94 Degrees Reviews

94 Degrees Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-29

"You’re cold, you’re getting warmer, you’re burning up…” Does that
bring back memories? Dive into this totally addictive game and have fun while
testing your general knowledge! Following the success of 94s and 94% with
almost 30 million downloads, check out the third game from SCIMOB...

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94 Degrees Reviews

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    A fun way to kill time

    I got this game a couple weeks ago an I’ve just finished. I played it whenever I had down time at school or work. Unlike some other games where you run out of lives very quickly, the amount of pins given for free is more than reasonable. You also have the opportunity to get more if you watch a short ad. The challenges get increasingly harder, which is also good. The compass and dice hints are nice additions, though I personally only tried each one time just to see what they’re like. I would definitely recommend if you like trivia games and are looking for something to play in your spare moments throughout the day.

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    Needs work

    It’s a pretty fun game that tests your knowledge visually, but it could be better. The issues I’ve come across so far are issues that I’m surprised are even there. For example, on the iOS version, once you get into the triple digit levels (which can happen fairly quickly because the beginning is very easy), the name of the object or idea you’re looking for gets cut off. E.g. “Lvl 121: Squ...” for “square.” Some of them you can figure out, but there are a few that I am absolutely not able to tell what they say. Another issue is the decimal places and commas in numbers. They’re switched, like in some places in Europe. E.g. “2,56” for 2.56. Now, that’s fine for people from other countries used to that, but the language I actually selected and would like to play the game in is USA English, because that’s what I understand and am used to. It doesn’t change the actual language, only the decimals in numbers. It gets confusing, and since you have a limited amount of guesses, I would like to get as many right as possible the first time. I feel as if these issues should not exist and should be easy to fix, and would make me feel better about playing the game.

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    Interesting idea but could be better

    First of all, most of the questions are way too easy, except for a couple which I will mention later. Good for children, maybe, but not adults. And even if you have the paid version, you still can run out of pins and have to wait or buy more. The unpaid version is completely unbearable with the ads. Also, the cow and pig divisions do not seem to correspond to any pictures I've found online. I just have to keep guessing. And trying to find a city on a map with no state lines is annoying and a waste of pins, as others have mentioned. And if you put the pin slightly off the edge of what you're aiming for, you get 93 degrees and have to zoom in. I don't know why it has to be so precise.

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    Good game, way too many ads and IAP pushes

    The game is good, but it's pretty easy. It would be a good game for middle school aged kids, but isn't very challenging for adults. There not a lot of variety in the types of questions you get. The big problem is the amount of ads and IAP pop ups that occur. I have no problem with free apps that have ads, I expect it, but it's just ridiculous here. I get ads after nearly every question and IAP pop ups even when I'm not struggling on a level. It seems pretty clear that they just should've made this a paid app instead of offering the free version at all. Also I was annoyed to see the degree pins weren't available in the free version, all you get is "you're hot or cold" type hints.

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    Don't buy Premium

    Cool game at first. Interesting take on trivia and knowledge based games but entirely to short the games ends at 826. Premium is supposed to give you 2-player mode and statistics and extra pins(lives) to play the game. The problem is the game slows down your whole system as the told all users in a post, the 2-player mode doesn't work cause the app can't access the internet, it doesn't give you all the statistics that you are supposed to receive with premium because of the lack of internet access, and the extra pins(lives) only serve to make the game completable in less than five days. (If that much) In conclusion, great to try, just don't buy. You will regret it and end up calling iTunes. Which I did and was refunded immediately due to their false advertising.

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    Don’t get me wrong I absolutely LOVE this game it’s fun and a slightly challenging at times but I love it so much that I’ve beaten all 826 levels and I seriously need some more to play because I have become invested in the life of the aging lizard mascot and every time he grows up it’s entertaining to watch so all I’m asking is for some more levels to be added and that more levels get added more frequently it’s been a while since I’ve been able to play without restarting

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    Breaking the System

    I am going through old games on my phone I don’t play as much. And with the ads and personal data needing to be approved, this ap tried to manipulate you into agreeing with ads in order to play the game. There are multiple options, I select continue without agreeing, it took me to a page in Spanish. One was to agree to ads the other was to continue. It then took me into a loop again. Finally at the bottom it said play regular ads. So I turned that on and it finally worked. But the fact that it kept looping around every time I said to continue without allowing them to use my info and the I finally had to agree anyways is ridiculous.

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    I used to love this game

    I’ve been playing 94° for a little while now, and I’ve loved it! I thought it was such a fun way to learn new things and such, but the app slowly got worse. First, they won’t let you sign into multiplayer anymore. This is a problem, to say the least. Also, why is there such a short end? It’s only like 820 questions, and then you can’t play anymore. I understand you made a new game like this, but in doing that, you’ve been kind of neglecting this game. There haven’t been any new levels in more than 3 years! I beg of you to do more with this game.

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    Great game, but one problem

    I love this game and it’s a great time-passer. It tests your knowledge and some of the questions aren’t easy, which I like a challenge. The only problem I have with this app is the fact that you have a limited amount of pins, and when you run out you basically can’t play the game for 20 minutes. It’s like running out of lives in a game like candy crush or farm heroes. It’s just flat out annoying. I don’t think you should have to wait to play such a fun game.

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    Repetitive, Sometimes Wrong

    I have enjoyed this game for the most part, but after the first challenge it started getting very repetitive. My biggest complaint though is that it has been wrong a couple time. There was one muscle that I ended up Googling because I was dropping pins like crazy. Turns out the person wasn’t even facing the right way. Later in the screen with all the percussion instruments, I was asked to find timbales, but it put a blue pin in the timbales and red on the timpani. This app has a lot of potential, but it needs some work.

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    Great Game!! But..

    This game is great. Endless fun. Good challenge without being too unfair (most of the time). BUT, there is a huge issue that keeps this game from getting a five. It is //so// specific. When it asks where capitals are, it's looking for the location /by the mile./ Maybe it's just a glitch I encountered, but I spent over twenty pins moving each one hardly any and still getting a "you're burning!" PLEASE fix this. It is ridiculously infuriating and unnecessarily unfair. Otherwise, wonderfully addicting game.

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    Great trivia game, not so great bugs

    This is one of the BEST trivia games I've ever played! In the main single player mode, there isn't a time limit so you can sleep on a problem if you don't know the answer. The only current problems are the multiplayer issues. Randomly during the middle of a multiplayer game, the app will crash. Sometimes the multiplayer feature just plain doesn't work. Besides these issues, I recommend this app for anyone who likes trivia or hot/cold games. 😺

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    Great game!! But it could be better

    It’s a fun game but sometimes it can be really easy or when you put one of the pins somewhere and it says that it’s burning so you put the pin close to it and it says still burning. So then you put the pin close to both of those and it says that you got it right. It is a really good game and there should be a few more tools for people that don’t have premium. But besides this it’s actually a really good game.

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    Great game, but...

    The upgrade should give you unlimited pins for its price. When you get an answer right the first time, it gives you one pin, causing your amount of pins to stay the same. It should give at least 2 pins, that way you get more pins than you had. But even better, the upgrade should get you unlimited pins. Other than that, the app is really fun.

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    Game is great over all, there were 2 things that kind of bothered me though The first was is that when it asks for a city you have to be perfect where you place your pin and it takes like 10 tries to get it right Second is that one of the times when it asked for an instrument the one that was the right pin was a different instrument (Asked for a timbale and had me pin a timpani) Over all it is pretty good though

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Yes. 94 Degrees is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,498 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for 94 Degrees Is 46.4/100.

Is 94 Degrees Legit?

Yes. 94 Degrees is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,498 94 Degrees User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for 94 Degrees Is 46.4/100.

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