Disney Magic Timer by Oral-B Reviews

Disney Magic Timer by Oral-B Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-02

• 90% of kids brush longer with the Disney Magic Timer app by
Oral-B • Featured as “Best new App” for “Kids” • # 1 Downloaded free
app for kids “Ages 6 to 8” on iPhone in the US and 40 other countries • #
2 Downloaded free app in “Health & Fitness” on iPad in the US Bring more fun

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Disney Magic Timer by Oral-B Reviews

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    Big disappointment.

    A few months ago I decided to download this app for my twin toddlers since teeth brushing time was always an issue. The app worked awesome! My kids loved it and actually looked forward to brushing their teeth. I recommended it to all of my friends. My husband downloaded it too so each kid could brush at the same time and pick their own character. After an update, my husband lost all the characters and everything was locked except Mickey. Luckily I still had everything so it wasn’t that big of a deal, they just took turns. However, often the app wouldn’t even load which resulted in teeth brushing protests. A few updates later, I lost all the characters too and everything was locked except Mickey which didn’t go over very well with my 4 year old daughter that was looking forward to Minnie that night. We even went through all the work to scan purchased items to unlock characters to appease our disappointed kids only to find everything gone again the following day - including my sons whole profile. With all the crashes and now losing all the characters, my kids don’t even want to use the app anymore. Such a bummer. We really loved the app but it’s not a lot of fun to keep having to recreate profiles and unlock things over and over again. Please fix this and give us all of our characters back. If it started that way it would have been fine but you can’t just take everything away when it was already there. My kids were so disappointed :(

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    Please update to make this app compatible with Xs! My kid doesn’t want to brush without the timer

    So I literally almost regret buying this brand new phone because the app doesn’t work properly now. Honestly it wasn’t even something I thought about at the time of purchase, you tend to assume all your apps (especially one from Disney who has big bucks) will work. My son and I have made a ritual out of using this app as part of our morning routine and when it didn’t work yesterday he refused to brush his teeth. He’s 6. So today I deleted and reinstalled (after looking at the App Store and realizing my phone isn’t supported) to see if I could get anything. We were able to get the timer, but no sound. No stickers ( well, it was some WiFi symbol, my son looked at me and gave me a courtesy smile). All the purchases are lost and the restore button won’t work. Please, please Disney - if you are going to suggest to take my money (which I’m happy to pay for, if it helps my son develop these critical habits) and enter into my child’s morning routine, honor that. Maybe it’s a simple thing for you but not here at home to us. Update and remain compatible please!

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    Worked great until the update...

    As many recent reviewers have indicated this app worked well until the major update to newest version. Kids enjoyed it and enjoyed collecting rewards or unlocking additional characters AND willingly brushed their teeth. My kids had a few years’ worth of products and characters built up. After the update we lost any progress, characters, etc. that we previously had and were left with just Mickey and bb8 with no option to restore. The scan feature to add new products frequently does not work; it took me over 15 minutes to add a new character toothbrush tonight, which I only accomplished through sheer perseverance, long after kids were already done brushing. Other products I have previously bought have not scanned in either - no error message, just plain does not work most of the time. Used to work just fine with no problem prior to update. Very frustrating because that’s basically the point of the app to buy the products, scan them in, and enjoy them. When that doesn’t work seems to be no point purchasing a licensed oral b product over something else. Please bring back the old version.

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    Kids love it, but I’m disappointed

    First of all, let me say that my kids LOVE this app and it has made teeth brushing so much easier. HOWEVER, there are some big flaws with the app that I hope will be fixed. 1. It is REALLY difficult to scan products. I haven’t been able to get many products to scan, and a couple of the ones that did unlocked the wrong character (e.g., scanned a Belle toothbrush and unlocked Minnie). 2. The only ways to unlock new characters are to buy them for 0.99 or scan a product. This disappoints me because I feel like there should be a way for my kids to “earn” the characters after brushing their teeth consistently for a certain amount of time. I get around this by rewarding them with a new character myself after a set number of brushes, but I’m annoyed that I have to pay for it. 3. The app doesn’t work on my iPhone X. I can get picture but no sound. So I have to use my iPad. I really do love the concept of this app, but there are some huge issues with the execution.

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    Kind of disappointed

    I’ve heard about this app from lots of people, so decided to try it because we already had a few kids oral-b products. It worked great for a short time and my kids we excited, but after adding 2 characters for each of my children, the app now tells me it cannot scan any of the products I have or it scans, not with correct character (I.e. Cinderella scans, but takes me to Mickey Mouse). I bought a multi-pack of the character toothbrushes, which now we can certainly use to brush our teeth, but not unlock characters on the app. So we are stuck watching the same 2 characters. I’ve tried to scan products on both my phone and iPad, and have the same results on both, even after updates. Maybe next time, I’ll skip the expensive toothbrushes for another brand. I’ve tried visiting the help site, but that doesn’t work either. However, if anyone knows how to fix the problem, I’d be interested to hear, since my kids seem to enjoy the app.

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    New Update....new problems

    Update: I am able to purchase the new Frozen stickers but they are not the same quality as the others. I am hoping they get better. I am also still hoping they fix the other problems. I will not purchase Star Wars characters again just to access them on my device. Previous Review: Since the recent update I am unable to restore purchases made on my other devices. When I try to restore purchases, it just switches it to training mode. This has become a big headache because my husband unlocked new characters that I am unable to use when he is out of town. I have also been unable to purchase the Frozen 2 characters. I wish I hadn’t updated this app. A general criticism that wasn’t created by the update is the inability to have the training mode on for one child and off for another without changing it every time. I have looked into contacting someone about these problems but I don’t see that option. Hopefully they will read my review and fix soon!

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    Needs bug fixes

    At first this was a great incentive for my kids to brush their teeth- they still love it and get excited to use the timer. However, the toothbrush images almost never scan, so I have had to get images emailed from customer service multiple times to unlock the characters. Even more frustrating is that every time we use the timer it takes increasingly more tries to get the timer to work. The “sticker” is just a blue WiFi image for the first 4, 5, or more times my kids try to brush. If we are in a hurry we do not have time to try five or more times which leads to some tears or worse when they are disappointed not to get to use the timer. Also, lately I have to open the app, close it, then open it again for the sound to work. So many bugs and room for improvement. PLEASE make some updates!!

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    Works well but uses a lot of storage

    We’ve had several tooth brushing aids over the years, apps and other devices, but this one has stuck around the longest. The ability to purchase new characters keeps things fresh, and the little intro videos are entertaining. However, this app takes up nearly 2GB on my 16GB phone. That’s a little excessive for a tooth brushing app! I have a suggestion: cache media content for x days (maybe 15) after the first time they’re viewed, and remove them if they haven’t been viewed in that time. My kids tend to stick to a single character for weeks (if not months), yet it seems I’m storing all the content for all characters on the device at all times. It could be an option in the app settings so those with larger devices and/or don’t like waiting for character data to download could leave that behavior as it is now. Because of this, I don’t let my kids buy any new characters.

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    Great tool for kids, minor flaws

    Let me say that this app is amazing for getting me and my children to brush their teeth for at least two minutes. It doesn't matter how often I brush teeth it always seems like it's two minutes when it's only been 30 seconds. There are a few things they could fix, like it would be nice to have a user profile so that if you had to wipe your phone it would remember the stickers you had. And every once in a while the program does glitch and it will give you just a blank sticker instead of an actual sticker. Nonetheless I give it a full five stars because nobody else out there has an app that's as good as this one for brushing our teeth!!! Thanks!

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    Worst App

    Clearly the developers of this app do not have children of their own. First of all, I refuse to buy 3000 dental products in order for my kids to be able to access all the different characters. Once you unlock one, you should have access to all in the group. For example, you can’t access Dash in the Incredibles without buying it. Smart way for these app developers to make money! We have had to download this app four times due to glitches when updates occur. Each time, we have lost data, and the kids are so upset that all of their progress is lost. Not only that, the scan feature RARELY works! My daughter just got a Spider Man toothbrush at the dentist, and it’s Oral B, but will it scan? Nope! When the app does work, about 40% of the time, the kids get this weird timer symbol instead of the promised sticker. If I were Disney, I would reconsider associating my brand with an a app of this mediocre quality.

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    This is a fun app...when it works.

    I downloaded this app on a few of our devices (my iPhone 6, my husband’s iPhone 8 Plus, and my daughters old iPad). It worked on all 3 for a few months. I replaced my phone in the mean time and now have an iPhone XR...I try to open the app on it...it never gets past the opening screen. So I tried to open it on my daughter’s iPad today...it closed after the loading screen over and over. Another annoying issue with it is that I purchased one of the characters on my iPhone 6, but it did not transfer to any of our other devices. I’m not going to buy that character on each device. So I give it two stars because when it does actually load, it’s fun and my daughter loves it. And wants to brush her teeth more often just to use the app. But only two stars because it doesn’t work more than half the time🤨

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    So frustrating!

    My daughter had a years worth of stickers and different characters since we’d gone through so many toothbrushes. And then all of a sudden your app quit working, just froze up one day and refused to work. Made sure everything was updated, no use. After over a week of dealing with this we finally had to delete the app completely and reload it, there was no way to retrieve anything so a years worth of stickers were lost, and we were back to only having the Mickey character. Okay, my little got over being sad about that pretty quickly and was excited to get a new toothbrush and start again. Got another toothbrush and low and behold it won’t even scan! So I looked up to see if I could find some help online and now Finding Dory will no longer scan! Are you kidding me?! We’re done spending the money on Oral B toothbrushes just so we can use this useless app.

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    I’ve had this app for a few years. My daughters had all the characters downloaded because we had bought so many Oral B products. We lost it all when they did the update this year and every character became locked. I told my daughters that we would just buy more toothbrushes and toothpaste. I bought three toothbrushes today: Minnie, Belle, and Cinderella. Minnie scanned fine, no problems. When I scanned Cinderella it kept the character as Mickey. We already had Belle unlocked so I scanned Cinderella under her to see if it would change Belle to Cinderella. Well, it changed the one princess that we had to Mickey! Talk about mad...my children had a fit! Just like another person leaving a review my husband and I both had the app on our phones. I’ll be removing the app and just using the regular timer on my phone. I feel like they just did all this to get people to buy more of their products.

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    Love the app but products won’t scan

    Kids are obsessed with the app and earning their stickers. It definitely helps them brush longer and even got us buying Oral B products so they can unlock new sticker albums. However, we can’t get the app to recognize/scan the products to unlock the albums. Kids and parents are both frustrated, we’ve tried everything. I even checked on the Disney website that the images (Nemo & Dory) are still supported by app and they are. Also app failed to open 1 night and we’ve only been using it a few weeks. I was scared we would lose all stickers but thankfully it finally loaded after about 5 reboots. Please fix these glitches bc it really is great to get kids (and adults!) brushing longer and buying your products.

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    Works Ok, till you try to scan a new product.

    This app comes with access to two characters, BB-8 and Mickey Mouse. It has worked great to cut down on the drama around brushing teeth (I have a 5 year old)... until last night, that is. I bought two new Oral B products online, the stages power electric tooth brush and a battery powered one for travel (we have a trip coming up). My son was VERY excited to scan them and get access to new characters. Well, the power toothbrush won’t scan (it is Nemo) and we’ve tried at least 20 times. The battery powered brush we got was BB-8 (I bought it online and didn’t get to pick the character) which also didn’t unlock any new characters because we already had access to BB-8. My son was devastated and refused to brush his teeth. It was awesome.

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Is Disney Magic Timer by Oral-B Safe?

Yes. Disney Magic Timer by Oral-B is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 8,867 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Disney Magic Timer by Oral-B Is 70.2/100.

Is Disney Magic Timer by Oral-B Legit?

Yes. Disney Magic Timer by Oral-B is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 8,867 Disney Magic Timer by Oral-B User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Disney Magic Timer by Oral-B Is 70.2/100.

Is Disney Magic Timer by Oral-B not working?

Disney Magic Timer by Oral-B works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Halie Cornelison
Dec 18 2020

I had to delete and re-download the app in order for it to even turn on. Once I did so, it deleted EVERYTHING my daughter has earned and everything I have PAID for in the last year and a half. Not excited to tell my little one that everything is lost and we don’t have any way of getting them back. Really not happy that i now have to pay for new products for an issue that wasn’t due to anything on my end other than having to get a new phone. Very unhappy. We may be ending our time with the app from here on out.

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