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Play chess online and offline in our new Kingdom by app. Solve tricky chess puzzles, compete with chess bots and fellow chess players, make new friends and review your chess games with a friendly tutor. Chess, ajedrez, xadrez, satranç, schach, șah, šachy, şahmat… no matter the language, no matter the name, it´s known as the best strategy game in the world. The Kingdom of Chess was magnificent once, with towers that touched the sky... That was long ago, before the invaders came and brought ruin to our lands. Now the splendor of the old Kingdom is just a memory. But some say that a new ruler will appear one day, to return the realm to its former glory... Are you ready to take on the challenge, defeat the invaders, and rebuild your Kingdom? Play and practice chess in a fun, medieval setting, as you upgrade sections of your Kingdom that represent different activities you can do. Earn gold, swords, and scrolls filled with chess wisdom! Get new Gear from the shop. Each victory helps restore your Kingdom’s magnificence and prosperity! Playing chess has never been so much fun! FEATURES Play chess games offline vs computer opponents or online vs real chess players at your level Ante gold coins on your player-vs-player chess games to help fund your upgrades Outfit your avatar in style with different garments, gear, and weaponry Upgrade your buildings (e.g. the Castle, Arsenal, and Tower) to earn rewards faster Clear the land of invaders in a Campaign of Missions with chess puzzles to solve Visit the Tower to review your chess games with the wise and friendly chess tutor Sage It’s a fun, new way to learn and play chess! (Kingdom uses your account for player-vs-player games and other features. You can log in with your existing account - or create a new one for free!) Please share your comments and suggestions regarding our chess game... Our Support team is ready to help to make your experience even better! ABOUT CHESS.COM: is created by chess players and people who love chess! Team: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: TwitchTV:

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