The Sims™ FreePlay Reviews

The Sims™ FreePlay Reviews

Published by on 2021-01-04

From the creators of The Sims ™ series of best-selling mobile games comes a
complete Sims experience that you can play on your iPhone and iPad! What’s
your story? Create it with your Sims in real-time, customize their wardrobes,
build their homes, and help them live out their dreams. Com...

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The Sims™ FreePlay Reviews

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    I love this game but...

    This is one of my favorite games that i have on my ipad. I love how it resembles actual life and you can grow the babies. I love all of the jobs and places that you can get on the map because they are all unique in their own special way and they all hold an awesome activity like going to work or buying something. I especially love designing the houses because its so much fun to create cool life like areas where your sims can live. I have gotten pretty far into this game and have found some things to suggest. First of all, when i got the puppies and kittens quest completed, i was so excited to have my own pet to love but i feel like it should be able to do more. I can sit with the pet but i wish i could wash it in the bathtub or bounce it on the bed like i can with the baby. Another thing is that the pools, patios, and multi story things are very expensive. I have seen awesome houses and i want to have a big upstairs but i cannot afford it so i have to get a big area of space downstairs and fill up the whole thing because i cant make an upstairs. This is annoying because i also want space outside to put a pool and a patio but those are also very expensive. Right now i have a tiny 2 by 3 patio. If i even put railing on it, which is also very expensive, i would only have two little squares for my sims so it is just like a carpet outside that doesn't do anything. Thats all for now. Love this game. Please consider my problems.

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    Plz read

    Dear EA, I’m absolutely in love with your sims FreePlay game. There’s so much diversity within the game its self and so much your sim can do ... but it just all of these updates are kinda getting repetitive and you guys are missing the smaller things that will make the game that much more fun. For example the capacity of sims a house/building can hold is down right silly like seriously 10 ?!? Only ten people can be in a building at a time, like what if I want to throw a big party and only a few people can come ??? I think the bigger the house the more people you can have in it cause I have some really big hones on that game and I feel like it should hold more than just ten people, maybe twenty wound be a reasonable number?? 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏽‍♂️. Also give the sims more interaction options, like maybe if more than one person could to speak to each other at the same time, I just want my sims to be able to do as much as possible and I’m not talking about major updates I’m just talking about incorporating more social interactions and relationship scores not much but I promise you it will make many freeplayers (like my cousin and I) that have been playing this game for quite some time, so happy and we promise we will appreciate it with the bottom of our hearts .. heck we appreciate theses current updates ... I’m just giving something guys something to work with 🤩🤩thank you so much for your time 😋 ~ from a proud simsfreeplayer ♥️♥️

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    good but has its issues

    Look, I’ve been playing for over four years now. I’ve seen a lot of updates and can say that some things are probably never going to be changed unfortunately (like house pricing as leveling up, body shapes, traits, etc). It’s a good game, love the live events and whatnot, I’ve acquired a really great furniture and clothing selection over the years, and even if I have been screwed really badly by the game on several occasions, I have kinda just let everything go, but one thing that I’d really like to see fixed that I know can be fixed is the appointments while pregnant. I had to pay like $1.5 MILLION to build the maternity clothing store and then wait like two and a half days, so I was like “okay cool whatever” but it’s such bs that I have to pay nearly $200,000 for appointments to be able to move on in pregnancies and it is driving me insane. Why should I have to pay that much when I payed so much already? Otherwise the game is still good but like ???? It’s absolutely ridiculous and I’m so mad because everything else is so expensive it’s either “actually get your money’s worth out of the maternity store and pregnancies or not add the second floor to a house ¯\_(ツ)_/¯” But yea that’s what I’d like to see changed. And also some refunds for that crap because I’m pretty heated that I have to do that to enjoy what I already payed so much for.

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    Awesome game!!!

    I have been playing this game for almost a year now, and I love it! Building the houses are so cool, and creating the Sims is an awesome addition instead of being stuck with lame ones. I am a little disappointed in some areas, though. I wish that it were a little easier to earn lifestyle points. I mean seriously! You get one per level up and like, two per building! Plus, it costs like 15 of them to buy a single pet! I also think it would be cool if added more realistic touches. Like having a different color underwear than swimsuit. Plus it would be cool if Sims could get sick. Not just vomit, but catch a cold or get a fever or even get the flu. That way your Sims can be more like normal people, you know? I would also want toddlers to have to be toilet trained. So that they can learn more stuff. The Sims should be more gender specific. The men should be able to use the bathroom standing, you should have like a way for the sims to meet and fall in love online, you should have mayor elections for your sim’s town... I also wish there were an easier way to earn lifestyle points and that the stuff didn’t take SO long. Sims should also have a little more diversity. Like having Sims with wheelchairs. Even though I had some suggestions, it’s still my favorite game! Can you make more games like this? Sort of like a Sims FreePlay 2? Thanks! 😀😀

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    I love this game it's a Fanta game and very fun and addictive,I just have a few suggestions. I would like to be able to have monthly events for people who missed such events as the romance island quest,French romance quest,long hair event,(etc.). I also would like to be able to make driveways and have cars on a lot, not on that parking spot. Also I would like more of a variety of options for customizing characters. Weight maybe their looks because my characters always look alike because they all have the same body size and there are only 4 different faces to choose from. I also would like more of a variety for pets. Little pets, large pets, Gerbils, more birds. I also would love to be able to make a beach resort, sorta like the island romance only you can customize it. And I would like to be able to make more LP and SP. it's hard to get more than 20 without spending them. And time is a big issue for me. I don't always have time for this game. I have other things to do. If I forget about it than it's nearly impossible to the the limited time prizes for the quests or events. I would love to be able to purchase hairstyles from previous events that I missed out on and I would like better ways to build homes. Building diagonally and placing objects diagonally. I would really love all these things if you could consider them thanks.

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    My favorite but....

    I love this game so much! I have played this game for years now. I love that the reviews have been heard and they have upgraded decor and offer so much more, however, now they keep doing the events and they aren’t the same as the quests. They end up costing you if you actually want to finish or you have to commit every second to the game which is unrealistic and I really believe that even if one could, it still would not be possible to finish without spending money. If you do manage to finish and earn all items in the event they give one free then they cost social points or lifestyle points and not just a couple which would be more acceptable but several SP or LP for one item - there are rare items now that don’t cost SP or LP but they will cost like 300,000 simoleons, it is getting annoying. Also if you buy something from the store it once again costs SP or LP as a ploy to make more money. It is so disappointing because I truly love this game and it is my favorite but the cost is getting outrageous. You can choose not to purchase and not finish the events but then you don’t get anything and the game isn’t worth playing because that isn’t fair. It makes me so sad. Hopefully they will reconsider going back to the quests, those were great and gave you the opportunity to actually finish and get all the items - I also hope they reconsider making everything cost so much or SP or LP and go back to making things a little easier to get.

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    Been playing for years! Tbh, I still prefer this over The Sims Mobile. What I REALLY wish for though is the ability to COMBINE rooms; would be soooooo awesome!! (That’s so we can join them to make seamless hallways and angled rooms). More small animals like hamsters or guinea pigs, maybe a snake in a tank! Definitely more cars and animal breeds would be nice. I am in love with the pugs (they are my all time favorite breed in the world!!!!!!). So thank you so much for incorporating them, that made my heart swell! Also, some petty stuff like, more roofs would be nice. The homestead roof is really cool, but wish there were more colors for it instead of just the blue. More patio and pool pavings (I think I missed an event. I see other players have patio pavings and pool pavings that match and are really nice). More exterior wallpaper as well. More items for toddlers, preteens, and teen would be cool (some designer room items like the infants got would be really cool). Definitely more electronics (I’m a tech geek frfr.) I love the interactive work places! Can you do one for the scientist, athlete, or fireman? (Totally revamp the current rabbit holes in the main town map.) Oh! And free up some of that “smog” in the city, lol...always reminds me of a ghost town for some reason. Really appreciate you guys for what you’re doing for all the sims games across the gaming platforms! Love this game sooo much!!

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    I WANT MORE (Not in a mean way I just really like the game)

    In my opinion I want more body shapes I want my sims to be fatter than others, scrawnier than others, a wider face than others, an hourglass body type, a weak man body, super strong John Cena kind of body, etc... Also I would like some sad interactions with a sim. Such as ‘Tell sim about dead father’ or something like ‘Talk about bad day at work/school’. And during the interaction the sim could start crying tears and start burying their face in their hands not wanting their face to be seen. And I know you just recently added pregnancy but can we have food babies or could you make it so that you WooHoo, call a doctor to your home, the doctor will take an ultrasound or your sim can take a pregnancy test on the toilet and then you get the trimester 2 baby bump? And teen pregnancies please!?! And also can you please not make buildings so expensive I’m on level 23 and everything is $150,000 and the highest money I ever got in the game was about 60,000 but then I had do use it on the Need for Steed quest or whatever and all the money went down the drain. Speaking of quests can you not have so many quests pop up in your queue at once. Like I said I’m level 23 and I just started the Quest for Toddlers. Sad. I know. But I love the game and I love what you are doing EA and I suggest you keep it up.

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    Hi, I’ve been playing this game since early 2013, so almost 5 years now. It’s really fun and really cool but now that I’m on level 42 and I have a lot of buildings and houses built, it’s super hard to get enough money to build other houses and businesses. For example, it will cost me between 1-2 million simoleons to build the last few buildings in town. I think it’s just a little ridiculous because it takes a really really long time to get that much money through basic everyday actions, like sending Sims to work, etc. Also, some of the quests have been impossible to finish. I’ve never been able to unlock long hairstyles or certain furniture because the events are too short for what you are asking for. The last event with the Halloween costumes was great though, I was able to unlock every costume! Adding to that, I still haven’t unlocked the ski lift at the Ski/Ice Center place. I find it quite annoying that when a Sim does certain hobbies, they keep unlocking the same thing over and over again. It’s especially annoying when it’s been months to years of it. Also another thing that would be cool is new emotions and behaviors, more personalities/interests, and more/better hairstyles, skin tones, and body types. I wish we could have skinnier and fatter sims and weaker sims and stronger sims, and also when a family is expecting, it would be really cool too if the mom or whoever could look pregnant. Thanks.

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    I love this game but it just gets to be too much. Controlling every sim and trying to give them all a happy life is just too much. I might try to play on the computer because then you only control one sim and one house. Not dozens of sims, homes, pets, and jobs. Great game idea but there are so many problems. It is hard to get enough money every level the prices for things increases, while the amount you make stays mostly the same. I wouldn’t recommend getting Simunless you can play all day. Then again all the actions are grossly over and underestimated in time they take. Changing clothes takes 12 seconds or some but washing your hands could take 5 minutes. The clothes are all in all ok, but good hairstyles are few and far between. I try to get all my people to look different but it’s hard with the limited options. The challenges also take a long time to finish, time you don’t necessary get. Unless they update and improve the game so money is easier to get, and you can make more varied people like in the computer version, and you only control one person like in the computer version. This review was far too long but there are far too many problems. I get the game would be hard to make with so many different components, bug there doesn’t need to be that many people to control: Create some computer controlled people, and I’ll play the game again. For now, I’ll stick to Covet Fashion.

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    Great game but...

    I lobe the game I’m a long time player I just wish we could have a more realistic build experience like we could use the support poles and put roofs on the like in the farm house. Also, I wish we could have more exterior stairs that we don’t have to connect to a balcony we could connect them to a porch in the front of the house. I would love more family activities and more activities for the preteens. Also more interactions between all age groups. I would love a kid (toddler and preteen) park, zoo, aquarium, a museum maybe, ice cream place, more restaurants, more sims allowed in lots, and can the stuff please be less expensive i know you guys need to make money but you’d make more money if you charged less on the online store because people would buy more since it cost less. Also, I love having a garage but I don’t wanna pay 40 LP each time which I don’t have therefore I have to pay to get more and I have to pay almost $20 just for 100 LP’s and can you make it easier to get LP’s and SP’s. Also, more sims in the town I have all these house lots and not enough sims to fill them. Maybe you could give us more to do in the city area. Then some more living room and bedroom furniture that we don’t have to buy with our real life hard earned money and that we don’t have to try so so hard to get

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    I love this game so much but I feel like if u can make friends play online together will make it more fun. I think if u do this you will get a lot of people to play and get more ratings. You should also put different skin colors and hair. You should make an option to make someone skinny or fat. There should be an option to make a sim thick or slim I feel like u need to add more things for people the make there sims feel and look like them. U should make friends be able to play with each other. I really feel like you should update ur game and add real life things. Like u should listen to the people who play this game everyday. To be honest it is getting really tiring doing the same thing also u should not limit the number of people u want to have in ur house hold or how many kids u want to have inside your house. You should also make different moves for the sims to woohoo like it’s so boring. Also u guys should make an option for us to drive our sims to places and earn coins like doing Uber or something. I just feel like this game gets boring so quickly. Also there should be like festivals and clubs for us to meet new sims than the ones we create. You guys really need to step up your plate or no one is going to want to play this game. I have been playing sense 2013 and it’s just the same old thing. Please read this!

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    Love it!!!

    Thank you thank you so much Sims FreePlay team to make this game better and better omg I remember when I suggested that we would love for our sims at least me to mown the lawn!!!! And now I’m able to!!!!! With all of this new features and updates is amazing. The one thing I would like to be into this game is one for our sims to be able to brush their teeth for um idk 30 seconds second I would like for our sims to gave different sleeping positions like one day cuddle with their partner one day face them idk so many possibilities!!! For married sims to give there significant other a one second kiss. To hold their toddlers on the side of they don’t wanna walk and hold the babies to the side as the toddlers and hand them to another sims without having to make a sim put their infant on the floor them the other sim picking up the infant. Also sims to have blankets when they are watching a movie or a movie marathon or having a snack when watching tv on the couch. Still waiting for sims to fix their bed. What if like the garage doors that you click to open and close like that with fixing the beds. What if y’all made a discovery quest of cleaning like our sims being able to after completing it being able to mop sweep vacuum clean windows and stuff like that Thx a lot sims FreePlay thx for your time

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    Time consuming quests

    The game is amazing and addicting. The only problem I have is the amount of time it takes to do certain missions in a quest. I did the “nanny knows best” quest and it takes hours to do the simplest things. It takes so much time to do stuff with the baby which is unrealistic because the baby would get tired right away and especially towards the end of the quest. It took 15 HOURS TO POST A PHOTO ON SIMBOOK. Like it doesn’t take that long to POST A PHOTO ON THE INTERNET. If nanny took multiple photos to the point where it takes you 15 hours to post each photo then she took WAY too many photos. And I’m guessing simbook is the sims version of facebook but it doesn’t take hours to post a photo. Also after you finish that mission it takes 3 hours to ask nanny williams to ASK HER TO HELP A FRIEND. The person has to be talking SUPER slow to take 3 hours to ask someone to help their friend. Even after you finish that mission you still have to hug nanny williams goodbye for an EXTRA 3 HOURS so I didn’t finish the quest in the time that they gave me because it takes hours to do EVERY LITTLE THING. I officially hate the “nanny knows best” quest. I still love the game, I just hate the amount of hours it takes to do stuff. Nanny does not know best. Nanny knows nothing. Goodbye and thanks for reading.

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    Prepare to spend some money..

    Sims FreePlay never stops reminding you that you are playing Sims...for free. The constant barrage of Ads really make it hard to enjoy ANY of the game play. I tried it out for a couple months but I’m really disappointed there aren’t any actual GAMES within this game. Will NOT be recommending on my channel. You watch an ad, you get points. You spend money, you get points. The rest is ENTIRELY random and has very little to do with individual skill. If you’re looking for a game that literally never stops asking for money, here you go. You can pretty much have everything in this game as long as you’re willing to pay. If you’re hoping to earn those same rewards through hours and hours of hard work, be prepared for the crushing disappointment of random results, where you can spend anywhere from one day to five tediously “hobby-ing” your way to every single prize. Skill has no meaning here. Just money and time. The quests are back to back so you either play catch up constantly with your own goals or you can pretty much play through the entire game in like 4 months! Which really defeats the purpose of Sims all together. Try it out...or don’t. Guarantee you’ll feel pressured to pay if you do though and if you’re the kind of person who eventually cracks then this game will DEFINITELY get your credit card within a month. From the sheer frustration of it all.....

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