Newsify: RSS Reader Reviews

Newsify: RSS Reader Reviews

Published by on 2021-09-30

Read and share your favorite websites and blogs with an amazing newspaper-like
layout. Featured by Apple as "New and Noteworthy" and "What's Hot" in over 100
countries! FEATURES • All of your news, blogs and RSS feeds in one free
reader app! • Sync with Feedly or Newsify or use without...

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Newsify: RSS Reader Reviews

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    The Last (Best) RSS Reader I'm Likely To Use

    I've been through a lot of IOS news reader apps. Many of them had outstanding features, but none brought so many together as does Newsify. Great look, system of viewing articles (and a choice of preference there), saving, and sharing. I cannot imagine any RSS reader improving on what this app delivers, and so I'm putting this quest to bed. I can add, through my own experience, a report on support. I was having a problem with one aspect of the app that would have been quickly and easily corrected in settings, had I not repeatedly overlooked the toggle. Through support services contact, the developer patiently pinpointed the source of my issue, and clearly supplied the remedy. So, I can attest to Newsify's stellar customer support.

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    this transformed my RSS workflow.

    For people who consume lots of news and need it quickly, this app is fantastic. The data-rich format, while still keeping images, is the best I’ve tested and the upload speeds with a premium subscription are great. The full-text feature is crucial to making this great since so many feeds never show the full texts. In the three or four times that full texts didn’t download, the developer responded within hours to get it working. Full text is doubly impressive since I rely on a lot of niche and foreign news sources and still rarely have trouble getting full text. Even with a premium subscription, this app is so good that I almost feel like it’s too good to be true.

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    Best RSS App!

    - No other app out there seems to do as we as pulling in Full-Text articles. - Consistently pulls in full text for articles that other RSS apps can’t. This saves a lot of time because you never have to wait for the full article to load - it’s already there! - Best OFF-LINE RSS app - if you live or work somewhere with inconsistent internet coverage, this is a great app for downloading all your articles ahead of time. - Consistently updated - Quick response from developers. If you do run into a website that doesn’t always show the “full-text”, you can quickly share the website with the developers and they will be quick to respond!

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    Newsify is the best way to read RSS feeds, regardless of platform

    I think it is the best way on any platform to follow my feeds. I absolutely love using this program. It is fast and is fun to use. It is one of my top 10 apps. Photos are great! I keep up with many different areas of interest: technology, news, sports... I can share articles in any way I want to. I use Newsify almost every day. It does everything I have needed it to do. I wish I could find many more glowing things to say, because I think the people who created Newsify have done an outstanding job. I have not tried the faster sync yet.

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    Good design but it always crashes

    Of all the rss readers I've tried I like this one the best but it has one very annoying issue and one minor issue that rates it only 3 stars with me. The minor issue is the way the viewer handles the controls at the bottom of the screen that allow selecting things like marking an article as unread, selecting the next/previous article, etc. the part that's an issue is the way the design has that area disappear and reappear. The transition between hide/show is too slow and too easy to toggle. So I end up turning it off when I don't want it off and having to tap on the article in just the right place (or more to the point, not in the wrong place) and waiting for some set, slow interval for it to reappear so I can use it. I want it as instantaneous as possible or better yet, I want an option to keep it always displayed. The major issue is that after a period of time the app crashes. It doesn't seem to happen at predictable times. It does recover rather well but it should never have crashed in the first place. Update: the app no longer crashes.

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    Easy RSS Reader with Links

    Includes standard refresh, usability, simple functionality and a familiar platform making this the app user-friendly. Your concentrated news and other text-based items can be sorted to folders within the app’s main screen. This app links to Safari however many feeds can be read within Newsify alleviating clicking to external links. Minimal advertisements but if you upgrade, zero adds. Definitely a must-have news and RSS push application. Works with Apple Watch 4th generation. Enjoy!

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    Fantastic RSS reader, one annoying thing

    I've been using this reader for a couple years now. It has many features and allows you to customise most to suit your needs. It's a five-star app in my opinion except for one annoying feature: the pull up to mark all item as read, to be more precise, the amount of pull up. I often scroll through my list of articles to choose what to read and when it gets to the the bottom one inadvertent pull up easily marks all as read with no way of undoing. This is a simple move with a very big risk, to irreversibly mark as read your whole unread list 😬 I'd suggest the developer to add a hold action to the pull up with a short 2 second progress bar to ensure no accidental pull ups. Either that or an undo action where it takes all marked read in the last few seconds back to unread. I'd be happy to learn an undo action exists but I haven't been able to find one. There I must give this reader four stars because it's a big downside for a small action. ✌️

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    Glitchy and imperfect, but a useful tool

    Newsify is a good aggregate source. I like being able to categorize my news (politics, science & tech, etc). However, the app freezes and crashes constantly—especially when I shift between apps. Sometimes it will take 4 or 5 re-openings of an article just to get through it while it’s glitching every 30 seconds. Additionally, a lot of trashy, clickbaity articles show up in my world news folders—ones that are not from my list of preferred sources—as well as entertainment articles. I wish there was a way to report that articles are not aligned with my interests/preferences (or are just plain trash) or are in the wrong categories.

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    Please fix: marking items read should take into account scrolling order

    It is a great app but is missing something important. When I configure the article order to display the new ones at the top instead of the bottom by default, subsequently marking the read items from the menu will mark the TOP items as read, instead of bottom ones. This means the unread items that I haven't gotten a chance to scroll up to are now marked as read and will disappear.

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    Logged out & can't log back on

    I loved this app so much & used it daily for years. Today I tried to open it on an old iPad & sync with my phone. The ipad only offered the option to sign in via Feedly. When I attempted to sign in with the Feedly account used on my phone, it told there was no such user. Tried on mac & got the same result. Found advice (given by Feedly) saying to log out of all your accounts and then log back in. Which I did... And now cannot access Newsify on any device. Not sure how it's possible I was just logged onto a Feedly account in my phone that now I'm being told doesn't exist. I lost so many saved articles & my whole subscription list. Great app until I logged out of it.

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    Very good rss reader

    Newsify is one of the best news readers in the app store. Beautiful interface and intuitive navigation. It is able to display articles in newspaper format or the standard list view. One of the few readers that mark as read while scrolling (one of the most overlooked features). I wish it could mark older posts as read (older than 1 day, 3 days, etc) but still a must have for any google reader user!

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    Almost-perfect newsreader.

    Update 6/9/17 I regret stating in my original review that the built-in ads are "unobtrusive and unobjectionable". Since a recent update, this app has felt the necessity to insert the usual trashy ads in every single news feed, even when wildly inappropriate. When will advertisers and app authors realize that "less is more" when it comes to adverts? Update 27th December: Since the most recent update, Newsify is VERY unstable on my iphone 5/IOS7.1.2. Freezes after loading (certain) pages & won't "kill" cleanly when it does so. I'm sticking with it because it's still the best out there - but darn, this is frustrating! Original review: I came to Newsify as a refugee from Pulse, which since its acquisition by LinkedIn has gone steadily downhill. Newsify, I'm delighted to say, is almost exactly what I want in an RSS reader; simple, clean interface that gives me access to my feeds. Even the in-app ads are unobtrusive and unobjectionable. Definitely a good app.

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    Could’ve had a 5

    I was going to give this app a 5, but I didn’t. I can’t figure out the way to change the in app browser from Chrome to Safari. I do not use Chrome or have it on my phone but this app does. While I was looking to be able to choose the browser on which to open an article that I want to read I noticed I am not able to change the default browser it uses to open the article. Please add this option. But I do not what google for anything.

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    Good but widget issues

    Update: after over a year, the widget still only updates when I open the app. Not sure if that's intended, but it means I basically never use this app for my news sadly. Great app otherwise. It seems this would be easy to fix! I really like this app, I find it to be a very quality RSS reader, especially considering competition on iOS isn’t that great. The only real issue I have is that the widget NEVER updates news unless I open the app, no matter how much I use the app to get iOS to prioritize its background activity. Really hampers my style since I like to get news at a glance throughout the day.

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    Very good app, but has rotten subscription pricing for some features

    Very good news reader. Easy to quickly read headlines. Pull up to mark all as read. Intuitive gestures. Very customizable. It's not perfect-- you can't swipe back out of the Safari view, for instance. Two stars deducted for the subscription based requirement to get full text at times (and other features that should not cost $30/year). I am ok with paying a flat fee, and have already done this, so the subscription requirement is like getting charged more than twice.

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Is Newsify: RSS Reader Safe?

Yes. Newsify: RSS Reader is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 3,752 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Newsify: RSS Reader Is 39.7/100.

Is Newsify: RSS Reader Legit?

Yes. Newsify: RSS Reader is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,752 Newsify: RSS Reader User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Newsify: RSS Reader Is 39.7/100.

Is Newsify: RSS Reader not working?

Newsify: RSS Reader works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Fran
Sep 17 2021

App keeps crashing! Help!

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  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Newsify: RSS Reader customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Newsify: RSS Reader.

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