as seasoned veterans. They have a plethora of movies and tv shows and most of them are difficult to come by on any other streaming site. Nevertheless, it’s curated and each guest picks the movies that have personally inspired or affected them in some way. Lastly their movies range from indie to big studio and from domestic to international. There is not another streaming app out there that is close to being as epic as shudder when it comes to horror. See for yourself with their free trial.

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Is Shudder: Horror & Thrillers Safe?

Yes. Shudder: Horror & Thrillers is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 12,694 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Shudder: Horror & Thrillers Is 37.0/100.

Is Shudder: Horror & Thrillers Legit?

Yes. Shudder: Horror & Thrillers is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 12,694 Shudder: Horror & Thrillers User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Shudder: Horror & Thrillers Is 37.0/100.

Is Shudder: Horror & Thrillers not working?

Shudder: Horror & Thrillers works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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