Capo - Learn Music by Ear Reviews

Capo - Learn Music by Ear Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-24

Learn your favorite songs without tabs or sheet music. Whether you play for the
world or yourself, all musicians need a good ear for harmony, melody, and
rhythm. Using the songs in your music collection, Capo guesses the beats,
chords, and key of songs to help you break them down to the...

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Capo - Learn Music by Ear Reviews

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    Best app for learning Jazz solos and Irish tunes from recordings.

    As an amateur musician, I’ve found Capo to be the best App out there for learning Jazz solos and the intricate ornamentation of Irish tunes. It provides the cleanest “slow-down” of any of the apps that I’ve tried. The flexibility of its looping and other playback features makes it much easier to breakdown complicated riffs. It’s ability to sort out the key and chord changes is truly remarkable; while not infallible, this provides a great starting point for piecing together transcriptions for both chord and melody instruments. The interface is clean and very well thought out. This becomes even more obvious the longer you use Capo, since its many capabilities do require some patience to learn/uncover. I could go on and on. The developers are solid and seem committed to a quality product for the long term, as evidenced by the updates that have been deployed since Capo’s inception (check out their newsletter to get a sense of what their team is about). At $10 a YEAR, this app is way worth it! One suggestion. I’d love there to be an option to have the identified/edited chords automatically sound out, while the original recording rolls along in the background - rather than having to tap each and every chord symbol at the appropriate moments.

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    Subscription services are lucrative for developers, I guess. But, for the user I have to decide which apps to subscribe to (if any) and which ones I have to quit using because I can’t afford a subscription for every app I use. I don’t mind buying an app at all, but having to pay an annual fee is just beyond my means. And so, I will switch my slow-down app to something else other than Capo because they, at some point, will go to the next version (x.x or Y.x or whatever) and I will be left in the dust having to subscribe again to enjoy some minor tweak of the app. If every developer ends up with subscription requirements I will just have to abandon my support for them all. How many $50, $20, $75, $20, $40, $20, $25 services can you afford? For me it’s not many and so I just stop using an app that thinks their product should charge me a monthly or annual fee to use it!! There are plenty of alternatives out there. The smart developer should appreciate their customer’s PURCHASE of an app, like I did with Capo years ago, to support their further development of the app. They should take into consideration that users will have to decide which apps to keep or which apps to abandon. The less used apps I have will be the first to go. And, Capo falls into that category as there are many alternatives that don’t require a subscription fee after purchase.

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    awesome audio technology

    I’m a composer and love to ad lib compositions, knowing someday day i will have to slog thru the process of listening to chord progressions, analyzing, and writing them down. ugh! that 90% of Creativity can be a bit of a deterrent. This app is awesome at picking out subtle jazz chords. and, if its wrong, the corrections are ez. I believe it lacks a Lead Sheet option. If so, that would be great in future versions. Seems strange, all this advanced technology, and you still have to manually list the chords. Otherwise, the app has a lot options for adjustments to bars, speeds, keys, chord names, etc. that make composition and play along a piece of cake.

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    App Doesn’t Recognize Subscription

    I originally really enjoyed Capo. I think it’s one of the better tools for transcription. But I have since encountered a bug in the app that prevents me from using it in any meaningful way. This is why I have rated it 1 star. Here’s my issue: I have a Capo touch Pro subscription, but the Capo app will only let me play a 60-second trial of the song I’m trying to transcribe. In the song playback mode it thinks I am a trial user. The app tells me that I have a current subscription—when I go to “Choose a Plan” under Settings it says as much—but it won’t let me listen to a song for more than 60 seconds. This makes the app unusable. I contacted Capo support, who was initially quite responsive but weeks later they still have not fixed the problem. I like this app, but I am very disappointed that I have spent money on an annual subscription that is currently getting wasted as time goes by where I cannot use it. I hope they fix the problem soon so I can use the remainder of my annual subscription.

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    Really intuitive and convenient

    The tools you want to apply only take 2-4 taps before you’ve achieved the desired effect. Also, within a few moments of downloading I was able to understand the majority of all the features just from exploring. I can’t imagine how seamless this must be if all of the bottoms are saved into muscle memory. Great job with the interface👍🏼

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    Easily the best tool out there

    As a music professor, professional musician and tutor, this software has exceeded any other form of ear training and transcription tool out there! I have analyzed Jazz solos, composition and have been able to transcribe elusive chords and sonorities with the spectrum analyzer. By far and away this tool has increased my own musicality triple fold. Absolutely worth every penny if you are a serious musician and professional.

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    Just downloaded this, expecting to be able to use it with songs from iTunes. There’s absolutely no explanation on how to get going. All it allows me to do is get songs from iCloud (I have no music there) or google drive... useless. Also, a subscription is required - that’s not really what I expected. After reading the reviews (which I should have done first) I can see I’m not the only one who found this to be a waste of time. Disappointed and will be uninstalling it right after I finish this review. Don’t waste your time

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    Love this app - it’s a big timesaver

    This is the fastest way I’ve found to quickly get basic chord changes and beat counts from MP3s. Can also set up loops to keep going over tough parts. Nice. Uses iCloud storage to save your files and save specs on the device. Which I like. Development team responds to emails and questions. Which I like. Disclaimer....No app that does chord recognition is perfect. You may still need to have some musical expertise to fill in some missing pieces. But this one is as good as any and better and faster and easier than others I’ve used. Me recommend you buy dis

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    Truly one of the best music apps!

    I’ve nailed many songs in 1/10th the time it normally would. I wish it could be a bit more accurate and I wish I could figure out how best to isolate things but it’s absolutely wonderful! I’m sure in time that it will be close to perfect!

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    'While we do love our customers, a group of them had to be sacrificed …'

    Spoiler: bitter old man ahead. I bought the desktop version years ago and was looking forward to trying out the mobile version. But now, an existing customer, had to pay an additional subscription? How crass and dismissive. Before I get accused of not understanding how things work today, I'll go out in a limb and state I do understand what customer loyalty is and appreciating those who ponied up at the begining.

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    I use this app every day for teaching and my own practice. I don’t know how I lived without it ! Well, I do know: it was cumbersome and aggravating. This app does everything : slow down , change keys, loop. I love it.

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    A MUST for jazz drummers!

    I have used this app for years. It has been a “Game Changer” in helping jazz drummers hear the rhythms, drums, and sticking of solos by slowing the tempo down. The app is great because it maintains the sound quality like no other app.

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    Amazing Tool for Worship Leaders

    I enjoy using this program in preparing for our Sunday Church services...the app allows for simple use making it easier to focus more on the music itself!

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    Free Version is No Version at All

    The free version of this otherwise promising program is so useless that I don’t even get a good sense of what the pro version would improve. I despise this sort of “in app purchase” silliness when the product does absolutely nothing otherwise. Rather than driving me to upgrade, I’ve decided to never use a product so cynically marketed. Uninstalling...NOW.

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    Tone deaf

    Capo is supposed to be able to detect chords to songs and when I read that I thought it would be the right chords but I was thinking like a fool. The slow down feature is the only usable feature of this app. Update: after the recent update Capo did recognize the the first chord of AC/DC Highway to Hell but after that it totally failed. Good thing they named it Capo instead of Capable.

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Is Capo - Learn Music by Ear Safe?

Yes. Capo - Learn Music by Ear is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 248 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.2/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Capo - Learn Music by Ear Is 65.4/100.

Is Capo - Learn Music by Ear Legit?

Yes. Capo - Learn Music by Ear is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 248 Capo - Learn Music by Ear User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Capo - Learn Music by Ear Is 65.4/100.

Is Capo - Learn Music by Ear not working?

Capo - Learn Music by Ear works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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