Electromagnetic Detector EMF Reviews

Electromagnetic Detector EMF Reviews

Published by on 2021-01-01

Detect the electromagnetic fields near you, known as EMF. It's not necessary an
expensive electronic equipment. Your device is already a sensor to detect
EMFs. Track when a high magnetic field has been measured while you take the
mobile with yourself. A warning beep will be activated to...

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Electromagnetic Detector EMF Reviews

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    Hell at the Apartment complex

    With Tomato plants spelled with an M, you know what I am talkin about, ohhh....this device points out where my upstairs neighbor is stuffing the wires. The lady in a prior review said this doesn’t recognize EMF but I think differently, I have readings in the 8s when the device is on the wall and .54 in clear areas. It works and is well worth the three bucks. Your right, its not an official test guage but is giving me proper signals....you see from an early age I had the ability to feel energy ...... for instance, I can feel the battery of a watch on my wrist. About a week ago, I felt a wave of energy on my hand while laying on my air mattress next to the wall. I would move my hand over the wall and feel the hot ( juice energy-not referring to temp) coming off the wall. When I received the app, it indicated the lines my upstairs neighbor was stuffing in the walls was putting out this energy. My chest face arms facing the wall where red and orange in color when i woke up in the middle of the night. I looked at my right eye in the mirror and noticed a red vein in the white area expanding and contracting from the aggravation of the energy pulsations. The recordings automatically save to the phone and then I took a pic and saved to phone. These levels are ridiculously high. I am concerned! I have felt funny in this room and now know why I dont sleep well. Peace

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    More important than most realize at this point in time

    I believe the day will come — I hope sooner than later — when everyone realizes the potential problems and even possibly dangers pursuant to EMF (ElectroMagnetic Frequency) levels in any given location — especially one’s own home or workplace/workspace. But no way are we there yet. Too little is generally understood about the fundamental, underlying physics/science of it. How many of us even truly remember, without being told or Googling it or whatever, what the electromagnetic spectrum even is? And how many after that understand the basic ramifications — not to mention the basics of this science — sufficiently well to realize on their own what could be a very serious problem in most people’s lives right now and for some time now? And the fact that it only seems to be getting worse over time? I get the idea not very many. It is apps like this that will help all of us in this area, what it is, why it matters, when it matters — and hopefully how to find out without going overboard and becoming that ever-increasingly-evil thing: PARANOID!!! You see, when logical argument fails, most people simply resort to name-calling, shame ‘e-mail into silence, and even bullying of all kinds and types in order to get people to walk a line that is not necessarily in their best interest. Here’s hoping....

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    Review EMF detector app

    Sitting in a small den room with so many devices, smart tv, two printers, I pad, cordless phone, router, electric meter on wall outside made me thinking about what exposure Emf I was around. I thought it would be really high, but this app results are medium. Still too much emf exposure on a daily basis. This app was easy to use and other reviews make me feel confident in the results. I would need to compare with another device but just have not got around to purchase one. This app is convenient. Also, had a problem last year with a Fitbit device, irregular heart beats, took the device off one day in the car for some reason and about 45 mins later I noticed the irregular heart beats stopped. I think I may charge that up again and test it too

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    The upgrade is a lie

    I do like this app because it’s consistent with its readings. But that’s about it to like about it. There’s no other options or settings with using the meter. I bought the upgrade and it does come with ad free unlimited EMF reading time but it doesn’t alert you when you are around high exposure unless the app is open. The way they explained the upgrade is that you can be alerted when you are walking around high exposure. But why TF am I gonna be walking around everywhere with the app open? That’s stupid. If I have the app open I don’t need to be alerted cuz I can see it on the MF screen. So what’s the point of being alerted if I have the open? But there’s no way to adjust the alerts. Even with the sound option turned on, it doesn’t beep or notify you without the app being open. So don’t get the upgrade unless you plan on walking every place you go to with the app open in your hand.

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    Phones work by using EMF

    So not sure but my wife is a corporate comms writer so I guess that by proxy makes me an expert on corporate comms...judging by the stupidity of the top review no expertise (or thought) went into it. Phones, lights, magnets, pretty much all electrical devices emit an electromagnetic field (EMF) and phones use frequencies in the electromagnetic range. LIGHT is the quanta of EMF so to say that it’s “impossible” to measure with your phone is absurd to say the least. Now phones aren’t designed as EMF meters but I used the app to find a shorting PSU in a enterprise environment. Was able to trace interference on my radios in a pinch and fix the issue, WITH THIS “TOY” APP. My question is this: Why is top reviewer so angry at a “toy app?” Is as if she has a stake in a competing company or something...just saying.

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    EMF Detected Wave speaker at bedroom

    As soon I downloaded it detects a high frequency of 300 to 500 EMF (electro magnetic frequencies) from my Harman kardon speakers situated in my room even they’re off, so I removed outside of my bedroom so I started sleeping more better & waking up more refreshed each morning. Great tool if you use it as intended plus have a lot of other uses if you use your imagination. Great for detecting EMF from inside the walls coming from cables near by your bed. Clean your surrounding energy you can’t see, our air & surroundings are infested of waves Pollution, radio, Cellphones, WiFi etc causing us physical & emotional issues & this tool is a great beginning to clean your environment at least the place where you sleep.

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    EMF detect

    I have ran this app a few times and read through the information provided and feel this is a service that will help in making corrections, changes, in the involvement of all electromagnetic devices that have taken over our healthy well being and the lively hood as we once never had to think about. Out of sight, out of mind. Hopefully the future brings us the love of a harmonious frequency that allows us to once again go about our lives carefree as it was and should be. This app really does help to identify the harmful frequencies we are subjected to on a daily basis. Get it and get it now!!!

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    Prof. Voodoomaster Paul Arthur Haynes

    This is Essential if you want to avoid dangerous electromagnetic radiation ! The modern world is full of EMF emissions . “Until mans love of power takes 2nd place to the power of love “ this world will be full of potentially dangerous and deadly threats . Many of those are from our modern lifestyle of ease and comfort. The machines and power we use to make our modern life easy and comfortable , are a major cause of cancer and serious illness . Use this fantastic little app to scan your home and your daily surroundings for EMF radiation. Use that info to keep yourself alive and well . Don’t forget to inform others .

  • Worst app that I have ever gotten!!!

    Maybe the thing works, maybe it doesn't! How would I know since there are no instructions. It keeps alerting me of a high reading, which was taken 3 weeks ago, even after I have tried to "reset values" numerous times. The values DO NOT reset, no matter how many times you tell it to! Worse still, it will not record new values (I am assuming the memory bank is too short to add more, but it won't erase, or write over old values). Speaking of values, the clock/time is completely illogical; date format is fine. I have never seen that time format used in America (12.7... what does that mean 12:42?; it was only a few minutes after 12, well before 12:42). I am assuming it is a foreign format. I do NOT RECOMMEND this product and am seeking a refund (premium version purchased).

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    A welders must have tool!!!

    *** a couple months ago I wrote this review which I stand by however I had the premium subscription and it has reverted back to the free app... funny how poor company policy and ruin a good app and turn one off to future apps. I will update if the company sees this and corrects the mistake. Stay tuned!*** This is GREAT! I own a metal fabrication business where a lot of our equipment run on 3 phase which is a whole mother animal than the little tickle you get off a light socket. With this app we were able to identify “hot spots” in the shop and moved work stations accordingly. Everyone feels better having this app on hand and the knowledge we all gained from the information provided with this app. And to get the full unlocked version for a couple bucks... adding years to your life. What a deal!

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    Great but a time waster thanks to ads

    This works wonderfully and deserves 5 stars, but because this app has also been purposely made to be such an annoying time-waster while trying to use it even for a short time (constant ads and a 10-12 second limit on taking a reading...with yet another ad after every reading!), I'm not going to reward you with money. This app functions great otherwise. Aren't the constant ads enough, without the time limit? It's like having to pay customer service before they'll care just a little bit. I'd have gladly paid for the full version had I not been pushed so hard to do so.

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    They Key

    An excellent tool to use to lessen exposure to EMF’s. I never thought anything about EMF’s until I became sensitive enough that even anti-seizure medications couldn’t calm down my headaches. They are strong enough to get rid of migraines but didn’t touch mine. The more I worked to lessen my exposure to EMF’s and invested in ways to ground myself the better I began to feel. Awareness is key and knowledge can set you on a path worth traveling on. This app opens up awareness as it gives you more knowledge about the world we live in and why things are the way they are.

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    Pretty cool

    This app is pretty cool because it is so simple. I just open it and the meter starts moving. I can immediately see the needle move up or down depending on where I place my phone. I give it 5 stars for simplicity. And as for accuracy I can only judge by the fact that when I move it closer to my IPad or electrical devices the needle goes up. It moves to the highest setting when I place it next to my large iPad Pro. And when I move away it starts to go down quickly. It helps me see how far away I need to be to avoid unnecessary EMF’s.

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    Pretty cool for a simple base-line EMF estimate!

    I think this is a pretty nifty little app! However, I do have some questions as to it’s actual accuracy in real-world applications. This application seems to read non-EMF-emitting objects that are away/disconnected from electrical sources known for emitting EMF radiation. In fact, I have even measured readings similar in those “non-source” objects that are emitting EMFs at levels near that of my electrical box & wireless router... I suppose this could be due to these substrates refracting/reflecting radiation from some other (unknown) source, but I am unsure. Even if the app isn’t truly as accurate as a dedicated commercial meter, (I.e., interference from from connecting cell tower(s), false readings from small & harmless magnetic sources, device-based radiation, etc.) it can still help to give an idea as to where the bulk of EMFs are originating in the space around you. I say, for a $0 price tag, go for it & have a little fun!

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    This App is a very useful lifesaver. It will warn you in the event you are being exposed to harmful radiation levels which are known to cause very serious health problems. You should make yourself aware of the coming rollout of 5G Technology that is planned for every neighborhood in America and neighborhoods globally and the associated electromagnetic dangers posed by this new technology. Yet, rest assured that while you do your own research and become more aware of these present dangers, just know that this EMF DETECTOR App is here to protect you. Stay safe.

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Is Electromagnetic Detector EMF Safe?

No. Electromagnetic Detector EMF does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 3,705 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Electromagnetic Detector EMF Is 17.9/100.

Is Electromagnetic Detector EMF Legit?

No. Electromagnetic Detector EMF does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,705 Electromagnetic Detector EMF User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Electromagnetic Detector EMF Is 17.9/100.

Is Electromagnetic Detector EMF not working?

Electromagnetic Detector EMF works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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