Virgin Pulse Reviews

Virgin Pulse Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-23

The free Virgin Pulse app lets you access your company’s wellbeing program.
Get all the core features at your fingertips for on-the-go healthy
living: • Track your steps, active minutes, calories burned, and
sleep • Track your program rewards and progress to the next milestone • Sync

Table of Contents:
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2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
4. App not working?
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Virgin Pulse Reviews

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    Last few updates have impaired not improved

    I’ve used this app faithfully every day for several years... When you are self disciplined to live the lifestyle you can obviously incorporate updating an app to track your dedication... Updating your VP cards and Healthy Habits just becomes part of the process... however when the app shows them already completed one tends to initially move on and think to yourself oh, I must have completed that and forgotten I did it... only to find a few days later that tracking shows you missing several days which is very annoying because once those days are skipped there’s no way to make up the ‘card’ points!! Becoming more aware of this occurring, I’ve opened and closed the app 3-4 times before it registers the current day is in fact still requiring completion.. I’m sure everyone can agree in today’s overly busy society no one has time or patience for dealing with this type of glitch long term.. we are conditioned nowadays when things don’t function properly to fix it or replace it... I lost interest in logging into Facebook and that app enables us to connect to the most important people in our lives... so, if that factor alone couldn’t inspire me to overlook all the drawbacks to FB, I’m not too confident I’ll sustain interest in using this intermittently functioning app to track the daily routine of my already established dedication to living a healthy lifestyle.

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    Ok but there are issues

    Overall does an okay job of very basic self-tracking behavior and (for me) was easy to get in the habit of entering info every day. It is limited in capability and lacks much in the way of functionality. Where it really falls short is tracking steps. I have a MaxBuzz wrist device. The app does not accurately counts steps - and sometimes just stops recording. I have noticed this in several different scenarios but especially when flying. I travel a lot for work and noticed the app gets locked up when I get off the plane. I recently got off the plane on concourse B in Atlanta and walked to baggage claim. That should have been at least 1000+ steps. Instead, it recorded zero steps. I tried turning the phone off/on but the app refused to update. This happens too often and is very frustrating. Maybe it can’t handle the phone being put into airplane mode. The app also doesn’t recognize my time zone no matter how many times I enter it in the profile; it always shows the last sync time 6 hours ahead - as in UK time. I am at home today and logged my stats first thing this morning and checked my steps through out the day but the app says last synced yesterday. This app could be so much better if they would put some effort in the development.

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    Pray that your company doesn’t adopt

    Do you get kickbacks for the more apps and devices this requires your users to engage? Truly ridiculous. If you are truly a busy professional, pray your company doesn’t adopt this as part of your health care benefits package. You must use external apps to build points and the program forces you to use separate apps to track different things and you get to duplicate your entries. If you already use apps, well lucky you - yiu now get the tedious benefit of entering your work outs and food twice. I have entered workout data in pulse itself, and into myfitnesspal which is required for your food entry. My insurance gives me a different app for food diary and it isn’t listed. Nope neither work for tracking toward necessary points. You must use Garmin or strava. Or you can sacrifice the benefit your company gives you. Developers- please integrate the option for us to select which device or app feeds our workouts, food, calories etc. your integration of stacking numbers from all really makes it impossible for us to get any true numbers that help. We have to go back to the apps feeding this to make any sense - in which case you are just wasting our time and getting in the way of our work.

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    Need sync with MyNetDiary

    UPDATE: I received multiple emails stating that VirginPulse wanted to investigate this further and I should contact support... which I did (04/27 @ 9:23am cst - in case support wants to find my call and listen to the recording)... WHAT A FREAKING NIGHTMARE!!! The support tech basically told me it was a automatic letter and there was nothing he could assist with - I realize he’s probably not the app support team, but he could have at least put me in contact with the proper person/team. He and I went round and round until finally I was so frustrated I said “I’m done” and hung up on him. If this rating wasn’t directly related to the app, I would drop my rating to 1, because their customer service was pitiful! Not everyone in the world uses MyFitnessPal as their nutrition/activity tracker. I, and many others, use MyNetDiary. Within my organization, we get health points and ultimately a health bonus ($) for tracking this information. I do not like MFP, and because I don’t use it, I am penalized for it. PLEASE ADD SYNCING WITH MYNETDIARY! Thank you. Once this sync option is added, I will change my rating to 5 stars.

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    Not User Friendly

    I’m pretty good at figuring out apps, computer programs, and other types of technology. The amount of time it take to go through this full app is ridiculous. The list of “achievements” are extensive and do not tell you when you’ve completed one or the other leaving the user guessing. Selecting items to read details may result in the completion of the item. Is there any reset for “journeys”. Somethings can only be completed by extensive circumstances, for example, I might talk to the same 3 people a day. How is that going to allow for creating a large group. Information is not always found in the area needed, for example: “One journey should be fully completed in each quarter to gain the points”. Started all my journeys before finding this, looks like I missed out on the remaining year. It would have been nice to have this information on the screen with journeys. There no explanation as to how we can track 30 mins of exercise. This is a highly stressful app to try and keep up with; I I lose my incentive on benefits if I quit this app. So looks like I’ll just figure things out or hopefully reach a bench mark.

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    1 star is too much

    I, like many others, have been forced to use this app on my cellular device or by logging in on a desktop version due to our company healthcare policies. Well this used to work almost seamlessly it seemed, for the past year so it’s been absolutely crap tastic! I will go in and mark my daily cards, as well as mark my activities, and the next thing you know when I look at the app the next day, it shows I did not mark anything for the day before. I’m lucky in that I can add my weight in, but because I don’t subscribe to the my fitness app, or any other tracking device that can track me wherever I go, any workouts I do are not recorded. Losing my 40 points that I get on a daily basis for doing my cards is ridiculous (you can’t recover them), telling me to go to the chat option is ridiculous because I’m usually using my phone most often during the day. When you say that bugs have been fixed, why aren’t they actually fixed? ***update***again, an update broke the app. What in the actual hell are you “fixing”??? I’m losing points, again, because the app isn’t recording my daily cards!

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    iOS Badge # isn’t right until you open the app

    Bottom line: I really like this app. I find it to be an extremely convenient way to participate in virgin pulse. I like that I can easily complete daily cards and healthy habits, track my iPhone steps, get access to challenges, track my stats, and remain aware of opportunities my company is posting. In fact I find it so convenient, it has a place on my home screen. HOWEVER for such a handy app, I have a major complaint. The iOS badges feature that shows you the number of uncompleted daily cards and healthy habits refreshes after opening the app but is only accurate until midnight—not increasing to reflect new available cards the following day, and it’s been this way for the last three years I’ve used the app. It doesn’t seem to be my phone either as I’ve tried to uninstall and reinstall the app several times, and hav gone through phone upgrade cycles too. The whole point of the badges feature is to help remind you when you have something that needs your attention. When I complete all cards and healthy habits, the app will clear the badge count, but since the app doesn’t refresh the count the next day, I get no reminder the next day and then forget to complete the cards. And once that day’s cards are missed, I’ve lost the opportunity and can’t get those points a later day. So my only request for Virgin Pulse to improve the app is to fix this problem. If it got fixed I’d be happy to change this review to a 5!

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    Love it, love it, love it.

    I started using the virgin pulse app over a year and a half ago. It is by far the best thing I could have done. Once I ordered my first activity tracker I wasn’t sure what to expect. After the first month I noticed that I would constantly check it and see how I was doing throughout the day. When you check your tracker you are more aware of what you have done and what you have to do yet. I love the designs they have and I absolutely love the max buzz tracker. I actually showed it to one of my co workers and he ordered one the next day. I love the fact that my max buzz lets me know when I hit my goal for the day. It actually keeps my mind more focused and on task. I would highly recommend the Virgin Pulse app and all of their devises. I will never go back.

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    Latest update causing step reporting bugs

    iOS user here. Generally, the app is decent. The lack of a mobile version for the Programs page is exceedingly frustrating, as the pop-up for any trophies you’ve earned can’t be closed because you can’t move the page to reach the “X”. Logging into the website via safari resolves this issue as you can zoom out and close it, but then why use the app at all? The biggest issue however is the fact that I generally take anywhere between 9,000 and 14,000 a day, and yet for the past three days it has not updated my steps in my points statement. Looking back through the month, there are at least 7 other days where they haven’t been reported on my points page. They show up in my stats, but I do not receive the points for them. I have a Fitbit Charge 2, and have disabled phone statistic recording in lieu of the more accurate Fitbit. I did not have this issue prior to the latest update. I’m missing out on at least 1,000 points from this (and that’s just from this month)... obviously this is extremely frustrating. This is also the case (although far less frequently) with my sleep recording. The number of hours slept is also different by an hour or two, usually stating that I slept longer (I wish!). Will the points be retroactively applied to my account when this issue is resolved?

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    Data and reward errors.

    I have contacted VP previously about data errors and they did not email me back a personal response- just articles that did not address my problem. So, last week when I discovered my colleagues were getting up to ten times the reward I was receiving for earning the same number of points I went to my work’s benefits officer. She contacted VP and got the ribbon at the top of the points page updated so the described reward listed there is the same one offered to other participants in the program. But my earned reward listed below that is still 30 dollars when it should be 75 for the points I have received according to the count on the ribbon. And now my 15,000 boot has disappeared my trophies also. I should also note that my VP app has paid out this way the entire time. On my highest performing quarters I earned points for 275 dollars and instead I got 40. I’ve been doing the program for about a year. I hope this can be straightened out.

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    So far...torture

    Virgin Pulse is my new nemesis. Spent the day realizing I have to use this app (or the even more horrible web site) pretty much every working day for the foreseeable future or I will have the privilege of paying more for my health insurance. I realized I really had to figure this all tears trying to sort it out. I had to call the help line twice today they admitted the website was terrible and I should only use the app. The app is horrible too. Can’t for the life of me figure out how to enter my hip and waist measurements. The kicker is that I am already doing a weight loss program that Virgin Pulse referred me to (Omada) so I am already entering all my food and steps into another app. Now I find out the two apps don’t communicate so I get to enter everything twice. Oh and I bought the wrong fitness tracker so get to enter all steps manually! Oh and Virgin Pulse does not let you track calories directly so you have to download another app-that costs money and/or is full of ads- for that. Have fun!!

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    Easy App, Great Integration

    App is extremely easy to use and integrates with multiple devices and apps (FitBits, My Fitness Pal, Weight Watchers, iPhone Health app) at various times. It has notifications and alerts to remind you to “do your daily cards,” and if you somehow miss a day, you can still get points retroactively for steps, activity, food intake, sleep, and healthy habits - just not cards. That being said, I generally track steps, minutes of activity, sleep, habits, and the cards in less than 5 minutes per day and get well over twice the required points for my employer’s health plan without really trying at all. 5/5 Would recommend.

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    Please add new stress reducers and other healthy choices

    Hello! This app is user friendly enough but please include a Contact Us button in the app settings menu perhaps that leads to an email generator or embedded comment box, so suggestions can be made to the limited set of options for living a healthy lifestyle. My favorites that aren’t found in the app yet include gardening, essential oils, vitamins including DHA, and making healthy food choices at home and out such as fish versus red meat, poultry, salads, oil and vinegar versus creamy dressings or sauces, low sodium, grilled not fried, and skipping the sodas and dessert. Maybe also brushing teeth one extra time per day than usual, flossing several times a week, and going to the dentist annually - because dental health affects stroke and heart health, improves confidence and relationships, etc. Thanks for considering some or all of these, especially the gardening and essential oils!

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    Every up date they brake something else

    They finally fixed it so you can look back but the stupid auto scroll is crap. While trying to do the health survey it auto moves to the next question, even when you haven't entered an answer, if you hit the question mark. And it wouldn't let you go back. You can scroll back up but it auto scrolls back down before you can answer the question. Also the smoking question is a double negative with an "or" condition. I thought I answered correctly as never having smoked but when I got the health result it gave a red dot (fail indicator) on smoking. If this is accurate I failed smoking for having never smoked in my life. Please explain how never smoking is failing. Are you saying it would be more healthy if I started smoking? Should I run out to the store now and buy a pack of cigarettes? How many do I need to smoke to pass your test? One pack? Or do I need to smoke regularly? Every day? This app is crap.

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    Doesn’t synch correctly

    I’ve been using this app for months. With the most recent updates, something has gone wrong. It doesn’t synch to my Fitbit or to my fitness pal app as it should. I pull it down to synch and nothing gets updated. The only way I can get the 2 apps to synch correctly is to disconnect them. That is a hassle and complete waste of time. Tonight I couldn’t even get the app to open correctly so I had to delete it. I reported the syncing issue via the web last week and received a generic “we’re working on it” email. It’s been a week now and the issue still exists. I’m ready to delete this app and stop using it all together because you can’t seem to get things right. What happened to quality assurance testing software updates before they are released? Frustrated beyond belief.

A better way to Contact apps

You can now contact Virgin Pulse customer service directly
via Email using our new site -

Contact Virgin Pulse directly

Is Virgin Pulse Safe?

Yes. Virgin Pulse is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 157,814 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Virgin Pulse Is 38.1/100.

Is Virgin Pulse Legit?

Yes. Virgin Pulse is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 157,814 Virgin Pulse User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Virgin Pulse Is 38.1/100.

Is Virgin Pulse not working?

Virgin Pulse works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  4. If you are a Virgin Pulse customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Virgin Pulse.

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