Altimeter GPS with barometer Reviews

Altimeter GPS with barometer Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-10

Outdoor barometric altimeter with seven open source maps specially designed for
trekkers, compass with places search, weather and step counter. "Pure Altitude
Algorithm" for better Altitude accuracy. Determines the altitude of your current
location based on the GPS tracking, Aster or bar...

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Altimeter GPS with barometer Reviews

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    Good except it freezes up

    Was running this app in our car while my husband drove and it was great to see the changes in elevation over the route. I'm running the app on my iPhone 6 plus. Problem with the app is that it continues to freeze up after it runs for about 5 minutes. I have to exit the app and restart it when that happens. No input is accepted whatsoever to try and unfreeze it. Other than that problem, it's pretty good.

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    I have used this app for about a week. It is accurate in relation to my other devices both digital and mechanical. Use it in the backcountry this weekend and fairly consistently was able to get altitude and compass readings with no signal or 3G available. There was once I failed to connect but a storm had moved in an there was extremely heavy foliage and cloud coverage. I use this more for curiosity than anything though.

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    Just got it...

    I just got this app today...I have an iPhone 6+ and in exploring the app my phone got really hot! Also I am lacking the open street map button, in its place I have "info & how to use" button which I no longer need and had very little info anyway. Other than that it looks to be a great app!!

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    Fun to play with

    Interesting to play with and more how high up I am! I also enjoy how it tells you the address. I've often been house sitting, babysitting or at a party and couldn't quite recall the address for delivery. This is a great way to double check. Also useful for land level people like me to check if alcohol may hit me harder (eg if I'm at a higher it hits me harder)

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    Works in airplane mode!

    Fun to have. The altimeter works via gps if you're near a window on an airliner. Also gives you coordinates but that shows on a map only if the map is preloaded (which means only for the first 40 miles after you lose cell service.)

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    Great App. Was good to know the elevation while traveling through the mountains. It was accurate when we compared it with road elevation signs. Weather app is easy to use. It gives the humidity level, which was useful while driving through the deserts.

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    Total crap

    Advertises as an altimeter, but ads block altimeter. Then hit 3 pop ups trying to navigate the app. Deleted due to fear of watching another final fantasy ad in the next 20s. Why does Apple even approve apps like this? I get that developers need to make money, but there really ought to be a ‘Crap App Store’ and a ‘Non-Crap App Store’ and the App Store reviewers can place your app in an appropriate spot so consumers don’t waste their time downloading crap unless they’re okay with getting a crummy product like this one.

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    Excellent app but...

    The interface of this app is impressive and the altimeter And gps function as they should. However, the weather freezes up and crashes constantly. I really like it and wish they would fix this issue.

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    This app has a beautiful interface but does not function at all. The GPS location is off. The altimeter (remember this is the title and supposed product) totally does not work. No matter where I am on the planet it is always sea level. It is advertised as not needing an internet connection. Guess that is because it doesn't work whether or not one is connected to the Internet. Too bad all the effort was spent on looking good instead of doing anything worthwhile.

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    Amazing app

    One of the most practical and functional apps on the App Store today. Features it has are well thought out and are executed perfectly. It would be nice if it had more customizability such as making the speedometer larger.

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    Great integration of GPS, built-in sensors and weather info all on one screen. Great for knowing what's going on while flying. Major kudos to this developer for making a free app that's better in many ways than a lot of the paid apps out there.

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    Excellent! But . . .

    I love this app, on my iPad. Not on the phone. It works perfectly on the pad, and its as easy as anything to view. On my phone, the altimeter is off by sometimes 200ft, the direction is never right, and the map is never correct. I can hold it side by side with my iPad and show identical GPS coordinates, but show totally different data. Speedometer works great, though!

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    This is the Best

    I started using this app when I was hiking in Roosevelt Nat'l Forrest (Bierstadt lake area) - it was perfect then and is perfect now. I cannot believe this app does not get more love. We are lucky this is out there and anyone looking for GPS/Altimeter app will not find one better than this app.

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    Used to be fairly decent

    I can't stand ads. Especially the ones that pop up and cover the whole screen every few minutes, then have a tiny little x to close it or won't close at all for several seconds. This used to be ad free and a fairly decent app. Now I'm on a search for a replacement and deleting it. I'll pay before dealing with crappy ads.

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    Very useful compared to other apps that rely too much on cell service. I work around Yellowstone and need to know altitude often in no cell areas. I do wish they would allow default to feet rather than meters, but otherwise great.

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Is Altimeter GPS with barometer Safe?

Yes. Altimeter GPS with barometer is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of /5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Altimeter GPS with barometer Is 80.6/100.

Is Altimeter GPS with barometer Legit?

Yes. Altimeter GPS with barometer is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over Altimeter GPS with barometer User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Altimeter GPS with barometer Is 80.6/100.

Is Altimeter GPS with barometer not working?

Altimeter GPS with barometer works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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