ZoomNotes Lite Reviews

ZoomNotes Lite Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-30

ZoomNotes Lite is an iPad/iPhone visual note-taking app. It lets you quickly
make handwritten notes and sketches on virtual paper, on PDF files, on MS Word,
Excel and Powerpoint docs (via GoogleDrive), and over images. Uniquely, it also
lets you zoom in and out without arbitrary limits,...

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ZoomNotes Lite Reviews

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    I like it so far.

    I like it so far, it has a lot of features, but I still like the good notes 5 better, that's why I gave it a 3 star; I'll update this if they fix the bug and correct mistake. I download this xoom lite at first just to check the apps, but find out you have to buy a lot of stuff to fully use and be able to do what the apps can do. I went ahead and pay $7.99 for all the features thinking it would give a link or update to get the full version of XOOM NOTE, NOPE!!!! So, they get 3 star for shame on you for taking my money and not give me the full version of the apps. The full version of the apps is $7.99 so, I thought I'll get the full version. Anyways, I tried to contact them, click a few links to get to the help, section of their website, and file a complaint or at least let them know what is up. Did I get a reply, NOPE!!! They just don't seem to have a customer service down, I guess. That's all I can say about this apps. I'll be surprise if they even read this review.

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    Professional Use

    I’m a Professor of Art + Design, writer, theorist, designer and illustrator. ZoomNotes, while more complex than similar apps in their class simply offer a greater range of use; formatting text, import images, adjusting those images, handwriting, PDF import/export, layers, tools, color manipulation work together providing the best qualities of digital and traditional technology. While the UI isn’t particularly attractive ZoomNotes offers the user complete freedom in adjusting menu, color, location. I give it 5 despite the dated interface and or the occasional glitch. Because the range of use far outweigh those sporadic issues, and it is simply a better app than the others. Use this app with an iPad Pro and pencil. 15 June 2018 Update: improvements and updates are fantastic!

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    Disappointed is an understatement

    I can’t have the same document on more than one device. If this is important to you maybe look elsewhere. The best way to prevent the app from crashing every few minutes is to turn off iCloud backup. Depending on the size of the document, you can’t export it without the app crashing. So where ever you start that may be the only place you can have access to that doc. For example, planner I have on my iPad can’t be exported with out the app crashing. And I can’t share via iCloud back up because that makes the app crash. I bought this because I thought it would sync to the desktop app and it would be easy to have 1 document in multiple places. The feature that made me want to purchase the app is unusable and causes the app to crash. I am very frustrated. The rest of the features are great and I really just wish that there was a way to access a document from more than one device.

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    Note taking for college classes

    I needed an app where I could make handwritten notes because I’m studying math and you can’t exactly type out math symbols easily and it’s just faster to hand write it. I wanted to be more organized by keeping things electronic so then I could easily transfer notes between devices and I won’t lose them as easily. In comes this app. I only use this app for note taking in college classes and lectures using Apple Pencil and this app does the job really nice! I like how the settings are pretty customizable and versatile for my needs, even in the free version. I also like that when my hand or skin touches the pages, things don’t go crazy nor do random things pop up (like with default Notes app). What really made me choose this over other apps was that I could export my handwritten notes as a pdf file which is just super convenient when transferring my notes to my laptop in the end of each week. Other apps I tried require you to pay for this feature. So if this sounds good to you and serves your purpose, then I highly recommend this app!

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    Awesome! Genius!

    I have every note-taking app including Notability, GoodNotes, NotePlus, Procreate, and each one seemed to be missing one thing I needed. So I had to import/export between apps to get what I wanted. Zoom Notes has everything I need, plus so much more. I tried out the lite to make sure it worked, and within 20 mins just bought the full version. And sure, I had to read the user manual to figure out how to use some things, but the 20 mins was well worth it. This app is GENIUS! I can write, type, add anything to any document, add tables, endless layers, endless documents and sub documents. Wish I’d seen this app first before I’d wasted my money on the others.

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    Great app

    I love it. Have been using it for 5 or 6 years. I use it to write mathematical notes. Hard to do if typing, but handwritten notes using this app is easy. Really like the different colours of ink, resizing of handwritten text, being able to email the file, delete and add pages, etc. The most recent versions do not allow resizing of typed text by using the select tool (instead, one has to reopen the typing tool on the text and select the text and then choose the font size). I cannot believe this was intentional, so it might be a bug. It would help to have this feature reinstated.

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    Very good app for free.

    The app supports many of the styluses even in light version so you really can try it out. It does a really good job with PDF. A really cool app, I like it and considering to purchase full app, but I have so many glitches in zoom mode and my handwritings partially keep disappearing from time to time when I write. I don’t know if I have to set it up in a different way. I don’t know if it’s app or Wacom integration issues. I use Wacom Fineline 3 and iPad Pro 10,5.

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    Great, with 2 caveats

    I feel like I’ve tried nearly all the pen based digital notebooks and ZoomNotes has a fantastic suite of features and usability. IMHO it’s the best pen based note system in the app store with two caveats. #1) the UI feels dated, a la Windows 95. #2) the text input is subpar and not at the same level as the pen input. These two caveats haven’t slowed down my enthusiasm however. I’ve purchased all the accessories and plan to be a long term user.

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    Far exceeds expectations

    I have a very limited need for text writing and simple picture drawing. ZoomNotes offers fast response time with an Apple Pencil that is by far the best combo for my needs. You can do a lot of functions and I have not used them all. The only complaint is with using the shapes and text functions in the lower right of the screen.

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    So much functionality

    I used this app for an entire semester at college. ZoomNotes was great for note taking. There are a plethora of utensil options and the color palettes are wonderful for distinguishing different style of notes. The built in folders are nice for managing notes. I enjoy using this app for school. Never once did I think it was troublesome. I will continue to use ZoomNotes for my note taking needs.

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    Love the options

    I love the options that are available in ZoomNotes. Of course there is a learning curve but I think once I get it all down in my memory this will be an amazing app. I am confused as to why I still have the lite app but have all the capabilities since I did the in app purchase to upgrade. Confusing but not a deal breaker.

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    Great support

    The ZoomNotes support is awesome. With the last update I found a problem and they quickly fixed it. Thanks so much. Best notes taking app I used so far. I like in particular that the Walcom Fineline Stylus is supported, that I can import videos and that there is a full screen option so that I have a real paper experience.

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    Pen latency and UI

    ZoomNotes has a ton of features. Easily the most customizable note taking experience. Love the custom zoom levels. However the pen input lag/latency is really bad compared to other apps. it’s similar to OneNote which is also bad in that regard. This makes my handwriting experience subpar compared to Notability or Apple Notes. The UI is also not great but that’s a minor issue since there are so many features.

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    Love this app!

    Love this app because of the dedication from the creator!! I feel like I’m actually being heard on my ideas! I love how the app feels like it was made for me!! It works so well and has so many features for the price!! Definitely check it out and joking the Facebook community!!

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    Zoom Notes

    Zoom notes is easy to use but with the Bamboo stylus handwriting accuracy is somewhat problematical. Hard to tell if this is a stylus or App issue.

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Is ZoomNotes Lite not working?

ZoomNotes Lite works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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