CSR 2 Multiplayer Racing Game Reviews

CSR 2 Multiplayer Racing Game Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-18

CSR Racing 2 – This game redefines what you thought possible on your mobile
device! “So real it hurts” – CULT OF MAC “Obliterates the line between
console and mobile graphics” – POLYGON “CSR Racing 2 is visually
stunning” – GAMEZEBO Setting a new standard in visuals, CSR2 delivers

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CSR 2 Multiplayer Racing Game Reviews

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    Issues and poor customer service!

    While playing this game for years it is a good fun game. The issue is with the multiple years comes multiple updates. Sometimes the updates work as planned, other times they don’t. There is a major glitch caused by one on the more recent updates that will prolong the amount of time parts are cars are to arrive. Customer Support has always been helpful when this occurred and given gold to purchase back the elongated time. Well now there is a new glitch that is tacked on to the mentioned glitch. Your car purchase will never deliver after the long delivery time and there is no way to buy the timer with gold. Customer Service to this point has been less than stellar, they just say the development team is looking into it. In the mean time you as a player can’t complete collections or gain RP due to not having the required car. Which really is the point of the game. I have suggested that customer service just gift the car in question, but they refuse like this would cost the company millions in lost revenue to do. It would be nothing more than a click of a key to resolve but that’s not the case. I would caution anyone before starting this game and spending your hard earned cash to read this review and understand what you are getting into. While fun there are issues and what seems like an easy fix will not be in the customers interest the customer support team will delay and not do what would be the most viable thing to do. Beware!!

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    Good Game, Pay to Win Is Driving Me Crazy!!!

    I’ve been playing this game since 2016 and I took a break up to now because it’s play to win!! It hurts my brain every second a new deal pops in my face, or near impossible missions that take sooo long to complete.... unless you spend your money. Every challenge that pops up you can complete the first part and make a good amount of in-game money, but like always, it is too good to be true. You have to own/purchase this rare or super expensive car, which 9 times out of ten can only be bought with a lot of in game gold which costs like $15. I hate that you have to spend a lot of money just to at least progress/grow in the game naturally. Helpful tip to the devs: Look at what clash of clans did with their game. It does take a lot of work and time to improve and progress in the game, but it’s possible to get to a point without spending money and that the paying part is just to fast track you forward or get you something rare. This game is near impossible to enjoy anymore because you are bombarded with deals/bundles, new challenges that you can earn a lot but you must have a car that you know most people don’t have so you force us to pay. I know this is a business but it ruins the experience for the users. I’m sure clash of clans makes a lot of money still even though they aren’t pay to win and I’m sure if you guys take some inspiration from them, this game could get better. Thanks!

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    Fun game but unfair

    The game is fun to pass time with. The challenges are very unfair in my opinion. Showdown races should be matched properly. First of all don’t restrict what car you can use. Then you do restrict the car to be used (in my case a legends car that is maxed to stage 5 parts) but since it is a legends car that I can’t complete because they have app issues with the legends races I can’t get it into my regular garage to be tuned. Then you put me up against their 5 cars running low 10s while I am stuck with my tier 3 car running 17s. There is no way to beat that. I have complained several times about this with nothing happening other than being told we are working on a fix. Here is 100 coins (that does nothing for me to advance). The. They tell me that no further conversations will be had about this issue. That’s cool push me off to the side great customer support. I would be willing to spend money in the game if I had some thought that I might advance in the game. But with they way have have things set up it’s not going to happen. Everything you buy is a gamble. Why would I spend money for parts to a car that I don’t even own in the game. The app designers really need to step it up a lot to make this a more successful app in my opinion. Make it a game that can be beaten. Not a game that you make one step forward and then 10 steps back. I give it a little more time then I will probably delete the game again if they don’t fix some things.

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    Pay to win game from a greedy company

    The game overall is fine, but the constant ads to buy this or this gets annoying. Especially since after tier 2 it is almost impossible to do extremely well in the game without buying something. Like the events that are based off of cars that you already have a slim chance of winning then tell you that you have a 5x chance of winning is complete bs, just a way to try and get you to spend more of your money into this pay to win game. It gets frustrating when you have only like four cars to choose from when you beat a boss. Then there are like maybe five other cars you can buy with stupid amounts of gold, again pay to win. Then the rest of the cars for that tier, which are usually about 10 to 20 cars that you pull from silver and gold crates, which you have like less than 2% chance of winning a vast majority of the time, even from the gold crates, which I have yet to use since that system is broken as well. Natural motion is a company that only makes its money off of people that actually have enough money to consistently buy what they are selling! If they make this game just have more ways to get things that usually require money to efficiently get, I will give a much better review. Based off the story and crews and just the amount of cars, not to mention the good graphics for a mobile game, this game would be an easy five-star by itself. But it’s not because this game is so insanely play to win. Natural Motion just fix that problem.

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    Elite showdowns.

    So this game is really good, but there is one thing that really irritates me. In elite showdown you get around 60 trophies for each win, and lose about 20 for each loss. But that is not what irritates me 😅 it’s the fact that I am a tier three car, and they put me up against tier four and five cars. I’m ok with the tier four cars but the Reid five is just completely unfair. There is just no possible way for me to win so I am stuck unless I win a car that could beat tier five, but that is not going to happen for a while. Also I got a notification saying that I won a free viper, but I didn’t so I don’t know what that is about because I did not win one, I and I sometimes get notifications saying that my parts arrived, but they actually have not. But that is the only thing that irritates me. 😅just please please please change the fact that I have to lose. That’s just not fair. ☹️ also one more thing the game will get stuck on the loading screen, but what I’ve been able to do to fix it (and this just started for me today) was make sure my cellular and WiFi was turned on, so hopefully that helps every one on that problem😬 ( I think it has to do with Game Center) and if my first solution doesn’t work, try turning off WiFi and cellular so that way you don’t connect to Game Center and then turn it on when the game starts

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    Csr2 is only a leased gamed

    I played almost 3 years and spent literally 2,500. on the game and so the very first time I decided to join a crew to run podium another team we figure that they had inside ties with Natural Motion called in on us for on like day 5 of our for having all 30 players with a perfect cap up until then so NM banned 26 people in our crew with not one explanation to anyone of the 26 people as to why we got our banned. I have now learned why so many people have things done/added to their accounts in the game it’s really no fun anymore and now they(NM) have what they call time attack trials in the game and now players just use auto touch to get the best times so you really have no chance to play a fair game anymore not with the the players do what they but also because Natural Motion can Ban your account and literally give you no explanation of why just because some other top crew leader was jealous of our performance and no this that crew hacks and mods things for their players on their crew every season but we were really trying to be the first crew to run a legit perfect capped season. So therefore you are only renting or leasing the game until NM decides they want you out.

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    Overall, Amazing Game!

    Hello Natural Motion, I come to you with a few suggestions for CSR 2. I love the graphics of the game, by far the most detailed racing game I’ve played. Though I highly suggest making a mode or adding a feature where you are able to invite Facebook friends or crew members to a live racing lobby. I say this because a lot of people enjoy being able to play with each other, for example my father and I are both in a crew and we are also Facebook friends and we always try to get into the same live racing lobby though we always fail. So that is one suggestion but another is that I highly recommend adding a feature where you are able to give Facebook friends keys. I understand that you guys try to give players a challenge to get keys but I think you guys are making it too hard, especially with the gold keys. And finally I think you should make a feature where you can trade different cars, though it would make it easier to get rare cars but it would also make it a lot more organized in my opinion. Some people have a lot of cars and don’t know what to do with them and I just think it would be a good idea. Thank you for taking the time to read this review, I hope you can take some of these suggestions into consideration have a good day and goodbye. Sincerely, Evan Walters.

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    Good game..but crates such a scam!

    Ok so, don’t get me wrong this game is awesome. But it can be unfair. First of all, its pay to win. If you wanna do a Supercar Science to win a car guess what? You either have the cars you need or you cant do it. I mean you can buy anything you would ever need for the event for only around $65 USD. Like who the heck would pay that for a virtual garage full of Bugattis? Second thing, ads/gold system. So theres two main currencies in CSR2, one being cash, one being gold. Gold can be used to buy cars, refill gas, and other stuff I can’t think of. But you only have 10 fuel pips, and if they run out you have to wait 1-3 hours for them to refill or buy more with 20 gold. Or watch an ad, but if an ad is unavailable, and you don’t have 20 gold and want to play now, then your out of luck. Third, crates. There are 3 crates in CSR2. Bronze, silver, and gold. Today I bought a gold crate. And I was happy about that. But I couldn’t even pretend to be happy when it said “You won a 4 star car!” I spent $10 of my own hard earned money (I'm 11, so money isn’t easy to get, forget my parents allowing it to be spent on a game) just to get the car I didn’t want. The car didn’t even look good, forget in MY garage. I had received a 599 GTO instead of the Divo that I wanted. I may not play this game for a while, maybe never again. It also takes up a lot of space because I only have 64Gb.

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    Love it but there’s a problem

    This game is amazing...graphics, realistic cars, fun gameplay, a story to the game I love everything about this game... except for one thing. The Live Races, I don’t get what happens when I do live races, I bring out one of my tier 1 cars to do a quest, go into a race, I start off absolutely dominating my opponent by a landslide, then all of a sudden way from the back of the track whoever I’m up against blazes past me at the VERY LAST second as if the person is using a Tier 10 car (I know that’s not a thing) but goes at the speed as if it was a tier 10 car. But then sometimes I unintentionally do the same to my opponents, they start off destroying me then right as we’re about to cross the finish line BOOM I blaze past my opponent in seconds and I just play it normally, I shift, boost and launch that’s it. I don’t understand this at all and it is insanely annoying when I can’t even win a single live race other than when I do that to my opponent unintentionally, (all my cars are fully upgraded and tuned before I do live races also). I don’t know if this is just something in the game or a bug or a glitch or whatever but if it’s in the game because developers put it in I guess I’ll have to live with it but if it’s a bug or glitch or hack...PLEEEAASE get that fixed🙏🙏🙏🙏

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    Like all the other reviews, pay to win

    I remember seeing this game on the AppStore after just downloading the first one and I was super interested in it and this is what really got me into cars. I would play it all day long but after about a year or two of having it I just can’t really do anything without having to pay for it like the recent Pittsburgh event, for the first race you need the dodge demon but you can only get it from rare imports for ten gold keys but the thing is I can’t get my hands on any gold keys without buying them and even if I do get them I only get a small chance of actually getting the car I want even if it does say x10 chance which by the way does not feel any different. I’ve been thinking over the week of deleting it but always kept it because of my progress but today I finally made the decision to delete it. I know I’m one player out or millions and me saying I deleted it makes to difference but if the aspect of the unfair pay to win and also toss in the fact that some of the ai can be completely unfair just made this game not fair. If you can fix this for at least players in the future that would be amazing and I know this game has features to buy currency because it’s free but even then the items are overpriced but if you made it to the end, thanks for reading.

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    Absolute waste of time and storage space

    I, like others have had the same issue with purchasing the “Super Nitrous” and not getting what I paid for. Customer support is a joke with them. They took a whole week to respond with a pre-written message stating it’s not a guarantee that you will win, which is true and nowhere states that it will give you a win, just an advantage. But when the car has all upgrades except stage 6 body and almost all fusion parts installed, it should be safe to assume you will win the race, but no even with perfect start and all perfect shifts the car ran SLOWER than without Super Nitrous. I let that go after seeing Customer Service was going to do nothing about it. Don’t bother wasting money on keys because once you get the car you really want you will be broke and living in a cardboard box, and then they will just release another car that’s better so you have to buy more keys. Which let’s be honest you’re already broke and homeless from buying keys for the first car you wanted so now you’re going to have to collect cans to make money to buy the new car! Oh but wait! Now that you collected 10,000 cans and bought the new car, there’s a new one! Pretty soon you run out of cans to collect and resort to stealing copper to sell at scrap just to get that new car... But for real this game is a joke when it comes to customer support. They will do and say anything to resolve themselves of responsibility.

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    OK game, spoiled by stupid “monetizing” approach

    I play this game a lot, in spite of the numerous bugs, frequent crashes, and very slow response from tech support. My biggest issue, however, applies to most other mobile games, too: developers are fixated on an online gambling model for monetizing their games. They create lots of stupid obstacles that ruin good games, hoping to single out the addicts in the crowd, who will then pay stupid money to buy a temporary boost in game credits, in-game currencies, or whatever. Just set a price and either sell me the whole game, without ads or waiting periods, or other BS. Or don’t. Whatever, but stop wasting my time. That said, it has good graphics, a nice selection of cars, and the restoration feature of the Legends cars is kind of fun. On the down side, it is EXTREMELY BUGGY, crashes a lot, and the game play can be pretty repetitive. Matches against AI often are fixed and nonsensical (too easy or just impossible), and many of the upgrades cost way too much or take way too long to earn. And why is it that if you want to paint a car, often at an absurd price, the choices include metallic colors, pastels, patterns... but no simple solid colors? Wierd. I like the game, really, but once again I find myself wondering if the devs actually ever tried playing the game themselves.

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    I love this game

    This is a few of the best games ever. You have lots of cars to choose from and win some. I also like the live races a lot. The crews are a big one. It allows you to get fantastic rewards for the remaining sessions. The showdowns are also a thing a like about this game, you can race against online players around the world and get many rewards. I have a big collection of cars in this game. The best one is a veneno with over 1477+. It beats a a vented or in my garage with stage 6 upgrades. Thank you for creating this game I really enjoy it. It runs smoothly on my phone. I even have my 2nd elite license for the T5MP5ST. I love this game soo much I have so much to do ESPECIALLY with updates. They bring new cars and more things to do. They did a good job making a fantastic game. I’ve played this since 2017 and still playing the even better version of this game today. I have lots of fusion parts and I have a car that does preformence than a stage 6 upgraded car. Also there is a dangerously low chance that a add pops up. I want it to stay that way. It makes me happy. Thank you for this game and for reading this.🙃😊 the next thing I’m gonna do is put all my Ferrari’s in one garage;).

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    Been playing CSR2 for YEARS!

    I have been playing for at least 7 to 8 years, I have always had a passion for racing games and enjoy the graphics and variety of cars in the game, I now have at least 150 cars to play with which is great. However, the game has increasingly turned from PLAY TO WIN vs PAY TO WIN, I really have enjoyed playing the game but there are too many events going on at the same time and too many cars to upgrade unless you spend all day playing or pay a bunch of real money to get what you need to simply keep up with the weekly and bi-weekly events, after all this time they are slowly killing the game for a lot of long time players, trust me when I say I probably know how this game is going to end. I spent an equal amount of time on a game called Racing Rivals (used to be a top competitor of CSR2) only for the game to be shut down after spending hundred’s of dollars playing, I couldn’t have been more disappointed when it happened, all I could do is cross my fingers they would keep it going because I was so invested, and now I see this game heading in the same direction, the greed for a profit is killing the desire and taking the fun out of the game. IF you decide to start playing this game I advise to NOT spending real money trying to keep up, one day the game will probably be shut down and you will be left with nothing to show for it!

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    CSR is a highly recommended game, especially to those who are car lovers (like me). You can always look forward to the new events and the new cars, which get better and better each time. HOWEVER, earning money can be quite easy but at the same time, can be quite the hassle. Regulation races is an important part to earning money to upgrade your cars and become one of the fastest racers in the game. It would be SOOO much easier and A LOT quicker to earn money if we are able to click a button that will bring us to the next race in regulation races... Rather than, finishing a regulation race, bringing us to the garage, then going back to the map and clicking the next regulation race only to bring us back to this vice versa cycle. An update which can allow us to click one simple button to go straight to the next race will be the “icing on the cake”. As cliché as that sounded, it is true. I hope you take my suggestion under consideration and help others who also may agree with me. P.S - Thank you CSR TEAM for making the best racing game the store has to offer, and I will be looking forward to the updates that come in the future.

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