Pedometer++ Reviews

Pedometer++ Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-21

Use your iPhone as a step counter. Pedometer++ lets you easily keep track of
your daily and weekly step counts, without any impact on your battery life. You
can view your progress each day from either the iPhone app, Today View widget or
Apple Watch app. App Store App of the Day iMore....

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Reviews (29)


Very good step counter

I was pretty excited to see a good app and not just some app that you have to pay 10$ for and not even get all the stuff and it’s not like there’s huge ads in fount of you. They only allow little tiny ads at the top or the bottom screen which is not blocking nothing most times it’s the bottom and the settings are well too. You can change Pedometer logo colors and change between miles and kilometers also you can change your daily step goal which mine is 8,500 but I think you can go up to 15,000 if you can even make it there LOL but give it a try you might just like I liked it so much I took the time out of my day. To Write this whole paragraph hopefully you find it useful in your daily life but if you really don’t want to download Pedometer then use your health app on your Home Screen it comes with just about every iPhone 10/10 recommend Pedometer to y’all.


Disappearing Steps

Where do they go? Heavens knows! It’s clear that the developer has a keen artistic eye as this app++ has the most aesthetically pleasing and easy to use UI than any other this app App out there and I love and constantly use the widget functionality for quick measuring glances. I’ve had Pedometer for nearly 3 years now and as a person who routinely reaches 10k+ steps from morning gym sessions alone, there is one glitch/flaw that has never ceased to plaque the apps flawless functionality from the get go: steps go missing out of no where or are flat out, not counted. Just in the passed 2 weeks, there are 4 days where Pedometer has seemingly caused a significant number of my steps to vanish into thin air EVEN AFTER THEY WERE COUNTED IN Pedometer ; even verified by cross referencing to Apple’s Health app that will often show a higher number. Nearly 10k steps have seemingly bestowed upon me the absolute pleasure of ghosting my counter and this has been a consistent problem for Pedometer since day 1. The only reason I don’t flat out delete Pedometer out of frustration some days is simply because the UI is absolutely gorgeous and I don’t think any other apps on the market measure up to the beautifully simplistic design. Please do something about the consistent step counter glitch; it proves to be a demoralizing frustration more days than you would think


Watch gets frozen on 0 after midnight about 50% of the time.

Seriously loved Pedometer for my watch at first. After transitioning from a Garmin with the step counter, it was just what I needed to complement the ActivityTracker. However, I keep weird hours, and I am also a run streaker, who often has to do my daily run right at midnight. It’s incredibly frustrating when my watch is frozen at zero day in and day out, and I have to reset it to her three times, and put it on the charger 2 or 3 times before it will finally start counting steps. The steps DO count on Pedometer phone, even if my phone is still, so obviously Pedometer on the watch is tracking the steps, but it will not show up on the watch, where I need it to show up. Currently, my watch shows me to be at less than 500 steps, but my phone shows that I’m closer to 3000. I was wearing the watch while I ran on my treadmill at midnight, but the phone was sitting still on the treadmill. That means that I’m still dependent on my phone to know how many steps I’ve taken, which is pointless. That’s a discrepancy that will not work for somebody who manages statistics the way I do. The entire reason that I have the watch is so that I don’t need to carry my phone. If this can be fixed, I will change my rating to 5- stars.


Would be great if it worked properly.

Pedometer gives you achievements for things like meeting your step goal a certain number of times, or taking a certain number of steps in a day. That’s great, and it really encourages me to walk, moreso than just checking the number of steps on the Apple Health app. The problem is that it simply doesn’t work properly. Today I climbed a steep hill, and it granted me 0 flights of stairs. I climbed the same hill five minutes later, and this time it gave me four flights. I would have hit an achievement if it had registered the first trek up the hill, but it didn’t. And then sometimes it just randomly deducts steps I’ve taken. It credits them to me initally (and matches up with the Health app, so it seems to be an accurate number), then suddenly jumps to a much lower number. When I just checked my step count on the lock screen widget, it showed me 7900 steps, which is over my personal goal, thus giving me a 9-day streak. When I entered Pedometer proper, it cut me down to 6449 steps, significantly below my goal and decimating my streak (and the April achievement). This is the third time I’ve seen this happen, and quite frankly, it’s the last. Pedometer does me no good if it doesn’t accurately (or at the very least, consistently) track my activity. I’ll be deleting it and looking into alternatives.


Not accurate-esp w/ longer distance

I’ve been using Pedometer for about 85 days now. When I first started, I was walking short distances ( 1 to 1.5 miles at a time) and it seemed pretty accurate and matched up with my treadmill pretty well +/- .1 miles. Now that I’m up to longer distances, it’s wildly inaccurate. Yesterday, I did 6.5 miles on my treadmill alone, yet it gives my daily total as 6.2 miles. Already today, I did a 3 mile treadmill session yet it says I’ve done 2.8 miles total. And it’s not just the distance—it’s the steps. My standard, tested and counted mile is 2100 steps. Yesterday, after three miles on the treadmill, I expected to see approx 6300 steps, but it was at 4500. I get a more accurate reading if I pause the treadmill every mile and open Pedometer , but that’s annoying. It also fails to clock some of my flights of stairs. I wear my phone in the same spot as I always have while walking around so I don’t understand why the sudden discrepancy. I suppose if you’re just using it to clock your daily steps at home / work / shopping, it’s pretty good, but it if you’re also running or walking for exercise, your step count will show up greatly under your actual total.



I completely love Pedometer! It syncs so very well with my phone and I love that you can add your settings for your height accordingly. My only issue it that the “stairs climbed” is absolutely never accurate. I run up and down my stairs all darn day long and sometimes at the end of the day my app tells me I’ve walked “0 flights”. I am hoping for a way to correct this being the I am continually going from my basement laundry room, to our wood shop, back up two flights to the kitchen, upstairs to the office, back downstairs to the printer, back upstairs to clean/get my son’s laundry/etc, back down two flights to my “satellite office… Not to mention all of the running around from after school activities such as karate, soccer, volleyball, basketball…and still being a wife, mom, and child of God. But I digress. Pedometer IS awesome. I like the challenges and the goals (albeit some are unrealistic for working parents; or even stay-at-home parents) but I know with my kiddos I’ll never touch some of them. Keep working on Pedometer ya’ll. Is IS super great. It just needs more! More to work for. Thank you!!


Useful app

I’ve started walking every morning and Pedometer on my phone has helped me get a general sense of my distance each day. My only complaint is that though the steps seem to reflect what I do each morning, the mileage is not accurate. I am less concerned with whether the miles are literal miles, but would at least like the miles to reflect the comparative distances from day to day. For instance I did the same route on Friday as I did on Monday - except Monday I added a few more blocks. Yet Friday shows 4.5 miles, and Monday shows 3.8 miles (even though I went farther on Monday), and yet the step count does show the greater distance on Monday. All I can figure is a snafu in the GPS. So I’ve learned to rely on the step count more than on the mileage. In the big picture though it is a useful app and it was free. So it’s really hard to complain too much. It is simple to use and tells me how far I go each day (in steps). It has lots of other bells and whistles that I have not taken the time to figure out. But perhaps one of these days.


I Don’t Know Why

What are floors? So far after using them for well over a year I have no idea what they mean or how they are at all useful. I can go on a hike with a 4000 foot elevation gain and collect no more than 30 floors. Then I can go on a local hike near the house with relatively no elevation gain and get 60 floors. Maybe it’s just me, maybe I’m just slow, maybe I need two years to figure it out. I also have some special awards that I have absolutely no idea where they came from or how to achieve them. One appears to be for something that occurred two years ago on a weekend humm... no idea. That leaves daily steps, accumulated steps, weekend awards, and monthly challenges bundled around a daily confetti graphics for a job well done. I get a ton more useful information from the Health app that came with my iPhone but it doesn’t seem quite as personalized as this app++ so I’m still using both for two alternative purposes. BTW, we are soon going to be in to the second week of 2021 and there is no new monthly challenge for January. Maybe it’ll pop up with the next update.


Missing steps/ mysterious floors added

Pedometer started out great. It wasn’t until my daughter got it also that I realized that it was not counting steps properly. It keeps saying that I have less steps than her yet I’m up hours before and hours after she goes to bed and I do all kinds of work and walking compared to her. That makes no sense. Then a few days ago I had 6400 some odd steps, I went to Walmart and walked around there for an hour because of the heat, when I came out it told me I had 6102 steps. There’s no way it should’ve been well over 7000 steps. It also tells my daughter that she’s went up however many flights of stairs each day, when she is with me all day and has not went up a single flight of stairs. I don’t know what is going on with Pedometer . I understand it’s free and I appreciate that, but in order to get the correct amount of what’s going on I would hate to have to use a different app and I’m not able to use a different app in order to pay. I don’t know if this has come to your attention before. Like to thank your app designers and workers for doing a great job, and hopefully they will be able to fix this issue. Thank you.


Streak of a year lost & support doesn’t care

At the beginning of me using Pedometer I was fairly excited. It has rewards and gives me a Apple Watch app that motivates and keeps me on track. But after a while I noticed that some days didn’t quite have as many steps recorded as Apple Health shows. Sometimes it helped to have Pedometer resynchronize with Apple Health but sometimes it didn’t. I learned to live with it, but not anymore. I set myself the goal of 7,500 steps every day and I almost managed to record a one year streak... and I kinda did, coz Apple Health shows that I did, but this app++ does not. According to Pedometer , I lost my streak almost two months ago. But this is not true. And so I contacted the support. At first they gave me some basic instructions of resetting the Apple health sync. Which I did, but It didn’t help. Then they said they somehow misunderstood me and they can’t help me. I tried to explain my problem more in detail and asked if there is a work around, but I never got an answer anymore. I tried it again a week later. But crickets. Soo, Pedometer is nice to have when it works. But it not always does and when it doesn’t, the support won’t help. Just be warned.


Awesome, but would love one more option

UPDATE as of 4/4. I have gone 45 days without missing my goal. No rest days with that 45 days and another 25 ( with one rest day) and bc this my kids are in spring break, broke streak bc I didn’t didn’t hit goal 2 out three days.) I am a stay at home and I run 5-8 miles a day. I try to keep my phone in pocket at all times. I don’t, but if I did was easily put in at least 20,000 steps per day. I like the rest day option, but if I take two days off after being consistent for 20+ days my streak is broken. Would also love to have a sick day button. I’ll have an amazing streak and if I get sick, I obviously don’t get all my steps in. One time I tried to get at least 10,000 steps in with the flu and that was a big mistake. My bad decision though. A sick button would be great and also, if Pedometer could identify a very active person and if that person misses two days in a row after making daily goal and then some for at least 20 days, the streak would not be broken. I’d pay $10 a month ( maybe more) for Pedometer if had more options as mentioned.


Review of Pedometer oh yay

I should like a bit more time with Pedometer before grading its veracity as I have only now discovered it. If it continues to do the job it has done for the last three weeks, I will conclude that it is a useful tool for my health and stability ... If I have a myocardial infarction, well, we will cross that bridge if it is inescapable! Cheers! I have no idea how long ago I wrote that; however, it has been quite a bit longer than three weeks… Perhaps over a year. I have a debilitating pain disease called CRPS Type II after multiple operations and God saving my life several times! This this app has helped keep me on my feet and chasing my goals. Though I had a stroke I still need to walk. I would like to get back to 1 mile per day but I would like to do that walking and not lying in the back of an ambulance! So I continue my trick thank you very much as I believe this to be an accurate tool in my quest.


For everyone, especially seniors

I gave Pedometer five stars because it and similar apps perform the critical function of keeping people aware of exercise to augment proper diet...both of which can and do contribute to good health and longer life! In other words, you either move or die. I am forever grateful for learning this as a young physician. My preferred form of exercise was once long distance running. But because I developed the bad habit of doing only right PLFs (parachute landing falls), I ended up needing a right hip replacement. And on one of my early jumps, I cracked the end of my left femur; so, I am now on the mend from a knee replacement. Now, a little over 2 months out, I am back up to walking 2-5 miles three or four times a week. There is still some minor pain, but every good PT or orthopedist will remind you “motion is lotion”! Even if walking isn’t your thing, get out there and just do something strenuous 3-4 x per week. Good Health to you all, Dr. Marshall Dressel, COL, USA (Retired)


Awesome motivator!

I love several things about Pedometer. First of all, unlike some of these apps here, THIS one is actually a reasonable cost. 2 bucks to remove ads, and you can tip further if you’d like. The apps that want to charge you 30-60 bucks PER YEAR is insane in my opinion. I’d rather support these devs because they are not asking for an outrageous amount! Secondly, it does what it says and does it well. I can track any number of exercise options, listen to music, be awarded for my efforts, keep track of routes taken, look at my history, AND export to another phone or computer. And it does all that without blocking any part of it for not going with “premium” like a lot of these other devs. I will keep tipping these guys for a good app that is polite and not usurious and ignore all the “premium” thieves on the AppStore. My advice is to support excellence in development and character by downloading and tipping these people!


It’s nice, but needs a Mon-Sun weekly step count.

It’s a nice app, but it needs one feature to actually be useful to me(and many others I bet!). The following is why it needs a Monday through Sunday step count. It’s hard to hit 10,000 steps every day, but by Sunday I want to have 70,000 steps completed. I think a lot of people are like me and would really like this feature. Some apps will start the week on Sunday and end it on Saturday, I think this is nuts. Most people in America consider the weekend to actually be the end of the week(go figure, right?!). That is to say the week ends on Sunday. I think that a lot of walkers try to get 70,000 steps in by Sunday(they use the extra leisure time provided by the weekend to catch up on steps). So please give us a Monday through Sunday step count. I would say that most this app apps don’t do this, and you can set your app apart by doing it. Thanks for a nice app, and I hope you will consider adding this feature.



I absolutely love Pedometer. I have been using it for years and years, and I have never once experienced any problems or dissatisfaction. I am super busy all the time, and I generally can’t waste my time reviewing apps and such, but Pedometer really sends me. I have lost over 72 pounds in one year, thanks largely to Pedometer. I should tell you that I also have apple watches, and I wear one of them Every. Single. Day. Which really helps me get the most out of Pedometer! It’s always clocking my steps and has superb graphs and info about your step goals and steps achieved, flights climbed (as in stairs), and also logs your distance (every day!) There are multiple options for which units of measurement you’d like to use, and you set your own step goals (or distance etc). Really love Pedometer, great work to its creator(s)!!!



I’ve used Pedometer for a few years. The step counter is more accurate than the IPhone Health App. However the flight counting function is extremely in accurate. I understand from the developer that 1 flight = 16 steps/10 ft. A prime example is today I did 10 flights one after the other in succession without pause. Pedometer did not record even one single flight. To be fair that’s true of the in iPhone app as well. I only get closer to any kind of more accurate recording if I walk around or other wise pause between flights. Even when I do that Pedometer may only count ~6-8 flights out of 10. Granted my flights are only 14 steps — but Pedometer doesn’t catch up when I add in extra flights with the require number of steps to make things equal 16 steps. The above makes Pedometer close to useless for doing a stairs workout. Something needs to be fixed. Or de linked from the iPhone’s internal counting. Or there needs to be a work around so one can go into Pedometer an correct the flight count.


Out of sync

this app ++ remains a wonderful tool. I’m surprised I hadn’t previously reviewed and rated. I’ve had a 5-star opinion of it up until the recent 3.4.5 update. Currently, toward the end of each day, I’ve observed that the count on my watch is always lower than the count on my phone. Yes, I’ve given plenty of time (and some app restarts) for the two to sync up. In reality it’s probably only a minor inconvenience since the phone app is where the long term log is kept and I believe it holds the accurate number of steps. But it is annoying when the watch is telling you there are still a few hundred steps left to go to reach your goal, but you have already met your goal as reported by the phone app. While I’m here, I will also lament the fact that the series 4 infograph modular face complication is inferior to the complication for the old modular face. It only has a progress ring where as the old complication also included the actual step count and distance displayed inside the ring. I would really like that back.


I mostly love this app

Hi. I would really probably say 4.5. I haven’t been using this for that long, at least not consistently. However, when I realized it was available and doing its thing behind the scenes, I got excited about it. I bought an Apple Watch because of it. I liked what it did on my phone and wanted it to work when I do things without my phone in my hand or pocket, like walk/run on the treadmill or take a dance class or whatever. I wish there was more of an indication of the pace or periods when activity was higher, and an estimation of the calories burned. If I do a walking route I wish I could start and stop it just as a marker not literally stop and start—kind of like a stop watch. That would be helpful. Thank you! This is definitely helping me to feel encouraged. My dog loves that I take him to a huge off leash park or hiking and we go for a long while. It’s great for both of us and Pedometer helps. Thanks, again.


Mileage is very inaccurate

I’ve been using Pedometer for over 2mos, helping to motivate me to walk 4+ miles and over 10,000 steps at least 6 days/wk. So that’s the good part and why I gave it a 2 stars. But I’m disappointed because it’s very inaccurate, at least when it comes to mileage. My husband and I were on a walk recently, I asked him how far we walked. His Apple Watch recorded just over 5mi (he started with 0mi) but on my iPhone with Pedometer, I had just over 4mi (I started with .2 mi that day). We’re on the exact same walk. I didn’t understand how I could have 20% less mileage. I later mapped our route and it was 5 miles. Today is the same thing, except we’re on a 4 mile route. Pedometer on my iPhone said I’ve done 3.3 (I started with .3) but my husband’s Apple Watch had 4mi. So this time, I’ve got 25% less mileage, even more inaccurate. Now, I’m questioning if the step counter or stairs on Pedometer are accurate. At least it isn’t over counting but I don’t understand how can Pedometer performs so poorly?


Disappearing Steps

Where do they go? Heavens knows! It’s clear that the developer has a keen artistic eye as this app++ has the most aesthetically pleasing and easy to use UI than any other this app App out there and I love and constantly use the widget functionality for quick measuring glances. I’ve had Pedometer for nearly 3 years now and as a person who routinely reaches 10k+ steps from morning gym sessions alone, there is one glitch/flaw that has never ceased to plaque the apps flawless functionality from the get go: steps go missing out of no where or are flat out, not counted. Just in the passed 2 weeks, there are 4 days where Pedometer has seemingly caused a significant number of my steps to vanish into thin air EVEN AFTER THEY WERE COUNTED IN Pedometer ; even verified by cross referencing to Apple’s Health app that will often show a higher number. Nearly 10k steps have seemingly bestowed upon me the absolute pleasure of ghosting my counter and this has been a consistent problem for Pedometer since day 1. The only reason I don’t flat out delete Pedometer out of frustration some days is simply because the UI is absolutely gorgeous and I don’t think any other apps on the market measure up to the beautifully simplistic design. Please do something about the consistent step counter glitch; it proves to be a demoralizing frustration more days than you would think


Awesome app for this cooped up girl!

I have multiple health issues that keep me tied to home pretty much 90% of the time. After numerous surgeries and over 35 years of battling chronic pain, the last thing that I want to do is exercise. On top of that, sunlight is not my friend! Because of one of my illnesses, I have to stay out of the sunlight completely. I have to keep my home very dark. I have to go out only after dark. So, needless to say, I was not getting very much exercise at all. Enter this this app ++ app into my life!! I have been using it for about 8 months now. I have a little path that I have created in my home that I walk in the mornings, evenings and during commercial breaks while I watch TV. I love how simple Pedometer is but yet it gives you everything I need to feel motivated to do more. I’m not sure if if I’ll ever be able to walk or run a marathon, but I can definitely see a difference in my strength and stamina now. I definitely recommend Pedometer for anyone who is looking for a good this app and especially for the elderly or medically challenged of any age (I’m 47) to get motivated to move more!!


Thanks for the motivation!

I am now pretty active. That was not the case in the past. I’ve lost 55 pounds the last three years. I work out a few days a week and that is how I started losing the weight. I found Pedometer a year ago and it has helped me to shed the last 20. It has helped me to stay accountable for my health and well being. Instead of sitting on the couch on my days off. I go for a walk, even if it’s for just a few blocks. I park farther from the store now. I do my shopping by my list from top to bottom instead of what is closer and I walk more at the store. At work instead of sitting for a break, I walk around the parking lot or building a few times. All this adds up through the day. If I’m close to my goal. I just take a few minutes to make sure I get there. Thank you for helping me get healthy!


Great app when it works but frustrating when it doesn’t

This is a great app if only because it lets you add steps as a complication. It does a great job of showing you your steps as you are walking or working out. But for some reason in the main section of the iPhone app it skips some days showing completely inaccurate data. Yesterday I logged 6956 steps according to this app (6826 according to the Apple health app) but the day before according to this app I only did 1110 steps. This was completely wrong and Apple shows me doing 5952 steps that day. I know that this seems silly but it’s a great way of motivating me to do work outs by giving me the awards for achievement of goals but you can’t get them if Pedometer drops whole days from the data used for awarding them. So that is the reason why I am not going to give Pedometer 5 stars. When and if they fix it I will definitely update my review and reassess the rating.


Fantastic app but?

I love Pedometer, I personally think this is the best app of this type on Pedometer Store. However, if the developers are reading this, I just purchased a new iPhone 11 pro max and a new Apple Watch. Pedometer shows up properly on my iPhone along with all data up to the changeover date. The Apple Watch app is working properly on the watch. The watch is paired with the phone and every other app I have works properly, even my Apple activity app works properly with both, so I know the watch and phone are communicating. I don’t know what else to do, or if there is some other issue. I have a long walk streak going ( over 400 days) and I hate to have that lost. I had lost nearly 100 lbs during that time and that walk streak is what kept driving me. Sure hope you can help me get it going again.



Just want you to how grateful I am by using your app it has kept me on point moving in the right direction and I know for 2019 I’m going to be even more motivated I just want to thank you for Pedometer it’s been a rough year in 2018 losing family members mostly from unhealthy lifestyles but I’m getting through it promising to make changes in my way of life to not leave an unhealthy legacy. keeping my mind active and motivated and exercising with help of your app is really helping me stay on track and to be committed I just want to thank you. I’ve already racked up over 950,000 steps, for 2018 did my first 33,000 in one day, and I’m in my 76 day of completing my 90 day challenge and this is just after having knee replacement surgery in June. Thank you and have a wonderful new year. I’m loving the addition of the monthly challenge. Sincerely, Baadja-Lyne Odums



Love love love this wonderful app simple so I don't have to DO anything at all--- just get it on your laptop and it does ALL the work for you ! Cannot tell you enough how much this has helped me! Thank you so much , nameless & terrific programmer. 9/9/17 Am still singing praises for this terrific app!! Must be made to fit everybody -- because at first I was an ordinary old person, lazy & not too swift with electronics plus really, really lazy- didn't want to learn anything new - well, my smart physics- teacher daughter told me to go to Pedometer Store and get this app plus-plus and the rest is history !!!oh my I must be your biggest backer. Now I am on a walker unfortunately but still counting steps and your app keeps me up and hopeful. Please keep your app as simple to use as in the Past - please, please. It is wonderful ! Thanks so much , again.



This free app is so good, I left a $1.99 tip. (Tip jar feature for voluntary support) This is one of the few apps that accurately tracks your steps moment by moment, without the need of a fit bit, Apple Watch, or other external device. It links to your Apple Health data and keeps a record of steps over time and applies that to step goals you set for your fitness level. Positive feedback in “achievements” is given when step goals are hit and the streak feature makes it fun to push for consistency. Most people can achieve their desired fitness levels by a proper low sugar diet, spread out in much smaller portions, eating every two hours or so, along with 10,000 steps per day. Get in the habit of 4,000 steps before breakfast and change your life. Pedometer is perfect to track it!


Works but needs improvement

I have had Pedometer for a while. It works fine, let’s get that out of the way because I am not saying it doesn’t. I found it wasn’t very accurate, especially if my phone was in a jacket pocket or in my hand. I guess it is reasonable because in for example the back pocket of your jeans, the motion sensors would sense every time you moved your leg, rather than it being in your hand or jacket pocket. I like how customizable it is, and the fact that it has achievements, but I think the achievement requirements are a bit too high, and I get it, they are meant to be but they seem a bit too ambitious, for myself at least. Other than those two *minor* issues, great app! Would recommend to any friends or family! Also love all the features and how it is free and you have the option to donate. Great idea, great app!

Is Pedometer Safe?

Yes. Pedometer++ is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 63,681 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Pedometer++ Is 47.2/100.

Is Pedometer Legit?

Yes. Pedometer++ is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 63,681 Pedometer++ User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Pedometer++ Is 47.2/100.

Is Pedometer++ not working?

Pedometer++ works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 6 Comments

By paul carlson
Sep 01 2021

i cant see my previous days steps

By Ruth
Aug 30 2021

I don’t understand why there are diagonal slashes on my steps count. Not everyday. Someone please tell me the meaning of these slashes appearing in my columns?

By Thor-Leif Fogelberg
Jun 04 2021

Urusel stegräknare
Pedometer Plus
Varning för denna

By clinton matney
Jun 03 2021

Steps and miles do not correlate. The app consistently records less miles from higher step counts and vis versa. A 2 day example; first day 18,500 steps 7.4 miles; second day 18,922 steps 7.3 miles. 422 more steps but a tenth of a mile less??? What gives? At my height (5'8) it's approximately 2,218 steps in a mile, your app is consistently 2,500 or more. This is dedicated walking with normal stride length, not incidental walking with sometime shortened strides. Over 8 to 9 miles a day I'm losing a mile. I have no idea if the step count is off or the mile count.

By Max
Mar 20 2021

Steps got re-calculated for weeks past...Where did the go, Why are they gone?

By Bob
Mar 01 2021

Just noticed App didn’t record any movement between 2/8 and 2/22. Never experienced this before. Is this a problem others have reported to you? Any solution to make sure App is working right? Thank you!

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