Block Craft 3D: Building Games Reviews

Block Craft 3D: Building Games Reviews

Published by on 2021-10-01

Craft and grow your own village or build freely in an unlimited open world! +
Craft anything you like! + Fill the world with your creations! + Build your
village! + Help keeping your people happy! Download now and don't miss amazing
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Block Craft 3D: Building Games Reviews

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    I love it!

    I love this game. It feels a lot like Minecraft. But I have a few things that I think others would love you to add. 1: I think it will be so cool to add for whenever you start the game you will have 150 of every item..even if they cost Gems. 2: It will be so cool for our pets to follow us and it will be so amazing if we can feed our pets. 3: I don’t know if some people can relate but I think it will be fun if we can carry chickens because I always want to bring the chicken to my farm but I can’t. 4: I think this is a bug but when ever I put horses in a farm then cover the it with fences, the horses glitch through the fences. 5: I think it will be so cool if you added more pets but 10 of those pets costed 1 gem each. 6: Whenever we wanna buy a pet it asks if we wanna buy 1 or 5. It will be fun if we can choose the amount we wanna maybe a counter or something like that..idk what’s it called. It will be good if each pet or animal costed 1 gem each. 7: Lastly it would be fun if we can kill animals like in Minecraft or craft things. Or maybe we can mine diamonds, gold, emeralds and stuff like that!Anyways that was all I think would be so cool if you guys added. This game is soooo good and you can be sooo creative! Thank you for reading this and also thank you if you add one of these thing!

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    Best game!!

    This game is the best. When I was searching for MINECRAFT, I saw this app and was surprised. I thought it would be lame. (This was the time I couldn’t afford MINECRAFT) And I was only showed this game by my younger brother which he loves this game. I was confused of what to do. Then I asked what the game was and that’s when I searched it up. (Top sentences) I downloaded it and it looked really fun to play! But good thing that there is some instructions to help people build and more. This game is probably I would say kinda better than MINECRAFT because it actually has good-looking pets AND a little home with the pets. I’ve created farms and had SO many pets!!! I love how the chickens make cute noises and how we can also ride on the horses (MINECRAFT can let you ride horses too) and it is just amazing to me. This game let’s you even join people’s worlds!! I am amazed by this game. I just let you know this is the coolest game. In the AppStore. I’d rate it ♾ stars. (Infinity). I’ve been playing this for at least 2-3 years. I don’t care if you have to watch ads to get blocks. It’s amazing. Thanks for listening if you are reading this. Thanks and goodbye

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    Make some furniture free otherwise great

    You cant get furniture without paying 1$ per 5 objects please. Just sell them in an block pack, Animals, Special blocks and clothes Cost wayyy Too much. If you really want to make money ,I would suggest. Buying packs with money for like 2$ Including the animals, Furniture, And special blocks refilling forever like the free ones. And I asked for an refund because the app never gave me the features but they never responded. If you want money treat your customers nice! And once i opened up the app and it just crashed. I deleted the app, With all my progress. I did not appreciate starting over. And there is water in the mountains? You cannot get rid of them even if you have nature pack it takes too long. And i think you should be able to move animals like chickens to where you want. And more free packs, make some furniture and animals free add more blocks and make it so you can actually buy things with money without it crashing. Then it would be even better than most games like this. Oh and add multiplayer mode and places that you can build with an large amount of people. Otherwise great game you can play for free It is so fun! Spend half an hour watching ads and there you’ve got new blocks so you can earn them for free please just made some furniture and animals free and it is non-violent and you can just build 😃

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    Could use some improvements

    So let me say this game is amazing but please let me make some very respectful suggestions. #1. Please make some furniture free. I really enjoy decorating homes. But I prefer to use free materials, but I can’t do that when all the furniture items cost money. So please make some furniture free. #2. Add some new building materials. For example carpet, more lighting, different types of wood and maybe some more building blocks(like you would use to build a house). #3. More animals. If you could add more animals that would be great. And if you do add more pets then please could you make them free. Example: More dogs, birds, bunnies, more cats, and maybe some exotic animals. And add some more pet related materials. Example: More pet houses( that they could crawl into and sleep in), pet beds, pet food, pet toys(dog bones, ball of yarn, and treats), leashes, collars, bird perches if you add birds to the game. #4. More skins please. If you could please add more cloths and hair styles that would be great. Because some people would like a better style(no offense, I don’t mean to be rude or anything). #5. Transportation systems. Example: Cars, buses, trains, trucks, helicopters, airplanes, these would all be great. Thanks for reading this respectful review. Like I said the game is great but these are some suggestions to make the game more popular and fun. Thank you for you time.🙂🙂❤️❤️#thisgameisgreat

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    It’s alright...

    I personally love Minecraft and all that it stands for but because I’m to lazy to pay 5.99 i said screw it and got this. This game is focused on building and there is no way you can die, so younger childs can enjoy this more and parents can feel safe. Another thing for parents is that there is a way to turn off ads so their younger ones dont have to watch anything scary (yay!). I just wish that there wasn’t a block limit because its very annoying. Its like you’re building something, then having to wait for all the blocks to come back. Then, if you are unaware of your blocks running out, a screen will come out of no where and tell you that your blocks are out and you can either watch a video (which that option will go away with the no ads) or spend 15 gems (which are very hard to get) and i cant tell you how many times i tried saving my gems, then accidentally clicked the spend gems button thinking i was still building. I mean, thats like putting a limit on creativity. I’m currently making a castle...which would take me maybe 2 hours but instead two week because i have to wait until my inventory refills. I wish that the block limit would go away. Otherwise, this game is great. Thanks for reading and i hope the block limit goes away!!!

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    Fun until you can’t do anything.

    My son mentioned this game from school - so we download it on my phone and iPad to play at home. At first it is fun because you can build already designed things like houses, churches, castles, boats, and look at user buildings. You can visit other user villages and get more ideas! You can also free build with bricks on your own. The animals run around and you can even ride the horses. It stopped being so fun when just 5-6 days ago both devices can not connect to the server anymore. We cannot use gems, cannot see other user buildings or villages, we cannot purchase anything with gems. I’ve attempted to use the in game help and while it had answered any previous questions it does not help with this. It is not a network problem as I have used different WiFi’s and tried on my wireless service with no change. We just get messages constantly that the server is under maintenance or that our connection is bad. We even recently upgraded our WiFi to a faster speed than before with no changes. Lastly I rate it so low because I cannot get in touch with anyone to help resolve the concerns with this app. I have used all attempts possible except with social media so that is my next step. It was a fun game to play with my son, but without half the features anymore it is not as enjoyable.

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    It’s a good game but there are not to good things

    😊hi, I used to have this game when I was lil but as a lil kid I was like “how they do dat? “ bec u can visit other ppls place and I Remember that when other ppl came to my place I felt sad bec my place was 1. Not cool 2. My other friends on a different game then me I was on this kid mind craft so it really a jr. mind craft 3. I mean I FELT LEFT OUT but I got it my mom and dad still don’t let me go on ppl also play but the only game that she still lets me play on that have other ppl is animal jam and it 100% safe so yeah but even tho having this app as a kid I still felt like I was a baby not a kid kid not like 6 yrs old I was 6 yrs old but as the kid I am still ( yes I grew up ) I was always on this app cuz at the time that ( this ) this app was the only fun app I had bec my mom and dad are still saying “ not other ppl games “ but even tho this game is fun and even tho other ppl play and come visit its vary rare for ppl to come and look at ur place not u can’t chat 💭 but even tho this game has a few things is a really good game for ur kids :) Ty thank u for reading thi bye!

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    Fairly good

    Block craft is a really great game. Although, some might say it is a “knockoff Minecraft”, which overall is true, but is still very fun. I have fun playing this game and enjoy getting likes on my village and earning gems, tickets, etc. But one thing I would say is that so many things cost a lot of gems, and gems can be hard to collect unless you purchase them. I can’t even get a simple bottle without paying 50 gems, and if you want water, you must unlock the entire nature pack which is 400 gems. Another thing is that I can’t seem to figure out how to place a bed. This is frustrating because I finally got one and now i can’t figure out how to make it look like an actual bed. Every time I place it down, it only shows 1 cube of a pillow which makes no sense. Then again I may be doing something wrong. Aside from anything negative, block craft is very entertaining. I love the fact that you can also visit other people’s villages and like them. And i do appreciate the fact that no one can mess with your creations except for you, when on Minecraft someone could easily destroy my work. Overall, I definitely recommend!

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    Block Craft 3D: My Experience

    So, block craft is really fun. Build a house, build a statue, build anything! It is possible! The best thing is: It’s Free! Minecraft would cost 6.99 (7$) While block craft is free! Also, you can’t die, unlike Minecraft! Also, in Minecraft, someone could be like: [Player Name] joined the game, and then mine everything and destroy your work! But in this game, nobody can do anything to your work (Of course you can). The bad side is: ADS. The bad thing about ads are that there’s a glitch that the reviews control your ads and make the ads you’re watching 18+. But, for parents, disable ads, but also these 18+ ads are super rare, so if you get them? Just don’t look and don’t listen, or follow these instructions: 1. Double press the home screen. 2. Swipe block craft UP ⬆️. Then, open the app again. (Don’t Delete The Game). Also, there is Settings. If you need help, click Yes, please on help! If you have any other problems that’s not on the list, click Contact Us! Then, talk with block craft! (2021 Experience)

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    Developers, please read.

    Okay, so first of all, the clothing options are really dumb, no offense. I advise adding black pants and suit with a tie for boys, and a detailed sleeveless dress for girls. Second, you should check and ban user builds if they seem inappropriate, or you should change the age limit to 11+ or 13+ because little kids don’t need to see the inappropriate user builds. Third of all, I really like your game otherwise, but a couple more things. Like maybe when players level up past the “150” block stack limit, it doesn’t get changed to the “60” block limit. Also, I think the game is hungry for money, which isn’t good. I was browsing, and I saw this review that you developers took 1000$ from them. People reading, do not do in game purchases. Also, with the gems, I’m disappointed that you developers put the prices too high to get people to buy gems, so you can steal money from their bank account. Finally, I am really sad you removed the “placing blocks on clouds” glitch. Now I have to do it the hard way that risks falling because you removed that glitch. (P.S., sorry if my review is too long)

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    This game is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool

    This game is awesome! block craft is my favorite apart from Minecraft, But I would love some very cool new updates like maybe transportation like bikes, cars , boats , and even planes so you don't have to buy to fly for free you could just use like 700 or 800 gems to buy planes and what about weather, like rain, snow and storms (don't worry storms won't destroy your builds) and you could control what weather would you like! And make it so you could search in liked buildings or villages so I don't have to scroll forever to just find 1 liked build or village, but other than all that explaining (sorry it took forever to read) this game is sooooooooo cool that I have been playingnn this game for years! and I have 6 villages please visit! They are ✨DREAMLAND✨, block city ( might change in Japanese) ✨GRAND SPRINGS✨David's airplane village✈️🛩🛫 ,David's town and joyful town (Sorry but I might change some of these names but you could find a way to recognize them) But this game is⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️cool

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    Cool game! Please read!

    So this is one of those copies of Minecraft like roblox, realmcraft, worldcraft, and so on. But this one is unique because you can use their designs for your houses and you can also use your own imagination. The alliances are pretty cool because you can play with other people and help each other build. They were basically my favorite part of block craft. This is really good game because the mobs are really cute and there’s no like zombies or skeletons or monsters. I have never experienced any trolling and I don’t think I ever will because these people that play this game are really nice and they help you build. I definitely don’t think they should have you spend this much money playing, but watching ads gets you a lot and I mean a lot of gems. You could just be watching TV or something and watching ads at the same time and every time at it ends just exit out get your gems and start a new one so you can be getting gems and doing something else at the same time multitasking.

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    How a game saved MY marriage!!!

    This game was the best game ever. I cant stop thinking about it. The way the characters were made and the content of it. My children love it. These past couple years have been rough for us. I’ve had trouble facing my gambling addiction. Everything I had I sold for money to bring to the casino. One day when I was looking through games in the App Store, i found block craft. In that moment life got a little bit brighter. I came home with a sudden realization I’ve been bad and I needed to make things right with my family. So that night I came home and I said to my 17 children “ I think I have something that could make things better”. This made all of my 17 little angels happy. Not only did this help my children but it strengthened the relationship I had wi Th my wife. We were going to marriage counseling for quite a few months. We were thinking about splitting up at one point. That day I came home changed everything...

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    Good luck passing level 20

    Unless you have tons of coins and Gems skip over this review. The great cathedral costs a lot of coins plus gems. Gems you probably don't have by now because the game is set up ( not saying on purpose) in a way that you accidentally. As you play and run out of blocks ( between level 1-20) your finger WILL hit on use gem link to fill up on blocks instead of link to watch same commercials for the thousandth time to fill up on half supplies free. To rub salt in the wound ( you will feel the burn especially if you have spent money on "specials" water, flowers flying whatever) level 20's Cathedral needs "special" blocks to complete". The blocks (if you haven't bought them by now) is another 400 gems. Again gems you probably don't have anymore ... pay up or quit! I choose to quit because who knows what surprise are waiting for me at level 21! If you still want to play use " show advertising in exchange of gems" option in settings. I figured it out too late plus of course no one told me to use it even by message after I wrote just to ask about it on FB.

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    Amazing! But one problem.

    I love this game! It’s incredible! When you first reach level 1 or 2, you get unlimited blocks and it’s really cool! But if you reach level 3 or higher, the game limits each set of blocks to 150. When you run out, you either have to use gems and if you don’t have enough, obviously, you have to pay money or watch an ad if you have enough gems or not. Fun Games For Free, please change it to where you always have unlimited blocks even if you’ve passed the 1 or 2 level mark. I’ve wanted unlimited blocks so bad, that I’ve deleted the game, and now I’m building my own stuff. For those of you out there that want the garden like me and you can’t unlock it because of your level rate, I highly suggest that you build whatever you want to build that’s your own stuff, then you can upgrade your level and build stuff with instructions and get your garden and antiques! Getting stuff from other people building with instructions won’t upgrade your level, so that’s fine. Thanks for reading this! Bye!

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By Ikponmwonsa Tenno-Adodo
Aug 04 2021

I did not authorize the app you guys collected my money for. Please return my money to my account. That money is met to buy my school textbook. Please I need my money back.

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