Power Pop Bubble Shooter Mania Reviews

Power Pop Bubble Shooter Mania Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

Start your engines and get ready to shoot and pop bubbles in this awesome online
ball shooter game. With cool graphics, power-ups, and puzzles, you simply
won’t put it down! Fan of fun bubble shooter games? Play Power Pop Bubble
Shooter, hit and crush the colorful balls, reach the targ...

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Reviews (21)


Fun game but...

This is a fun game but the ads are excessive. It really takes away from the game to have constant ads. UPDATE: I had to purchase coins to made the ads disappear, but it turns out this game forces you to purchase coins to advance. There are levels impossible to complete without the purchase of numerous coins. Money pit. Let me be clear in saying I don’t mind a purchase or two when the game is free but the coins needed far exceed the price I would pay for this game. It’s a shame because otherwise I would recommend this game to friends. I plan to delete this game now. Impossible to advance. This ruined an otherwise great game Second review: I decided to play the game awhile longer and some changes were made to the game to help players. It’s still impossible to get past some of the levels unless you purchase coins. The amount of coins used to advance quickly delete your purchased coins. The extra bonus games to win “gifts/prizes” are too difficult to win because the correct color ball is never given. All in all if you want to play this game be prepared to spend some money. I would rather purchase the game than be charged to advance. It can be very expensive. Otherwise this would be an AWESOME game.


Great and Fun Game, But.

I have played this game for over two years now and enjoy playing it. This is the third time I deleted PowerPopBubbleShooterMania and reinstalled it. The reason is that it annoys me that even though you pop all the bubbles on certain levels it will not give you that third star and complete that level, but it will let you go on to the next level. This time I was able to get all the way to level 144 and cannot go further as they make it very difficult to complete the level as you run out bubbles to get that third star. Until you complete this level it will not let you move on to the next level. I personally think it is a ploy to make buy points which I don’t care to pay for, so I started all over again. Also for the first time I was able to play 6 consecutive day games to open a chest for a surprise, and to my surprise, there was nothing, chest never opened. Took me so many tries to get there as if U miss a day or do t get it at a certain 24 hour time, U loose it and have to start all over again. Aside from this I do like the game.


Free game shouldn’t be p2p

I have play a lot of on-line games but have never written a review before. After playing this game for a couple of weeks I got to a level I just couldn’t beat without buying coins or balls, which I refuse to do with a free game. Finally, I got more coins from the daily collection and was able to beat it-I only needed 2 balls. Mostly, the game starts off with colored balls I could not even use. When I did happen to get close to beating the level I never got the color I needed. I could use 20 plus balls just to beat a level because I would not get the one ball I needed. On the level I just beat, I couldn’t even get enough balls to earn the special features at the bottom left (blue) and right (yellow). A hard level should not mean impossible without buying coins or balls which are exorbitantly priced. This is a very addictive game and mostly fun to play except for the levels that are marked hard. Those are frustrating and totally diminish the enjoyment level as they are played over and over for hours trying to beat a level that just cannot be beat without purchasing more balls. Shame on you.


Used to be fun but not so much now

I’ve been playing this game for a while now. I’ve reached the harder levels and I understand the game must get tougher but some times it’s as if the game is set for the player to fail and buy coins in order to progress. I just played a level that I’d been attempting to pass for a few days now. I was able to watch the videos for the extra free moves (so I could use my last 10 coins to finally finish it) but of course the 3rd time I tried the video suddenly there were ‘No videos available’. Really?!? When the same fashion or escape videos always play over and over? So I went ahead and spent the 10 coins, only for one of the bubbles to go haywire (they absolutely go off the mark on their own sometimes) and my 10 coins were gone. Then it says 19 coins to keep going, which would require me using cash to get. I also want to add that the card collection thing is a joke. I don’t think I’ve received a new card in the past month or two. It doesn’t matter if it’s the basic pack or premium pack, there’s never anything new.


impossible after a point

you will love playing this challenge...until you reach the higher levels. at around level 2000 (granted it takes a lot of game play to get there, but it goes by quicker than you think) there are a couple levels that are virtually impossible to solve unless you buy more coins. at level 2120 it seems literally impossible. i’m not talking difficult; i mean not possible. if by some miracle you get close to a power up, the next ball in play will change color so that you can not complete the power up. in many cases you will be served up a series of bubbles that are physically impossible to create a “pop” with. it appears that at a certain point the game is designed to prevent you from advancing withOUT making an in-app purchase. i have literally played some levels over 100 times—not because it’s fun anymore, it stopped being fun a long time ago, but just to see if it was programmed for a 1 in 100 success rate. so have fun, for 2000 levels, then delete PowerPopBubbleShooterMania . i gave it 4 stars for the first 2000 levels and 0 stars for everything after—so 2 stars in total.


Yep. Same as other ratings.

Game is super shady and screws you over “randomly”. It has a direct line saying where the ball is going and you’ll be almost done with the level and suddenly the ball doesn’t go anywhere near where the line said it would or it gives you every color you don’t need. Forcing you to replay the level and watch ads or spend money. If it weren’t so sketchy this game would be perfect. And support... if it’s a “technical issue” then fix it. Don’t bother telling us to “contact” you when it’s OBVIOUSLY a problem for many players. I’m not going to waste my time telling you AGAIN in a different way about your sketchy game plays. ** I had originally given this a 5 star review but after this problem happening time and time again and the game repeatedly giving me a pop-up to review it I finally decided that if they wanted a more honest review then they’d get it.


Fun concept - annoying ads

The overall game seems very fun and a great way to pass some time. My problem, and reason for the low rating, is the high number of ads involved. Most games seem to offer an option to make a smaller purchase and get an ad-free version of the game. I did not see this option and found the frequency of ads (at the end of almost every other 30 second game) to be too much. Fun idea, but I’m moving on. Update: I received this response from the developer: "Hi there, Thank you for your feedback. The ads you see are what helps us keep the game completely FREE to play, at all levels. They can be skipped and closed within a few seconds once they appear. If you no longer wish to see them, we offer an ”Ad-free” premium version with any purchase made in the game. (: Best Regards, Ilyon Support." Thanks for that info, but nowhere in the store does it actually say that. I looked the first time, because that is a common option. After receiving the response I downloaded PowerPopBubbleShooterMania again and looked to double-check. THAT IS NOT LISTED ANYWHERE. My recommendation, if you want people to not drop PowerPopBubbleShooterMania due to ads, MAKE IT CLEAR THERE IS AN OPTION.


Enjoy this game!!

I really do enjoy this game I’m on level 767 and got there without spending a single dime so it’s def possible to play without spending your money, just have to save up all those free 5 coins they give to ya!!! The only complaint I have and I’m not sure if it’s my phone or PowerPopBubbleShooterMania itself but there are some days I can’t play it because I open PowerPopBubbleShooterMania and it just freezes and stays on the home screen and I’m unable to get past it. I’ve tried shutting down the phone and turning it back on but no such luck. I just have to wait a few days and then it will somehow work again.


Problems with your game!

You took the game and changed it, you made it harder, that’s part is ok but you added more difficult level, and again that’s ok but the frequency of the harder games is the problem. You have them to close to the easier games. So part of this game is to have fun beating the easier levels and playing the harder ones. But the issue is that there to close together. In other words you get a couple ( 3 or 4 ) of relatively easy levels and then you have to play the harder one’s multiple times and use all you coins or many bombs just to get through. I’ve played over 3000 levels and it not as much fun as it used to be...anyway as I said I don’t mind the challenging one but part the fun is also beating the easier levels. Add back more of the FUN levels between the more difficult, Thanks hope you understand my ramblings.


Fun, addicting, challenging BUT ....

The game is addicting. And it's fun. When you're in a roll, it is really interesting to keep hitting the balls for clearing them. It can be so fun! HOWEVER, it is super shady in that when you only need one particular color ball to clear the game with 2 ball chances left it "randomly" (whatever 🙄) gives you any color BUT the color you need. So you either have to start over or, surprise surprise, buy the ability to get more balls in hopes of that color to clear the board. For the record, I have no problem paying for the ball(s) when I myself have made some dumb moves and I'm on a mission to clear the board so I go ahead and buy a few more to appease my own guilt but when the game deliberately forces you to buy it, it's super annoying. And I'll put the game down for a while bc it makes me mad. However, it really is fun. Without that forced purchase piece, it would have easily earned a 5 from me.


Too many political ads

When I get to the part where I’m out of plays the screen pops up to watch a video for another three moves so I click it. It takes me to a 30 second political commercial that there is no way to opt out of so I set my phone down and go do something else until it finishes playing. So then I click the X to get my three extra plays but it comes up where it says you can spend coins OR watch the political infomercials AGAIN! I’ll wait for a response before I delete the game. Please have an “ad choices” button and an X that appears in the first 5 seconds to not have to watch them. Also, fix the glitch where you get your plays after being forced to watch them. Also I do agree that the choice of bubbles that appear when there is NO way to get the others in that color is ridiculous. Otherwise it’s a good game. I’m in the 2300 levels I think. RESPONSE TO DEVELOPER: There is NO button to opt out of the political ads and most of the other ads!! That’s why I reviewed it. At the end of watching the political ad it WILL NOT GIVE ME THE EXTRA LIVES I WAITED FOR. That’s what I’m trying to tell you. I’m not offended by the ads except that I’m playing a game every now and then to clear my head and relax. I’m not wanting to watch politics. You can’t get on social media without seeing it and now games. I’m going to delete this game. It was fun but I think it’s at the end of the road for it.


I agree... but

I agree with various people who have posted a review regarding the color of balls that pop up. I almost always receive the same color balls consecutively which frustrates the hell out me. This also doesn’t help when trying to get the third star. I am on level 1,176 and it is getting much harder to get the third star, not because it is a puzzle and thus it should be difficult, it is because of the colors given. Another reason is, the amount of balls remaining once the level is completed needs to be a higher count in order to receive the third star. For example, level 1,173 gives you 40 balls but if it takes 27 balls to finish you will not receive the third star. The amount of balls left however, is still substantial enough yet you do not receive third star. This type of scenario is seen throughout several levels once you reach 1,150 and above. I also agree with a post regarding the bonus levels. They are far to difficult to complete and not really worth it because you have to use powers ( the beams) to finish them. The amount of power you need to use is a lot and even if you get rewarded more power once completed, it does not replace the amount you used up. However..... This is an extremely fun game to play and have been playing it for a long time now.


Love the game but frustrated

I am on level 964, I think. Close to it anyway. Well, 1 problem I have is that in order to contact you, I have to go to PowerPopBubbleShooterMania Store to do it. There is no way to contact you directly from the game. The other problem I am having is that I am stuck on this level. I understand that the colors of the balls is random. What I don’t understand is why, when I get 1/2, 3/4, or even all the way to the end of the table, I get any color except what I’m needing. For instance, I am at the end of the board, I need a 1 green ball to clear the table, but I have a blue, a red, two yellows, and 5 purples, I always get any of the other colors. And I only have one shot left. I play every day, 3 or 4 times each day and I’ve been on this same level for a week. Is there some way to increase the odds of getting the colors I need? Or am I just stuck here until I get lucky enough to get that color?


Latest update engineered to cost more

I really enjoy this game — probably gets more use than any other on my phone for a year now. I paid for the ad free version within the first week of playing. However the latest update has removed the ability to buy more 10 balls for a 13 coins at the end of each level, and the ‘bonus’ at the end of some levels is 3 coins where it was 5, the option to get five extra balls no longer includes the fireball and costs more coins ... a lot of small tweaks like the ones mentioned that decrease enjoyment and dramatically increase your desire to spend actual money buying coins from the developer. Previously it was normal that I could save up 50 coins and splurge on a hard level, now the bonus coins are fewer and farther between while the costs are higher. I get that the developers need to pay rent, that’s why I paid for the ad free version. The expectation that I need to frequently purchase coins to complete levels is too far.


Awesome but expensive

I have been playing for a long time now and I’ve gotten very good but I’m moving on. I understand it was to get more challenging w time/age/ levels up but now most are so impossible you have to pay to get past it. When same colored ball would hit a bunch of same color it would wipe out all of them but now it takes 2,3&4 to clear a bunch making you use more balls. You now make people sit through wasted and annoying time (watching ads) to get a few extra balls but you still have to wind up paying to get through. You need different levels and a pass button. If I’ve played 1 board for 2 days and can’t get it then somethings wrong. You’ve made this so expensive that I’ve wasted so much $$ but just love playing. I don’t mind a little but now and then but now it’s every board and it’s impossible now to pass a board w/O $$. I’ve found a new similar game and if it works like I hope I’m quitting y’all’s game.


Another Pay to Play

This game has potential to be fun, so I will give it a 1 star, but it is also quite frustrating in its present format. The early levels are easy to beat and lure you in so do not be fooled! As you progress, it becomes almost impossible to win without buying extra balls. And be forewarned....the game asks and asks and asks if you want to purchase extra balls and they are pricey. I had to laugh when I saw the costs! Unbelievable! I cannot imagine anyone spending good money to buy extra balls in order to win a level in an app game....just beyond my good sense. Never would I do that! There are some revenue generating ads to contend with, but that seems to be the norm these days. I turned my data off to PowerPopBubbleShooterMania because I do not play online. This helped control the ads. Overall a so-so app because it is designed to make winning a level nearly impossibly so they can make money selling you extra turns. Without doing so, the game quickly becomes annoying.


What to do

This game is a good time killer. But has flaws, like the daily login bonus, I’ll login everyday at least by the same time I did the day before and it always resets mine, I’ve even logged in multiple times in a day and it still resets it. But my biggest issue with the game is when I gives you the same colored ball 4+times in a row even though there is no possible way to make a match because the match is surrounded by other colors that just need one ball to make way but it’ll give me the color after all the other matches 4+ times, which ends up making me have to restart the level because I’ll run out of moves. Honestly besides those two problems the game is actually pretty fun, but those two problems are so annoying that it’s kinda making me want to delete PowerPopBubbleShooterMania . If you can move past those issues though get this game.


Played all 1,100 levels

I've played all 1,100 level and am waiting for the next batch. The only problem I have with the game is that when you are down to the last few layers of the lvl it won't give you the balls needed it keeps giving you one where it's at the bottom of the line and your wasting bubbles and points. It will do this also when your stuck and will give you every color except the one needed for 18+ bubbles (I have had that done several times) but besides that I really like the game and can't wait until the next levels are released. The only reason I did the 4 stars instead of the 5 is bc of the fact the game isn't a true random calculator in the colors but gives you every color but what you need.


Great game but...

I’ve been playing this game for 4-5 years and am on Level 2175. I’ve gone through a lot of updates, the last few updates have made it more frustrating to play. The amount of Ads is now excessive! Makes me so mad that the bits of time I use to play is now mostly wasted on Ads. I find myself playing less and less...also now when an ad pops up, if we don’t physically press play, it’ll sit there until we do. Since I’m not used to that there are times I’ll focus on something else giving time for the ax to end just to find out I never hit play ... (doesn’t give me the option to stop it until it plays all the way through as the developers answer in some reviews here) Please fix this before I lose interest and move on!


Great Game..However

I like this game it makes you think about what your next move will be also you must think a few moves ahead. However.. when playing this game and winning it allows a player to earn extra points(coins). When I choose to accept them my number of my winnings sometimes my coins do not go up. So my winnings disappear. Also I have noticed on some of the games as I get close to winning, the only color of balls are the ones that I can’t use. Yes, I understand that’s part of the game and you are hoping that I will spend money to get more chances, that’s not happening. Go ahead, I enjoy the challenge of figuring it out but if I wanted to spend money I would have purchased a package that you offer.



I understand the concept of the levels becoming more difficult as you advance...duh. It is ridiculous to make them so difficult that you can’t advance, even with those fabulous power boosters. Shame on me for not deleting it and moving on to something else that is actually fun. There is challenging, and then there is just down right “Why bother?” UPDATE... The developer has graciously contacted me to help me with this challenging level. I appreciate that, and will definitely be contacting. Thanks to the developer for understanding my frustration, and allowing me to vent. I’m stuck on Level 2088. Have been forever!! Help! UPDATE: Stuck on level 2100 FOREVER & EVER! I finally get the color I need. It never makes it to the target because the ‘radar’ knocks it out. I get a color I don’t need , but it miraculously makes it through the radar. Shame on me for being suckered back into the game and traps. October 2021 - Update I am upset with this game, and with myself for continuing on with it. I did something I said I would not do—I purchased coins to complete a level. The extra costly balls were not even the colors I needed! That is a total scam and ripoff. I am deleting the game. Is there a way to report scams disguised as games? Boy, do I feel stupid. November 4,2021–deleting the game. What’s the saying? “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!” The game is a scam.

Is Power Pop Bubble Shooter Mania Safe?

Yes. Power Pop Bubble Shooter Mania is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 31,243 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Power Pop Bubble Shooter Mania Is 50.8/100.

Is Power Pop Bubble Shooter Mania Legit?

Yes. Power Pop Bubble Shooter Mania is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 31,243 Power Pop Bubble Shooter Mania User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Power Pop Bubble Shooter Mania Is 50.8/100.

Is Power Pop Bubble Shooter Mania not working?

Power Pop Bubble Shooter Mania works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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