LibriVox Audio Books Reviews

LibriVox Audio Books Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-27

LibriVox Audio Books provides unlimited access to over 50,000 audio books. Each
audiobook can be streamed over the internet or downloaded for later use. The
LibriVox Audio Books app features classic best sellers and out of print
treasures from every genre of literature in more than 30...

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LibriVox Audio Books Reviews

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    Still Handy, but Disappointing

    I’ve used Librivox for a number of years, through undergrad and grad school, and have found it tremendously helpful as an English major. The voices help liven up the texts and make difficult works much easier to follow. More recently, however, I’ve been disappointed by the addition of advertisements at the end of chapters and such. While they could be much more intrusive, it’s still a disruption to the experience and overall nuisance. Luckily, you can work around them by tapping on the next chapter, but having to do so feels unnecessary. I wish they would have just stuck to having a small visual ad at the bottom of the page. A small matter, which most people probably don’t care about, but enough to make me go to other audio reading providers sometimes. That said, Librivox is still my go-to reader, and it is very helpful overall.

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    Unbelievably awesome

    I have used LibriVox for the past three years and am always consistently blown away by the skill of some of these amateur readers. I also have Audible, and with both combined I feel like there is always something interesting and new to experience. LibriVox's best feature is the wide, free use of public domain writings. The search for good readers is rewarding, albeit different than Audible. The difference is that with LibriVox it doesn't cost me a cent. Excellent. The mobile app is very straightforward, and in a way offers even more options than my subscription, in particular the playback speeds.

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    5-Star content, one annoying problem

    This review is for the app (LibriVox is one of the best things on the modern internet). Playback and downloading works well. Search algorithm finds what you want most of the time (though having separate entries for different readings of the same book makes things more complicated than they need to be). The only serious problem is ads. Not that they exist. They’re infrequent and generally tasteful. It’s the VOLUME. The ads don’t seem to be scaled to the same volume as the books. Rather, whenever an ad plays there’s a large spike in volume and I’m inevitably startled if I’m wearing headphones. It’s particularly troublesome if you’re listening to a book to help you sleep.

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    Don’t bother paying to remove ads...

    These public domain books are read by readers with vastly varying skills. Most of what I’ve heard is pretty amateurish, but there are some very good contributions. The jewel in crown, of course, is that the service makes so many great books available to audio readers. You just have to do a bit of searching to find a combination of good book/good reader. The app is moderately intuitive and a bit glitchy. Most disconcerting of all, though, is that payment to remove ads does...nothing. The ads are annoying, at best, and there seems no way to really communicate effectively with the apps designer. Ultimately, though, I’m an avid listener of books, and this gives me another tool in my audio book tool box.

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    Great collection with awesome readings

    I really love how this app has grown since I first started using it. I have a love for Germanic folklore especially core mythology books like the Eddas and the Sagas. When I first started using this app they had literally two audio books on Norse and Germanic myth. One was awesome, the other...not so much. But now there are quite a few more including readings of both Eddas as well as a few sagas and some are in more than one language. The readings are well done and easy to understand. I am super impressed with the progress of this project so far and I look forward to seeing how it continues to grow.

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    Totally enjoying this app.

    I am truly enjoying this app. For the past week I’ve been downloading books and listening to them when I go to bed. I honestly believe I am sleeping better since I started this. Perhaps it’s because our mother used to read to us before we went to sleep at night. As a child it made me feel safe and content. Whatever it is I am thankful that my sister told me about her experience with audiobooks which peeked my curiosity enough that I went looking for apps and found this one. Thank you.

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    Please help!

    Firstly, I LOVE this app! Thank you for making it possible for me to revisit old classic books and find new ones through your app. Lately, though, it’s been such a chore to open the app and continue with a book. If I don’t happen to finish a chapter before closing the app, it will take me back to the beginning of the chapter when I’m ready to start listening again. It’s very difficult sometimes to fast forward and find my place! This is a relatively new problem (over the last month, I’d say). Is there anyway to fix this? Is there a setting I inadvertently turned on? Thank you for a timely answer! I WILL change my rating to 5 stars when this is fixed!!

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    I absolutely love this app! I have arthritis, very bad, in my phone, so I need to use audiobooks. I do, however, have one huge complaint! I set a timer, so that I can slip off, to sleep, each night. I understand the need to advertise, and have seen many, included with the pictures of books. I don’t mind that at all! But now I find, that as I drop off to sleep, a VERY loud and intrusive, pop up, and wake me. So instead of using this app every night, I must use a library audiobook. Very disappointing!

  • Great!

    I love this app because there is so much variety and it's all free. I love that it picks up where I left off and I can get there with one click of the resume button. I have only had 1 book out of the dozen I've downloaded that had ads and they were very short and in between chapters so it didn't bother the flow of the book. The content is so diverse. I am part of a smaller Christian denomination but they have multiple books written by pioneers of my church. Truly amazing. Keep up the good work.

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    I used & loved this app for years. After not having an apple device for a while I just rediscovered it and I’m so excited (I think you can use it through their website as well though). It’s easier than overdrive because I don’t have to worry about having a time limit and I think it’s a bit more user friendly too. Also great selection for free, especially as I love the classic authors and have found some really unique and educational stuff too. Five stars all the way.

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    Fantastic app

    I love this app and all the volunteers who make it so valuable. There are so many great books on here and many of the volunteer readers do a fantastic job even doing different voices for each of the books characters. Because I work for at least 10 hours a day mostly driving heavy equipment I have lots of time to listen to something but precious little time to read even though I love books. This app has made it possible for me to enjoy literature without sacrificing family time and other after work activities.

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    Absolutely amazing

    I LOVE this app! It’s awesome! It has SO many classic books and all for free! And from a ton of really GREAT readers to! Classic books are my favorite but they’re so hard to find now-a-days. And with this I can listen to them anytime anywhere! It’s awesome. And there are books by my favorite authors that o didn’t even know existed! For example did you know that the author of little woman (Louisa may Alcott) wrote a TON more amazing books! I totally recommend this app and make sure to listen to Louisa May Alcotts forgotten classics!

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    Great app, ads are too loud

    This app is very useful I have enjoyed hours of stories for a while. Many aspects of the app I enjoy but recently they added recorded advertisements which I think harms this app. They are really loud and jarring. I often listen to stories to sleep but the ads are unpredictable and at a different volume than the stories and invariably startle me. I really hope they change this aspect. It has been a really harmful update to this app and makes it less pleasant to use.

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    Very Good Book Selection & Easy to Use App

    I’ve been using the LibriVox App to listen to various books for a few months now. One of the things I appreciate is the wide variety of books about historical events and or people. One of the things that I like is that once I find a subject that I like, I can then search for other books that are similar. Which is much much better than the App forcing me to look at books that the App thinks I might like. Thank You for this App.

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    A blessing in disguise

    Every single article,book, script, translated and read for every person seeking to know more, want more - who wants to awaken and remember all the information that we forgotten. All for free - use it use it use it !!!! it's here for you as it is for me - I hope this review attracts your attention enough to waken the explorer in you and listen to all this free information over and over until it empowers you and takes you to the top ! I will see you all there !

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Is LibriVox Audio Books Safe?

Yes. LibriVox Audio Books is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 21,086 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for LibriVox Audio Books Is 65.4/100.

Is LibriVox Audio Books Legit?

Yes. LibriVox Audio Books is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 21,086 LibriVox Audio Books User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for LibriVox Audio Books Is 65.4/100.

Is LibriVox Audio Books not working?

LibriVox Audio Books works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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