NuMi Reviews

NuMi Reviews

Published by on 2021-02-10

Research shows that people who track their food, activity and progress lose more
weight than non-trackers. NuMi by Nutrisystem® is the only tracking app made to
support your Nutrisystem® plan. Enhance your plan with the free NuMi app,
that’s now even more personalized for YOUR unique met...

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NuMi Reviews

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    NuMi - Easy to use & flexible

    When you are on the Nutrisystem program, it’s very easy to use their app. The best part is you get free food as prizes just for using it. It also has many different ways to enter the food depending on your preferences. If you are detail oriented like me, you can put in every item exactly. It’s easy to look up non-NS food items. Many name brands can just be scanned in. If you just want to quickly enter general categories, you can do that in a single click. The negative is that when I enter my custom foods, there is a software glitch in letting you determine what one portion is. For example, if I want one portion to be a 1/4 cup, I can choose “cup” or “ounces”, but to specify that “X” calories are 1/4 cup or 2 ounces, doesn’t work. Everything seems to need to be one portion. The same is true when you were looking up food. If you want to find out how many calories in 1 cup of chili, many options come up “one portion”. It doesn’t tell you how many ounces are in one portion. If you saw the review that said you have to pay for a separate shipment to get the prizes or deals, that is incorrect. If you would read the information they provide in the help and many other places, they explain this. Even easier, pick up the phone and asked them to help you. They always do. Their customer service is excellent.

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    Needs More Work...

    The main advantage of this app is for logging my Nutrisystem foods. It’s laid out according to my plan and gives me a good visual of my day. However, it pretty much ends there. The huge drawback of this app is that it’s all about trying to get me to buy more products. Since I do an auto ship program, all of the deals are an extra charge. They cannot be applied to my next auto ship order. Even when I achieve milestones or earn a challenge deal, it means a separate order and shipping charges unless I meet a minimum order amount. It used to be that milestone awards were automatically sent with my next auto ship order. But no more! So I’ll pass on any freebies, because bottom line, they are not free!! The only way that these perks are an advantage is if you don’t do auto ship and only place al a carte orders. I have used another health app for several years that does so much more, and the logged information is about me, not about what more you can sell me. So I’ll stick with that app and only use NuMi to map out my daily food plan and log my weight every week. Another shortcoming of this app is its inability to sync with my Apple Watch. I have to manually enter the exercise data and, even though it will sync steps from my Health app, it only does so if I carry my iPhone around with me all day. I’m sure I’m not the only one to find this cumbersome. Compared to other apps out there, this one really falls short.

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    What happened to the total days logged on the News Feed?

    I like the app for logging my daily food intake. I like that I can scan the barcode on all foods to add them, and a lot of the non-Nutrisystem food shows up in the database. I have only had to manually add a couple items. I have been on Nutrisystem and have used the app daily for over 7 months. When I first started, the bottom of my news feed showed me the total days logged in the app. That seemed to disappear a few weeks back. It was nice to see that total days, because since I log daily, it let me know how long I have been on this diet plan. It was a motivator for me. It has been more than 200 days and I have lost almost 30 pounds. I am losing the weight slower than I expected, but I do allow myself one “cheat day” a week, so that most likely contributes to the slower weight loss. But, I know me. If I don’t allow myself that “cheat day” I would give up on the diet all together. Long story short (I know, too late), I like the app for tracking my food, and like the occasional deal NuMi gives for logging that food, but would love to see them bring back the total days logged.

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    Needs Major Work

    There have been a few updates to the app since my first review but my experience with it has not improved. They make an improvement in one area and then take away a feature of another. It’s incredibly frustrating. The latest feature they took away is the ability to go back and view past month’s entries. You now only have access to view the current month. I wanted to go back and copy a meal I had last week so I wouldn’t have to research for the foods but since what I wanted to view was on July 31 and it’s now August 5th I can’t go back. So irritating. This app is still to labor intensive to use. It has nothing on My Fitness Pal. It still doesn't remember foods the way MFP does and foods the system still say 1 serving. Well, what's the definition of a serving bc that can depend on the original user that input it and may be more or less that what I see on a package for a serving. If makes for inaccurate entires when there is no unit of measurement. Garmin also still isn’t in the system as a recognized fitness tracker. Developers needs to take a serious look at other fitness tracking apps as it would show just how bad and hard to use this app is. It may have a new look but it’s not any better as far as functionality.

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    Won't work, support email doesn’t help

    Edit: Contrary to my concern, Nutrisystem didn’t keep me on hold long at all. However, the diet counselor was not really prepared for my technical problem with the app (a diet counselor, not a tech), so I very much appreciate Nutrisystem reaching out to me here. Thank you — I'll be emailing for sure. :-) ——— Previous comment: The app had its issues but I was still using it. Then, I had to wipe and restore my iPad. Now Numi won’t even open ... shows me the loading icon forever. I have tried deleting it and reinstalling it and all that, but it didn’t help. I also tried emailing Nutrisystem for support, and they eventually, days later, wrote back to say they were too busy to answer and that I should call them on the phone. But it is apparent from comments on their site that I will probably spend an hour or more on hold, so I haven’t gotten around to it and use the website instead. But that means I won’t be eligible for some promotions, including freebies and challenges that would be inspiring, so I am very annoyed, and not looking forward to sitting around on the phone waiting for support.

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    So labor intensive

    The app uses measurements that are not user friendly. For example: chocolate chip cookies made with butter serving size is ounces ... who has a scale to measure a cookie? If you look at other sites for same category and number of calories it equals 2 cookies not one... but one can’t determine this without going outside the app. They use milliliters when it would be normal to use ounces (at least in America). In order to record something it is minimally 2 step process... which could be so much more user friendly in so many ways. Called nutrisystem about a variety of issues like the ones above... they made all kinds of excuses and after a half an hour of talking, they admitted they have “lots of complaints about such things and they had no idea why it hasn’t been changed”. Apparently, the complaints have been around for awhile and no changes have been made. The only reason I keep using it is the Rio doc free food reward. Once I hit goal weight, I’ll be changing apps because the only “easy” entries are the nutrisystem foods. NuMi is the worst part of the diet!

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    Decent App but...

    NuMi app is great for logging food but it is annoying with all the push for sales on me. I too find it annoying that my Apple Watch won’t sync with the app for Gomes’s tracking. Adding challenge rewards is also annoying as the process is not that easy and the directions are not exact with recent upgrades. I have to call in to get my rewards added to my next shipment. Although I enjoy my conversations with the Nutrisystem team it would be much better if challenge rewards were automatically added to the next shipment. Guess it’s another way for them to save money if you don’t claim your reward in a timely fashion you will lose it. Program is great and the scale is moving in the right direction but the NuMi app can use some work. Cheers and best of luck on your lifestyle change and better health.

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    HELP in the wee hours NO matter when nor where👍

    I’ve struggled with the yo-yo syndrome for years! I feel in control of what I put in my mouth most days without the constant confusion and anxiety that comes with “do I eat that or NOT and then feel disappointed with ME afterwards!” The NuMi App has helped me literally standing in a shopping line to “ get my motivation back in gear & motor forward toward my weight loss goal!” I love the fact I can go back six, eight, ten months ago and see WHERE IVE COME FROM👍👍👍! NutriSystem has helped me to gain a A+++ wellness checkup at the doctor now the last two checkups! NutriSystem has helped me to regain the feeling of “ I truly like ME more today than this time a year ago!” I’m within 1.4 lbs of my goal and Praising God Above for NutriSystem and the program!! Get WITH IT! DO IT!!! You’ll look back and be glad you did!! Pat

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    NuMi disappointing

    It does let me log Nutrisystem food. But Database of other foods is small. Usually have to create food and plug in all nutrition info. There are better apps with better data bases I do not like the exercise logging feature. It does not allow me to put in my actual information from my Fitbit manually( don’t want to connect Fitbit to numi app). No matter what I try to log, it does it’s own calculation. So I stopped logging exercise. As far as eating out. It is too difficult to try to figure out what to put into app, all a big estimate. Yes I am on a diet. BUT once a year my husband and I enjoy 1 buttered lobster roll each on our anniversary. Really, just what is that considered? A combo of what? .... Other? Pure fat, Power Fuel? Extra? Could not figure that out and didn’t log it. I tried finding a recipe and attempting to covert it somehow but that is not easy to dissect the components and translate to nutrisystem categories. NuMi app is great for nutrisystem food & “nutrisystem world” but not the flex meals and “real world”.

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    The Perfect Companion when following NS!

    I really love this app and I contribute a lot of my success so far to all of the nice features that NuMi offers. Very user friendly, allows you to enter NS foods by either scanning or searching. The database of custom foods are good and getting better as more users enter custom food. TIP: Always double check selections for custom items. As with all food tracking apps, there is always a possibility of choosing inaccurate items. LOVE the free challenge prizes, badges, and milestone alerts. Very fun and motivating. I would love to see an added feature that calculates average loss per week to help folks see that they are still on track, even when the scale isn’t dropping. Great job on this one. I think NuMi is an absolute must have for anyone looking for the best results while following Nutrisystem!

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    Good but lacking

    I like the ability to track my food and water intake as well as having my exercise tracked in addition to being able to have my own. However, the low quantity of food that this app has available to log is frustrating. I get that it is for nutrisystem users, but when the app is unable to find a nutrisystem food when scanned it seems a little limited. MyFitnessPal can do everything NuMi does with availability to a much larger assortment of food to log. The only advantage of NuMi over MyFitnessPal is the recipe tips that can be incorporated into the Plan food. Even the “specials” and “sales” and “contest wins” are frustrating because, despite printing and following the directions to the letter, I still can’t take advantage of them without having a separate shipment and paying shipping fees. It’s decent and a good place to start when beginning the program, but there are other apps that are better.

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    Needs work!

    I started using this app when I started the Nutrisystem plan 4 weeks ago. First of all, I have nothing negative to say about Nutrisystem itself - I love the plan and lost the 20 pounds I set as my goal in just 4 weeks. This app however, does not do all they want you to think it does. For instance and my biggest gripe is that in spite of the fact they claim the app syncs with the Apple Health App, the truth is it barely syncs and NEVER mirrors the activity logged in the Apple App by a long shot. I always have at least 13k steps per day and this app only picks up the first 4K steps. It’s almost as if it syncs one time per day and that time is always very early. Furthermore, there is not even an option to sync with Apple Watch - only Fitbit. My guess is the App developer(s) have a Fitbit and think that everyone else in the world has one too. This is the main reason for 3 stars since activity is a huge part of losing and maintaining weight.

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    Can No Longer Get to App Because of Privacy Settings

    I used to like the app; my water bottle lbs lost bands, as I carry it everywhere, both made me feel proud and inspire reminded me to track my food, weight, check in on different programs, etc. I’ve lost a lot and like the program very much. However now, like Facebook and Messenger a few weeks ago, the latest updates are not allowing me to use the app on a mobile device if I have “any content or privacy restrictions.” With all of the security concerns, the settings I have are not over-reaching and all except for FB and now this, which I always only used while on the go, are suddenly wiping the visual icon from my phone while asking me to update it each new version still in the App Store? I can limit my FB to other devices but it makes it almost useless if I cannot use the NuMi app while I am still on the go and track what I am doing, eating, etc. besides that, was a good app so please fix that soon. Thanks.

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    Easy and convenient to track your food

    I find that this way of using the app on the phone is easier to track . It’s convenient and fast and much better than using paper or a food journal . I always have my phone on me so after I eat I just log in the food calories it’s that easy . Definitely helps you keep track but this numi app does need to add a bit more food products on to it . That’s the only thing that I feel they should update the foods and brands definitely add more brand foods and others to make it even easier. Especially the scan which I love because it’s fast so please add more . I would recommend this app for people who work have kids or just on the go .

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    Good not great but has the potential to be!

    Definitely a must need app no matter what! Keeping track is critical, this is not about writing yourself an actual written note for reminders, that’s different, while NS sends booklet and leaflet to keep track doing it in the app is so much easier and motivating. I actually dreaded having yet another app and was using one of lists NS sent at first but then to get free gift I downloaded NuMi and realized I’m already on my phone a lot of times so why am I stopping to go write something when don’t have to. App allows me to link to change my food items or delivery if I need to and through exploring was actually motivating. Only not 5 stars becuz getting around I noticed things could be accessed easier, some buttons don’t need to be there and I just believe they can simplify journal. Other than that good luck out there

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Is NuMi Safe?

Yes. NuMi is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 81,130 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for NuMi Is 44.6/100.

Is NuMi Legit?

Yes. NuMi is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 81,130 NuMi User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for NuMi Is 44.6/100.

Is NuMi not working?

NuMi works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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