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Published by on 2021-03-31 is the first-ever, safe and secure, mobile lottery platform that
lets you play official U.S. lottery games right from your phone. You can also
keep track of your physical tickets, checking jackpot results for every U.S.
lottery game. It’s FREE to download and provides a slew...

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    I really liked the in app support that is no longer there. In fact, I would rather work with and for a bunch of amazing people than win a ton of money. I have many talents to offer. I can juggle and I can make a ping pong ball and gum float in the air. That’s just 2 examples of the many talents I have. Well, until you guys recognize the value I can offer to the company and bring me on board then I will keep buying and scanning my tickets while I contemplate my purpose on this planet (multi-tasking is another talent of mine - I can think and do stuff at the same time even!).

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    Great in app help but....

    So I live in a state that low and behold doesn't have lottery cause it's a "sin" in gods eyes. I got told that I cannot play in another state which is fine at the same time you would think the developers would get ALL states instead of just a select few who can play. All in all very easy to use and the help is amazing the problem here is I will not get to play a free ticket until my state decides to legalize gambling. So all in all I think you should go to the states that don't have any play and go play them instead of all these other states. Just good for thought or make it so that we can play in other states. I played in Colorado while living in Kansas so I know that you can. My friends have done it too living in Utah and playing in Idaho so. Anyway ya good app would use it if I could actually play.

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    Much less than expected

    You can scan your tickets but they don't show up in the app for a long time. You cannot manually enter ticket numbers. Moving around inside the app is clumsy and unorganized. If you have multiple tickets for a single drawing date you should be able to see all numbers together and not need to scroll through multiple windows. The ‘Network Error’ message frequently appears. Worst of all it’s been 1 hour and 20 minutes since the Mega Millions drawing was held and the app doesn’t even display the winning numbers yet or the results from the tickets you scanned in. I ended up getting the winning numbers elsewhere and manually going through my tickets, so this app did not do anything for me at all. I’m deleting the app and going to start looking at others.

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    Seems like a scam & Terrible customer Service

    Downloaded the app, sent to friends to download so I can get the free tickets. First, I was literally right next to my friend as they downloaded and made their profile. When they claimed their ticket, I got a notification saying I got a free ticket cause they joined. I go into the app, no free ticket. I am clicking everything to see how to redeem it, nothing. I click the notification that is in the notification panel in the app, and it just disappears. I go to the cart to buy a ticket, and it's charging me. There's no ticket with my other free ticket. Oh and get this, customer service won't be back until Monday. It's Thursday.... so I closed the app and tried it again. It erased the card info and asked me to put in my bank. SEEMS LIKE A SCAM TO GET YOUR INFORMATION. I'm locking my card. Don't trust this app.

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    Great app for lottery

    I love how I don’t have to go to the store to buy tickets. Being able to just get tickets on my phone is great. Also I like how I can keeping getting random numbers with my quick picks until I see some I like and then buy them. Sometimes getting quick picks at stores I hated because you would get some numbers that were just horrible and in order as if they weren’t really random. Only thing I wish was I was able to play more games in my state with this app like the state lottery games. Either way great app and five stars.

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    Suggestion for app developers

    Please add the option to save our own customized numbers to play for each game . And also the option that would allow the app to automatically purchase your saved customized ticket for each draw that takes place in a month and charge once a month. So for example each month I get charged for the 8 draws that takes place for mega millions in the upcoming month

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    Got screwed by the update

    This app does not offer the option to purchase tickets if you live in Florida, but I did find it useful that you can scan your tickets into the app and it will check the numbers for you. HOWEVER, in the latest update they removed this feature so that they could add more Texas games (at least that’s what support told me via email when I asked). Total FAIL. If I want to manually check my tickets, there are literally dozens of other ways to do that, I don’t need an app. They removed the only feature that made them unique and different from other apps if you live in a state where purchasing tickets is not available. I deleted the app, it’s completely worthless to me now. Unless you live in Texas, don’t bother.

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    Latest update introduced bugs

    Update 3. Completely crashed December 12. Only opens to a white screen. Bad—-// Updated review, the latest update introduced the bugs, it is slow, and crashes sometimes, took me nearly 20 minutes to order tickets for four different lottery games in Texas. Come on guys, when you update an app, you should make sure it works properly before putting it out there. Old review-This app constantly is late posting results, it is now six hours since the last drawers of the Texas Lottery, and it still has yet to post the results. If it has this kind of errors, how do we know that the accuracy is any good, do I now have to go back and check all my old tickets manually because I’m beginning not to trust the accuracy.

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    Crashes too much. Poor design.

    I’ve been using this app since the beginning. I was satisfied but not so much anymore. The app is crashing a lot when I try and scan a ticket. I have many old tickets scanned in and the process of deleting them is laborious and a bit buggy. Overall I feel like the interface is cluttered and poorly designed and confusing. Needs scanning support for Super Lotto in California. Also The design of the app icon makes no sense. It just looks like a big white circle with COM in it. This needs to be completely redesigned the branding just doesn’t come through.

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    So good

    For those who complain that they have to pay a dollar extra than going to the store, I say there’s a high chance you’d be spending that dollar in gas to get to the store. Based on how much you’re buying. Of course if you’re buying a lot the store might be best but the value proposition, like storing tickets, being able to play while you’re on vacation in the Caribbean trumps any fault one can find. These people are not taking a % of your winnings if you do hit the jackpot, there is no ads so they must make something by adding an extra dollar to the ticket. The customer support is also very responsive. Can’t recommend enough

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    Used to be great, but no longer

    First off there used to be no fees. If I bought a ticket in the app it cost the same as buying from the corner store. Now, even though the description still says “No fees!” There is a $1 service fee to buy a ticket. Secondly, the last three tickets I bought at a local store, I then tried to take a picture of and scan in to the app and they just say “processing” forever. They never finish. I used to at least be able to upload a photo of a ticket and the app would track my numbers. So really this app is only any good if you want to pay $1 extra for the convenience of buying from your phone. I do not.

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    Not good anymore! Deceptive Advertising!

    They now charge a fee, but clearly advertise “No Fees”! I was going to be lazy and go ahead and do it anyway. However, I tried to put tickets from two different lotteries in my cart, and it wouldn’t let me. Apparently the dollar fee, for up to 10 tickets, is only good on one game. You can’t put 5 on Mega Millions, and 5 on Power Ball. Kinda glad that happened...Even though it’s only a dollar, they are not getting it! Going to my corner store from now on instead! I know that the developer has replied to other complaints about this...Sorry, but the answer is not sufficient! I have recommended this App to so many people! Not anymore!

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    Setting up payment is a trial

    Only accepts MasterCard debit cards or credit cards and name on card must match exactly how you set up your profile. I go by my middle name but cards all have my first name. When I went back to edit my profile info to match card, I suddenly cannot enter card info into system. I am sure it is some security system but not worth the hassle of trying to figure out how to use the app. I thought it would be better to set it up like TexTag does as that works like a charm until the card expires and rebooting the card every few years is easy to do. I’ll just drive the 5 blocks to the convenience store, thank you.

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    You can buy lottery tickets but....

    This app has crazy glitches. I’ve spoken with their support - who are helpful. When you go to buy tickets you basically have to checkout three times and hope you’re not charged three times. It requires you to login to your bank account every transaction - fair enough. But you have to “Confirm” the purchase, again, three times. Often your ticket shows the same numbers duplicated. If the glitches were ironed out, it would be more user friendly and instill confidence about your purchases.

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    Payment portal keeps changing

    I’ve been using these app for two years and overall I enjoy it. There’s no easier way to buy lottery tickets. There is one exception - they’re always changing the payment portal. It feels like it changes 2-3 times per year. I’m lazy and get annoyed having to re-enter my payment details again and again with each payment portal change. Pretty please, with sugar on top, settle on one payment portal 😊

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Is - Play the Lottery Safe?

Yes. - Play the Lottery is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 16,625 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for - Play the Lottery Is 21.3/100.

Is - Play the Lottery Legit?

Yes. - Play the Lottery is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 16,625 - Play the Lottery User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for - Play the Lottery Is 21.3/100.

Is - Play the Lottery not working? - Play the Lottery works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 2 Comments

By Albert Turner
May 03 2021

I sent in my lottery winnings but didn’t get paid. Can you help me out

By Angela K. Groves
Jan 19 2021

Have a winning ticket but no info on who to contact because it’s over 600.00

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