StreetEasy NYC Rentals & Sales Reviews

StreetEasy NYC Rentals & Sales Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-21

StreetEasy has the largest, most accurate selection of rentals and sales in NYC.
It's the best way to find a home in the city. The StreetEasy app gives you the
power to search the way you want, whether you’re just browsing or want to
filter a search by neighborhood, amenities, virtual t...

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Wonderful app, although no map view

This is a review of StreetEasyNYCRentalsSales , specifically, and not streeteasy as an organization. The streeteasy app has been crucial in helping me find a home in NYC. Is still our primary form of residential searching, however it lacks a few features that I would consider fairly standard in this sort of app - chief among them being the ability to view listings in a map view. Unfortunately you need to click into each individual listing to see where it is located. Additionally it's not easy to apply filters via the mobile app (e.g. Pet friendly filter). Other than that, you can't beat the value StreetEasyNYCRentalsSales provides in terms of filtering for no-fee listings!!


Organization & Search Options Need Improvement

I used StreetEasyNYCRentalsSales to find my most recent apartment but found it extremely irritating that: 1) I could not search for a building specifically within StreetEasyNYCRentalsSales via a search bar. I had to first google the building and then click the StreetEasy hyperlink which then would automatically pull up StreetEasyNYCRentalsSales & the information on the building. 2) I could not organize my saved listings in order of me saving them (let’s say most recent). Instead, the best way to organize listings StreetEasyNYCRentalsSales offers is by “recently updated”. This means I have to dig through my saved listings to try to remember which one I wanted to review again or share with my boyfriend to check out. This equals a lot of wasted time. 3) As other users have pointed out the filters could be improved to be more like what you get on the standard website. I’d like to be able to enter keywords into a search bar or from the start of a search enter things like pet-friendly, dishwasher, etc. At the beginning of the search. Not just neighborhood and budget.


App let’s real estate agents get away with things

So it’s not entirely StreetEasy’s fault, but I just saw an ad that said “Verified apartments” and let me tell you how much bull that is. I’ve set up lots of appointments to see apartments. First of all, I see the same apartment in there sometimes with different addresses. Secondly, they put whatever they want on StreetEasyNYCRentalsSales and it’s not verified. I’ve seen lots of “750sq ft” apartments and when I press them for the size or a floor layout at least 50% of the times it’s 650 or less. 60% of the time the price is also adjusted to reflect that, but they just made me waste my time when I could be at work. I’ve lost money because of them. Start leaving bad reviews for real estate agencies on google that do this. App should ban companies that don’t list honestly. However, StreetEasyNYCRentalsSales itself is really easy to use and not everyone is dishonest. I had to give it such a low review because the clean apartments are verified


I don’t understand.

Literally tried to use the website and then they tell you if you want to have more search options download StreetEasyNYCRentalsSales . Smh. It’s all over the website, “download our app”. Whatever. So I finally download StreetEasyNYCRentalsSales and it doesn’t even work. I try to do a simple search and it’s just saying network error every time. And my WiFi worked fine. So stupid and frustrating. If you want people to use StreetEasyNYCRentalsSales , at least try to get all the major bugs out so that StreetEasyNYCRentalsSales is actually usable. Thank u next 💕


Very Average Ux

I expected a better user experience from an app of this caliber. A lot of the functionality is there, but there are some small but obvious features that are missing. When youre on StreetEasyNYCRentalsSales multiple times a day searching for the right apartment, the lack of these features becomes apparent. Here are a few of them: When you’re several pages deep in a listing, there is no home button— you have to press this tiny back arrow sometimes five or six times to get back to the starting page. The new “hide listing” feature literally does not work. You can’t swipe through an apartment’s photos in the search results page, you have to go into the listing to view the photos. Videos autoplay, s sometimes they keep playing in the background when you’ve left the page.


Very limited functionality and frustrating to use

StreetEasyNYCRentalsSales is really frustrating to use. The amount of details available for each property is very limited and so are the search options and the way the results are displayed. It looks like in order to start a new search you have to go back several steps to get to the search page. Getting info on any additional units in the same building or other historical data is also very difficult. These are just the few of many really annoying features. I’m uninstalling StreetEasyNYCRentalsSales until they fix it and make it more user friendly. I’ll stick to the web search for now. Unfortunately it seems like all the updates to StreetEasyNYCRentalsSales and to their website have been counter intuitive and less user-friendly than the previous versions.


StreetEasy is the best for NYC apartments

EDIT: They fixed the issue very quickly and swiftly :) StreetEasy is by far my favorite website for exploring apartments in NYC. But their app has been frustrating as none of the listings in StreetEasyNYCRentalsSales that I save are actually saved to my account, so if I want to go back to an apartment I saw and really liked in StreetEasyNYCRentalsSales , I have to somehow find it again among the thousands of apartment listings. I will gladly update my review to 5 stars (and really want to) once this is fixed!


Terrible, awful, very bad, no good apartment searching

StreetEasy, now owned by Zillow, used to be the only game in town, but is now one of the absolute worst options for finding apartments in NYC. It still searches all the listings, but you can’t manage your selections, duplicative searches are constantly alerting you to the same apartments, and surprise, unscrupulous brokers are still listing contact bait offers that disappear from existence and list themselves in the wrong neighborhood. You can’t exclude most neighborhoods if you want only part of it, and on and on. Can’t find saved apartments. Can’t delete old searches. Can’t find folders. Developers: if you’re sick of your apps, destroy or open-source them. NEVER SELL. Because this is what happens.


Worst upgrade ever!!

I have been using your app for many years, but now it’s getting to the worst! Please change it back ASAP or I will delete it! The most recent upgrade disabled the common charge/ tax as a filtering option, and this change made StreetEasyNYCRentalsSales useless and no better than any other RE apps like compass, Zillow, trulia. This option used to be your winning ticket. In nyc, particularly in Manhattan, we care way too much on the monthly costs including common charge & tax and this is one of the most critical factor for us deciding buying a condo!!! I will just delete StreetEasyNYCRentalsSales and use trulia if this option is gone for good. I think the reason why you got rid of this filtering option is simply because you want more apartments to be seen, less “filter”, so you can earn more commission. But I can tell you that this won’t work and you will just lose more loyal users. Moreover, since you are StreetEasyNYCRentalsSales branding yourself specializing in nyc, please make condop as a separate option. Condop is not a condo and plz don’t list those fraud together with condo when Ppl only want to purchase a condo. I


Slight change request for pet filter

I love the functionality, design, and depth StreetEasyNYCRentalsSales has in everything EXCEPT one thing. The “Pets Allowed” filter is nice to have, but if it could be expanded to have a checkbox feature like the way the boroughs are broken down would be appreciated. A lot of apartments are cats only, but since I’m looking for one allowing dogs, I end up getting excited only to see in the description that they only allow cats.


Prepare for spam emails

StreetEasyNYCRentalsSales is fine or whatever. But whenever you browse StreetEasy it automatically opts you into email spam for the search criteria you used. If you search for listings in one area, BOOM that’s an email list you just signed up for, then if you zoom out slightly or remove a criteria — TA-DA! You’re now the new member of another spam email list. I literally cleared my email subscriptions yesterday and I was on 5 different, but seemingly identical, lists today. Also, it’d be nice if there were exclusionary search terms and time specific options. Otherwise, I guess it’s okay.



I'm currently in the process of looking for a place, ready to take that big step and have found the task of finding an app to navigate the rugged terrain almost impossible, until I downloaded this one, I can't explain the exact reason, but for whatever the reason, it seems like everything comes together so perfectly with this one, even though they all tend to have the same places, StreetEasyNYCRentalsSales is in a class by itself.


Great service, App needs work

Streeteasy has revolutionized the way people look for apartments. That being said, StreetEasyNYCRentalsSales is missing many features that would make it outstanding. Chief among them is that StreetEasyNYCRentalsSales lacks an ability to create a search subset, with various criteria, and then omit individual listings from that subset, like most databases have the ability to do. StreetEasyNYCRentalsSales ’s Mac version often defaults to a mobile design instead of a Desktop design. The ability to create notes on properties is sometimes available, sometimes not. There are many more bugs not worth mentioning.


Great app but would be interested in a roommate finder option

StreetEasy is like it says in the name-easy to use. What would be cool is if there was a roommate finder type of feature that can connect users to roommates who are also looking for apartments-as I’m sure a lot of people looking for apartments may not already have roommates, it would be a great way to connect with each other and then get connected to rentals as well


Several bad bugs prevent it from being a great app

Works pretty well as an app, makes the awful experience of finding an apartment in NYC slightly less painful. The iPad app has several very annoying bugs that prevent if from being great. For starters, if you go to My Activity and click on a saved search, the bottom nav disappears trapping you in the map view unless you kill StreetEasyNYCRentalsSales and restart. Additionally StreetEasyNYCRentalsSales will often freeze up completely on launch and must be killed and restarted to get working again.


Great App - Beware of “Free Rent”

I used StreetEasyNYCRentalsSales to find my apartment, and I am very happy with the apartment. Ask the broker what the “gross rent” is because that’s what you really pay once a month. A lot of the listings show up within your budget and advertise free rent. What they don’t tell you is the free rent means you pay more per month, even though you pay the same by the end of the lease both ways. StreetEasyNYCRentalsSales should really require gross and net rent to be disclosed for all listings. Otherwise 5 star app.


Realtors Always finding loopholes

I love StreetEasyNYCRentalsSales as far as you do will not need a broker. And you can negotiate on your behalf and save yourself some money. However realtors have figured out how to remove listings and add so time listed and if they drop price isn’t as easily noticed. Brokers are trying to raise prices but realty no one is paying what things are listed for which is also frustrating bc is only states ‘last listed price’ not what it actually rented for. Not StreetEasyNYCRentalsSales ’s fault but they should do something about realtors being able to clear rental history.


Very good experience

Really nice app. Easy to use and mobile friendly. If I could make 2 improvement suggestions it would be to allow users to swipe through listing pictures on the apartment list page instead of having to click each individual listing and to add more filter options like only show listings with floorplans. Overall very good app!


I feel landlord as well as Real estate brokers should be prohibited to choose who gets the unit and the mayor stress it if you don’t accept city voucher than you should lose your license now I’m going after all these landlord and broker who are discriminating against homeless people. I have an advocate and a legal aid Society lawyer who are going to assess me in a class A lawsuit against street easy and brokers


Streeteasy + buyers broker rebate = $$$

Found a broker (Prevu) that offers a rebate of 2% of purchase price. My broker earns 3% from seller, gives 2/3 back to me after close. They don’t hold your hand much during the process, but my wife and I were much happier using Streeteasy to find our apartment as compared to an old-fashioned Douglas Elliman broker who tried to shove us into apartments that we didn’t want and would have kept all that unearned commission.


¡Amazing way to find home where u can be free!

I really was having problem with my earlier apartment and there was a lots of stress. But one day one of my friends told me about StreetEasyNYCRentalsSales and after searching on StreetEasyNYCRentalsSales about two weeks I finally got a good deal house for rent and the neighborhood also was good. And helped me with the stress.


What happened since Zillow bought streeteasy? Nyc rental market is a mess!

I’ve been searching for an apartment for a few months and all I can say is - thanks Zillow for buying StreetEasy, imposing silly fees (I’m told $3/day/apt) and now turning the nyc rental market into a big mess! I used StreetEasy for years and it was great! Now there is no single place to find apartments to rent that is inclusive and reliable. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I think The NY Times classifieds was a better system back 20 years ago... if you can’t get it right then put everything on MLS. I’m not in this business but I do know as a rental consumer I’m very frustrated.


The website is designed better and is faster

Streeteasy is a great tool for researching apartments in New York City. However the mobile app is not well designed and it’s pretty slow. The website has a better design and fewer bugs as well as being faster. Just one small example of the poor design of StreetEasyNYCRentalsSales vs the website: when you look at the history of the apartments sold in a building StreetEasyNYCRentalsSales doesn’t list them in chronological order and it doesn’t immediately show you the sale price of an apartment – you have to drill down in order to see the sale price.


Beware of spam

Once you contact an agent for a listing, a whole lot of people will call you about being your buyer’s agent. The actual listing agent will rarely respond. Also, there is no way to search for just Manhattan below 100 Street, which they should change.


Shrinking listings and poor use of mailing list

While the mailings say the market is becoming more of a buyer’s market, I see always the same listings and little if any pricing changes. Emails from the company are completely off-target; I am bombarded by emails on rentals, whereas my searches should show the company I’m not a renter. I am always receiving information about properties that are at a completely different price point and location than my searches indicate are within my interest.


Hands down best app for apartment search

Looking for an apartment in NYC is the WORST!! Street Easy is the best app, with the best features, and the best results. They’ve really nailed how to streamline everything. The other apps have bugs, never get updated, and are NOT user friendly. Don’t look any further. They are the best.


Addressed these issues - updating to 5 Star - Hangs when opening from notification

Three of four times now when I’ve opened street east from am iOS notification it just hangs in StreetEasyNYCRentalsSales “Loading details”. Love your app, Will revert to 5 stars once addressed.


awesome app and not much personal info

StreetEasyNYCRentalsSales is great! it doesn’t require a ton of personal information, and it’s really easy to navigate, unlike sites like craigslist. i love how specific you can get with the neighborhoods. the only thing i don’t like is that i wish people were required to check yes or no for specific amenities, like there could be a drop down menu with a yes or no next to the specific amenities, as often times listings don’t specify if the apartment allows pets or if there’s a doorman. that isn’t really a problem with StreetEasyNYCRentalsSales itself, though

Is StreetEasy NYC Rentals Sales Safe?

Yes. StreetEasy NYC Rentals & Sales is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 88,018 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for StreetEasy NYC Rentals & Sales Is 34.4/100.

Is StreetEasy NYC Rentals Sales Legit?

Yes. StreetEasy NYC Rentals & Sales is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 88,018 StreetEasy NYC Rentals & Sales User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for StreetEasy NYC Rentals & Sales Is 34.4/100.

Is StreetEasy NYC Rentals & Sales not working?

StreetEasy NYC Rentals & Sales works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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