GoodReader PDF Editor & Viewer Reviews

GoodReader PDF Editor & Viewer Reviews

Published by on 2021-09-12

First released in 2009, GoodReader® is truly a veteran of the App Store. In
the modern app business, it's not easy to stay relevant that long. We're proud
to say that after 12 years and counting, we've been delivering wonderful updates
with extraordinary new features. And we're going to...

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GoodReader PDF Editor & Viewer Reviews

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    Wonderful App, but a little fix needed...

    Its been part of my everyday reading and studying since my first iPad back in 2011. The new version (5) is outstanding specially since finally we are able to sync multiple iOS devices via iCloud. Well done!!! Yet there is a minor issue, that affects regular use of the app, specially in the annotation process. If you are working on a document on the iCloud File, and you are using any of the annotation tools, you will find that you can’t change tools by simply clicking the Tool Menu Bar on the top of the screen. This still can be done in documents not in the iCloud File, but for some reason, with these documents it kind of crashes, and it make you go to the main menu in search of the Annotation Tool’s menu bar on the right side of the screen. Currently Im using two iPad pros (not the last generation, the one before), with apple pencil first generation. It does not ruin the app, but it definitely make it less efficient. Hope to see an upgrade soon addressing this matter. Other than that, great work people, you have produced an outstanding APP !!!

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    Love the new Good Reader!

    I have used GoodReader since 2010. I downloaded the new update a week ago. I was very nervous about it, because I don’t like major changes in the products I use. But the new (basic) GoodReader is great! I only use a tiny fraction of its capabilities, but am very happy with what I’ve seen so far. Specifically, it used to be that if I was reading a large text file (say, an 800-page book), and needed to mark a problem, if I didn’t put in a bookmark first, I was unable to return to the same point in the document once I had saved my editorial comment. This is no longer the case—hurray! I edit the text, click “Save and close,” and am immediately taken right back to where I made the note. Another feature that I love is being able to email the files, without having to use The Cloud or Dropbox. What a wonderful addition to the app—it makes my job so much easier! I can only imagine the additional capabilities that exist within the professional package. I don’t need those, so am thrilled that users are given the option of purchasing the package or not.

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    Long-time user very happy with v5

    I've had GoodReader since version 3, and it's my favorite productivity app on the iPad. It's fantastic for annotating docs. I just installed v5. It's great, seems better organized and easier to work with than v4. Lots of new features that I haven't tried yet. Only complaint so far is that I wish I could change the color scheme. Some happiness for me so far: 1. Synching (“Connect” window) is MUCH improved, much cleaner. 2. The OneDrive synching problem has been fixed. 3. The new split-screen option is great - it allows you to view two docs (or two separate sections of the same doc) side-by-side. That option's iPad-only, I think, and part of the pro pack, which was a pretty good deal for me ($4.99 covered pro pack on all three mobile devices I have). 4. I like the thumbnail page images for navigation within a doc. 5. Apple pencil double-click toggles eraser (as it should). All in all, nicely done. Also, tech support has been super helpful, very responsive when I’ve had Qs.

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    A good tool, but from a bygone era of apps

    I've loved and used GoodReader for many years now. It has long served as an excellent PDF reference and markup tool with the capability to work with numerous other file types as well. While unorthodox and somewhat confusing, its nonstandard menu system was innovative and powerful for its time. Add to that the ability to (slowly) sync with Dropbox and it was as close to a perfect reference/annotation tool as one could hope for in the early days of iOS. Now, in September 2018, many of those UI complexities have been solved by Apple and other developers, and new, faster, truly-cloud-syncing apps (like Readdle's excellent Documents and PDFExpert apps) have long surpassed GoodReader in both form and function. Meanwhile, GoodReader remains largely unchanged in its design, and its developers are years late in their release of the long-promised version 5. Sadly, even though I have held out hope and delayed as long as possible, I think the era of GoodReader in my life is ending. Having purchased the latest high-performance, all-wheel-drive, extended-cab truck of such apps, it's time to put the trusty old GoodReader station wagon in the shed. So long, GoodReader. It's been a good run.

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    Worst experience, wanted to share !

    It is the worst after the upgrade to goodreader 4. I had to pay for this new version. Worst experience with their customer service. Would not reply to my email (only help you can get is via email, they said) or even won’t care about you even after sending multiple emails if the issue was not resolved). Instructions to transfer files form good reader to computer we’re terrible and I had to figure myself out how to retrieve them because their instructions were too terrible to follow and would not work... I put the files in iCloud icon to be safe but then realized that the Speed to open theses files and search something is slow like a tortoise (takes for ever!!). I could not move them back out from the iCloud for whatever reason (why is it so complicated?). I am so mad that I paid for the updated version of this app. This company may update this app in 5 years down the road and would ask customers to re-pay for their hard work for the updated version! Please suggest a better app. I really loved it before all this. My experience with the customer service and trying to deal with the problem myself for hours and days made this app my least favorite! Don’t recommend to a friend, please save the headache

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    Great app, has a lot of potential

    I’ve used GoodReader to annotate and read my textbooks and PDF for school for a few months now. I’ve really enjoyed the experience of READING pdf’s in this app. However, it has a few setbacks. I write on almost every pdf I read with the Apple Pencil. For an app as good as GoodReader, you would expect it to have palm rejection and easily accessible/modifiable controls for writing. It does not. I find myself incredibly frustrated when my palm makes marks on the pdf after I’ve written with the pencil and have to go back and erase all those small random doodles. Nowadays many apps come integrated with Apple Pencil vs finger discrimination, which is incredibly helpful when writing on a pdf during class and trying to keep up with the professor. Additionally, when dealing with syncing a drive with GoodReader, it would often create an error in GoodReader if I modified or moved a file in my computer. GoodReader has, in my opinion, the most potential out of all the pdf-annotating apps in the App Store. It is truly a great application and handles pdf’s beautifully. It just needs some refining and a few additional features.

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    #_1_GoTo App for "Everything"

    I've been a user of the GoodReader App for over 6 years. It's the greatest toolkit for anything you want to do: create your portable Library of Professional &/or Personal Books, documents of ALL formats - I have 100's of books, journals, articles, for professional reference, as well as, personal favorites, such as, the Best Poetry Collection, NanoMedicine, etc. This App will handle huge PDF files like No Other App out there. I'm talking about a single PDF greater than 1_G. It handles pictures, audio, video, anything else you can think of. Best of all, GoodReader makes a USB applet for your big Computer (multiple OS versions) so you can manage your GoodReader content directly, avoiding the massive headache that is called iTunes. Best App I ever bought, & they keep making it better! -----Updated: 19 June 2018------ Still unparalleled in its Robust handling of huge documents/PDFs, plus Now -- pretty much any, visual, etc. Just doesn't get better than this. 10-Stars!

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    One of the few...

    of the many hundreds if not thousands of iOS apps I have paid for, in terms of time, money, and typically both, that I actually use on a regular basis. The main reasons for this are stability, existence and adequacy of documentation, the absence of a requirement to create a superfluous online account with the vendor, infrequency of paid updates and online purchases, and most importantly, simple usefulness. It is unfortunate that the vast majority of mobile applications available from Apple’s store satisfy mostly the opposite of these criteria: they are unstable, undocumented or poorly so or in a foreign language, require the user to create a “cloud” or other type of account with the vendor, simply to work with desktop documents, often as a way of extracting additional passive income while undermining user’s privacy, proliferate paid updates and online purchases, and in many cases are designed as toys for children. I applaud the producers of GoodReader for such a statistically improbable achievement!

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    What would make GoodReader 5 Be rated a 5

    Filing system excellent. Annotating, to many steps for different colors but still great. Read PDF’s very good. This is a well managed App and it has served me well for many years. My only suggestion to help make my experience better is for stability issues. I have two. When I am translating languages l am often switching Apps. I would like to lock the font size on an article so when I switch Apps the font does not return to the default size, until I return it to default size when I am done with my project. This could just be a lock icon at the bottom of the page with the other icons. The second subject is this. When a page is bigger then the iPad screen, as I scroll up or down the page it often jumps to the next page. Is there any way to decrease the sensitivity of the gesture so it stays on the page as you scroll up and down?. These matters are admittedly minor things to mention but that’s because you product is so excellent. Looking forward to what’s in store, thank you

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    Great App. I use it daily

    I bought the first version when it came out. I was glad to buy the update. The file system provides functionality that I need. I keep pdfs, jpgs, and even docx documents in it. I keep forms I regularly use. I keep a lot of graphics on my iPads and GoodReader is the best tool for organizing them. The ability to annotate pdfs is crucial since I can keep the original and the annotated version. I can see things I could do with it but just haven't put them in my work flow yet. So far it works the way I want it to work on my iPad Pro including using the Apple Pencil. I purchased the Pro version and it works well. I thought the iOS Files app would reduce my need for GoodReader but it has not. There are quirks to Files that make it less useful for me. For one thing I want my primary storage to always be on my iPads. I often work in locations with no wifi access so local storage is essential. Backup to iCloud works the way I want it to.

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    Best PDF reader (and SO much more!!!)

    Best PDF reader!!, also great as a secure photo/video viewer, music player, browser, and file downloader. Useful for file sharing, has integrated iCloud folder and sub folders which you can export to from others apps. Integrates Touch ID/Face ID to unlock, selectable for the entire app, the browser, or individual folders (or any combination). So many great features!!! I’m not even going to go into detail on the fantastic pdf viewing/editing/annotating features, and they are stellar. *Feature request: please make it possible to loop videos (overall, and A-B repeat), auto play the next video, and shuffle a playlist of videos. I’d pay for the app again if a new version had these features. **Also: the app is really slow to initially open on the iPhone XS Max. It is way slower than my previous iPhone was (but this may be due to iOS 12?).

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    Needs a more streamlined highlighting experience

    Two main suggestions: 1. Highlighting. I commonly use different highlighter colors to signify different things, thus am switching colors frequently. The way it works with the current version, changing colors causes everything I just highlighted prior to saving to change to that new color. Thus my options are to save, reopen highlighter tool, change color, highlight, then save again. The alternative is to save and then go back and click on which sections I want to be a different color, which can be hard to keep track of when highlighting a lot. Basically I'm asking that when highlighting we can change the color without having to close the tool or change all the previous highlights. 2. Syncing. Please have the app sync smallest files first. I have a few large documents that don't need to be synced as frequently but get in the way of adding new small documents that I need more immediately. Great app overall though!

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    Longtime user, now PO'd

    When my iPad told me that Goodreader was no longer supported, I went to the App Store and found I had to pay $5 to continue using an app I've used (and given positive reviews to) since 2010. I debated switching to Documents, but decided to stick with Goodreader because I was familiar with the interface and the Migration Assistant promised to help get my old Goodreader files back. Except it wouldn't, because the old app “wouldn't open for some reason”. No kidding, that’s what the error message said. Useless. And there’s nothing in the Troubleshooting or Help to address this catastrophic failure. So my old annotated PDFs appear to be lost forever. The file manager interface is a lot more complicated than it used to be. You can't just open and view a file on Dropbox, you have to either download or sync it—added steps with little apparent value to me. I’m sure it adds a lot of capabilities that I will never use, but it’s less convenient and less intuitive to keep doing what I've always done (and wanted to continue doing). All in a ll, a huge disappointment.

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    Good update, still evaluating

    Goodreader was one of the first apps I ever purchased for my first gen iPad. For a long time, it was my go-to app for PDFs and document management. Then it fell behind the development curve and I switched to PDF Expert. When Goodreader 5 came out, I decided to give it another chance and paid for the pro features. Based on a few days’ usage, it compares favorably to PDF Expert. I’m not sure yet whether I will switch back to Goodreader as my primary PDF app, but for now I will continue to use it. I have one suggestion for the developers. I am an attorney. I use PDF Expert to redact documents for production. Being able to use the Apple Pencil to highlight areas for redaction is so much easier than using a desktop app. My only complaint with PDF Expert is that redaction areas had to be rectangular. That is fine for text that is in straight lines, but not for skewed documents or some handwriting or pictures. Goodreader overcomes that limitation by allowing the freehand drawing tool to be used for redactions. I just set the line width to 5 or 9 pt and use it like a marker. However, there are times - a lot of them - when I want to redact a rectangular re is the highlight tool, but that only works if there is text (and not just an image of text). So my request - please add a fill option to the rectangle tool. Goodreader allows you to draw rectangles, but as far as I can tell they can’t be filled.

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    Good update, GUI woes on ipad

    1st, It’s a great update and very welcomed! All previously used features (protected folders, file management, video downloads, etc) are here and working. No data was lost on the update. Bravo! A few issues on ipad: The most used file management icons are now bottom left. If you hold your device in the left hand and use your right hand for tapping, you have to stretch across the screen to hit buttons. The bottom menu feels cluttered with redundant icons that I wish we could customize or remove (I’m really missing the fantastic collapsible side menu we previously had.) Thumbnail view is crowded due to the 3 circles on the side of every icon and the black arrows on long filenames. A 1 time tutorial could show users the hotkey spot and the circles removed (or an option given to hide them). Vertical spacing of thumbnails is also tight, just enough to feel cramped. In landscape mode long filenames run into each other like one long word. Long filenames need reduced by more characters, and those black arrows replaced/removed when not scrolling to give better space between elements. Animated gif’s need a repeat option. Lastly, I love me some encryption, srsly! The pro-options for encrypted/password protected zips for xferring and sharing files are an awesome addition :) Overall, a very good update with just a few minor interface issues that I’m sure will get worked out.

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Is GoodReader PDF Editor & Viewer Safe?

Yes. GoodReader PDF Editor & Viewer is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 13,440 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for GoodReader PDF Editor & Viewer Is 38.9/100.

Is GoodReader PDF Editor & Viewer Legit?

Yes. GoodReader PDF Editor & Viewer is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 13,440 GoodReader PDF Editor & Viewer User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for GoodReader PDF Editor & Viewer Is 38.9/100.

Is GoodReader PDF Editor & Viewer not working?

GoodReader PDF Editor & Viewer works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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