Tiny Piano - Free Songs to Play and Learn! Reviews

Tiny Piano - Free Songs to Play and Learn! Reviews

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About: The easiest way to play piano! Play with your eyes closed and fool your friends.
Tap anywhere on the piano to play the next notes.

About Tiny Piano

The easiest way to play piano! Play with your eyes closed and fool your friends.

+ This is amazing and it's actually helping me to play the piano better.

Tap anywhere on the piano to play the next notes.

+ My little sister thinks she's a piano master and she screams every time she finishes a song.

You handle the timing, so you can play it fast or slow.

+ Now my friends think I can play like a pro.

+ Much more fun than tapping random piano tiles.

If you enjoy playing, please leave us a review and tell us what songs you'd like to see.

And it teaches him his colors and learning music.

+ Really fun! And a lot of cool songs.

Tiny yet satisfying.

+ This an awesome app.

+ My 6 yr old loves it.

I love it.


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Key Benefits of Tiny Piano

- Provides a clean and neat user interface

- Allows users to see the notes and play many songs for free

- Can be therapeutic and relaxing

- Shows how easy it is to learn to play piano and learn many songs along the way

- Great for beginners and those learning to play piano

- Accurately portrays the keys and notes

- Provides convenience for playing piano on-the-go

20 Tiny Piano Reviews

4.6 out of 5


One more update for all and for one

I just became a piano player just so recently and there are so many new songs out there but TinyPiano is out of date making it hard to play recent song like “rock around the clock, safe and sound, and we didn’t start the fire” songs like those I would just love TinyPiano more for a final update for all the people who are poor and would like to learn piano without losing so much money your app lets us see the notes so we don’t have to go through the transactions from other apps that takes forever to get to I hope this review is convincing enough to make the final update happen


Satisfaction Delivered 👍

On a bigger scheme of things, TinyPiano fulfills the fun it claims ( which is to come across as a great piano player, playing many many songs for free) and impress people. Clean, neat User interface. But in a weird way it shows how easy it is to learn to play piano and learn many songs along the way. 1st time satisfied with the free version inclining to purchase as well. And it’s strange enough but it’s pretty therapeutic. All the best to the developers. Keep coming up with more simple and outside the box ideas like this.


Nearly Perfect

I just updated TinyPiano on November 22, 2017, which supposedly included new songs, but unlike in the past, TinyPiano didn't show which songs were new, and the list is already so long, and so full of songs I am not familiar with in the first place, that I have no clue which songs are new as compared to what was already there.

Why does TinyPiano no longer show us which are the supposedly new songs? It also used to tell us right there how many songs we already have, and then when new songs were added, the number shown was higher. How do we even know, with this latest update, that new songs were actually added?

I've loved TinyPiano for ages. There are only two things I don't like about it; the first being that there are too many songs which play a single note at a time. Those are a disappointment to me because they sound like a child is playing them with one finger.

The other thing I don't like is that my personal taste isn't for so much of "today's" music, most of which I'm not familiar with so I don't bother with those songs.

Other than that, I adore TinyPiano.



So much fun just to sit down with headphones and listed to the many songs translated to piano. I find TinyPiano extremely appealing. I did have an issue with the settings menu. It opened and would NOT close I deleted TinyPiano , and reset my phone. Thankfully TinyPiano started working again. I also noticed how well put together TinyPiano is. It's not just scrambled all over the place. Being a user since there weren't that many songs has been amazing. Every time I go to my updates list and see an update in an genuinely excited.


Great.... Enough?

Have had this since I got my first Apple device (iPod touch original) and thoroughly enjoy it. I do wish however, that there were more updates. I paid to have all songs, and it annoys me that the updates with new songs are so far apart. Though I realize how difficult it must be for the creators to continue adding new songs, I still would appreciate an update at least once every two months. Besides that, TinyPiano is great and is super fun.


No updates since 2014

I bet you're thinking, "but there have been a bunch of bug fixes!!", and you're right. But I'm talking about the songs. The dogs haven't been decently updated since Christmas 2014. Hardly any new songs have been added since then. It's really annoying, because it's been two years, COME ON!!! You even had the nerve to take some songs away, WHY? This was a great app, and I respected it, but now it's old. No patch is gonna fix that, but adding new songs will...(and maybe the addition of new settings, like being able to turn off the mechanic of taping any key to progress in the song).

Fix. This. App.



I'm a paid customer of TinyPiano, and enjoy it, but you've not had a decent update to the song list since Christmas 2014. Please try to add songs of different genres when you make your updates (classical, pop, rock, modern/classic etc). It would be nice to have something from guns and roses, Metallica, Rolling Stones p, tom petty or some other type of rock or metal. As it stands TinyPiano is lacking in that department.

Edit June 29th
So not only have you failed to add a decent update in months, you've removed a bunch of decent songs such as "sound of silence", "game of thrones theme", "living on a prayer", I will not give a better review of TinyPiano until you stop jerking us around and actually add some good songs and stop removing the ones you already have.


The best!!!

Okay, we all know it doesn't have lots of songs but, come on, it says _tiny_ piano. Now, TinyPiano is the grandest of them all, that is why I suggest All Songs, it deserves more than it has. So, I think it would be better if you can search them up, then, you can play ANY songs you want. For instance, if you type in Disney theme song ( like the one from the beginning of their movies) it will show up, and you can play. I will warn you, I only played this for a day learning two songs so I don't know if it glitches out, but it is really cool!!!


Really good. Needs more songs.

I love this game. And I especially love the fact that it had Zelda's Lullaby as a song. I am a huge Zelda geek. I personally think you should add more songs though. Like The Song of Healing the Song of time, Sariahs Song, Midna's Lament, and Midna's theme. And then maybe add some songs by someone like Skillet. Imagine how hard rock would sound on the piano. Maybe some Imagine Dragons too? I really like this game and think it'd be even better with more FREE music. Thank you so much for this great app!


Love this app!!!

If I have to be honest I am fifteen and I am pretty sure TinyPiano is more targeted towards younger kids, but I love TinyPiano. I have always been a fan of classical music and the few classical piano songs on here are great!! I love to just constantly play the songs and listen to all the different notes and how the work they work together to make music. Even though it’s a simple app, I would be very sad to see it go


One of the best

I think TinyPiano is one of the best piano apps ever. I have to face facts, I am never going to learn how to play the piano so TinyPiano is just right for me. It's foolproof.
The only problem I have with it is that if you accidentally tap the ad at the bottom, when you go back the sound goes away. You have to close TinyPiano and open it up again to get the sound back. Thus the advantage of getting the ad free version.
Plus, I agree with the opinion that there needs to be more songs added to the list.


Tiny Piano

Tiny Piano, is not Tiny at all! It's HUGE! This is one of the best app's in TinyPiano Store period! I have spent hours playing Tiny Piano, while, at the same time, learning how to actually play the songs, cause it clearly shows you each note, and key to play! I highly recommend TinyPiano, especially for those who are learning to play piano! I rate this 5 out of 5, and if I could rate TinyPiano a 10, I would! Download Tiny Piano, NOW!


Why I like Tiny Piano

I took piano lessons as a child but never really put myself into practicing , so I never could fluently play the piano. My eyes just could not encompass both the left and hand movements together.
This little Tiny Piano has brought me a lot of pleasure in being able to play many songs. It relaxes me and brings me great joy. Thank you for having a app such as this.


Pls pls pls!!!

Please make an update with Steven universe songs! Plus, you haven't updated in a while. So please add that update!

The songs I want: extended theme song, other friends, drift away, and love like you.

Edit: I'm back. Back for, well uh... reviewing. This is a good app. I just wish there were more options for songs, like songs like being human from steven universe, time adventure from adventure time, and maybe even other things too. Wait, how young was I when I made this review? DID I EVEN KNOW FREE-PLAY?! Oh my god, this is so funny to see my young self being a beggar. Anyways, please add more songs.
Ps: I'm still a kid-
Edit 2: also, please add other songs like when the party's over, and I'm crying cuz I love you. ALSO WHERE IS DONT START NOW-


Amateur Pianist... APPROVES!

Coming from someone who can play the piano fairly well, I love using TinyPiano to play music that appeals to my taste. Songs like "We Found Love" really appeals to my love for pop music. My only criticism is make it more accurate in terms of actually playing the keys/chords and not tapping anywhere on the screen, at least making it a setting for those who would like to play based on accuracy and so if they do not like it, they can simply turn that setting off.


I love Tiny Piano and you should too!

I played the piano since I was 6 years old. I became very fluent and can consider myself an expert. Last year, I auditioned for the Chicago youth symphony and they recommended that I play the piano everywhere I go and so I downloaded Tiny Piano. The sound of the notes, the accurate portrayal of the keys, and the convenience of TinyPiano all made me a much better piano player. I love tiny piano!!!🎼🎹❤️


Great way to learn your favorite songs on the piano!

Super app...have enjoyed learning myself...the best has been helping my nieces practice their piano
"chops". Nice selection of free songs & IAP's. One suggestion: it would be nice to have a "chord" option that could be used either alone or with the single note default. Other than that, a solid standalone app, or a piano trainer. Cheers and many thanks to the development team! 👋


Make everything free

Overall this is a good game I like to play piano so this really helps all I need is just that you just need to make sure everything is free because if everything is it free then not everybody can enjoy it like if you wanna play Mario songs you can’t they’re not free I mean if you have money but you can’t play if you don’t have money



I'm not even kidding when I say I really do appreciate TinyPiano being on TinyPiano Store, it's perfect for me since I'm trying real hard to play piano. It goes slow and shows which keys I need which is great! Bc every other app I get it has videos and it goes wayyyy to fast unlike this one where is shows steps by steps all you have to do is click the key board to go to the next step. LOVE THIS RHANK YOU SO MUCH 💜


Great Game!

I think this is an awesome game and I think other people do to, but maybe update some of the songs to songs that are more UP to date. Like “All About That Bass” “Story of My Life” “Move” by Little Mix. And my request is some R5 songs. They aren't terribly popular but their not bad. Heart Made Up On You and Love Me Like That. Basically every single
song they have since Rydel plays the keyboard. Thank you! U Rock! 💃😘👍😇☺️👑💗😋🎹🎵🎶


Very good

It's a really good way for you to learn how to play the piano I don't personally have a piano buddy he helped him so much my family does not have that much money so it does help me out that it's free and there's a part where are all the songs are for you so it's actually really really good so you really should get it entered you already other than never mind but it is👏🏽👏🏽⭐️❤️

Is Tiny Piano Safe?

Yes. Tiny Piano - Free Songs to Play and Learn! is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 6,778 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Tiny Piano Is 52.2/100.

Is Tiny Piano Legit?

Yes. Tiny Piano - Free Songs to Play and Learn! is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 6,778 Tiny Piano - Free Songs to Play and Learn! User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Tiny Piano Is 67.2/100..

Is Tiny Piano - Free Songs to Play and Learn! not working?

Tiny Piano - Free Songs to Play and Learn! works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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