Bubble Shooter - Pop Bubbles Reviews

Bubble Shooter - Pop Bubbles Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-30

Play the classic and most addictive Bubble Shooter game for FREE, now available
on the App Store and perfect for your iOS device. Blast and pop all the bubbles,
solve the fun & colorful puzzles and beat the challenges to reach the level’s
target and win coins! In this good old version,...

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Bubble Shooter - Pop Bubbles Reviews

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    Impossible after new update?

    I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence but it seems the game has gotten much harder after the latest couple of updates. I’m stuck on level 1582, so I decided to update the app to see if it was a bug. No luck with 1582 after the update so I tried dozens of older levels and they’re also much more difficult than they used to be. Many of the levels leading up to 1582 (like in the 1570s) were also extremely hard and not very fun. I had to buy several power-ups/extra moves to get through the last 10 or so levels, when normally I could get through the levels in a few tries without much need for power-ups (unless I really wanted to get a level over with). Also this is a bit nitpicky but it’s annoying that the game asks if you’re sure you want to restart a level because you’ll lose progress. The game used to seem like it ran smoother before it asked that every time. Also almost every time I enter a level, even if it’s one I’ve completed before, the game tells me about the special kinds of bubbles in the level (like ice bubbles or the bubbles that turn to stone). It’s a bit annoying that this info pops up almost every time I play a level. But mostly it’s a shame that I can’t move forward in the game anymore. This is my favorite Bubble Shooter app and I’ve been looking at other ones since this one has become too difficult to be fun (1582, for example, is so full of stone bubbles that fireballs and bombs aren’t even really effective).

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    A fun time waster, but...

    This game works, and does exactly what I wanted it to do; pop bubbles. However, this game is designed to get you to either spend money or try over and over and over again to get to the next level while it throws endless “challenges” at you that are designed to be gateways to prevent progression. For example, at a certain level they introduce soap bubbles. The soap bubbles spread quickly and prevent combos. So if there’s a soap bubble and you don’t pop it right away (by hitting it with the same color twice), it spreads and covers everything around it. The game also seems to never give you the color ball you need to make that crucial play. If there’s 20 blues and only one red left, and that red is buried under layers of blues, the game will give you a near endless supply of red to fire knowing you cant even get to the one red on the board and when a single blue was all you needed to clear the level. It’s purposely cheaty to get you to buy those coins so you can afford the few power ups available to essentially cheese the level to get past it. And it limits the number of balls you get per level, so if it decides to screw you with colors you can’t use, to bad, better spend some money. Frustrating. It also drains your battery life like no ones business. Play for an hour and your battery is down to 20% from a full charge.

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    I do not like new update

    With the recent update, the design of the bubbles is a lot “smoother”, which is cool. But, the new update rarely allows the “watch an ad for 3 more moves”. It only seems to offer it when you have like 20+ bubbles left. The game seems to want you to play each level a certain amount of times before you can even get close to beating it, especially the super difficult ones, and does everything in its power to make you either lose, or pay money to beat it. I have to play the super difficult levels like 15-20 times before it finally offers the “watch ad for three more moves” when I have less than like ten bubbles to pop. It definitely seems to run on some sort of algorithm of how many times you play a level before it’s possible to beat it. Every single time I have less than 5 bubbles left to pop, the game only offers you to buy more moves, and does not offer the “watch an ad for 3 more moves” option. This is really frustrating, and obviously a way for the game to make more money because it’s easier to just spend $1.99 when you’re SO close to beating the level, rather than start all over again. Super, super frustrating.

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    Requires micropurchases

    All of the innovations added to this classic game are unnecessary, but a couple of them are kind of neat (bi-colored bubbles, black holes, reflective top surface). A few are dumb (chains, locks, slime, the mouth ones, etc). Others, like the "soap" are just awful. It requires you to get two bubbles in a row of the same color in order to remove anything, and levels with this stuff devolve into a pure game of chance. I have now reached a level where it genuinely seems impossible to progress without micropurchasing powerups. In bubble-shooter. I feel the concept of spending actual real-world money to beat a level of friggin bubble-shooter is just mind-bogglingly absurd, so this is the end of the line for me. In addition, for how simple and mindless the game is (and should be) there is WAY too much meta-gameplay. Constant pop-ups about "quests" and "playing cards" and "leagues" and other bs, and like eight different types of currency ch-chinging (you can't use it in-game unless you pay real money though). The net result is just that you have to click through twenty screens in order to begin each level. To add insult to injury, this extra-curricular nonsense is very buggy and the app often hangs between levels requiring me to force-close it.

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    Good time waster, feels too hard sometimes

    I have been playing this game for about a year now. It started out as a time waster for travel, but has become far more frustrating than it is worth to attempt that challenge. Not to mention it’s worth literally nothing to get 3/3 stars on a level. I don’t know if the ball bouncing off the grey line at the top was always around but it make the game much harder. I also feel like some levels it’s near impossible to get three stars even if you max out your power ups. Unless you want to put down some mad cash. I also feel that the game plots against you. I will be around 100 points from 3 stars with 10 bubbles left and a simple red will give me the win but instead it gives you every single color but the one I need. It’s even drawn 5 of the same color in a row which is BS. Also, the levels change each time you reset the level! What is the point of being a level if it changes every time you load it. This game is definitely fun and overly challenging at times. Do yourself a favor and avoid the challenge of getting three stars.

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    This game is fun to play. I’m a fan. I love the weekend bonuses to gain more coins. I’ve completed level 2740 (no update so I can’t go any father) and it seems I’ve always have to wait another month for more levels to come out. I’ll try to be patient. The reason I’m only giving 3 stars is because when using the option to watch a video to get a few more bubbles to complete a level, either the video won’t play or it freezes up and I have to close the app and lose my chance at completing the level. I also think that some games are ridiculously impossible to complete with so few bubbles to use, especially when the “watch this video to get more shots” doesn’t work half the time anyway. If these issues can be resolved, I will change my rating to 5 stars and update my review. Thank you.

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    Aggravated fun

    I have been playing this game for guile some time. I managed to make it to level 3000+ and there were no more levels to play and waited for more levels to be added, once the new levels cam in there were certain features that were removed. Like for example say you ran out of shots you would get up to 3 additional shots to use after watching 3adds for a total 9 shots. The problem with that would be there would only be one odd color bubble and you would use up your shots and then almost be forced to buy additional bubbles. Now that option has been taken away. Some levels give you the 9 shot availability but you can’t select the 10 more shots like it once had. Now it gives you one ad maybe or gives you a message saying “sorry there are no videos to watch”. Since this update has been applied and additional levels added it’s not worth playing as much as it was in the beginning. However, some of the new features are nice it becomes more aggravating to play. Some of the bubbles change color mid shot. I guess the developers will use whatever tactics they can to spend money on the game.

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    This game is hard, but polished, for now

    This game started off as fun and addictive, but the levels have gotten much harder to a torturous degree. Let me clear: I think microtransactions are not fair; that’s what I grew up believing. You don’t always give a reasonable number of turns in a level, and most of the time we can’t complete them unless we watch ads and make microtransactions. I don’t mind the ads, but we shouldn’t have to resort to them in every level. The number of ads was reduced, making it even more difficult to finish a level. I don’t like how you didn’t provide additional turns via ads when you are ALMOST done and when you run out of marbles. You even took away the option of adding 10 extra bubbles away. However, with the most recent update, I am thankful that the developers have mitigated problems by offering more ads at the end of a level, but it is up to them to keep that steadfast. Will you please stop removing the multiple 3-turn ads? I can’t complete certain levels without them!

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    Getting worse...

    I really enjoyed this game when I first started playing it, but after several updates I’m noticing that it’s getting worse through the additions and subtractions of certain features. For example, at one time when you aimed a bubble, you’d be able to see exactly where it would land because there was a white bubble at the end of the aim line mapping out the path for you. You guys got rid of it, brought it back, then got rid of it again. What gives? I’m so sick of barely missing my target because there was no assisted aim. Secondly, and I just recently noticed this today, why am I getting colors to shoot that are no longer left in the level? For example, Let’s say I have six green bubbles left and a few red and blue ones left. But the next two bubbles lined up for me to shoot are both yellow? Why? It’s a waste of moves and I end up having to restart the level. If there’s no yellow bubbles left, stop giving me yellow bubbles to shoot? Should be a no brainer.

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    Addictive -not now!!! I have updated my review

    Great game to play on go or quite day at home. Grandkids, ages 5 &6 love to play it also. Only bad comment is once you’ve played a couple of years, you run out of levels & need better way of earning extra shots besides watching ads or paying way too much for extras. Looking forward to new levels. Update- use to love to play this game, but now it cost way too much because the rewards are smaller & they took away the 10 shots for 13 coins. The pkg deals are more also. If you want to play long at all it’ll cost you big time!!! I’m not the best player out there by no means, but I’m not bad. I’m about to delete this app that I have had for yrs. Greed by the developers has ruined the game.

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    This game is addictive

    The game is challenging and fun but there are several things that are definitely misrepresented. If you buy 5 more shots you specifically say “get five shots PLUS a fireball. NOT TRUE!!! If you use the fireball you only have four shots. With your 15 coins you are buying 4 shots plus a fireball or 5 shots and no fireball!! I experience this with all 3 Bubbles games I play. Another thing I think is wrong is that if we earn a fireball or bubble drop on the last play, it should be available to us before the game shuts down. It was earned during the game time and should be able to be used within that game time period. Also, I don’t like getting bubbles over and over and over right behind each other in colors that are not even on the board. I am so frustrated when I’m down to the last ten shots and not one bubble is a color on my board.

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    Game Play and Graphics are Great but the Mechanics aren’t

    Every few updates or so the developers change the look of the game- the bubbles, the shooter, the graphics when a slime ball explodes. I haven’t noticed it slowing down gameplay or making things difficult. Between levels there’s usually an ad to watch; it was miserable during 2018 because every other ad was some political alt-right man sitting in his car yelling at his dash cam and holding up the bubble popping but 2019 is an off year for US politics and it’s not an issue. Overall the game is fun but there’s been a recent update that I can’t stand- the leaderboard. I have plenty of games with leaderboards and queues and group play and this isn’t one I wanted to be one of them. I don’t care how fast Karen and Ahmad are advancing levels or finding beach balls, I just want to play. The mini-challenges are another feature I don’t care for. One every now and then is fine and interesting but I seem to be trapped in some Royal Race of non-stop mini games about finding beach balls or baseballs or treasure maps. The graphics are distracting and going through the ranking after every level is time consuming. I enjoy the personal challenges (a prize every 20 stars or 80 fireballs). If you enjoy microtransactions in game and want your bubble blaster to be a communal activity then this had evolved into a great app for that!! If you just want to pop bubbles with no other frills or fuss, this is going to annoy you.

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    Update makes game less fun

    This used to be my favorite game. My game got stuck after I had won all the levels and had just gotten new ones added about a month ago. I deleted the app and reinstalled. The new version doesn’t have the same “rules” as before. Bouncing bubbles off the top now takes away from bubble count and you can no longer strategically use lasers to effect surrounding bubbles, a significant strategy prior to the update. Now the laser beam just incinerates your same color bubble with a puff of smoke. Very frustrating indeed. Update: bouncing from the sides no longer effects the count Lasers beams are still terrible and cannot be used as strategy Way more ads than before and stars seem to be arbitrarily assigned A level completed with over 20 shots remaining should not score only 2 stars but some of them do. Other levels give three stars with the first shot with many remaining it seems too random and illogical.

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    Fun most of the time.

    I really enjoy this game when pretty much all the time, but as someone who prides themselves on getting all 3 stars, this game can be a nightmare. Some levels require a specific order of colors to even get all three stars, and with the next color being random it becomes a game of tedium and patience. I think the random colors can be fun for some levels, but for others that you can’t improvise your way out of it is just a matter of luck. I really do want to try and get 3 stars on as many levels as possible but it just seems impossible without saving up for a bunch of extra stuff to brute force your way to 3 stars. If you just want to play some bubble shooter, classic or modern this is definitely one of the best games for it. If you don’t like waiting to get lucky enough for the game to allow you to win, then this might not be for you.

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    Good but some issues

    This game is super fun. And I love how it has continual levels that essentially never end. However there are some issues... one issue I have really is that you can log on every day and the most coins I ever received is 6. That’s it. You never get anymore than that. Extra coins cost 15 and bombs cost 29 coins. It’s pretty stupid. Another thing that is annoying is because there are a million ads. I understand you have to have them BUT sometimes it’ll completely reset the level, sometimes it won’t even finish the ad and I have to force close the app. Also curious as to why if I use a bomb or a fireball it counts against my balls. Lastly when you run out of coins you have the option to watch a level for more balls or buy more balls sometimes it won’t even let you click that option ... Please fix and this game will be AMAZING

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