DraftKings Fantasy Sports Reviews

DraftKings Fantasy Sports Reviews

Published by on 2023-11-28

About: DraftKings gives you a shot at winning real cash prizes playing fantasy sports!
Play for the largest cash payouts in fantasy sports – over $10 BILLION in
prizes have been awarded to date! Winners are paid out immediately after a
contest ends. Join for free, choose your sport, and play with friends or other

About DraftKings Fantasy Sports

What is DraftKings Fantasy Sports? DraftKings is a daily fantasy sports app that allows users to play for real cash prizes. The app offers contests for a variety of sports, including football, baseball, basketball, hockey, golf, tennis, soccer, NASCAR, MMA, and League of Legends. Users can play for free or enter paid contests for a chance to win even more. The app also allows users to create their own leagues and track their results in exclusive leaderboards.



- Play daily fantasy sports for a chance to win real cash prizes

- Choose from a variety of sports, including football, baseball, basketball, hockey, golf, tennis, soccer, NASCAR, MMA, and League of Legends

- Play for free or enter paid contests for a chance to win even more

- Create your own leagues and track your results in exclusive leaderboards

- Play against other fans in public contests or with your friends in private contests

- Play in special Beginner's contests only open to other beginners until you learn the ropes

- Draft a lineup for all the major leagues: NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, PGA, NASCAR, NCAA, EPL, MLS, and more

- Follow along with your score live as your team accumulates points for real-life performance in games

- Play fantasy college basketball and fantasy college football in eligible states

- No season-long commitment, it's a brand new season every day

- Prove your skill and earn experience badges for big wins and other milestones

- Must be at least 18 years or older to play, with higher age limits in some states

- Paid contests not available in HI, ID, LA (select parishes), MT, NV, OR, and WA

- Winning a contest on DraftKings depends on knowledge and exercise of skill, not a gambling website

- For entertainment purposes only, see www.ncrg.org for information regarding responsible gaming.

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Key Benefits of DraftKings Fantasy Sports

- Promotion where you get a free $40 head to head for signing someone up

- Makes it easier for a decent dfs player to have an opportunity to be in the top 1%

- Keeps users in the “know” with their favorite sports players/teams/stats

- Allows users to put only $3 in a game that pays $50,000

21 DraftKings Fantasy Sports Reviews

4.9 out of 5


The will lock your account and take your money

I have been on the site for a while and have to say my experiences up until last weekend on DraftKingsFantasySports were pretty good. Then they had a promotion where you get a free $40 head to head for signing someone up. So I signed up three people and had three $40 head to heads and was looking forward to the Super Bowl. Then on Sunday morning the my locked my account as well as the person I signed up, who I live with. So when I emailed them they said because we had used the same computer they took away my ALL of my free plays, which also cancelled them for the people I signed up. I explained we lived in the same house so used the same computer on occasion. We even both sent copies of our drivers license, cause they said they would unlock our accounts if we did. Not only did they not unlock it or give me any of my plays back they cancelled a play I had for NBA with my own money and never refunded it. Felt like my bank account was being seized and frozen for no good reason when all I was guilty of was bringing them three. Ew customer. Beware, they will strong arm and they don’t care how long you’ve been a loyal player.


Better than FanDuel in my opinion

I’ve been using only FanDuel for the past 5-6 years or so and hit big a few times but that was a few years ago. If you don’t have enough in the bank to put in the full 150 entries you’re basically out of the running unless you get very very lucky. But with DraftKings they run some large tourneys with a 20 entry max which opens it up and evens out the playing field drastically! It makes it easier for a decent dfs player like myself who can’t throw thousands into it and hour and hours to fill those hundreds of lineups a fighting chance to use my skills and knowledge to at least have an opportunity to be in the top 1% every once in a while. In FanDuel’s 150 entry tourneys it’s impossible to outplay the “big dogs” with all those entries being built by a computer and no human brain or heart lol. DraftKings at least gives you a chance to hit big which in my opinion makes them the better site to put your money into. I have recently in the past few weeks taken all my funds out of FanDuel’s and been strictly playing on DraftKings and plan do you so going forward.



I don’t understand all the negative reviews, issues, and complaints from folks. Honestly, it is what it is. I’m a small-time player, throwing like $5-$10 lineups in, winning like 30% of the time, lol, and for some reason I keep coming back! Ugh. Makes the games more interesting, keeps me in the “know” with my fave sports players/teams/stats, and for me I’m just as nervous with $5 on a bet as I would be with $10K so it’s been cool. Anyone having all these complaints is either salty because they lost a million dollars, is one of those players that pits like 50 different bets and they’ve confused themselves, or they’re pulling all sorts of shady stuff. DraftKingsFantasySports is exactly as advertised. Simple as that. You shouldn’t even need to “contact customer support” to be quite honest. And the one time I did, they responded within 24hrs to inform me that the reason my bet(contest) disappeared was because it wasn’t full. It was my own mistake that I made only because I was very new. I never had another issue. If your looking into DraftKingsFantasySports you probly have a good idea what it is, like I did, and it’s been very straightforward. As for the others...quit whining and just play!


Awesome even for a casual sports fan!!!

I watched sport is much is possible but I just absolutely love DraftKingsFantasySports even if you don’t watch sports every day all you have to do is study the research they give you and make the right decision and a little bit of luck you’ll be winning money in no time! I’ve never had more fun I just signed up this year in Oct and I’ve never watched so many football games In my life!
NBA fantasy is amazing as well so many points I love it, the one game show down captain mode is awesome can’t tell you how much DraftKings has changed watching sports for me And even if you don’t wanna spend money you can sign up and try out for events for free....plus they have $.25 events and I’ve actually won money in those $.25 quarter jukebox contests quite a bit easy you’d be surprised .....just try it out I’m telling you you won’t regret it you have nothing to lose it’s free to sign up and free to play on thurs and Sunday theres a free contest to enter and win real money in the NFL Thank you dress pants for making my NFL season in NBA season that much better I can’t wait to try out fantasy baseball over the summer


Absent Customer Support

Someone recently tried to steal money from my DK account. My email was spam attacked and I noticed the email they were trying to hide was a $5 deposit to my DK account. I informed DK right away, and I even told them someone was going to withdraw a bunch of money into whatever account deposited that $5. A day went by with no word from DK, and low and behold, a huge withdraw was made. I sprinted home and was thankfully able to cancel that withdrawal. No word from DK. The next day, I get an automated message that my account is restricted and I need to upload a picture of my license. I did so immediately. I’ve updated DK every step of the way, even though I’m just responding to my previous updates. Approaching 5 days now for an issue their website states will be dealt with in under 24 hours. DK response, or lack there of, has now cost me more money than the scammers tried to withdrawal. I’ve even escalated my ticket and still haven’t heard a word about this in near 5 days; after providing around 10 updates during that time. My info/account was compromised on DK end. Their response has been extremely discouraging and worrisome.


Not enough time to update players


I have been playing this website for a few months now and to be honest I’m not impressed. I don’t find out until the game starts that two people in my line up are out for evening. Now I understand that things happen during the game and some times it’s a game decision, but the last 5 or 6 games that a played this site has made me feel like I’m making a good pic based on their feedback with the player. I am almost certain you have updated feedback on each player before the game starts. I have also noticed that your player updates are sometimes a week behind. Therefore if you are as busy as I am you don’t always have time to rely on your own research and count the site to give you proper feedback for the player your picking. Also, feedback on solid players you know are going to well isn’t as necessary as who would be replacing them if they were not play. You don’t deserve five stars and probably never will unless you can give proper feedback to you the people that invest in broken site.


App is great but games are questionable

If I give a rating for just DraftKingsFantasySports , it’s a 4 but if I rate the games, experience and the results, I’ll give it a 1. If you want to put only $3 in a game that pays $50,000, don’t even try. There’s people who make multiple entries, like 200, and they’re very smart and put just about any lineup combination you can think of. I seriously doubt someone actually thought that a few specific WR’s in the SAME LINEUP from last week would perform like they did. Not mentioning any names..Robert Woods, Calvin Ridley and Kenny Stills. Would you put those WR’s in your lineup to win $50,000? I didn’t think so. But, someone did. Actually..a lot of people did. Which makes me feel DraftKings isn’t real...and/or multiple entries is the only way to win. It’s impossible to win big money unless you spend big money and do 200 entries. It’s not fair to the casual player whatsoever. My advice for the casual player is to find the games that don’t allow multiple entries, doesn’t cost much to play and doesn’t pay much to the winner. Start out small, do your game rules research and you might like it. DraftKings is strictly designed and created for the “high rollers” if you ask me. They need more game options for us broke fans to win more money but there’s no money in it for DraftKings so I doubt that’ll happen. Play at your own risk!


Own Your Mistakes

Thank you DraftKings, for confirming NBA players as a starter with a green check mark. Then those same players confirmed by DraftKings as a starter, is actually out for the entire game. Can a government agency please regulate and audit this company? They post inactive players as active, and then claim it was the users fault and their own risk. That is not a risk. A risk implies there is a small chance of success. This was set up for failure by the platform. I have screenshot images of the player being confirmed as a starter with a green check mark before and after the lineups locked. Up to 6 minutes after the lineups locked, they have green check marks. Then the player is ruled out before the game starts. 99% of my loses on the site are my own picks and risk. The fact that they’re customer service claims this is a “risk” is highly suspect. It now makes me wonder how many rigged contests I’ve been in over the past few years. Don’t use DraftKingsFantasySports, it is a scam.


No support and account restrictions

I downloaded DraftKingsFantasySports a few months ago and enjoyed DraftKingsFantasySports . Until my account was put into restriction without any warning. After several attempts to reach a real person to find out, I was emailed and notified that my account was out into a restricted status because of “too many attempts”. This was odd because I did not try to submit any deposits after my initial. I was asked to submit identification via DraftKingsFantasySports and wait for review. It’s been a week and still my account is restricted. The support on the messaging portion of app is useless as they do not reply on there. I’ve tried emAiling the team lead and still no reply. I have tickets with deadlines that I cannot play because I’m restricted. Truly frustrated with how this company handles its customer service. As of writing this today I have still not heard from anyone.

UPDATE #1: since posting this review I have yet to receive any help. I continue to email to the email provided and in app and still no help. The developers have responded to my review with a generic response with no real help. Please take your business else where as this company does not care about its users and customers. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!


Lineup lock

Lineup lock for NBA is absurd. It makes it a game of luck instead of a game of skill which seems like dangerous territory for DFS. You can do all the research you want but if you have a player that is ruled out after lineup lock it doesn’t matter how skilled you are or how much research you put in. All it becomes is a game of luck by picking players who won’t be “surprisingly” ruled out after lock. And whoever avoids the injury landmines are the ones who will benefit from it. It’s killing my enjoyment in playing nba anymore. I know the response will be that you do offer a late swap feature however it is obvious that it’s a lesser product only implemented to justify keeping it off the classic slate. I don’t play DFS on any other site but this issue has me contemplating of playing NBA elsewhere or just stopping NBA play all together. I hope that lineup lock on the classic slate gets resolved soon because i really enjoy the rest of your product and want to continue as a loyal customer.


Inaccurate App & Horrible customer service

The worst thing about the entire DFS industry is that providers like Draftkings, can make a ton of money with little effort. Draftkings’ money making machine starts with just providing a platform for DFS players to exchange money. Of course they have to come up with ways to get people to play more money and more often, but the key is just providing the platform. There is no product people actually buy, it’s just a service Draftkings provides. So why the 1-star? Because all too often Draftkings forgets that they provide a service and with that, a user of their service should expect good customer service. In my situation, the Draftkings app failed to provide good service and when I brought it to Draftkings, they continued the failure and provided horrible customer service. So I recommend using Fanduel. They are not perfect, no one is, but Fanduel has the best customer service and accountability. Good Luck DFS community!


Best DFS Platform

I have a love/hate relationship with DFS but admire DraftKings. They have many contests and many options for one to play. During 2020, they helped me immensely by providing sporting contests to keep me occupied. I’ve played on FanDuel and Yahoo and a couple other DFS platforms. None come close to the power of DraftKings. I’ve invested money into DraftKings (DKNG) on the stock market simply because they cannot lose. If I’m honest, I’d say that they’re getting better and more advanced. However, I’ve had a very difficult time with constant postponements and/or players resting. While I understand why this is, I believe DraftKings should provide more forgiveness in the form of $0.25 tickets when an entire slate goes up in flames. Just to reiterate my opinion, I’ve been with them for about 5 years and have found little success financially, though the gaming experience is by far the best.


Account getting restricted for no reason, DraftKings ignorance for a customer

For what ever reason that doesn’t make any sense why my Acct would be restricted has cut me off from using my ability to play in contest , I’ve never had any reason to get my acct restricted and would like this handle ASAP bc I was expecting to join a contest and depending on how quickly this gets resolved will determine if I never use DraftKingsFantasySports again and only use Fanduel which I’ve heard has a lot better contest to offer.
I need an honest answer to why in the hell my acct has been blocked bc with the contest I was trying to play I know based on the players I had it would have put me in for a good shot at doing well in the contest. There is gonna need to be some sort of compensation for this issue with your app because of the years I’ve used DraftKingsFantasySports never had issues and now all of sudden having issues at a critical time. How this issue is handled thru this company will determine how vigorous and aggressive I’ll promote people to never use draft kings again and use fanduel and other competitors to your type of app

If this review could allow me to do NO Stars I would do it without a doubt


Great fantasy options

Like anything, nothing is perfect. But this is a pretty good option. There are great options for free play all the way to pretty much any level that you choose to play. The site, rules, and options are easy to find and understand. The 2 biggest drawbacks are not terrible. There are some who are highly invested, aggressive and tough to beat. Be careful with leagues that show 5-10% of members having 90% of the wins. Often these are the ones creating the matches. The winner take all is not something that most casual players should invest much into. The small glitches and delays are just something to get used to. The sire isn’t always updating your profile quickly. It seems to be slower than most would expect. Patience in receiving payouts and updating achievement goals is required. You get used to seeing the approximate timing of the accurate current details. But it has varied on when exactly all the information is updated and accurate.


Won't open

So this is the only app that has given me problems. Right now it only gives me a loading wheel and never opens. Before this issue I would open DraftKingsFantasySports and it would send me back to the home screen after an 10 seconds of loading. It wouldn't even get passed the DraftKings logo screen. But now it gets to the second screen with a wheel and will not open fully. Just sits and sits. DraftKingsFantasySports has been terrible for me lately. Ps to fix the first issue I would have to completely cut the data off and load it up until it said not connected to the internet (about 5 tries) then cut data on and it works again. This happens at 12 and I can't view NFL lineups. And if it happens at 630 on NBA I'm toast. This is not the best app by far and it might be the only app I have issues with.

Currently cannot even open app! Just stuck with loading wheel.


Fair more so then others

I’ve had my fair share of bad n good times my last year w DK but what I honestly can say is that eventually, they always have tried to address my issues n work w me and that’s the reason why I never leave! The fantasy sports are a win win situation! They give u points, u buy tickets w them n u get a fair chance of winning big! I don’t normally put money in this area, I’m more casino/ occasionally sports betting, but I really do appreciate this part, and the free pools. The most I’ve won so far was $11 but considering I spent nothing on them, I consider that to be a good win! Recently I had issues w casino, they asked my opinion, I expressed it truthfully and I went on next day n my account had been credited..to me, that meant a lot! Still my favs


Easily better than FanDuel but...

DK app crashes ALL the time! Whenever I’m building a lineup and almost submitting it it just crashes and it does this ALL the time. Incredibly annoying. I hate that their system forces you to re choose what kind of tournaments you want like if you want cheapest to most expensive shown that way you have to tell it that every single time bc their system wants you to play their “promoted” games. Very annoying as well. FanDuel doesn’t do that and their app never crashes on me. But DK support is way better and I always win more money on DK for some reason. I just like the layout of DK better on DraftKingsFantasySports . Their computer version is pretty terrible though and so is FD’s. I never go to the normal website unless I have to its complete trash. Stick with their app only. The website is just a total mess you’d think with all the rake their taking from players they could pay a decent programmer to fix these problems.


Worst. Company. Ever

I have never met a company that made it so difficult to give my money to!! My husband has an account already. I wanted to start playing too so he downloaded DraftKingsFantasySports on my phone but used his bank card when adding money. Apparently that’s an issue with DK. Fine, fine sorry I’ll use mine. After being on chat forever about that we thought the issue was resolved and I would be able to start drafting. Come Sunday, my account was STILL locked down. I messaged them asking why?!? I deposited $25 from my bank card and verified my account already. No one got back to me. Tonight...Monday... more of the same. People on chat asking for my ID and my husbands. Getting the run around... we uploaded documentation . Did everything they asked. Waited for at least an hour or more to even talk to anyone.
Such a hassle!!! Why can I walk into a casino and blow my money with 0 of these issues!!! ??? I get it you have rules but seriously?! When I can’t get support or immediate resolve after I fix the issue the problem lies within YOUR company.
Going to Fanduel right now.


Draft kings entertainment value

I feel like participating in Draftkings is enjoyable. I have only participated in Draftkings for the most part in the sport of NASCAR. I feel like the opportunity to invest very little for a possible big payout adds more entertainment value to watching each event and even leads people who would be less interested in watching a race or an event to watch it and follow it. This leads to higher viewership for the sport or event that you have a small investment in and this leads to more more sponsorship money going into that sport. The truth is all professional sports are a business first and any increase in revenue for each sport resorts in higher success for that sport and more enjoyment for fans if that sport. Draftkings is certainly enhancing the business of professional sports and the enjoyment of the fans.


Don’t play this app. They will take your money eventually

I cash out my money and I thought they were gonna put back on my debit card like they say if I used this card and made deposits with in 90 days it should go back to the debit well it was only about 40 days and some reason they said they issued a check to me.
2 months went by no check so I contacted them about it. They said there gonna put a stop on the check and reissue me another one. Well it 2 months passed since they said that still no check. So I contacted them again someone told me that this kind of thing takes time. Well I’m thinking to my self how long does it take to track a 49$ check and reissue another one. This was august 2020 I made withdraw these people act like this over a few bucks think about how they will act when you when a lot of money. You may have to take them to Coart. I would not trust these people.

To your response: I have been asking for my money long Enough it has been almost months since I’ve made that withdraw and I have come to the conclusion that I will not be getting paid from all the lies you guys tell about getting back to me about my withdraw. Your customer service reps are full of it. Thank God for other Good sports apps like SuperDraft & FanDuel.

As far as I’m concerned you only have stolen from your self I’m pretty sure people are gonna start reading reviews before try these apps.


Scam!! Contests disappear!!!

Pay attention to your contests; HOW MANY YOU'VE JOINED(it won’t always count you as joined, even after you’ve submitted a lineup)(DraftKingsFantasySports stacks contests that are the same, so if you don’t pay attention to what you’ve joined, it’s easy for these scam artists to discount one or seven of your lineups.) and HOW MUCH MONEY YOU'VE INVESTED EACH WEEK(it’s easy to catch these dip sticks in their scam if you keep track of all your investments. It’s also easy to lose track of what you joined and spent. These evil people prey on that inattentiveness and relish the opportunity to simply delete what you’re not keeping track of.). I bought into this before I researched it. Don’t be ignorant like me. However, I have been able to make $20 last 5 weeks. But, I’d be sitting on thousands if what they are doing was actually legit. In other words, you have a better chance of actually winning in Vegas(not playing this kinda thing). Be mindful that Vegas loves these guys because this thing rakes in naive idiots and if allowed, will create an idiocracy that we supposedly fear.

That being said, if you can properly manage your entries and identify the games that drunk betters play so they can place bets on their favorite player, and/or driver, you can make a little money(if these cons don’t pick up on it first). The house doesn’t like not winning and they always win. Remember that.


Top notch

I’ve been playing on DraftKings for years and I am only writing this review because I saw a couple bad reviews and I totally disagreed with them.
I feel the bad reviews simply come from the people that get upset they didn’t win. With that being said I’ve won plenty and lost even more but that’s my fault not DraftKings. It up to the player to do the research it takes (and yes a bit of luck).
DraftKings takes a % of the pool so it doesn’t matter to them who wins. They get their $ you are battling the other players not DraftKings.
The payout has always been quick and when I’ve made withdrawals I’ve always gotten a check within a week. Top notch app and super fun. And customer support has never let me down.


Good but could be better

Being able to place bets on random games/sports is fantastic. Big or small it keeps you more invested in each game and makes the game more fun.

My biggest complaint is that lineups are not always updated before the contest starts which is extremely frustrating when you do not have time to do research and ensure each player you have picked will be playing, I rely on DraftKings to update line ups so that I don’t buy players who are not playing. It’s frustrating to check a lineup 5 minutes before the start and have all the players ready to go and then as it starts they get marked as out! So now it feels like a complete waste of money as you can’t win when you have a man not earning points.

I think if that happens and is a game time decision you should be allowed to substitute the player or have DraftKings do an auto-sub. Worst part of the game play!



Customer service has a long way to go on improving their response time to any problems/concerns/, issues that contestants may, & actually do bring to ur attention. I have tried a cpl times with little success in receiving a timely reply & didn't get a response of any kind on 1 issue with my account.
Also, Still need to loosen up ur time constraints for entering a team & saving it for ur entry. If ur contest had multiple games involved, then an entrant should be able to enter/save a roster any time before & leading up to the start time of 2nd to last scheduled game of the day. Granted there may be 8 games in the contest, but entrant wud only have 2 games(4 tesms) to pick his roster from but at least he cud still put a roster in & retain a chance to be involved with ur contest. I have griped about that for a long time. If u don't understand point I'm trying to make, let me know. I be glad to go over it if don't understand my thinking



DraftKingsFantasySports simply just stinks. It crashes all the time, especially right before a contest when everyone is trying to get on and adjust line ups. It never updates your account total quickly. It gives false info on people in contests and if you’ve joined. And when you bring it to their customer service attention, or can’t enter a line up because it keeps crashing, they will not refund you and tell you it’s your iPad and equipments fault. They’ve even told me to just use a PC instead of DraftKingsFantasySports to solve my problems, what a solution! I’ve updated my iPad, DraftKingsFantasySports , deleted DraftKingsFantasySports and even re downloaded, yet nothing ever seems to help. So many bugs for an app so many people use each day and they definitely have the money to fix it, yet just don’t. Pretty sad to see a company that’s takes so much money from people give absolutely 0 effort back. DraftKingsFantasySports alone pushed me over to FanDuel, and I couldn’t be happier with the switch. Never spending another dime at DK!

Jacob Blodgett   3 years ago

Draft kings put a hold on my account. They were very vague about why and have been terrible about explaining to me why this hold is in place. The only thing I was told is that someone else made a deposit into my account. I see no evidence of this, I can't withdraw my money and can't get clear answers as to why.

Is DraftKings Fantasy Sports Safe?

Yes. DraftKings Fantasy Sports is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 510,836 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for DraftKings Fantasy Sports Is 35.7/100.

Is DraftKings Fantasy Sports Legit?

Yes. DraftKings Fantasy Sports is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 510,836 DraftKings Fantasy Sports User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for DraftKings Fantasy Sports Is 68/100..

Is DraftKings Fantasy Sports not working?

DraftKings Fantasy Sports works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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