Space Wars 3D Star Combat Simulator: FREE THE GALAXY! Reviews

Space Wars 3D Star Combat Simulator: FREE THE GALAXY! Reviews

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About: (Note: In-App purchases are available to help you progress faster, but are not
required to play the game in full!) JOIN THE SPACE WARS!! ** By popular
demand we've made the game much easier! And you can now select your own
difficulty level. If you were stuck before, try again now! ** ** Another big
update for you!! ** v3 changes: - New updated graphics including COCKPITS for
each star fighter! - Another new star fighter: .

About Space Wars 3D Star Combat Simulator

** By popular demand we've made the game much easier! And you can now select your own difficulty level.

- More difficulty tweaks: choose Easy, Medium or Hard level.

- Highly detailed real time 3D graphics that make use of the Retina display on both iPhone and the new iPad.

- Each sector of space has a beautifully designed background, with dynamic 3D lighting.

- By popular demand: You now earn 20% more credits per kill.

- Climb up through the ranks of the Human Space Navy.

- Addictive, fun, yet challenging game play.

- Dynamic 3D sound, so you can hear what's coming and where.

So the action is lit differently depending on what stars are in the area.

- Choose your own path to victory.

- GameCenter achievements and leader boards.

- Simple pick-up-and-play controls.


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Key Benefits of Space Wars 3D Star Combat Simulator

- Unique ship designs and weapon combinations

- Easy to use controls

- Addictive and fun gameplay

- Great graphics

- Good time killer

- Affordable price

1160 Space Wars 3D Star Combat Simulator Reviews

3.7 out of 5


Galiga meets sTar trek meets sTar wars!

Galiga meets Star trek meets star wars meets sTar sHip tRoopers! with nasa 3D art thrown in!!! its a mix of all that yet still stays unique to it’s ship designs and weapons combo lasers/ missiles. Space Wars is the name and Galactic Domination is the game! It leaves you at guessing who you’re pushing out of the galaxy?? 🤔 Space Wars is a Flight simulator style shoot em up with lazers game. with octagonal style targeting similar to some air force based piloting sims. It never gets old with a variety of different ships to unlock and choose from. And no it’s not easy to get all of them unlocked, especially on the hardest difficulty 🤣🤣🤣. Yet i’m a daredevil i loved the Halo game (Combat Evolved) and this is right on par with that kind of game as far as difficulty goes. so it’s safe to say you get your bang for your,, oh wait did i mention it’s FREE?!😌🙏🏻⚛️👽☠️🛸🚀


Awesome Game

This game is so cool! It's hard at first, but u get used 2 it. The controls r rlly ez 2 use It's just like Star Wars but with different ships. Beware the ones that look like vulture droids! I would also advise to invade only the spaces closest to ur base where it is easier I just can't stop playing! the only thing I would change is that the cockpit controls wouldn't have a mirror effect, but they r only decorations, so it doesn't matter. the perfect flight simulator for young pilots


Excellent Title

Honestly, the fact that your all has such low ratings is just because all of those people encountered small bugs and they didn't judge the game based off of gameplay. This game is incredibly fun and addicting, and i remember playing and enjoying the earlier version of the game and i am glad you put all of the hard work into this update/edit (because programming is really not as easy as people think)


Not bad, actually

It's a pretty good FPS game for a free mobile game. Steering feels nice and responsive and the shooting is too. I would like more things happening in the background, like huge capital ships firing at each-other while smaller star fighters are ducking it out. Still pretty good


Really cool, seems a bit dead

The game is amazing and has some real potential. You have the building blocks for some really amazing gameplay. I could see this being like og battlefront space battles. One small problem though, this game has not been updated in 2 years. So yeah, great game, but desperately needs an update.



This is a rlly great game!!!! Kudos to the creators. Love the graphics and the gameplay. And if an advertisement pops up when u open the game, just press "sound on" rlly quickly before the advertisement makes ur game crash. Though, the game needs an update, like a multiplayer battle mode.


Great for long car trips

I personally have all fighters but I use the weakest one to make fights longer, I’m on the fourth galaxy and a space warlord so the fights are exceedingly long when using the default. It’s just a great game to play



This game is really good it is just in need of an update. I wish that it felt like you moving more and that there was a way to make more “space” for upgrades. Other than those two things, great game should definitely try it.


Never Loved Any Game More

I got this game like 2 years ago, played so many levels. This game deserves so much more love and support then it has. I spent $1.99 on this game and it changed the whole game. I played this on road trips for hours, you can too.


Please read and don’t buy

I don’t realize why all the people playing this game give it five stars. The graphics where no good it just appeared as if you were not moving at all and the alien ships were coming towards you instead you moving towards them. The cash is too easy to get because the alien ships don’t fight back like an actual ship. If you are looking for a space game to play try something else, this is not a five star game!!!


This game is good

This game is good but it would be great if you changed the sound of the shooting!it sounds like an old Atari game!the graphics and game play are very good and the sound effects should be also,if you fix then I’ll rate 5 stars!



I was looking for a Star Wars App when I came across this. It is an interesting Space Flight simulator. It is reminiscent of one of my favorite in the genre; Descent: Freespace. Being an iPhone App, its graphics are similar, too! But it has its problems. There is no music in the combat, so it's boring at times. Also, the HUD is really simple. It requires more finesse for functions easily found in Freespace, such as Matching Speed, Countermeasures, or Communication. A simple "I NEED HELP" or "Attack!" Button would be appreciated. And team AI is bad. Enemy AI is good, as they know how to surround you. Except when they charge you Galaga-Style and crash into you, exploding on impact. Your team never helps you. But this game is not all bad. It is VERY addictive. More so than I thought. It is very fun to blow stuff up. To summarize, this is a very fun iOS space simulator game. I recommend it to fans of Freespace or Star Wars.



I got this game originally because I finished galaxy on fire to play another sci-fy game but when I started playing it, I instantly thought it was amazing. It combine my love for retro Visio games and sci-fy to make the best game ever! GET THIS GAME NOW, ITS AWESOME!!
(ps. This is not a sponsor I just really love the game)



This game is very simple but very enjoyable. I've spent hours on this simple little game and it's a great time killer. I'd only recommend fixing the cockpit labels and the then it would be perfect.


Best game ever

I played this game when it was last updated and I still have the skill I had


Overall a great game

I was looking for something at least similar to Star Wars, and SpaceWars3DStarCombatSimulator was almost exactly what I had in mind


Why you should play this game.

It is awesome it is amazing I played and it felt like BattleStar Galatica The graphics were awesome the special effects were awesome! I recomend this game!



This is now my new favorite Mobile Game.I love the thought of intersellar space travel and space combat and this brings to all to iOS and mobile YASS I GIVE IT 5 STARS⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌟



You guys need to add multiplayer so people can fight with the fighters the have in single player


Amazing Game

The graphics are beautiful, the game is awesome, and I've been playing for four hours.

Is Space Wars 3D Star Combat Simulator Safe?

Yes. Space Wars 3D Star Combat Simulator: FREE THE GALAXY! is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 283 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Space Wars 3D Star Combat Simulator Is 78.1/100.

Is Space Wars 3D Star Combat Simulator Legit?

Yes. Space Wars 3D Star Combat Simulator: FREE THE GALAXY! is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 283 Space Wars 3D Star Combat Simulator: FREE THE GALAXY! User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Space Wars 3D Star Combat Simulator Is 84.9/100..

Is Space Wars 3D Star Combat Simulator: FREE THE GALAXY! not working?

Space Wars 3D Star Combat Simulator: FREE THE GALAXY! works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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