TechCrunch Reviews

TechCrunch Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-08

The TechCrunch app is the best way to get breaking tech news on your iPhone.
TechCrunch is an unparalleled source of stories about startups, Silicon Valley,
venture capital, gadgets, apps, and more. Quickly browse all TechCrunch's
headlines, or customize the app to only see the topics th...

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TechCrunch Reviews

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    Terrible Execution

    For an app that reports tech related news, this app fails to do what other simple news apps have been doing for a while. The app never shows any picture in the article aside for the main cover photo. The app fails to load some pages instead giving a totally blank page with nothing to read. If an article has any video it won’t be included here. Most of the time you have to click on content (i.e a picture) that doesn’t load and it’ll direct you to the web version of the article. So essentially it’s a glorified web browser at that point. It’s funny when articles reference to an image that won’t even load on the app. Love to skim through the content here but I don’t get why it’s got to be so hard to get the content.

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    Great content, but ads and video issues

    I find tech crunch a wonderful way to keep up on technology news. The content is pretty top-notch. This app, unfortunately, does not do that content justice. The advertisements can be intrusive at times. I'm a big fan of the daily crunch report video (since it is a convenient way to catch up on the news over my lunch break), but I've been unable to access any videos on TechCrunch for over a year. I can navigate to the specific video, but then I just get a black screen that perpetually says loading video. Data point: videos work fine from web browser such as Google Chrome.

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    Love TechCrunch, but the app could use some improvements

    I use the TechCrunch app multiple times per day. It works, but it's far from perfect. The biggest problem is that certain article types (slideshows, etc.) can't be viewed in the app, the article just displays as blank. I also experience crashes at least once a week. On a separate note, the stories seem to be getting more political in nature by the day. It sometimes can be frustrating having to look through multiple highly political editorial pieces before getting to an actual news story.

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    “Tech”Crunch - remove Tech - add Junk

    “Tech”Crunch is like that skinny guy who chain smokes , drinks and eats junk food , while preaching a Healthy life style , exercises etc ... Your app is an unacceptable piece of “Tech” and its been like that for ever since . Last time i tried to use it , it was about 3 years ago . After realizing that it just simply crashes , doesn't load , not even the search bar working properly. I deleted it next day. Now here we are 3 years later and nothing change ... What a shame for not been able to create a normal working app in such a period of time .

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    Doesn’t work well

    I have always enjoyed reading the stories here. They are well written and I enjoy finding stories that aren’t on Engadget to stay up-to-date on Technology. But, the app is buggy and the photo content never loads after clicking on a story. I get lucky if the story actually loads and it isn’t just a white screen. I hope I will download the app in a year and it’s improved. But, for now it only works half the time and I’ll just have to find my news elsewhere.

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    A daily must-read!

    For those working in the startup world, this is a daily must-read. TechCrunch does an amazing job covering the important stories and also those novel never previously told stories that pique your interest. The only complaint - some of the stories come across as simply reprints of PR campaigns. But they too are at times newsworthy.

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    First Stop of My Day

    Tech Crunch is my first go to for tech news in the morning. It keeps me up-to-date with new information and rising trends. It is a must for anyone in education who tries to keep students conversant with all things tech. I use ideas and links from this site to challenge my students everyday.

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    No images, no video, UI breaks and moves, feels unstable

    The list of what’s wrong goes on and on. In order to see any images you need to click on placeholders of the image. Then you’re taken to what looks like a web view of the site in your mobile device. What’s the point of the app then? The app also just feels unstable. It’s easy to accidentally click on something that takes you to another part of the app. I don’t think I’ve ever actually gotten a video to play properly with sound in the app.

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    load all content by default

    the new design of forcing us to load a story and the load it again with the images and video is just too much. if you are worried about users bandwidth give them the option of loading the stories without pictures and video. the whole tap to load content was one of the worst features of your redesign... I have now deleted the app as it doesn’t seem like anyone over at tech church cares about their mobile experience.

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    Tech blog with pretty bad app

    I have been reading this blog for many years now. And two main functionality are yet to come: (1) offline reading - it only uploads the first paragraph when you are on data. This is a big deal especially in NYC where most of the people use subway (2) able to watch a video - you get the spinning wheel of death when trying to watch a video

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    Tech crunch has awesome news every day, and keeps me updated on tech news that you typically don't see in the news or in your science magazines. Definitely an app for those Nerds looking for something to pass the time.

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    Poor functioning app

    Love the articles, but the app has been very buggy for a long time. No images or embedded items show, sloppy pull to refresh animation, can’t view comments anymore, articles sometimes won’t load, the most popular at the bottom of every article never changes. Your Engadget app is buggy too, but at least images/videos in articles show up there, so I don’t know why it’s a problem here.

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    Long time reader bc the articles are interesting, but the app always has some problem or another that prevents you from reading content. At the moment, for most articles, I can only read a few paragraphs and then the rest of article won't display. This is not a connection issue and I'm using the most up to date version of the app.

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    Still the Best

    For all things tech there is no better than TechCrunch. Over time this site has again proven its value to countess numbers of us in the world that moves faster than any other.

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    Awesome information source

    I check TC every morning before any other information site. Always the latest most accurate info on all things Tech.

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