Sleeper: Fantasy Leagues Reviews

Sleeper: Fantasy Leagues Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-30

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Sleeper: Fantasy Leagues Reviews

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    (Almost) The best app for fantasy football

    Having used sleeper for a few months now, I have to say it’s an amazing app. The news updates are super handy, the in app league chat is amazing since you don’t have to use another app for talking to league mates, the amount of options available in terms of league settings is amazing and just makes playing on this app more fun than basically every other. It does have a few issues that seem to be present on every app like scores maybe taking a bit to catch up, but it is never really a big issue. The only change I would like to see that would make this app worth five stars is a quality of life one. When viewing your team on the app I don’t see any way to get all (if not most) of your team and their scores in your matchup on the screen at once. Although I do sometimes enjoy the added info and the field position indicator under the player names, I would really love a compressed view where it would hide/get rid of the on field indicator and possibly their game stats for the week. Sometimes I just want to log in and see how all my players did compared to my opponents without having to scroll and dig for certain players. Maybe there could be a button or something similar that says “more matchup info” that would toggle this off and on. Other than this, I don’t really have any complaints about the app and think it is probably the best app for fantasy football currently available.

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    So far so good but

    Ok, so this app looks amazing. As commish running a Dynasty on ESPN has been tough, no pick trading has been something I been wanting but never delivered. Now this app has that but I wanted to bring over the current rosters we have to this app without having the trouble of making everyone re-do the draft. We are 4 years in and nobody wants to switch teams. I’d love to make the switch but I don’t know if everyone else in my league will be motivated to make the switch with having to do the draft all over. Also, an offline draft would be good because that’s how we been running our rookie drafts because some teams need to be in the draft for 5 rounds where as other teams only need 1-2 rounds in rookie drafts. Just a few concerns. But overall, if I ever was starting a new league, I’m starting it here.

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    Best Fantasy App

    I have been the commissioner of a dynasty league that has used various different platforms, including ESPN, Yahoo, and NFL, and I can say without a doubt that sleeper is superior in almost every category. Many of the options they make available for various types of leagues are immense and are not available on many other platforms, especially not the free ones. From trading rookie draft picks during the season to multi team trades to its interactive and helpful customer service, our league has never regretted switching to this up and coming fantasy app/website.I would recommend for any league to at least try out the app (which they even allow commissioners to get a preseason trial run of all the apps features) and see if it’s for you.

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    Best Fantasy Football App. Period!

    I’ve used Yahoo, ESPN, and the NFL apps and they all pale in comparison to the Sleeper App. The news alert from team and player updates is the best in the business. The chat channels to discuss trades, waiver wire, and the draft is active and helpful. The ability to do multiple team trades is amazing. The only 2 things on my wishlist as an update is the ability to counter-offer and includes trades notes/comments like the Yahoo platform allows and an improvement on the Watchlist/Wishlist for Autodrafting. One team who autodrafted in our league got 5 WRs for the first 5 rounds. Some autodrafted teams were well balanced while others lacked any TEs or QBs. Even with those downsides I am migrating my current yahoo leagues over to the Sleeper app next year.

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    Great Fantasy Football App!

    I moved my league from the NFL fantasy platform to Sleeper and no more frustrations. I'm still in another league that uses Yahoo and I hate to go into the app to check the scores. Sleeper has nailed this app! Giving the commissioner and owners a full experience from the mobile device, there is almost no reason to use the website. If you're not using Sleeper, you're missing out. Two things I'd love to see: 1. A widget for a quick look at scores without having to unlock the device. 2. An "Adds" counter that shows the number of adds a team has made throughout the season.

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    Inexcusable glitches

    Numerous things go wrong with this app - for example we just finished up a dynasty draft on Sleeper - A couple players including Cooper Kupp were nowhere to be found throughout the entire draft - sometimes it doesn’t allow me to move stuff on my roster which is costing me adding guys from the waiver - additionally there’s no draft queuing which is absolutely ridiculous - The ranking system is so flawed until they paired with someone actually legitimate casual users are totally hosed - I am not a casual user but having to manually search for guys that should obviously be at the top of the list is a absolute pain - how do you not have Rookie summary’s and breakdowns? Not even a photo of these guys for Rookie drafts - this should be hands down the best app for fantasy but if is definitely NOT - on top of it all when you do have an issue - there “help” has gotten back super slow and without explanation - Thanks for reading my rant - moving my league back to ESPN

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    So far, so AWESOME!

    Let me start by saying that I just discovered this app and I am still in the beginning phases putting together my first league in it. With that said, it’s basically everything I’ve ever dreamed of in fantasy app. From the draft board, to the greatest chat room system ever made to the intuitive player analytics GUI you can tell whoever developed this app are true hardcore fantasy sports nuts. Visual In-messaging trades get everyone into the trading market enjoyably and conveniently, you can even have 3 way trades! So far I am beyond impressed but I’ll have to come back when my league is a few weeks in to give a final Grade. Friendly enough for a novice while seemingly deep enough for even the most obsessed bro you ever met!

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    Great App, review FAAB?

    Overall, the best Fantasy Football app out right now. I love the customization aspect of it, can really make your league your own experience. One suggestion I’d like to make is regarding the FAAB system. When bidding, there needs to be a “bid up to” component, sort of like how E-Bay works. It doesn’t make sense to have to pay for a player for the max value of your bid when the next closest bid was lower, when $1 more would have gotten the job done- if that makes sense? It’s something my league has discussed ad nauseam. Would help stretch your FAAB and not over pay when it’s unnecessary. Love the app!

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    Can’t wait til native

    I currently work for a (somewhat of a) startup software company in a big industry so I understand the growing pains of progressing to the next big thing. This year I convinced my 10+ year espn league to move to Sleeper and everyone loves it, including the stubborn people in the group, but there is such a big need for a native iPad app. I saw it’s planned for January 2020 but unfortunately that’s after the season. I know the rest of the league is waiting for the final piece of the puzzle just like me. Thanks for making my life as a commish easy, I truly appreciate that! Reach out if you need any additional support, I love fantasy football and have a solid background in IT.

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    Almost Perfect

    This is the best fantasy app/format I have found out there. Only thing they need to improve is to add a counter offer option for trades. Other than that it is perfect. My main league that is very serious and intent on not changing its ways/traditions immediately switched to this app a single day before the draft. It makes everything easier on every commissioner and member of the league. The in app chat is awesome and there is boat loads of research to be had through sleeper. If someone from the company reads this, please add a counter trade option in next update!

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    Use to be excellent

    I miss when this app first came out a few years back and you could follow the play-by-play of your selected players. Multiple players on multiple teams, live time. Like a scrolling play-by-play of all the games/players you were interested in as they scored fantasy points. I also miss the old news feed... now it makes you choose “channels” which you need to scroll through rather than having it all in one feed. And, the channels aren’t alerts or news anymore... just other fantasy players asking everyone for help. So you’re basically getting advice from everyone and anyone. It use to give you tons of alerts, which made it a true “sleeper” app. It’s basically just another app to host a fantasy league anymore.

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    Best app for fantasy

    This is by far the best app for fantasy. It has easy to understand rules, fun attributes, amazing design, and zero lag. The app also makes sure I’m caught up with everything relating to football. It will notify me which players are injured, which ones are doing hot, and more. You can also communicate better within leagues by setting up polls and stuff. Trading is better since they have a three way trade system. They even have a loser bracket for the bottom 4. If you were to download any app for fantasy you should pick this one

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    Wow, tremendous!

    I just discovered this app a few hours ago, and I can truly say it’s amazing. I love the recent updates to the ESPN app, I’ve been a longtime user, but I’m going to try to convince my league mates to make the jump. The only thing holding you guys back is not having fantasy basketball. We have the same guys in both our fantasy football & basketball leagues, so the convenience of having everything in one place, along with the updates ESPN rolled out, is what probably will dissuade everyone from jumping ship. Amazing app though!

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    Amazing platform, just lacking in the live department

    I love sleeper. I don’t want to drown on about everything I love, just want to make a suggestion. During the games, it’s very confusing to see my and my league’s matchups, also the scores to games. I know sleeper has versions of these, but i don’t feel like theyre at their potential. They just feel cluttered. Please take ESPN’s “fantasycast” or “matchup” as it’s called for an example. Simple layout, can swipe between league matchups, and the game displays are simple and pleasing. It would make the actual fantasy experience much more enjoyable if you guys tweaked your matchup layout. Thanks!

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    Almost perfect, but one issue

    This app is amazing. I highly recommend switching to sleeper for fantasy football. There’s tons of ways to do research. It tells you who’s trending up and down. There’s a forum where you can post questions and have people answer them. It’s honestly amazing. There’s 1 major issue though: Whenever there’s lots of people in the same thread, like major news on a player injury, then the app will crash within 5 seconds. It’s really really annoying when I’m trying to post a message and it crashes as I’m typing. If you guys fix this, I will give you 5 stars

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Is Sleeper: Fantasy Leagues Safe?

Yes. Sleeper: Fantasy Leagues is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 42,346 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Sleeper: Fantasy Leagues Is 47.7/100.

Is Sleeper: Fantasy Leagues Legit?

Yes. Sleeper: Fantasy Leagues is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 42,346 Sleeper: Fantasy Leagues User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Sleeper: Fantasy Leagues Is 47.7/100.

Is Sleeper: Fantasy Leagues not working?

Sleeper: Fantasy Leagues works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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