News4Jax - WJXT Channel 4 Reviews

News4Jax - WJXT Channel 4 Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-14

The News4Jax app makes it easier than ever to get the latest news, weather,
sports, entertainment and more from Jacksonville's top news team, News4Jax and
WJXT Channel 4!

Table of Contents:
1. Reviews
2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
4. App not working?
5. Report Issue

News4Jax - WJXT Channel 4 Reviews

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    All ways there when we need you .

    We would like to thank you for being there for us. My family downloaded your app before evacuation from hurricane Irma and were able to see what was going on while hundreds miles away. Just being able to see our friendly local news stations while being so far away allowed us to know what was happening as new unfolded. We will never forget when you showed water flooding the downtown area. Tears fell as We called out to God for mercy and for a quick recovery for the city. We’re now more appreciative and grateful for of our city . Thank you channel 4 for allowing us to see through the storm.

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    App no longer looked at hardly at all

    Used to look at the News4jax app all the time multiple times a day. I didn't even need to watch other news including NEWs4JAX on tv because I was always up to date. I get tired of being notified of news I have to turn the tv on to watch, that is why I have the app is to read it. By the time I turn it on it is over. I have kept it only so I can check traffic reports once in a while for my husbands drive home. Wish you would change not only your mobile app but also your on line app that you have recently changed also. Bring us recent news in an easy to read format please. Now I am also checking Firstcoastnews which we have never done. Please please, quit sending me multiple notifications that I have rain in my current area or lightening every tenth of a mile, go back to your old weather program it was so much more accurate and so much more up to date because we were not watching radar from 55 minutes ago. I want to know where the weather is currently not an hour ago please. Put the new news first every day of the 7 days of the week please. Also, please do not read this on the Air nor share my information because I do not know how to block it. Thank you.

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    It’s great don’t change it!

    I had TV47 app on my phone and laptop for a few years but the news alert would never direct me to the news. It alway went to the some ambulance chaser commerical and once that finished it was would just be white screen. This app is clear illustrated very well with a concise written story. If I chose to watch or listen to the News Break it allows for that. This app has made start recording and watching your 10:00 & 11:00 program. Thank You News4Jax !

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    Changed for the worst

    I grew up watching this news station. My parents always had the Morning Show on as we got ready for school. Now that I have my own family and children, I can’t stand to suffer through the program anymore. I downloaded the app to keep abreast of important events. It was a way to stay informed with my busy life. During the hurricane the app wouldn’t even work. Most of the stories posted are based CNN reporting. This station has shown its true liberal bias as it “reports” the news. If I wanted 10 different stories on CNN’s reporting about gun control then I would have downloaded their app. Heaven help your patience if there is a storm moving through. I’ll get updates every 5 seconds of ‘moderate rain’ detected in the area. Get your act together. No one wants your political bias shoved down their throat. You are losing your audience.

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    I moved here from Washington DC 15 1/2 years ago and started watching news 4. I have never stopped because it is the best and gives me total coverage. I even watch it daily when I go North for visits. I especially love your news app and greatly appreciate your hurricane app along with your always consistent hurricane coverage. Thanks Tom and Mary, you guys are the greatest!

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    Good app, but..

    The app itself is good to have to stay up on current local news, but you would think that someone gets paid to proof read and edit stories before they are posted. Sadly if there is someone that gets paid to do this they are getting paid for doing a terrible job. I’m not an English teacher by any means but some of the stuff that makes it on the stories is pretty ridiculous, if this is the standard I have just one question. Are you hiring?

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    Too much non-news worry fluff

    Channel 4 hasn’t been the same since the split with CBS. Now no regular sports segment, 15 minutes worth of weather in a 30 minute broadcast. Sorry, I couldn’t seem to find a way to air my complaints so I used this forum. Chanel 4 use to be “the one and only” and it was top notch. Now it’s 10 minutes worth of local thugs and killing, 5 minutes worth of news from other parts of the country and 15 minutes worth of weather. As far as the app there is a lot of fluff. Thanks for letting me whine... I think the only real reason I continue to watch and use this app is I’m waiting for both the broadcast and the app to get better

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    Good but needs work

    The app itself is good. I am always far from home and like news from this outlet. I just wish more care was taken to proofread the articles as there are too many simple grammar errors and poor sentence structures which sometimes overshadows the great content. I don't care if the news is not "bleeding edge" as long as the content is solid and the message is readable. Bottom line: Great journalism but someone obviously skipped way too many Language Arts/Grammar classes growing up.

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    Not very useful

    Have depended on his app for hometown news when I am out of the country - and when I am in JAX. This app has continued to disappoint me. When you click on The “national and world news” it never has any world news. It’s as if TV4 thinks the USA alone is the only country in the world. I don’t know who controls the stories that are displayed, but it’s a pitiful selection of one or two items that are only tangentially “international.” A person would be better off sticking their head in the sand. I’m disappointed - still.

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    Weather forecast article

    Who ever writes the forecast needs to use spell check and check for grammatical errors. Som etimes I just want to scream that this person should know to do this. I don’t like the new new term. I think it’s termed the nor’easterly or something like that. I hate hate hate it! But otherwise, I enjoyed reading the articles.

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    Breaking News

    Breaking news use to mean something. Your station has abused the “Breaking News” headline. Some of the things you classify as breaking news is really not and can be broadcast amongst the other news stories. Some of it has nothing to do with the local area or view area. I enjoy your broad cast, but I get perturbed with “ Breaking News” that is not breaking news.

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    Helpful app

    Just downloaded this app in order to follow our winter home in JAX. The app is easy and seems accurate. Another review commented on poor resolution of the map. However, I found very clear resolution on the map downloaded from the map of evacuation sites. Same map has poor resolution on the "find your evacuation site" choice. If you live in JAX, this appears a helpful app to have.

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    Live news feed NEVER works

    I downloaded this app because I moved away and still wanted to be kept up to date on local news as my family still lives in the Jacksonville area. In the beginning this app worked great, however in the last 3 months or so I try to watch live news at 5:30am and there is no live feed. Instead I get to watch the same commercial 5 times in a row. I hope someone realizes that this problem needs some attention.

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    Best news around

    NEWS 4 JAX is the most honest, comprehensive and concise news to date. I’ve seen numerous news stories and the news seems to drone on. Same with weather. The way your news and weather professionals break up the mundane news is what I enjoy the best. Please keep up the great journalism.

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    Nice News

    At first, with the default font setting, I thought the site was incomplete to give an overview of the stories. When I discovered how to make the font smaller, this gave more information at a glance to explore the story. Therefore, this is an excellent local, full-featured news site for the Jacksonville, Florida area.

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Is News4Jax - WJXT Channel 4 Safe?

Yes. News4Jax - WJXT Channel 4 is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 24,398 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for News4Jax - WJXT Channel 4 Is 27.6/100.

Is News4Jax - WJXT Channel 4 Legit?

Yes. News4Jax - WJXT Channel 4 is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 24,398 News4Jax - WJXT Channel 4 User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for News4Jax - WJXT Channel 4 Is 27.6/100.

Is News4Jax - WJXT Channel 4 not working?

News4Jax - WJXT Channel 4 works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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