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Published by on 2022-09-14

BambooHR is online HR software for small and medium-sized businesses that have
outgrown spreadsheets. We automate many of the most tedious HR functions and
free you up to do meaningful work. The BambooHR app lets you take some of those

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Common BambooHR Issues

  • By Eazy30594


    Love the people I work with! Well some… SOME production/project managers need some work on how they treat the crew chiefs/ technicians… our team feels abused by how they always give us last minute jobs when we are not on call. We are always the last ones to leave, and that’s by the way every other crew chief communicates with the man in charge, If you finish earlier than others, don’t just up and go. HELP! There are others out there that would really use and need it if they are close by but no! I am stuck with my boss almost everyday leaving with 12-and more hours when everyone else gets to leave at 5PM when we are stuck out here doing work because we always get stuck with other teams tasks, that they don’t want to do. I don’t even get to see my family most of the time and I feel like I have one foot out the door slipping on a banana peel and the other still in. I love you guys but you guys have to work on it! Because we are losing more and more employees because of the way our PM’s are treating others/ favoring other teams! Overtime is nice Pat but not when it’s up to only one team to do it most of the time! Mainly the worst jobs! Because other teams don’t want to do it! I love to help! But don’t like to be abused and taken advantage of! I HAVE A FAMILY TOO! And am at the verge of LEAVING AND TAKING MY SERVICES AND MY HARDWORK SOMEWHERE, WHERE THEY WILL APPRECIATE MY HARD WORK AND NOT TAKE TIME FROM MY FAMILY!

  • By Lexi9784

    Can not access as much on app

    There’s more access to forms & other important info on the website rather than through the app. Even though I have the app on my phone, I still end up going to the regular site to use. Very disappointing because it could be extremely convenient. I would like to access the professional development/trainings to submit those through the app. Seeing the company announcements on the app would be beneficial. Access to the professional goals, & all of the tabs related to that underneath professional development & trainings. What my company requires me to use most is what I cannot access on the app.

  • By shedhunter7x7

    Lead Dispatcher

    This isn’t human friendly! I have to search and be self taught. It won’t give me answer for interviews to be set up. I see employee names still on our employee list who have left several months ago. My staff job title hasn’t been updated and changed. I believe change is good. Although being. Tribal business I feel we need to work with our people face to face. Interviews by computer isn’t letting us have the personal connection to see and watch what kind of employee we are interviewing! My vote is to try the next bedt thing and drop bamboo!

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Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By AivarasT
Nov 17 2022

If new employee is created in BambooHR with two future dates only (no current date attribute), BambooHR itself is automatically displaying the status of the attribute which is more in the future rather than the older. Example: New employee with hire date 2022-11-25, job title "Test1" with effective date 2022-11-25 and another job title set to "Test2" with effective date 2022-11-30. Even BambooHR will show that his job title is "Test2", even though it is not correct. First it should show the status from 25th and then later once it reaches the 30th switch to the one on 30th. Such issue creates problems when using external systems to pull data from BambooHR as by default it also pulls incorrect user employment status, job title or department. It is only affecting new hires, but in many situations, we have to prepare new hires in other systems like Okta before user actually joins the company.

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