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Published by on 2024-01-08

About: Apple's App of the Year 50 million users 4.8 rating from 250k+ 5-star
reviews Elevate is a brain training program designed to improve your mind’s
focus, memory, speaking abilities, processing speed, math skills, and more.

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Reported Issues: 22 Comments

4.8 out of 5

By Whitney

1 year ago

I got an email saying my free trial ends in 2 days. I literally deleted this app years ago and had to look up what this was. I can’t figure out how to cancel. Please do not charge me and help me cancel everything. Thanks.

By Jaimie

2 years ago

Hi I wish to delete the app. I was trialing the app and do not want to continue with the subscription! I can not find out how to unsubscribe! Please help

By Chantiana Blair

2 years ago

It was a really good app until they took 59$ out of my account after I unsubscribed and deleted that app. That’s so shady and it gets a negative 5 stars from me. 😡😡😡

By Marquetta Hawk

2 years ago

Hey, I don't know what this is and you all been trying to charge me for something I didn't even subscribe too. Someone needs to fix this ASAP!!!

By Pamela Kroeber

2 years ago

Want to cancel Elevate before the trial is up. Please cancel it for me as I am unable to find the subscriptions. Thank you. Pam

By Kathleen Casey

3 years ago

I have/had an annual subscription. No longer. Did it expire? Pls lmk.

By Claudia Garner

3 years ago

Yes I have signed up for the Pro which was supposed to be good until January 2022 but it is asking me to renew or sign up for more advanced sessions.

By Sandy Weiss

3 years ago

One of your answers is incorrect. In the sentence “...give the report to whomever is at the front desk,” you said “whomever” is correct because it is the object of the preposition. The answer should be “whoever” because it is the subject of the verb “is.” The object of the preposition is the entire clause “whoever is at the desk.” I believe this question was in the Syntax quiz on March 9,2021. I am a former English teacher and a retired editor.

By Dave Hoeffert

3 years ago

Haven’t done for a number of years. Added APP back on and went to register but email was already on file. Hit forgot password cue but nothing. Not sure how to reset as would,like to start again. Thanks

By Carol

3 years ago

I love Elevate, but my major complaint , which should be an easy fix is: In Division, the numbers are SO SMALL AND SO PALE, that it’s difficult to work with . Enlarge and darken the font.

By Mark Navilliat

3 years ago

Extraction is not loading. Also it is repeating the same reading material. The loading issue has ongoing for a week z

By John K

3 years ago

I want to cancel my subscription but when I follow the instructions to do so you do not offer a cancel option only to convert to monthly or re-up my yearly subscription. How do I do that?

By Laura Anne Turner

3 years ago

Every!!! time I use the Precision game, I wait and wait and wait but it never loads. Tonight I waited 45 minutes. It never loaded. The couple of times it actually loaded, I liked it. But it you can’t get it fixed, can you take it off my schedules? It wastes HUGE amounts of time.

By Paula Dursley

3 years ago

It has happened twice and ruined the continuity of my playing the game. When I went to play the second game, I was just kicked out. It happened several times and could never move on. I was not a happy camper. It ruined my score for consistently playing for 90 days or more. Thank you for your assistance.

By Marsha Moorer

3 years ago

Cannot log in despite changing password 3 times I haven’t used elevate for almost a year. Just tried to get the app to change subscription

By Merilyn Herrod

3 years ago

I got a message in my gmail inbox saying that you are offering the app Elevate for 45%off. for $2.50 per month or 29.99 monthly, Well 45% off of your regular price of $39.99 should be $21.99. Please correct me if I am wrong. I live in Canada so for me to get this offer will cost a lot more. I need to be able to figure out the difference in funds. So I DO need to know what price is the regular monthly price so I can tell if I really am getting the 45 % discount. The calculations above dont agree with that.

By Shatha Alkadah

3 years ago

I subscribed to elevate monthly and it was supposed to be $1.39 each month. I got charged $42 and need a refund

By Sam And Robin Davis

3 years ago

I downloaded the app to try but 2 days later erased it because we accepted a job in Germany and will not be using our US phone plan. We were still charged for a year that will not be available to us so we would like to be reimbursed the $42.69 charged to our acct ending in 3325 thru Apple Pay. Order iD MTJYSZKG21 Doc No. 213385810184. Thank you.

By Carol Yngve

3 years ago

The Comma skill . I hit the correct spot. Then it acts like I hit another spot when I didn’t. Marking correct answer but it acts like marked another place. I am soon going to quit. Not fun anymore.

By cricket100101

Problem with app and company

I don’t understand why your app doesn’t list the errors in a section for us to learn from our errors. I was doing the memory part today the only items listed at the end were the ones I got right. I am confused as to what was the right word that some of the statements were referring to. When I was asked the normal question after taking the quiz whether the quiz was helpful or not I put in “not” because I couldn’t see what the correct answers to the ones that I missed. Then I got a response saying that the next time I take the quiz, it will adjust, I guess to be more helpful. What does that mean and how will it adjust? Also, while I was reading some of the reviews, I noticed that sometimes you use a computerized auto answer instead of a real person. One of the reviewer was complaining of the errors you have in some of your quizzes or tests. That was explained in the title of the review. Then in the explanation below the title they said something like “Such an app can’t afford this.”, which if your company would have allowed a human being to actually read the review along with the title you wouldn’t have put in your company’s reply to the reviewer telling them that there is a free version!!! How embarrassing!!!! I can’t see paying so very, very much money for this app if it has these problems.

By fbjdoebcnnskdcbndowjfne

Good but not enough

I have enjoyed using this app but after challenging myself to do it daily for a couple of months I feel like it’s become a chore and isn’t doing much for me. The games/daily challenges are so short, and basically over in a few seconds. I doubt any one of them usually takes more than a minute or so. It’s just not enough time to “exercise” my brain. Additionally, I have been playing consistently, and consistently doing very well (usually a few personal bests a day) yet the material doesn’t seem to be getting more challenging. Most of the math is something my 10 year old could do, though not as quickly. Similar with a lot of the reading and grammar challenges. Even memory stuff. I think this app is a fun way for an adult to feel like they are doing something for their cognitive health, but after a while is mostly an ego boost designed to make you feel smart for doing elementary school level problems quickly. I’d gain a lot more from an actual challenge. If I’m setting high scores every day, I’m not being challenged, so it can’t be doing much to exercise my brain. I’d rather be challenged to think more deeply, not just more quickly. I am close to giving up. I had hoped that if I played every day it would start giving me harder material. Too bad I have another 7 months on my membership.

By ISOgreatPuzzles

Timing everything skews learning

I can see how this app could be beneficial and enjoyable to some people. However, the fact that every game is timed adds an artificial (and IMO arbitrary) goal that supersedes the learning objective of the app. While it makes sense to time the games that appropriately aim to speed up a specific ability, it doesn’t make sense to time every game—and to cut off the game when the time expires. Some things warrant a thoughtfulness that the stress of a timer precludes. It’s difficult to get the most out of an exercise like “Adjective Recall” or “Eloquence” when I’m not allowed enough time to explore my vocabulary on a deeper level. Further, these exercises are so far removed from the real-life experiences of writing and speaking that the timer offers no real measurement of one’s actual abilities. Unfortunately, access to more challenging activity levels relies on speedy responses rather than true knowledge levels. I suppose if you generally believe that “faster is better,” then this app will suit you. I, however, fail to see the benefits of the concept of “speed editing,” for example. For many of the skills this app addresses, the timer turns “training” into “gaming.” If you’re not interested in gaming, this app won’t satisfy your craving for intellectually challenging puzzles.

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