The Spectator Magazine Reviews

The Spectator Magazine Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-19

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The Spectator Magazine Reviews

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    Almost always first class reporting and great fun to have Rod and Taki to lighten the moment.....with sage comments along with the irony. I’m a fan!

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    By far the best observer of human dignity and frailty told with witty and self-effacing humor! Surely my best read of the week. Ephcharisto polu, adelphe, M. Marchlewski, s.j.

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    It's Right Wing but not Wing-Nut

    I've been reading the Spectator for years. It's basically a magazine for political junkies but as an ex-pat I find it keeps me in touch with the zeitgeist in England. They are now full on fascists. Delingpole and Moore are the first ones I'd put against the wall. Then that asswipe Taki. It’s a disgusting magazine and I’ve cancelled my subscription.

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    UK Politics & Culture for Cosmopolitans...

    Unsurpassed insiders' views of UK politics, from grand strategy through titillating gossip. First class reviews of the UK's manifold cultural offerings.

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    One of the Best

    I've been a Spectator reader for perhaps twenty years and consider the magazine one of the best available. As an American citizen, I tend to skip over much of the writing on British domestic politics, but the Spectator offers so very much more. There's an amazing variety in the subject matter on offer. The reviews are useful. Most of all, the use of language is precise; the articles concise. I'm old fashioned enough to believe that what's worth saying not only may but must be said clearly. The Spectator's writing is the antithesis of the usual prose of wet concrete that infest journals like (to pick one at random) the New York Review of Books. And the Spectator is often quit funny, too. Such a deal. The app has been greatly improved over the years. Early versions of the app made reading a bit of a penance. Those day are mercifully over.

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    Significantly Degraded

    Less intuitive and clumsier than prior versions. Call this one a fail and bring back the predecessor please.

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    Magazine won’t download in app.

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    The Cream of Contemporary British Commentary

    Slightly to the left of the WSJ and much more to the right of the NY Times, the Spectator combines the very best of British commentary on world politics and the arts. The contributions of the weekly columnists are erudite and constantly entertaining. Overall, the best weekly read for anyone with the most marginal interest in UK culture but beyond this a fine-edged view of word events.

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    No app support

    I had read the SPECTATOR for years in print and was thrilled to have the ease of the APP. I love the writing. HOWEVER, subscribing thru iTunes (which is the only way you can do a monthly sub) has become a nightmare in using the app. For many months the app is not recognizing the iTunes sub on any iOS device. Mini iPad, iPad or iPhone. I have submitted several 'ticket' and no one responds with a viable solution. There is no web id for iTunes users and no matter how many times I delete and reinstall the app there are NO DOWNLOADS of the current mags. Nor can one use the iTunes sub to access the website ... This is really unforgivable - the app has not been updated since 2014 and there was a major iOS update this year. It's sad. I doubt I will hear from any one at the SPECTATOR. If I do I will come back and write another review. Do not purchase this app.

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    Amazing magazine, decent app

    Like a cry of reason from beyond the darkness that is the modern conservative movement in the US, The Spectator celebrates common sense over zealotry and reasonable discourse over ideology. Let the left be blinded by beliefs and ridiculous schemes. I want a magazine that deals with the world as it is, not as it "should" be, and that magazine is The Spectator.

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    The Spectator

    Reading the Spectator is like going to a party and talking with fascinating people who are unpredictable. Most are charming and amusing in an inimitably British way even though their opinions vary widely and may sometimes be strange. I highly recommend it.

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    Highly recommended

    Simply the best economic, political and philosophical comment I read. Keep it up Fraser and team!

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    Magazine is the best but the download system is rank. Also in App spotlight is pretty useless as only looks in downloaded articles, it should look on the web.

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    Great app, great articles!

    A breath of fresh air in today's news oultlets! Recommend

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    Liberating read.

    Refreshingly opinionated and outspoken. My new favorite read.

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