Heart Rate Monitor - Pulse BPM Reviews

Heart Rate Monitor - Pulse BPM Reviews

Published by on 2021-07-12

Heart Rate is the latest safe, accurate and visual pulse checker & monitor on
the market, feature-rich & easy to use, timely access to your health
status. Just open the app, you can measure your heart rate anytime, anywhere,
show your best condition. let's go with it ~ Features: 1. Te...

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Heart Rate Monitor - Pulse BPM Reviews

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    Heart rate

    Excellent app. I did not know I had a low HEA rate until I started using your app. I checked with my doctor and he confirm it and said they had been keeping it watch on it since August of last year The reason I downloaded the app was 24/7 didn’t work one night and therefore I didn’t have a record and now I am glad I did because your app is more accurate. Thanks to being there

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    Pop up ads won’t disappear until I deleted and reinstalled the app

    Whenever I attempt to get my heart rate reading a pop up ad appears. That’s fine and I expect it. The problem is that no matter what I do the ad won’t go away. I’ve tried the “x” in the upper corners, I’ve tried the option to go to their website, I’ve tried the option to decline it too. Nothing works. The ad just stays there making this app useless to me. Therefore I’m deleting this app from my phone. I deleted the app and re-installed it. The problem seems to be resolved. Maybe it happened as a result of the last iOS update.

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    Essentially unusable due to ads

    In all fairness, I'll say that this app does what it's supposed to do quite well. The problem is that it's so crammed with advertising that it makes you want to toss your phone out the window. Before you can measure your heart rate, you have to watch a video. After getting your heart rate, but before you get a chance to save it, you have to watch another video. You end up spending more time watching ads than actually using the app for it's intended purpose. I get the need for advertising. Show me a static banner ad at the bottom of the screen and you'll hear no complaints from me. Hijack my time and I'm done with you.

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    Way too many ads

    Honestly I tested my heart rate twice and got pretty tired of the ads. There’s an ad right before you measure your pulse and another ad before it gives you the result. Some ads are video and you have to watch some of it before you can close the ad. It’s also annoying that the ‘X’ to close the ads changes sides to make you watch longer. The first 3 ads had the x on the left and the fourth switched it to the right, throwing me off bc I was ready to close it with my left thumb since I was using my phone one handed, and I ended up having to use both hands to skip the ad. In all fairness the heart rate reading seems accurate once you get that far.

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    Honestly a good app!

    There are quite a few ads pretty frequently, but honestly that doesn’t really matter because getting your heart rate down, and it being accurate is important. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’ve been very sick for three weeks, unable to breathe with heart palpitations. This app is helping me learn about how high or low my heart rate is and lets me tag it.

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    Nice, though the ads!

    It is a useful little app given what it is and how simply it does it. Except for getting out of the first time run introductory screen, it is voiceover accessible. The only annoying thing is the number of ads. One ad before you take a reading, one ad before you see the result, and you usually can’t skip them. I can understand one ad per session, but two, really?

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    This is OK as a basic heart rate monitor app. BUT, after using it for 3 months I realized there is a major glitch. I am an athlete with a low resting heart rate of around 50. After hundreds of measurements I realized most of the time it showed 49, like exactly 49, and never ever lower. I just timed it myself with a watch and it’s 44, but sure enough, the app says 49. I think the genius programmer did this because the app display graph starts at 50 and he didn’t want the app to show values below that so it just gives 49 as a default result for anything measured below 50.

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    Works far better than others

    I spent last night and this AM testing many pulse taking apps. Most worked inconsistently or not at all, and were immediately deleted. This one worked every time. It took me just a few minutes to purchase pro to get rid of the ads

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    Overall, I give Heart Rate Lite a 4/5. It works as planned most of the time, but sometimes it can either be slow or glitchy. Despite the slow loads and little glitches, HeartRateLite is a very unique app. You track your heart rate in three settings: Exercise, Not Moving, and Slowly Moving. So it’s a very good app to track your heart rate and see what you need to improve upon to increase your heart rate. -Jack Poling❤️

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    Incorrect reading when upgrading to pro

    I downloaded this app, then decided to purchase the pro because it seemed to be pretty accurate. Once I download the pro version, it immediately stopped working correctly. I get heart palpitations that are noticeable, and my heart rate gets close to 140bpm, sometimes higher. I was checking it while I was still having these palpitations and it was saying my HR was normal (80) every time I checked it. It would start out metering over 100bpm then towards the finish it would drop to 80. Don’t recommend paying for this.

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    Many times the ad to not go a way when you touch the circled X. I realize that you have to have ads but they should be easily removed by touching the X and not having to go to the web sight the ad once you to go to. You need to change what you’re have.

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    Great but too many annoying apps

    Love the app BUT too many annoying adds where if it keeps doing so I will stop using it I have another way I own a iHealth monitor and have there app no adds no crap . If these adds where not so annoying I would considered there pro app . But it’s a bad start for them to sell you software with the free one that has all the crap that pops up every second . If you will not get annoyed like I did then download it if not stay away from this app.

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    Good but one big annoyance

    I’ve used a couple other heart rate measurement apps, and this one is the easiest to get a good measurement, and is also the most accurate. The one issue I have with it is you have to turn on Health App Sharing every time you use the app because it turns it off again every time you close the app. Were it not for that, I’d give it 5 stars.

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    Data to Apple Health doesn’t work

    The data share with Apple Health doesn’t seem to work. When you select, in settings, “Health App Sharing”, after a confirm message, it closes the app display but nothing happens, looking like an app crash... it seems that it tries to invoke the Health settings, but it doesn’t work... Also the app shows as “Inactive” in Apple Health. This looks like a bug, which unfortunately, makes the app useless to be used with Apple Health, which is the only use I was looking for. (IOS 13.3, the last one)

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    Works great, pretty easy to learn

    Overall I like this app, I use this app each day during my cardio and strength training. Data seems to be very close to right on target. And I can check my heart rate history easily, it's just awesome how much info you get about each workout you do!

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Is Heart Rate Monitor - Pulse BPM Safe?

No. Heart Rate Monitor - Pulse BPM does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 73,422 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Heart Rate Monitor - Pulse BPM Is 14.5/100.

Is Heart Rate Monitor - Pulse BPM Legit?

No. Heart Rate Monitor - Pulse BPM does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 73,422 Heart Rate Monitor - Pulse BPM User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Heart Rate Monitor - Pulse BPM Is 14.5/100.

Is Heart Rate Monitor - Pulse BPM not working?

Heart Rate Monitor - Pulse BPM works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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