LINE PLAY - Our Avatar World Reviews

LINE PLAY - Our Avatar World Reviews

Published by on 2021-08-30

Be the best you! Make your own unique avatar and meet friends from around the
world! Over 75,000,000 people are playing LINE PLAY around the world! 1. All it
takes is 3 seconds to make your own original avatar! You can make an avatar that
looks just like yourself by taking a selfie! You...

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LINE PLAY - Our Avatar World Reviews

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    Great game!

    I’ve been playing this game for almost a year now, and I love it. It’s really a fun game to relax, design, and dress up your avatar in cute outfits! I do agree that the currency system is quite frustrating, as most of the cuter and fancier gachas require in-game cash to spin, and it’s really not fair to some. A majority of players are most likely kids, or people who just want to unwind and have some fun. It also doesn’t help that most things are really expensive and might even require you to spend real money to get certain items. I think some currency trading systems would help a lot. Or the developers could put in a new system where we can earn cash by doing quests and other things like that. Because, believe it or not, you WILL be tempted. Even if it’s just a game, you will be tempted to buy cash in order to obtain those items... Enough of that for now. Even if there are certain problems like that, I still love this game. There are many chances to interact with other people from across the world. I’ve met so many people—some are annoying and rude, but there will always be people like that so :/ Most players are kind, hilarious, and sweet. I feel like Line Play is one of the only games that I’ve ever interacted with so many other people. I’ve made a lot of new friends, and although there are definitely things that could be improved, I love Line Play and I highly recommend you to try it!

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    Honestly, I would have rated this lower but I want my review to be seen. I have played this game since 2015 and I’ve seen how it’s changed over the past few years. It has NOT changed for the better. It used to be so much easier to get gems and cash but now it’s much more difficult. Gold vips are useless since all vip gachas are platinum. Gachas that don’t require vips are expensive, whether it’s in cash or gems. This game just wants your money. Even if you do plan on spending money, the prices in US dollars are just too high. The only redeeming feature was Las Vegas, which gave players a way to obtain items even if it took some grinding, but now it’s conveniently gone. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t download this game though, I’ve made a lot of long term friends from all over the world with this app and I’m happy I met them. But when so many of the apps functions are closed off to you because you have to pay (when you can’t) it makes it boring. It doesn’t help that a lot of the players are children so they have to beg for money from their parents just to get the fictional currency. If you’re reading this as someone deciding whether or not you want to download, I would say still go for it. After all, it’s all a matter of opinion. But don’t expect to get many nice things in the game unless you’re willing to pay for it.

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    It's great! But...

    Line Play is a fun game that includes socializing with people and using your creativity to create your avatar. But in order to be really creative, you'd have to have a lot of gems and cash which is only possible if 1, you save up for a really long time, or 2, you have to buy them. Back then, gachas were a lot cheaper. But now, gachas are mostly 2,000-4,000 gems/10-25 cash instead of having more 600-2,000 gem priced cool gachas. And on top of that, because of the new update, our quests give us even less gems. Plus, when you water plants or clean, you get 5 gems instead of 10 at a time. Even the quests in the fruit monster game are a 100 gem award instead of 300. Which makes it harder for us to save up gems to buy gachas. On the positive side, I do like the ad idea where you watch an ad 5 times to get 1,000 gems. One more thing, gachas shouldn't duplicate items that we already have. It wastes the gems that we saved up and it makes people frustrated. And I like that we can post things into our diary and such. It would be better if things were cheaper and more creative. I was thinking maybe you guys could make more dark brown hair and eyes for those of us that try to make our avatar look like us. Note: this review isn't only based on me, but also based on a lot of other players that talk in public chats. I gathered all the complaints and put them into one review. Hopefully this review will make you guys turn Line Play into a much better game.

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    Addictive but....

    Hello! i just wanna say that if you wanna download line play do it girl but the thing is that every single time i re-login it always logs me ok so I’m registered too but it still does the same exact thing i don't know if this is because of my wifi or the game so please fix this because a few months before it wouldn't do this and my storage is getting really full so please fix this bug because it is really annoying me and wanting me to delete this app please tell me if it just my wifi or its the game thats doing this i love this game and i don't wanna lose my stuff because i have really rare eyes and also everything is getting really expensive so please make everything like the good old days and please everyone report this so we get some feedback i'm starting to hate this game honestly you guys need to fix this because my wifi is really bad and if it keeps doing this than i'm gonna have to re-download thus app so please fix this bug. I also have something else to say, whenever i login when it doesn’t do that bug the pop-ups get really annoying.i dont know why you guys don't know that we know about everything from notifications please stop doing this as well because im getting really mad to be honest -Zahraa Harb

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    Great, but...

    This app is amazing! You get to customize your character, make friends, and basically do whatever you want. But there are a few reasons I don’t fully like this app. The first reason is, how do you change your name?! I’ve been trying to change it and I don’t know how! If anyone knows how, please tell me! The next reason why this app is just okay is because of the fact that it’s not really addicting. I once had another app that was just like this game, except it was an older app. I’m pretty sure Line Play is just a replica of PIGG PARTY. But... the Gacha’s in Line Play are way more creative and their not really Gacha’s. In PIGG PARTY, you got to have friends and all that. But since that game was mostly made for people in Japan, I can’t play anymore. Neither can my mom. After that incident I have been looking for an app like that and then I came across this app! Okay, enough story time, onto the last reason why I don’t really like this game. Lastly, I want this game to let you choose your own color hair, clothes, shoes, etc. I don’t really like how you just choose plain colors with all the same hairstyles for each different colored hair. Why not there be gradient hair?! Purple hair?! There are so many different things that I would like to be changed in the app.

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    Too expensive.

    So I’ve changed my review many times over the years and this is the last one. This game is fun, creative and the only game that I’ve been playing faithfully for now 5 years. However, as time goes along, the game no longer rewards players. Let me explain; when I first started in 2015, you used to be able to have a free spin in the new cash/gem gachas that came out which was nice considering it was thrill to see if you’d get a super rare item first try without sacrificing cash. Second, Las Vegas and Treasure Hunt Island were great ways to grind for items while getting rewarded along the way. All of these features have been defunct and replaced with crafting (tedious grinding for materials for a low chance of a good or rare product even with lucky dust), watching ads to earn gems replaced by randomized loot that has a HIGHER chance of being useless (extra hearts, smiles, dust, etc) and currently now garden items ALONG with interior items which were already frustratingly high chances to get. It seems obvious to me this company cares more of the revenue rather than the quality of experiences which is disheartening for older players like myself and younger players who are EXTREMELY encouraged to buy cash to have a better experience of the game. Would I suggest playing this? No. I only play now because I’ve sunken years of effort (and embarrassingly money) into this game.

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    A change in my life

    I rated this 5 stars because I met the greatest people on here. I joined Line Play on late June 2015. Where it all began. During my journey I found great friends, on this very day I’m getting snap chats, text messages, and phone calls from over 10 people I met on line play. This changed who I was and made me a better person. Although I became attached to my phone and anti social, it was truly worth it. Line play had some...very dramatic people. For example, the Boks and Booz. Everyone wanted to join their squad. They were basically the queens of Line Play. Over 12,000 hearts, 1,000 friends, and a basic face. Many people hated them, but many adored them. Line play was like my second life. My avatar was me, and I met people around the world! The coolest thing is the fact that you can meet them in real life. To be honest all my friends from here never play line play anymore. But this bond we all got was all from Line Play. A start of Happiness and Friendship. I regret spending $300 on here, but the people I met are irreplaceable. True friends, great game, new life. Thank you so much Line Play. ❤️ - Belle Cali from Line Play (Shout out to: Gwen Cali, Clarice Cali, Taylor Cali, Amber Cali, Baby Erin (Allie), Snow, Rochelle, Savage, Dani, Rose, Amaly, and so much more❤️)

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    It’s addicting but...

    Hey! I’ve been playing this game for more than 3 years! I loved it back then, and I hope you could bring some of the things back. Such as the lounges, or the little mini games... or a few more squares such as Las Vegas or Pirate Cove. I say the lounges were a big hit! I talk to a lot of people on line play, and they too would love the lounges back again. On top of that I think that you should be more giving. I’m saying in the sense such as the people who don’t want to spend money on here such as me. It’s really difficult having to wait a whole month for cash and not even that but the gachas are too much. I say that sometimes it’s a scam trying to save up gems but only receiving things such as staffs or something small like a sandals? I think it’s really unfair. And you could drop the price too I mean people are actually willing to spend more than $100+ I do really think that the prices could go down. Another thing: I love how when you start you get 10k and 5 cash. I think it’s a thing that should be given at the beginning of every month seeing as sometimes it is hard to really wait a while until the end. I also think that you should work on making the gachas fair. Like I said; sometimes the items are just unacceptable. I really hope you take your time to debrief on my thoughts and change a few things up. Bring back the lounges!

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    Too expensive to enjoy.

    I’ve never come across such a money grabbing game. Even the cheapest items cost more than half of what you make in a day. It takes ages to save up, and the only way to do activities or get items you truly want is to spend lots of money. Why can’t story mode be cheap? Because literally almost no one can afford to even save up enough money to participate in most activities. Unless you did weeks and even months of saving up, or buying gems/cash. Don’t get me started on the vip garbage. They only give you a month to save up enough stars before becoming vip. And the only way to do that is spending lots of money. Literally everything in this game is so expensive, even if you have lots of cash and gems it could all be gone in minutes. In the end, you’re always left broke forced to buy even more virtual money. On top of that, Gachas are addictive and could be dangerous. If you’re the type who likes to spend money to enjoy a game. This app is really dangerous for you. I promise you’ll be tempted to spend money on this game at least once. I mean come on, at least make story mode playable for people who aren’t willing to pay for everything? Because I want to enjoy this game too. And I find it hard to enjoy if almost everything is unattainable, unless I’m willing to pay for it.

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    My favorite game 💗

    I’m gonna be totally honest in this but none of the games I’ve downloaded impressed me for such a long time. Sure it has impress me for a month or so but never this long. I’ve played line play a few years ago and I accidentally deleted my avatar so I thought there was no more hope and I gave up so I just deleted it. After a few years later I saw many you tubers advertising line play and I just remembered this game and I decided to give it another try. It was summer 2k17 when I decide to download it again and I instantly fell in love with it. I asked my sister to download it and she did she also love it then this idea hits me. What if I asked my 2 closest cousin to download it. After they download it, they also loved it and we would ft almost everyday for the summer just to play line play. We’ve never gotten that close ever but because of line play, I realized how much I loved playing with my cousins and we gotten so close. Soon enough my cousins and sister became my best friends. I would go to room parties and invite them. Even when the summer ended, we still play. We always try to play as much as we can. This game has really strengthened my relationships with my cousins.

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    Money hungry

    I only feel the need to write a review because I played this game WAY back and so I can compare the changes they have made now to what it used to be like back then. I started playing Line play in 2013, and it was way different back then. From what I can remember, there was only gems, no coins and it was a lot easier to get stuff without paying any money. There was a way to earn gems and you could literally buy anything with gems and coins were non-existent. When they added coins I knew that the app would fall down hill and become like any other generic app that is money hungry. Now there is vip which is basically impossible to get permanent without spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars. How many coins you get for like $20 is a joke even with those “double” deals. Pretty much if you download this game, you will be tempted and persuaded to spend money otherwise you won’t get much clothing/furniture as you would if you spent loads of money. Gems are even hard to earn now and it’s hard to get stuff even with gems that you don’t have to spend money to get. Anyone who has never played this game and is thinking about downloading it, don’t do it unless you can hold back from spending money. Trust me, who has been playing this game for almost 9 years. It is not worth it. The game is a joke and I uninstalled it for this reason.

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    Be careful when spending your money for in-game purchase

    Everything was normal until one day my account was logged out for no reason (I didn’t make it). Then when I tried to log in again, the game kept forcing me to create new avatar. I then contacted the customer support, after few days waiting and had to keep asking to receive any further update about my issue, they just emailed me back and said they can’t find the problem and there’s nothing else to do. Just like that, my account and all the stuff I spent a lot of my time to earn, gone so easy with such a simple response. They didn’t even give me any useful suggestion at all. Yeah it’s a lovely game, but better think twice before making any real money purchasing for this game if you don’t want suddenly everything you put your time and effort on just disappear without reason like this. Another thing is this game requires too much money spending to get the good stuff. I’d played this when they just released it first time while ago with different account, the clothes in store (which we can buy with gems) doesn’t seem to add up while more and more overpriced gacha keeps coming and coming. It lags, a lot, and easy to get disconnected from the internet while everything else works just fine. Good thing about it is I finally found a reason to stop getting addicted to this game. Uninstalled with an utterly disappointment. Good job 👌

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    Why so greedy?

    I write a review about this but I have something else I wanna say. Ur guys are greedy for money I went on it today and saw that something about cash and eyes but u have to pay 99. 99 dollars for it that basically 100 dollars why would u charge that much ofc kids gonna beg there parents for that money for vip and stuff also I wanted to chat with friends but I can’t I tried other things that I wanna try but it said sorry u can’t use or whatever I, watch a vid about this game and it said that this game use the same outfits for years can’t u guys make new outfits instead of lying like there new? I luv this game but I only played it cause I was bored and heard it was great to play back then but I could’ve get it, now I think your just greedy for money like let some of the money go down parents need to use there money on other thing, The other thing is that cash u have to pay for cash or login for cash if u want like 14 1 dollar or more 14 etc, on here it show a vid about line play app it looks cool and that’s what I thought it would be like but it seems like a scam for money a bit nothing on that vids on there unless u got to be a vip or something 😡. Pls see and fix it. 3.8 seems low too. 🙂. Pls see

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    Getting bored

    I been playing LP for awhile now, almost 3 years. A lot has changed over this time, it has become less fun because LP is starting to look more for money than fun. Things are more expensive, making you have to spend real money if you want the full experience. Quests are worth less gems now, and they require to watch ads to get gems. There are new additions like Las Vegas that promote gambling when majority of the players are under 18. I was not very happy with that update. Another new addition is VIP exclusive gatchas. It’d be okay if it also included gold vip members but instead it’s only available to the highest level VIPs. If it’s going to be like that they should name them “Diamond Gatchas” Really the only way to get to that level is to spend quite a bit of money. And as I said earlier a lot of the players on here are under 18. On another note, the LP community can be pretty toxic. The young members talk mean and dirty. The older members have a snotty air about them too just because they’re older and feel entitled. But it’s really not all that bad. These things I am mentioning are just some minor issues and LP is still definitely fun to play.

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    Are you kidding me?!

    I play a lot of games on my iPad. All of them have in-app purchases. I understand that there is a team behind each game that must get a paycheck. In most games I spend $10, MAYbe $20 a month as a contribution for those people who make the games so fantastic. And my money usually goes a long way, making the game even more fun. So it makes for a good partnership all around. Line Play - Our Avatar World is beautiful and incorporates my favorite activities... shopping, dressing up and socializing. Great! Five stars, right? NO. This game is equivalent to theft and is pretty much shameless and unchecked. Even though I'm relatively stable financially, I still struggle immensely to get new AND old items in the game. And like an idiot, I have spent mountains of money trying to get items... and failed... more than once. One item (a pixel item, mind you) can cost you literally $100. Or more! It's absolutely absurd. And almost cruel to the younger kids who will never be able to spend money on something so frivolous. Luckily, I still have my other games and will return to them. I do NOT recommend this game. It's addictive, which isn't necessarily a bad thing when it comes to games.... within reason. But with this one, you'll find yourself tempted by all the beautiful clothes and accessories that cost a lot of real money. Eventually you’ll pawn your possessions. Just know this before you download.

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Yes. LINE PLAY - Our Avatar World is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 8,500 LINE PLAY - Our Avatar World User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for LINE PLAY - Our Avatar World Is 55.6/100.

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