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Published by on 2019-12-16

Set up, manage, and control your Google Home, Google Nest, and Chromecast devices, plus thousands of connected home products like lights, cameras, thermostats, and more – all from the Google Home app. One view of your home. The Home tab gives you shortcuts for the things you do most, like playing...

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Google Home Reviews

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    Google Home Facelift A Success!!

    The first iteration of the Google Home app was fine for launch, but there are certain features and refinements that were missing, then they made it a little convoluted by switching you back and forth between Home and Assistant for some reason, but this new version is exactly what I'd expect from Google. The UI/UX is phenomenal and the features you actually expect are right at your fingertips when you open the app, such as the ability to see every device and manage their basic operations with one click and not having to dig through various apps to target such devices manually. The addition of pairing a Bluetooth speaker has been long awaited but also the ability to make a speaker group and simultaneously play music through all of them is another feature I had been waiting for as someone who has speakers throughout the house. Google, you truly nailed it with this update and I really hope the majority of the updates are minor fixes and routine maintenance, because as it stands, this app feels polished and feature rich!

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    You learn more by testing

    I honestly wasn't expecting much since I stayed at a home that had Alexa. I genuinely love the Google home so much. It's easy to maneuver and I like that it resumes from where you left off if you accidentally stop it. As for improvements, I'd love more options for news (especially a astrology and astronomy and Broadway based one) and to be able to read the full description of each news option somehow. Perhaps a transcript of the news as well to read along. I'd like it if you could go through your past questions/requests to the Google home as well just so I don't have to repeat myself if it speaks too fast. For lingists I think it would be neat if you could do a bilingual option (I know you can do multiple languages but it wouldn't answer to me when i spoke English even though it was the primary language). It would be nice to practice other languages with the Home's help. Or an option to put topics you want to stay up-to-date on and it will Google search and read the newest articles.

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    Could be better.

    Home mostly works but it still has lots of bugs. It stops playing streams at least once or twice a day. It looses connection to the internet. When I place a phone call, it thinks it is the first time I have used it, and reads me a boring script. It is difficult to manage notifications. A Reminder is easy to miss because it does not include an alarm sound. Although Google has access to my every word, they never seem to push software updates. It drives me crazy that it is not user configurable. If you speak to it it sometimes doesn’t respond, if you yell at it, two speakers respond. If you start a stream on one speaker, there is no way to add a new speaker when you move to a new room. There is no way to group lights and or speaker into a scene, So you have to turn them on one at a time or turn on all lights in a room. There are still limits to wireless switch and bulb configurations on the market. This is not Google’s fault but some smart rocker switches are incompatible with standard cover plates. There is no two gang switch yet. All wireless outlet units stick out of the wall and make the plug hit furniture, etc.

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    Bad update for Chromecast

    First, let me say my experience on the phone with customer service (Michael) was outstanding. He helped me fix the original issue. I had every item in our home set up, but I was unable to set up the Living Room. After hours of failed attempts, I got in contact with support. Michael walked me through a few different troubleshooting ideas to no avail. When he realized I was using the iPhone XR, he told me that was the issue. I had to get my son’s iPhone 6 to complete the set up. Great. Problem solved. An hour and a half later, all of the items in our household crashed. I attempted to walk through the steps Michael had provided. It all seemed fine, until it came to the last step (connecting to Wi-Fi), at which point, the TV showed my the screen with the 4 digit code...again. I went in circles for 2 more hours. I requested replacement Chromecast devices and Michael said he would definitely pass the word up. For everything in our house to crash and not reboot, I am guessing it has something to do with the update. After all, the last question it asked before I had to start over was, “Set up some smart lights”, which is actually more of a command than a question.

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    Google home keeps falling short

    Compared to Alexa: (1) home hub doesn’t show the time at night (the “ambient light sensor” turns the screen 100% black) (2) can’t call a specific room (3) can’t play a song without blabbering for a minute about every artist and service involved (4) can’t set family reminders that go off for everyone (5) the hub devices can’t hear anyone speak well (6) google can’t play popular songs like the Lion King (featured in their own commercials) without manual intervention otherwise they play knockoffs (7) will only play white noise for an hour unless specified (8) don’t have a quiet mode so if you ask something at night have to listen to it scream across your house nonsense like “this is what white noise sounds like” (9) assistant only sometimes connects to the devices and when it does it can’t even perform the same tasks (eg play white noise) (10) Hub doesn’t display the time if the hub is doing anything besides nothing which makes it a terrible bedside device -even white noise turns off the clock which is stupid by every measure

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    Violation of child privacy a real concern

    I bought the Google Home for a convenient and fun way to stay connected and try something new. Only after using it for two days did it dawn on me that everything my 5 year old was saying to it was being recorded and stored on Google servers. He loved it. “Hi Google” could have gone on for hours if I let it. I work in software development and decided to look further into where things stand with smart speakers and Child Online Privacy and Protection - COPPA (including the collection of children’s personal information, audio, video and images). Bottom line - I couldn’t find anything addressing it. Some concerns have been raised that might lead to legal action at some point, I also saw articles alluding to future patents that could make the listening tech even more invasive. Imagine ads targeting your kids based on conversations you’ve had with them at dinner. These have somehow been sold into millions of homes with a loophole. For now I decided retire the Google Home. I deleted the multiple voice recordings of my son that had been stored via the Google Home app and can only hope that they are permanently gone from Google servers too.

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    In response to “kahnpro”...

    I know what you’re thinking...😮omg . Same thing I thought when my buddy was doing some browsing(not your typical amateurish cpu skills here i mind you) & reading DEEP into Google’s policies, prefs, and settings and came across the audio stuff. It was frightening at first I’ll admit... Him having random conversations infront of the computer.. 100s even. I jammed home, got on my pc(I use google everything, i think its the future whether we like it or not). Only to find out Most of those settings on my pc had been turned off and nothing had been recorded. Its common sense pretty much to read the fine print... and as long as you do with google you're 👌... And i’ll even go one step further. Trust me on this one. They been “known in the past” to get their users backs, and maybe eveb on occasion “look the other way,” when meed be. So my suggestion.. Stick it out.

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    I love Google home

    Google home mini has made my life better. Besides helping me with everything things I constantly find myself going back and saying “Hey google !” Needless to say this device saved my life . If you don’t understand or even care about technology. Then this product is NOT for you. Overprotective parents need to get over themselves and stop making everything a problem . We’re spied on each and every day.. by Google, Microsoft , Sony, etc everyday.. our internet providers are constantly watching us. If you don’t like devices and software that record you then DONT get this product. I don’t say or do anything that would get me in trouble so I have no worries. In the end wether you cut a device or service out to try and protect yourself or your family then you might as well live under a rock.. because your always being watched... Always

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    I love it.

    I have a Google Home Mini, Chromecast, & a Geeni/Merkury Innovations smart outlet. I use all three daily. I just have a few suggestions. 1) Night mode on Chromecast: Filters blue light when videos and other media are playing. In Ambient Mode, the screen turns black or dark gray [decided by the user] and displays the time. The feature could be scheduled like other Google Home nightmode-things. Would be really useful, since I use a Dynex TV in my room as my light source at night. It's also not HDMI-CEC compatible so I can't use Google Assistant to turn it on/off. 2) Action compatibility for IFTT: I know you can use Google Home as a trigger in IFTTT, but I haven't seen it as an action. Actions would include things like Broadcast, changing volume of Home devices, and controlling devices such as smart outlets, Chromecast-s, smart locks, and any other Home-compatible devices in your setup. That's all!

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    Good platform annoying controls.

    I have two home minis and a standard home. They work well for new tech. You must be very precise all the time to get what you want completed. Google makes it hard to access pandora playlists, and often assumes the playlist doesn’t exist redirecting you to google play. When using a Chromecast google will only use primary account not secondary for Netflix through voice commands even if you try to specify. The mobile app site reminds me of something blackberry would have made, in that the action windows use slide feature way too much. All in all love the system and can’t wait for improvements. Puts Alexa and Siri to shame. Would love voice choices in the future. Morgan Freeman? Danny DeVito? Liz Hurley? Judy Dench? Someone’s gotta be bored enough to sit through voice programming.

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    We’re loving it!

    My husband and I have had our Chrome cast for a hot minute, and we absolutely love the fact since we don’t have a “smart” tv that now it feels as if we do have a “smart “tv with this awesome little device that is hooked up to our tv now.... Its extremely easy to use, especially if you do have kids, which we do, have a son who just moved out, but when he comes and visits us we can have FAMILY movie night and everyone can pick something on whatever app you have and play it from on of our Cell Phone’s!! I’m just so happy that we invested in the Chromecast, because eventually we may just get rid of Direct, all together!! The Chromecast, is kinda like our 2nd kid that we never had, but now it’s apart of our family forever and brings us joy and happiness in everyone’s life, thus far!! Thanks!!!

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    Very Disappointed with this Google mini I just got for my early birthday present last month.

    My boyfriend set up Google Mini but not all the way I downloaded the Google home mini app and then I found out I had to download the Google assistant app and then I had to download the Google Drive app. so I had to have 3 apps on my phone to work the Google mini completely and then it was working fine until I want to make personal phone calls and I said hey Google call this person and it said cannot find contact in phone and I called Google and I was on the phone with them for 3 hours. I reset the Google me unplugged it and still didn’t work. so I am returning them. I think Echo Dot is a lot better then Google home mini. At least my boyfriend gets his money back. Don’t buy Google mini unless you want three apps on your phone. Also it came with no instructions on how to set it up. you had to download google home app plus goal assistant plus Google Drive very disappointed it had 2 of them and they were on sale at the time.

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    This is perfect

    This is the best product that Google has ever made the assistant is wonderful she is what a assistant should be unlike Siri Siri is not a actual assistant it was very easy to set up once you connect the speaker to your account and you set up your routine and everything else you really do not need to go into the app I do not understand what these people are complaining about in adding users it’s really simple most of these people are complaining for nothing why would google let Apple Music be on its product if you won’t to use Apple Music with a speaker by the HomePod it is really easy to set alarms in delete alarms it’s nice to know about your day when you wake up and get the news it is also nice and wonderful to walk into your home and ask it to do what you want perfect product good job Google

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    Honestly... a little disappointed

    I have been a Google fan boy for as long as I can remember. I used it over Yahoo back when it was a thing, I got into the Gmail BETA through invitation, and so on. Google was definitely my choice with smart home tech, but now I finally have a grievance. The app continues to forget my routines. The devices apparently don’t recognize bulbs or routines, nor do they refer me by name anymore. Good morning is supposed to give me the time, weather, commuting information, and stuff on my calendar... but it just says hi here’s the time. Options disappear sometimes, requiring a refresh or app reload. I’m sorry, but continuously factory resetting my devices, and re-configuring things in the app over and over is not an excusable fix... that doesn’t fly in my work as a programmer, it shouldn’t fly here. You can have more stars when you implement a real solution, not the new version of “have you tried turning it off and on again”

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    Reliable, easy and works as advertised!

    I have a flat screen TV but it isn’t a “smart” TV. The Google Home app allows me to select from my phone what I want to stream from our WiFi using our Chromecast device plugged into the TV. While a video is streaming I can use other apps on my iPhone. I have already recommended it to other people, we added my daughter’s phone using the Google Home app in about 10 seconds so she can use the Chromecast whenever she wants. A few days after writing the above review I was unable to connect to my WiFi either Chromecast, I called customer service and they said that they were already working on the problem and two days later the problem is fixed!!! I can’t ask more from a product all the way around!

Is Google Home Safe?

Yes. Google Home is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 241,436 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5. Justuseapp Safety Score for Google Home Is 100/100.

Is Google Home Legit?

Yes. Google Home is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 241,436 Google Home User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Google Home Is 90/100.

Is Google Home not working?

Google Home works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Twitter Reviews for Google Home

@I_AM_NAMAHA I do not consider @Google to be intelligent,. Or to be in possession of any Nerual Network ™ or "Deep State™ Technology"... We don't talk like that with technology companies....

@dawnieando @RicRodriguez_UK @MrsAlinaGhost @Google update to that. It's not worked out that 'after baby' is equal to post-natal.

@SSlyper My next, perhaps overly ambitious, step is to try add crater identification powered by my new @Google Coral accelerator. I’d love to be able to look at a live view of the moon through VR and have the @Raspberry_Pi automatically identify the crater 🤯

@sushilkandola @Google @YouTube Team, is there any way to deactivate/uninstall YouTube app. As I have installed Kids YouTube app for kids of 5 year. I want kids app only for him to read & learn poems.

@TomPCW @meijer_s @Google Have you heard of Snowflake? We’ve started looking into it and it seems to solve this problem :)

@BTSTXT91518895 @Google this is the second time cause this happened to taehyun before please fix this problem and stop this and thank u hope you do 🙂

@RicRodriguez_UK @MrsAlinaGhost @Google @dawnieando I’m wondering if there’s enough of a baseline on the topic in the KG to make Google confident on what it’s returning? If not, might be it’s matching what it trusts on this topic + on connected topics. My theory anyway...

@MrsAlinaGhost No @Google that’s not what I asked. After seeing a friend with an active baby I got curious... what’s more curious is the current SERP, even after BERT... I bet @dawnieando will have something to say about this 🙈

@mtobis Summary of @google kvetch: Forms has an affordance to upload binaries. Result is a *link to a webpage* from which one can download. But they do not provide the URL for the binary itself. It looks deliberately obfuscated. (Even right click on image fails.) Malicious silo-ing?

@PratikP37641058 @sundarpichai @sundarpichai @Google I'm mot here to bother you on petty issues. But it's not petty when Customers like us put trust on the company and get ready to risk 65k Rs. And promote a positive review with peers on google device, against which what I'm getting is poorest customer service

@JeromeTaylor Hong Kong police have been given “unfettered power” to compel internet companies to provide information in national security cases. That means companies like @Facebook, @Twitter and @Google are going to have to decide whether they cooperate or not

@Survivalisvital Mistake of the day goes to @komoot They just e mailed me at my new e mail , strangely I've never given t to them . Yes I have their app and yes they have one of my other e mail addresses . So how did they acquire my new e mail address?? Maybe @Google can help clarify 🤔

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@TergumAmore @Google Why do I have to play 'I am not robot' at leats 5 times before I can search for anything? Its a joke, its my phone my laptop,

@sajjad9698 @Google @TEDTalks @gmail I have forgotten my password for my Gmail account.I'm getting the OTP on my registered mobile number but not on my recovery email.That's why I'm not able to access my Gmail account with which my youtube channel is associated. @YouTubeIndia @YouTube @ytcreators

@shoreytime @iamlaurentweets @rotmark1980 @dl_wiley @latimes @ladya @Google Its difficult situation coz Lady Antebellum did the right thing in trying to trademark in 10yrs ago. If teh RnB singer had of protested then , the band couldve found another name, but now 10yrs later its not easy to assign who is in the wrong (morally or legally)

@basstdrummer Why? @Google Mali is not only calum hood’s sister she is a singer and an amazing songwriter aswell she doesn’t deserve to be remembered as sister of someone

@StickItWTSDS @Google Hey Google, want to try and remember you have used who access your search engine on a desktop? Being mobile focused is fine but don't degrade the experiences of those of us on a laptop, please! Prefer not to have to scroll for 2 hrs whilst staring at half a white page!

@lokeshdjangada @STUPIDREACTIONS Damn Good While watching @netflix ‘s #dark I got so confused that I had to @Google the details but they told be to download an app from 2053 instead. Now that app is suggesting me to read an Encyclopedia from the 18th century. Soon I might end up in cave reading stone carvings

@sajjad9698 @Google @localguides @gmail I have forgotten my password for my Gmail account.I'm getting the OTP on my registered mobile number but not on my recovery email.That's why I'm not able to access my Gmail account with which my youtube channel is associated. @YouTubeIndia @YouTube @ytcreators

@interstellarchz It is 100% not my fault George Grindlinger is a predatory creep @MeekMill. @Google has to deal with the fall out of that one. What have you all been doing behind my back? Please, be honest, I’m being attacked from all sides now- if you don’t think I’m not the type of person

@sajjad9698 @GoogleStartups @Google @gmail I have forgotten my password for my Gmail account.I'm getting the OTP on my registered mobile number but not on my recovery email.That's why I'm not able to access my Gmail account with which my youtube channel is associated. @YouTubeIndia @YouTube @ytcreators

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@adityaNgoyal @GooglePayIndia @Google Please look into my transaction ID CICAgKD-19jwUw. Its 29 Feb transaction and till now no resolution.Either refund gold to gold vault or send amount to bank account.Its pathetic service and customer service is not providing ETA for resolution.

@just_sj11 Millennials on social media using "n" number of hashtags to prove that they all hold Ph.D in Search Engine Optimization. Should be informing @Google to recommend them for Turing Award xD

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@AdjWitbank @Huawei @Google i brought a huawei y7 phone. First shit i noticed was no google play store!!! No f.. Ing youtube!!! And no google maps!!! Thanks a lot to huawei to kick that bad google habits! No more ads on the phone from every app i open.

@sajjad9698 @Google @swongful @gmail I have forgotten my password for my Gmail account.I'm getting the OTP on my registered mobile number but not on my recovery email.That's why I'm not able to access my Gmail account with which my youtube channel is associated. @YouTubeIndia @YouTube @ytcreators

@ericjbible This one was wild to me and when I read it I was like 😳 My @Google search talent is definitely not at that level, but maybe someday 🤔🤓 3/3

@mattw60602940 I’ve come to realize to not trust any news site that uses @google as their source of truth without realizing how Google and website creation works, including how fast any company can change a website. Looking at @mediawise

@ArtDrawerGuy @nellwyn @schultzohio @Google @Facebook @JoeBiden @DrBiden These groups WILL primarily vote GREEN. It depends on you, which party gets the votes. It's not time to be insolent. The Green Party will syphon votes because of this issue.

@ChefSohanSingh2 @Google I am not able to login to my gmail account because I had 2 step verification turned on and reset my phone

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@sajjad9698 @Google @gmail I have forgotten my password for my Gmail account.I'm getting the OTP on my registered mobile number but not on my recovery email.That's why I'm not able to access my Gmail account with which my youtube channel is associated. @YouTubeIndia @YouTube @ytcreators

@nellwyn We said it seven months ago to @Google and we will say it again to @Facebook: a blunt ads ban is not a real solution to disinformation on your platform.

@jasminestem @Google - if use Google app and go to another app, you lose the Google page you were looking at!!! This does not happen with Safari. Google innovation is going downhill. UK.

@GurlOnThePhone @CyrusAParsa1 @Google @AP @POTUS @DHSgov This is a good start, but this document does not mention how CCP detainees are being killed for organ trafficking. That makes a big difference in how most will view this, we need that to come out via official channels soon....holding that vision. 🕊️

@ubuntu We are happy to announce the availability of the Linux alpha for @FlutterDev alongside @Google. With desktop Linux support, @Canonical makes it easy for app developers to publish apps for Linux users via the Snap Store, the app store for Linux. #Flutter

@SouravSonawane5 @Google @GoogleIndia @sundarpichai Hi Team, I am personally using an Pixel 3 XL and love it. But due to an display issue I had changed my display from Authorize service center in mumbai but is it normal/fine if we having the following frame lose? As it's my durability concern.

@sajjad9698 @Waymo @Google @gmail I have forgotten my password for my Gmail account.I'm getting the OTP on my registered mobile number but not on my recovery email.That's why I'm not able to access my Gmail account with which my youtube channel is associated. @YouTubeIndia @YouTube @ytcreators

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@sudhu_jo it's time @Google should fire Their marketing team. If u are launching a phone as direct competition to iphone SE, u sure as hell should launch it in may. Not August. That too deferring launch date 4 Times. Honestly, indians need non Chinese phones.. capitalise on it quickly.

@JaxiRowden Hey @Google thanks for the reply! I would love to get some help! What can I do???

@sajjad9698 @GoogleSmallBiz @Google @gmail I have forgotten my password for my Gmail account.I'm getting the OTP on my registered mobile number but not on my recovery email.That's why I'm not able to access my Gmail account with which my youtube channel is associated. @YouTubeIndia @YouTube @ytcreators

@leotanczt However, @Google said that its ban on #stalkerware ads will not extend to private investigation services or services designed for #parents to track or monitor their underage children – a big loophole for #surveillanceware companies.

@EsLoor A1: created @Google Chat rooms and group messages for ongoing student discussions of projects they were working on during remote learning; allowed me to monitor communication and collaboration #satchat

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