GALATEA - Immersive Stories Reviews

GALATEA - Immersive Stories Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-22

Galatea thrusts you into the heart of the story. Let us take you to the next
dimension for an exhilarating experience. Immerse yourself readers! Read, feel
and hear original stories through optional in-app special effects and enjoy free
fresh content daily across a huge variety of ge...

Table of Contents:
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GALATEA - Immersive Stories Reviews

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    Great App ~ Some Horrible Things

    When I first started reading on this app, I thought it was going to be something a bit boring, but I was wrong! I love all the books that Galatea has. From their werewolf novels to the human life! There’s some things, though, about the app that I don’t really enjoy. For example, the point system is a bit overrated. I liked how you could get one point from one comment on a story. Sure, it might’ve been a bit overpowered, but when you’re and avid reader and have the time, you want to actually READ. The new point system isn’t that bad, but it takes so much time to just get up to that 10 point meter. Maybe if it somehow took less than a week to get to the 10 points, I’d be happier or if it even took 5 days, things would be way better! My second horrible thing is how long it takes for seasons to come out. When I first started some books, it turned out they weren’t finished. They only had three chapters in them. I feel like if they do this to almost all their books, people will lose interest in the book because of the lack of enjoyment from it. I think, maybe, Galatea team could put like a flag on the covers of unfinished books that tell you that they are not finished. It would be very helpful!! Thank you for your time! This app is a really good one, it just has some downs that every app has.

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    Room for improvement

    I think most people here hit spot on the annoyance of waiting until the next day for access to the next episodes. Overall, the concept is great. I enjoy the stories, though they vary from what the authors published, if previously published. The interactive concept is neat, helps set the tone of the reading. However, I can’t give it a 5 stars because there is room for improvement. The creator of the app focus of audience is for those who don’t have time to read, however for most people who enjoy reading will set aside more than 5-10 minutes to read. I’d suggest providing longer sets of episodes, like 20-30 minute read just like a tv show episode. We live in an era where people enjoy binge reading/watching tv episodes. I also think this would make people more willing to pay to skip the waiting. Secondly, i think there should be an option to purchase the entire series or purchase by seasons. Again, id be more inclined to buy in-app purchases this way. But 4 episodes is $2, that’s not really a bargain. $18 is 55 episodes, that’s more than the cost of an ebook and won’t even cover entire series. Just food for thoughts for the creators because I would spend money, just not worth it at the time because even quality of the novels aren’t worth that much, these aren’t best sellers novels.

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    Good app overall!😁

    I want to start off by saying that I think this app is really entertaining. The story that I am reading is fun to read and I look forward to reading everyday. But, there is one thing that I don’t like. Personally, I like to read these like of stories and get lost in them and read to the very end. But, there is a problem. The app runs of a currency called “points”. When you first get the app, you get 10 points. In order to read another chapter of the story right away, without having to wait another day when the time ends, you have to spend 10 points. Once you use the 10 points that you got once for free, you have to start buying the points. For me, sometimes I don’t really lot like to spend money in apps, and I understand that the app has to get money somehow, but sometimes it’s hard to get really into a chapter of the story and then realize that you have to wait the next day for the next chapter to be available. But on the contrary, this can help people to not loose themselves in stories or on their phones. Having one story a day available means that you won’t be spending a long time on your phone. So, long story short, I'm torn of this app. This is just a heads up to the people who are considering to get this app.

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    I used to love this app. I got to read a ton of interactive stories at once. Very addictive. I could leave a comment after each one. It’s 10 points to move on to another chapter. I MIGHT get 20 points in a day which means I can only move on two times in a story. Which isn’t enough because when you’re addictively reading a lot of good stories and each one has reasons for me to use the points, it’s not enough. Now I can only earn 1 point per day. So I have to wait 10 days before I can skip to the next chapter. I have no problem purchasing points to skip ahead but the price has to be within reason. If I were to try and buy the story fully. It’s 30+ chapters. I typically spend no more that $5 or less, (sometimes $10) in increments so it spreads out over paychecks and my husband won’t throw a fit. But it doesn’t give me enough to read a whole book. Upside is, I can get 50 points if I can get someone to signup, but i only have so many people that would. I’d like to spend a little less like $.99 for 50 points vs. $1.99 for only 40. if they increased it to 100 or even 80. I’d be spend that a whole lot more because a couple dollars doesn’t seem like a lot but it adds up. I found a couple of these stories on kindle for $3.00. It may not be interactive but and story isn’t modified but it still generally goes in the same direction. I get the plot. I still enjoy it.

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    Wanting more

    So to titles this “wanting more” for a couple of reasons. First, I do enjoy the stories available (at least the ones I have read). Some are certainly better than others, but that’s like any book out there. So, when reading and you reach the end of the chapter, you want more! I like that there are not ads on the app. It’s almost like Patreon when it comes to content. You want more content now? You pay. Otherwise, you wait for tomorrow. I would like a more user friendly home page. You can only “sign in” when first opening the app. I haven’t been able to link my google or Facebook in the app yet since I skipped it at first. There’s no way to see how many points you have unless you open up a chapter and your at the end of it. You can’t purchase additional point unless you are on the last page. That app is just lacking in a few places that I’m sure they are still developing. I would like to be able to interact with other readers on the app, as opposed to social media. I also would like additional opportunities for earning points. One point per day by commenting on ANY story? Something has got to change there. I get it. You need to make money... but let’s figure something else. Like subscribing. Something.

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    Money Hungry

    Okay first of all, I love the stories I’m reading. I also think this is a great set up and a really good idea however this app has not been executed well. The amount of money you have to pay (if you don’t want to wait) for the next chapters, can equal the price of a whole book and yet you still only get a few chapters?? Also it takes FOREVER to accumulate points. I think there should be easier ways to get them or maybe like 3 points for commenting, 2 points for something or a similar point system. Also, I recently got a new phone, didn’t think it would affect this app. However I open it up today to read the new chapters and...I can’t. I have to wait ANOTHER 24 hours before I’m able to read the next chapter. Which is completely ridiculous! I also for whatever reason lost all of the points I had accumulated. This just doesn’t make sense to me. And with how short the chapters are, I’m starting to not really want to use this app anymore. I have to wait 24 hours for 5 minutes of reading or spend $20 to read like 6 chapters. There has to be a better way to run this app unless the creators only care about making money. *Edit* I waited the 24 hours, opened it today, ready to read the next chapter and guess what. I was back at the beginning of the story 🙄 all the chapters were locked so I lost all my progress and all my points. This is ridiculous. Deleting this app. Thank you for nothing.

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    My opinion

    I like the app, I think it has great potential because I love the idea that you can hear music or nature while reading. It makes you feel more connected to the story. I don’t like that we have to wait so long for the next chapter though. Who stops reading a good book after a single chapter? If we do have to wait, it shouldn’t have to be for 24 hours. Maybe 10 hours from the time you read it, instead of having to wait until 7 am the next day. Also, I definitely don’t agree with the prices of points. Way too overcharged in my opinion. The option to earn free points is great, but “become an ambassador?” Or “refer a friend who has to spend money for you to get any points?” What about the people that don’t have many followers on social media? And if I’m getting you another reader there should be some kind of reward regardless of whether they spend money or not. Maybe offer a few points for recommending the app to someone, and if they spend money you get a few more. I really do think this could be a good app, but there’s definitely a lot of work to be done. Edit: Also, I just went to try and schedule a call to earn more points, and there are literally NO SLOTS open for the next year! So the only way to get points is to make you money whether it be from my pocket or someone I know?? This really needs to be checked out.

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    Beckoned, persuaded, and converted!!!

    I downloaded the app quite begrudgingly. Advertising on Instagram for the story on the app led me to the story on Wattpad (which pointed me to the app), but then I scrounged for it on the Inkitt website (which pointed me to the app). Good job! After I painstakingly read the story I was looking for for a couple of days, my eyes wandered to the other stories. One episode a day was never intended to give me my reading fix, so now I read a few stories at a time. I think the ones I’ve settled on are pretty high quality, and the timing of the immersive elements are impeccable! I think my main suggestion, aside from the tired “more free points, more story” sentiment, is about the chat/comment system. I think Galatea might have something there. I think that there is opportunity for a social aspect, where people on the same chapter can talk about the story if they wanted. One way to facilitate that is to simply load the timer chat from the “bottom” or most recent messages, instead of making people scroll through about 4 months worth of comments. You could make the chat a larger part of the screen, so more can be seen. I would still like the free point for participation though, haha.

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    Great Reading Material, with a few issues.

    The books have amazing context, and are extremely well written. I love the app overall, and like other reviews that I have read the only issue I have lies within the point system. I understand the idea behind it, and the reason why it isn’t easy to obtain points. However, I wish there was an option to maybe just buy the book outright as well. When I read a book I like to be able to binge read, and the fact that you have to wait 24 hours for the next chapter is almost a deal breaker for me. If someone were to not have money to buy points they would have to go through the hassle of scheduling a feedback call (which are backed up by a month at the moment) or leave a review here. Which is a great tactic on the developers part but one these options are done and gone I hope they are replaced with something a little easier. Leaving a comment a day is extremely easy, especially when you get a new chapter every day, but it will take ten days to unlock one new chapter. The wait is too long, even just changing it to 12 hours rather than 24 would make it a great deal better in my opinion.

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    Great selection of books

    I like reading books using this app. I think it’s a genius idea. There’s a wide selection of genres and I like that. However, I don’t like reading little increments of the story each day. When I start reading a book, I like to read at a rapid pace. There has to be another way to hook your readers besides the point system. It’s almost a turnoff for me. Maybe have the first book in the series totally free. After that, you’ll have the reader hooked. Offer the reminding books in the series at a price (kind of like Kindle does) or points. Another turnoff is the number of incomplete books. Maybe you should consider displaying the word “incomplete” next to the titles of books that are not complete. I would be furious if I wasted my points on a book that’s incomplete. That would be a deal breaker for me. I’d probably delete the app. Lastly, there should be some kind of time limit for authors to update if they want to continue using this app. There’s nothing like waiting 3-4 months to find out what happens in a story. Sometimes, the stories are never completed. In situations like this, points should be added back to the readers account.

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    Hello, I gave my feedback earlier on April 12 and why I do like that you have ideas for more ways to get points, I feel that if you have a subscription more people might not do it and have to wait and then eventually lose interest in waiting even though your amazing stories are totally worth it I still don’t think I would pay a subscription so maybe you could do a little more brainstorming with your team and rethink your pay. Thank you I love what you have done with Galatea I feels as though if you would provide more ways to get free point like watching videos I would use it even more than I already do especially since school/wok will be starting soon and it would be fantastic if you could give updates on story’s still in progress like Need, Sinclair, The Mafia Saved Me, and The Price Possession. The first episodes of these stories where released quite a long time ago but it looks like your team still has not made in progress in it with the time you’ve had but you are still able to come with a new story with a whole season in about a month or less.

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    Love but difficult

    I kept see this add on Wattpad for the werewolf store so I downloaded it to test it out, read the first chapter and immediately feel in love, the app has music and vibration and stuff to match what your reading. The only thing I hate is the point system, on Wattpad I can read a book till it’s finished, I don’t mind paying for booked but if I needed to pay for a book on here it would be by points and the current book I’m reading that would total out to over $40 which I think is crazy! You have to wait till 7 am the next morning to even read the next chapter if you have no points and to get some point you have to do crazy things which the point you do gain you still have to wait on. I think they need to rethink this whole point system like I get you want ppl on the app everyday but this is crazy and just over the top. By time I can read the next part I done forgot about the last thing I read and have to go back no one wants to read a book a little chapter by little chapter at least make 5 available at a time then I can bare the wait!

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    Interesting Concept, but honestly annoying

    So I get it, I really do. An app designed to allow short daily reads to fit into a busy schedule. Maybe this concept appeals to a younger generation, one where they want a quick 10 minute break and then to get back to their busy life, and maybe don’t like to read a lot. I do too; but the difference is that I want several 10 minute breaks throughout to help me reset. So I would want the option to have more chapters available. For someone who reads every day and has been known to finish a 400 page novel in a matter of 2 days - I want access to the chapters. Another negative is that there are about 30 books in my library and only 5 that have ongoing chapters now. 2 of those 5 are ones that I’m into (completely hooked). The rest that I love either had 3 intro chapters or 6 - literally just enough to be hooked on it like heroine and I can’t get my fix!!! At this point, the ONLY reason why I’m sticking with this app is because I’m hooked on more than one story, and every time I open the app I’m hoping that new chapters are released on the stories that I’m stuck on the 3 or 6 part introduction. Honestly it is beyond frustrating!!!!

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    Great stories but a few problems

    I just recently downloaded this app. I was very excited to read but I am not satisfied with how it works. The wait for new episode I believe, is too long. People are not going to want to wait for the amount of time that you have given. I for one, like to binge read and waiting an hour olor two is okay but, waiting a whole day is not. I also think that the pricing is way too high. The points will only get you so far and you will have to keep buying more and more. You will be able to get through a couple of chapters but then you have to buy more points. If you want to keep people coming I would recommend lowering your pricing and making the wait a shorter amount of time. Some people won’t buy points at all so the will have to read the first chapter of multiple stories and it will get confusing and they might possibly mix up which one is which. Lastly the chapters seem to be very short. I don’t think that it is worth spending that amount of money for a couple of short chapters when I could go somewhere else for a better deal. I do like the idea but it might not be worth it. Thank you for your time. 😄

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    I’ve had lots of story type apps (mostly the game versions), but I was especially hopeful with this one because of how interactive it is. Of course like everyone else, I’m not a big fan of the long wait times, especially considering each chapter is so short on top of that. The point system is ok too but I think either the wait should be shorter, the chapters should be longer, the cost to skip the wait should be less, and/or there should be more opportunities to earn more points (like a daily login reward each day). But speaking of daily logins, my app has not been able to start back up no matter what I do for maybe a day or two. I’ve deleted it and redownloaded it. Deleted it, restarted my phone and then redownloaded it. I even tried to delete other apps in case they were interfering with the apps ability to start up. Just kept trying to open it but it won’t open no matter what I do. I had 8 points too and I’m really disappointed that the app is broken for me now. ****SPOILER***** I was on the part when Sienna got home and Alpha Aiden was at her house. I was looking forward to seeing what he wanted but now I can’t :(. I know I most likely won’t get a reply, but any suggestions on how to fix this problem?

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Is GALATEA - Immersive Stories Safe?

Yes. GALATEA - Immersive Stories is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 31,770 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for GALATEA - Immersive Stories Is 30.1/100.

Is GALATEA - Immersive Stories Legit?

Yes. GALATEA - Immersive Stories is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 31,770 GALATEA - Immersive Stories User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for GALATEA - Immersive Stories Is 30.1/100.

Is GALATEA - Immersive Stories not working?

GALATEA - Immersive Stories works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 2 Comments

By Joleen
Jul 12 2021

I am very upset, I’m in the middle of a story and it says it’s loading but it’s not, it’s doing nothing, frozen is what it’s doing!
Can you please fix this?

By Kyndall Reinson
Oct 22 2020

Loveee this app! Free chapters daily with a chance to win coins to keep reading. I am only on one story but it’s so good and captivating I will continue to use this app for further stories

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