Pixel Gun 3D: Fun PvP Action Reviews

Pixel Gun 3D: Fun PvP Action Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-31

Pixel Gun 3D is a fun first-person multiplayer shooter. Download the game and
enjoy blocky graphics, competitive gameplay, and much more: • 800+
weapons • 40 useful gadgets and tools • 10 various game modes • 12
exciting mini-games • 100+ beautiful maps rotating during the year •

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Pixel Gun 3D: Fun PvP Action Reviews

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    Fun but there is some problems

    I enjoy this game it’s awesome and they added a BUNCH of new stuff. Some of the things they added like the new world is cool and all but other stuff like the trophies is not. First of all the TROPHIES you lose like 30 or 33 trophies when you lose a match but when you win the match you only get like 20. Second of all the PLAYERS, you get matched players with higher levels that you! These players have stuff you don’t even know existed because you haven’t unlock them! The players have god armor and god guns and it basically leads you to an automatic lose because it makes other players rage and when you want to see how many players are in your team you find out they all left. Then there’s the main problem I don’t know if I’m the only one with this problem but there’s this thing about the new world. This new world is WORLD 4 in the world there is some thing that tells you that you need 6 stars to unlock guess what? I can’t play in the new world! Before world 4 I completed all the other worlds and I have more than 6 stars in all the worlds and I still can’t play the game I searched all around the internet to see what to do but I can’t find anything only videos of YouTubers playing through the world. I’m really sad that I can’t play the world because I was really looking forward to playing it. Hope you fix the problem or plz tell me if I’m just being dum and that there something I need to do but until then I’m just going to be sad :(

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    Incredible, but needs improvement

    I LOVE this game. It is an incredible experience, and is a good way to pass the time. I am very pleased that you can earn extra trophies after a fight for getting more points and kills. The idea of rewarding a player even AFTER they have won with even more trophies is great. And how if you do better than your team you can lose less trophies instead of the classic 30 makes it even more fun. My issue with the game is all of the insane money spenders. I personally have thrown a few bucks into it. But the fact that when new weapons are released, more expensive and powerful than the old ones, I can’t keep up with those who pour so much money into the game. I remember how the Automatic Peacemaker used to be one of the best weapons in the game. I worked for the gun, and it payed off. Then, the game had major updates and my favorite weapon, I spent more than a year buying gear to help it be better and training with it, was useless. New weapons like the Anti-Hero rifle took the spotlight, and even the most powerful weapon in the game, the Prototype, was replaced with a new gun. And later came the Champion Peacemaker, which we also eventually nerfed. I’d just like to be able to use my favorite weapons I’m good with without having to lose every time. We all know that losing time and time again is no fun. Thank you, and I hope the developers read this!

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    Match Same Gun Players with other Same Gun Players

    Okay, I’ve been here since 2013 or so, and I’ve been on and off of this game for a few years just to come back to see that the matches I’ve been put into have players with OP level guns? They have the new update guns and the ones that you have to craft from chests, and I’m over here with the standard shop guns, which can’t even compare to how much damage it does to the ones that were just released. I feel useless to my teammates in-game when I keep dying to an OP gunned player, and I end up with like two to four kills on average in each team game I’ve played. I find it ridiculous and unfair that they have those kind of guns which are close to one shot kills, and I have to go through all of my guns to kill one player. My patience runs thin when I’m put into a game with players with those kinds of guns who should be fighting someone on their level with the same kind of guns. It makes more sense, because if you’re fighting lower leveled players, then that’s not making you a better player, it just makes it easier for you to enjoy the game when it should be a challenge. Other players with those new OP guns are like bosses to defeat by others in-game. I just want a chance not to be killed every time I spawn in by an OP gunner. Please take this into consideration of players who love this game yet want to battle same level opponents. Don’t put a puppy in front of a bull to fight, that’s how I feel in this situation.

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    Please fix the lucky chest!

    I enjoy this game very much. But there are some problems I must address. The main one I was thinking of is the lucky chest. Before, once it landed on one of the special weapons (ex. Spark Shark, Power Claw...) you would obtain it instantly, though very rare. Now though, it is just as rare to land on it, but when you do, you only get about 5 parts. I know it is just as rare because I had not received any parts until I was level 23. I don’t even grind a lot to get to a higher level very quickly. Please put those items in it back to how they were before. I’m fine with all the other parts of random weapons and customizations being in there, but the special weapons should remain how they were before. NOT REQUIRING PARTS. I want it to be just as rare as before to land on them, but once you do, you should obtain them instantly. I don’t even want it so that it is common to land on them, but you only get a few parts. I just want it how it was before. Honestly, unless the rarity of the drop is only for me, I feel like everyone who got a drop of only parts for the special weapons should now receive the weapon that they got the parts for. Just as a reminder, I am only talking about the weapons like the golden friend, spark shark, power claw and the candy baton. I must add in that other puzzle piece weapons should be less expensive, and gems should be easier to obtain. Besides these issues, I really like this game, and I hope to see it improve.

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    Fun, but BR is unbalanced and the camera is bad

    I have played pixel Gun for a long time, and I’ve had a lot of fun with it. I’ve made friends on that game when I was younger, and have fond memories of it. But after replaying it, I found some gripes with the balancing of weapons in the game. First, I’m going to talk about normal multiplayer, then about the Battle Royale mode. The main modes are pretty fun, and my favorite is Deadly Games. But, there are major issues with the weapon balancing in the game mode. All of the guns feel WAY too weak, and then there’s the double barrel shotgun, that could Instakill at very close range. That’s the only good weapon in the mode, and the only thing coming close to it is the flare gun. I want the guns to be able to do good damage to people, but not too much damage. Right now, it feels like I could unload two whole magazines into someone, and they still haven’t died. The battle royale mode has the same issue. I feel like all of the weapons are unreliable in combat. Only a select few feel good to use in those modes. Now to the camera in BR. The third person view in Pixel Gun BR is awful, in my opinion. I want there to be an option to change it to first person, but I can’t find a way. Besides that, the gameplay is pretty smooth for a Mobile game. One final thing I want to see added is a more detailed skin editing mode. Please. (Also bring the ability to use the firework cannon to knock people around in sandbox and bring back Quiet island 😐)

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    Well one problem

    So this game is great but there are some miner problems and one big problem. The miner ones are like the prices of upgrading and how hard it is to get a thing different than coins in the lucky chest or gems it was my first time getting something besides that and what it was is worth 20 gems rather a gun being a lot more rare. I had another account and I had the power claw from the lucky chest and the golden friend also from the lucky chest and it feels like you just made it more rare or I’m just unlucky and everyone else that wrote a report as well. So for now call it the unlucky chest or just make people a little more lucky because the coins I get are usually 3 I can get 3 coins in one game. And now the big problem is the fact that people can shoot you when your a mile away but on their screen ur floating so all they have to do is shoot you on their screen and your being damaged until they pretty muck kill ya and that pretty much wastes your trophies like I probably would have won if that doesn’t happen. Another miner problem is adding so many new things like battle Royale fun but we aren’t trying to compete with pubg or fortnite like just kind of make your own game but otherwise great game and if you read this whole thing I just want to say I rated it five stars because it is great just has a lot of “bugs” if you know what I mean campaign players.

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    Great game but

    Although I enjoy this game in every way, I have found a huge problem that has been affecting more than one person. Eventually in the game things get incredibly expensive and gems and coins get harder to obtain. I was saving up my gems for weapons and gadgets in the future, but as I was trying to play the game I accidentally upgraded my feed instead of just changing my weapon. I had 90 gems and I dropped to 60 just from that. Not much of a problem, I’m pretty lucky, but I had tried to spin my lucky chest for more gems (my free chest has been available), but I had lost all of my gems from nothing. All of my hard work down the drain. Gone just with a snap; furthermore, I would like to ask of you all to please try and fix this and provide a solution for all of this. Like maybe an ability to downgrade things, or sell them for gems and coins. Maybe add a trading system so people can do giveaways easier, and trade things for coins and gems. That would easily change everything, and make people more able to get currency so they can buy more. Another suggestion is to add a whole menu where extra deals are made, or items that are starting to gain value are sold for more or have deals. That was just a suggestion for you guys. I would like you to mainly find a way to get my gems back considering it was hours of grinding for those gems.

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    Great Game but I still like the way it used to be

    So I played this game around a year or two ago and I remember how cool it was, I just started playing it again and it took me awhile to get used to all the new things, at first I didn’t like the fact of how now in the Co-op survival there’s only a certain type of weapon you can use at a time, like primary, back-up, melee, special, sniper, and heavy. Back when I used to play I remember that you could use whatever type you wanted, I also miss some of the maps that you can no longer play in, like the slender forest and some of the other maps that you can play in the Business mini-game. There are quite a few of maps that got removed and they were fun to play in, I also remember that you could play team with the scary pizzeria map, I also miss the red and blue team system because then you could pick what team you’re on instead of going in and be on the team that has 12 points more than your team, I also don’t like the fact that if you exit out of the match you’re in you lose a lot of trophies and when you lose matches you lose trophies as well, I just don’t like that part, if you lose you shouldn’t lose trophies because if you keep losing and you’re on team it’s not your fault you keep losing, the other team could just have better weapons and defence, if you win trophies you should keep them

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    I love pixel gun but however....🤔😏

    I love pixel gun but however it’s there’s some glitches that must be fixed. I like the battle royale, but there’s some glitches like one time I was skydiving into Elite village, I was almost there when I saw Elite village on the mini map, now I know this is a early game mode and it just came out but o the mini map it’s showed I was at Elite village, but on my screen I showed I was still far from it. It annoyed me and when I was about to get there the circle formed and the storm was moving and I had no gun whatsoever. That glitch was annoying and this guy killed me when I had no gun. Now I have on more glitch that I recommend that u fix, in team fight on all maps, there’s this glitch that makes u go off the map and sends u flying when you use the jet pack. This glitch is so annoying and makes my game crash after I fall off the map. This glitch was one of my most hated glitches and this started happening after battle royale came out. I use to be able to use the jet pack to kill lots of people and take people by surprise but now that can’t happen because that strategy includes goin very high up to the fly limit. Thnx for reading my review and I hope u fix these two glitches and I really like this game and I’d hate to stop playin this game because of these two glitches. Thnx for everything!😎😍😁😃😏

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    Pixel Gun 3D Review. To much money.

    I have played Pixel Gun 3D for a while know. Me and my cousins play it all the time. We only have a couple of fixes that should be made. First the coins, gems, passes, and what ever you want to make are overpriced in actual money. Second things to help you out in the game such as guns cost way to much, they should really bring the cost down, and have more good guns be in the cost of coins and NOT gems. Third they should add older types off guns that do good damage. Fourth the “lucky” chest is NEVER good it only gives out coins and gems also the egg spawner is absolutely horrible it only gives out common eggs sometimes better but very rarely. Fifth they need to add the final island in campaign mode, this is because I love the campaign because you can play it offline. Sixth when they add a new weapon it is way to over powered, such as the judge that thing is still overpowered. They should also add more of those block destroyer maps. Maybe with more levels to it or in a shape. That is what they should change and add to Pixel Gun 3D to make it more suitable to me and many other people. Ps-I know that they are not gems they are diamonds but I did not want to type diamonds all the time. I also still love the game but those few things make me mad. I really love the sniper shoot out it is one of there best ideas. Also I’m adding on to this when I think of it. So one may be one day then another the next week so on.

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    THE BEST of the best

    First of all when I say that in the title above I mean it. At first when I played the game I enjoyed it, and noticed that this isn’t like any other game that is pixelated and is based off of shooters. Yeah Pixel strike is ok but the the rest under it are just rip offs. I grew up playing this game when I was five, and I found it highly addictive. In fact so addictive that I still play it at least for when I write this, and I was sad when my Tab broke. One of the reasons being is because of my progress. I miss my old acc and I will be honest with you, there were many uptakes after that that took out good things. Don’t get me wrong I still play the game, but I wish they would make parts slightly easier to get, and the lucky chest is almost useless now 🙁. It used to be so good because when you landed on one of the guns you would actually get it right away but it has changed. I don’t even know why they removed skins and turned them into parts. Just why? Akins are only cosmetics and don’t change the game that much. The only update I think can make up to it is the upgrades update. And listen, I don’t care if the game is pay to win, but I heard someone at my old school start taking a liking to this game, which means it’s a known game and I’m sure of it. But all of these cons are no reason to not download this game. So what are you doing. Get the game!!!!

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    pixel gun 3d

    pixel gun 3d i’m giving this a 5 star because this game is super fun and cool i enjoy it and love it but there are some issues and problems about this game. first off i like to say that when i join or play a duel match the person i’m going to play duels with see my trophy and thinks that i’m in a higher level which makes them cancel the match i wish that when you do a duel you don’t see the trophies and lvl. i also want you guys to add like a training match to train players better and become a pro not a noob but if you do add a training match don’t make it minutes just let it be for free train how ever you want , because for sandbox it a time limit which makes the game boring and not fun please take that away from sandbox. Also can we hire a training coach and to pay them with 20-40 coins or gems ? i also recommend to create our own guns, collect parts to create our own powerful gun. and why are the guns so expensive ? i can only barley afford 1 gun... because i’m broke but it’s okay just make a good discount on weapons to make the game better . And maybe you guys can create a hiding spot on any map that would be so cool!!. One more thing can we donate coins and gems to people/ friends? i would love to do that anyways thanks hope you read this. i’ll be waiting for you guys to make an update of adding all these stuff i told you guys about. thanks!

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    Hey! Here’s some things you can use to improve the game!

    Okay so I’ve had this game for about 1 year and a half, so here are some things I think you should add. First, I think that you should do like a once a month thing we’re the discounts are 40-45% off, this way we could have more guns, and you don’t have to apply this to gem-costing guns, so that you don’t lose that much money. Second, I know you just had an update, but I think you should add a new gun about every 1-2 weeks so that we always have something to look forward to! Third, I think that you should lower the gambling or whatever you want to call it down to 200, instead of 250, or maybe even 150, because as it is, it is close to impossible for a free to play player (I’ll just call them FTPP for the rest of the review) to get one of the guns like the destruction system. Fourth, you should maybe try to add some more game modes, or maybe even more limited time game modes, like the sniper shootout, which I think was a great idea btw by adding the recoil, so that we don’t get bored of the same game modes. And Lastly, I think that you should maybe listen to these comments a bit more, even though you might not even see this, but if you do, please answer all the things above with what you might do with them. Please and Thank You, and as always, keep shooting at the enemy!!!

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    Prices and FALL DAMAGE :0

    Ok so I want to report this as a message of my opinion and the opinion for many other pixel gun players. This game is so amazing and is arguably the best mobile game ever. Especially for me. This game has been through changes over each update you place upon it. Now I don’t have much of a complaint to the new generated movements because it is a very good way for players to adapt to it and I have successfully achieved this updated virtual exercise except for the ongoing fall damage. I have noticed whenever I approach a fight I always end up Getting dominated not from my opponent but from the in avoiding fall damage. Not only does this remove damage but from higher range this can remove all your health at once. Not only does this issue occur to me but the price of parts for new weapons is now entering the game. Usually when I write a report, relying on cubic games you have always been kind to answer my willing opinion by removing or adding things, which I appreciate. But most weapons are currently running as parts that come in small amounts in order to collect hundreds of parts. I understand your change but I think it’s better to lower your parts to collect on each item or at least make it purchasable for many players. I know I can rely on your company and I hope you understand these unnecessary issues. Thank You.

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    Great game:Some issues

    The game is great and I can’t lie about how much fun I had having this game when it was still growing, but I refuse to give it the five star that it deserves due to two problems. First problem, the “lucky” chest. This chest is not even lucky as it’s name implies to be. I cannot describe how much pain and agony I went through trying to get something different than just coins and gems. I know that they are hard to get and farm naturally, but why would you add all those amazing weapons and tools in the spin if you have no chance of getting them, and only get 3 coins or gems in return for your 4 hour wait. Second issue, the level balancing in matches. I can’t count how many times I have spawned in a match only to get camped or sniped after a few seconds by a player with way higher level weapons than me. I mean how is a swat rifle suppose to go up against a peacekeeper in a cramped map. And how is a grenade launcher supposed to help a giant a person with the Armageddon, which is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. All in all I’m just saying that you have to fix some of these problems. Not just for me,, but for all the players who live this game and want to see it grow more. It is still a great game and I will never stop playing it, but just keep on doing what you kept doing in the past and be more creative and thoughtful. And please keep up the amazing work with the updates.

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