Between, The App Couples Love Reviews

Between, The App Couples Love Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

Are you currently in a relationship? Start using Between! Between is an app for
couples to communicate more lovingly and for storing precious memories
easily. #Couple conversations with more love! Between is a messenger just for
two where you can use free emoticons and GIF selfies to be...

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My boyfriend and I love Between! We are both college students. It’s easy for us to put our class and work schedules into the calendar on Between and be able to see when we’re both busy and when we’re both free for a date. I also love the chat feature, because I can’t accidentally text someone else. I know my message is going to him. I love being able to upload photos into stories, we have so many different memories uploaded to Between. BetweenTheAppCouplesLove is truly great. I would love a feature where we could video chat or share our screens and video chat (so we could watch a show together and talk to each other at the same time long distance) and a map feature (wherein the photos I’ve tagged a location on will put a pin on the location). I just think it would be nice to be able to see the map and see all the places we’ve been together. Again, I truly love BetweenTheAppCouplesLove and have nothing bad to say about it. I just hope to see new features in the future! The love letters feature is awesome and I love surprising him with them.


It’s so cute but it’s missing something

So I started to using between as a alternative to couple. However couple became glitchy and then now it’s doesn’t even exist anymore. There were some interactive things about couple that I really really liked. Like the list feature, the kiss feature, the drawing together feature. There was just a lot of things you could do TOGETHER on that app that just isn’t possible on between. On between you get a calendar, a love note feature and some count down stuff, but outside of that it’s basically a glorified messaging app that they want to you pay for. I paid for the full application and honestly it’s didn’t change my experience all that much. :( you just got some customizable features and HD photos. I don’t really feel like it worth it :( I really wish they would bring some more innovations to BetweenTheAppCouplesLove that make its worth paying for. I would love a similar “kissing” feature. And maybe even games you and the other could play together. A location feature would be nice. Maybe a way to share music. I’m sure the developers can think of something. I will continue to use BetweenTheAppCouplesLove but I hope in the future between can bring something to the table that makes me say “WOW”


We Still Use It Every Single Day (for almost 4 years now)

Love BetweenTheAppCouplesLove . It’s our primary form of communication. We especially love the stickers. The review above is over two years old, so here’s an update: From the beginning, BetweenTheAppCouplesLove has given us the opportunity to form a closer relationship by being our own special space for just we two. We have a ball sending each other the stickers, because they are so adorable, and often very funny. We’ve even started making birthday and Valentine’s cards by hand for each other, and we usually draw at least one of the Merry Between characters in them. I just about die laughing when my bf imitates the angry Baby Milk sticker where he’s huffing and puffing and stomping his little feet. These Merry Between characters have become enmeshed in our relationship, and they bring us so much joy and laughter. I feel like I owe some sort of debt of gratitude to the makers of Between, because BetweenTheAppCouplesLove really makes our life so much sweeter. Truly, thank you all.


I really love this app!

My boyfriend and I use this 90% of the time to chat every single day. We had BetweenTheAppCouplesLove for a few years. I love how it is just focused for just couples to enjoy personal bonding and talking with each other. Love the calendar and event features. Also do love sending special notes to him. I love how we can share and save our photos and memories in an album. Cute sticker features. I wish there were more stuff to add to BetweenTheAppCouplesLove like video calling. I like the call feature as it is through WiFi but adding video calls would make it even better as well. Would also like to see more changes in BetweenTheAppCouplesLove as BetweenTheAppCouplesLove doesn't get updated very often. New UI and bug updates are recommended as the layouts do get boring after staying the same for quite a while and BetweenTheAppCouplesLove could get buggy sometimes. New features would be great so that you can keep your couple audience continuingly using BetweenTheAppCouplesLove . Overall BetweenTheAppCouplesLove itself is a great idea and will continue to use it.


Overall a very sweet app

There are only a couple things I feel are missing/I wish existed: first, the option to make “lists” that are checklists that can be checked off similar to the Apple Notes app where you can still see the item but it moves to the end of the list and is differentiated as completed. This would be perfect for things we want to do together, places we want to visit, stuff to try in the bedroom, etc. I understand how the “notes” feature works but a “Lists” section would be really great. Also, the calendar feature is a little clunky and not very customizable, which would be helpful. It would also be cool to have the option to import iCal or Google Calender events/shared calendars into BetweenTheAppCouplesLove or even have the option to “share event to Between” from the above calendar apps themselves. Overall we use the photos features the most (not the stories, but it’s a cute idea) and I very much like the way it’s done. We upgraded to the lifetime premium account and it definitely makes BetweenTheAppCouplesLove worth it!


Absolutely adorable

Absolutely adorable, love it love it love it. I love love love the sticker so much! I am currently in a long-distance relationship with my boyfriend, and BetweenTheAppCouplesLove is a huge part of how I can feel like I am still able to give him hugs and kisses! Touch is very important to us, so I love vicariously sending these adorable stickers that are absolutely worth the few dollars that I spent on them. Sometimes we are just spamming stickers at each other for 10 minutes straight. The stickers are our good morning and good night rituals, as well as pokes throughout the day. We don't have to have anything to say because the stickers are too cute and do the job better! The UX is still silly for shared Notes — it’s out under photos / albums instead of given somewhere else, so it took me a while to find where my partner put a note for us. But other than that it’s wonderful!


Good but could be better!

So my boyfriend and I have been using BetweenTheAppCouplesLove for over a year now. There are many aspects to BetweenTheAppCouplesLove that we love- how you can search through conversations by date, send the love letters, gif selfies, and stickers. He paid for the lifetime membership so we could enjoy all aspects of BetweenTheAppCouplesLove . However, there are many things that I believe could be improved because BetweenTheAppCouplesLove seems to have bug problems and just interface issues. Sometimes messages will not send and I would need to force quit BetweenTheAppCouplesLove or even turn off my phone for the messages to go through. Receiving and sending media such as photos and videos also tend to take very long. When videos load they often are lower quality even when video quality is set to high. It would be awesome too if BetweenTheAppCouplesLove supported better audio calls and even had video calling. All in all BetweenTheAppCouplesLove is good, but can be better. It’s cute and personal for two individuals. But definitely would love to see a dramatic update that would be for software and design.


Room for improvement

First, the paid version is expensive. Like more expensive than the Adobe Lightroom app. I continue to balk at the price. For $5 it’d be worthwhile, but for $27 it better clean my house. Second, I am using BetweenTheAppCouplesLove as an attempted replacement for Couple, BetweenTheAppCouplesLove my husband and I had used for 7+ year before it stopped being updated and got buggier and buggier. I’m devastated that we have to change. Couple has many features that BetweenTheAppCouplesLove does not: self-destructing photos, “thumb kiss”, a doodle pad that both can access at the same time. I also liked being able to delete texts from BOTH of our texts, but just my own phone. However, a couple things I do like about BetweenTheAppCouplesLove: I can search for conversations by date, which makes it SO much easier to find past conversations I want to refer to and the shared calendar. However, on my iPhone the calendar only syncs to the apple calendar and not google calendar, which I use instead. Stickers on BetweenTheAppCouplesLove are nowhere near as good as Couple’s are either.


Just one thing..

BetweenTheAppCouplesLove is really perfect! I’m so glad I found it, I love the aesthetic and it’s so cute! Me and my bf have gone through many apps to find the best one to talk to each other (Snapchat, discord, kik, Skype) but this one has almost every feature I would want and more, we used to have an app specifically for sharing a calendar but now we don’t have to, and I love that I can customize everything and we both see it, and that all the photos are saved in media plus you can organize them. But the reason I said ALMOST everything is that there’s just one thing, I always video call my bf, I think it’s an important part of an ldr, it makes you feel so much closer, but there’s no video call feature, if there was I would probably use BetweenTheAppCouplesLove everyday to talk to him. BetweenTheAppCouplesLove still deserves a 5 star rating for sure but please add a video call feature. 🙏


Cute and clever

My boyfriend and I LOVE to use BetweenTheAppCouplesLove! Its a LIFE SAVER. It’s so helpful to keep everything between the both of us confidentially. It would be so embarrassing/awkward if I accidentally texted my father “I love you babe” or to my coworker “call you later tonight” when messages seems so close together from other contacts using original texting. This between app gives you the convenience to send messages intending to send to your partner. I also love to calendar and the count downs for anniversaries..ect. I also love how we can organize albums of pictures and comment on them together. Also, thought the selfie gif maker was cool. One thing Id recommend would be a reaction option when we read each other’s texts. Or a place where we can search up our previous messages. Or like a couples game. Lol Other than that, keep up the great work!


8 years of Between

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 8 years and we’ve used Between to communicate throughout our entire relationship. We don’t see each other as often as we would like because of work and grad school so Between has helped us to stay connected. We are able to share and save pictures, use the special emojis, keep important dates in our calendar, maintain to-do lists and notes, and occasionally write love letters to each other on there! I have no complaints about BetweenTheAppCouplesLove . It would be a plus if in the future there could be a couples game added to it or a relationship (Between) coach, professionals who can provide one-on-one relationship advice/coaching. BetweenTheAppCouplesLove has been great overall and we will continue using it for years to come. Thank you!! ❤️


The update is perfect!

I’ve been using between for three years now with my loving other and we absolutely love BetweenTheAppCouplesLove but over the years, I’ve had a few gripes about what could be better. Now with the home screen no longer sliding right to change the home screen photo, the overall app feels much cleaner. The sticker suggestion categories is amazing as someone with way too many stickers to go through. The new gif feature is so cute! I love the frames. My only criticism is that I wish they would bring back the between character frames for the homepage photos. They’ve gone through so many different frames with just the animated ones in the newest update however I think the merryxmilk and all the other unique between characters really adds a special touch to the photos.


Love it

I bought the lifetime plan because the ads didn’t match the theme and it even advertised a dating website which is a “no-no”. Just wait a few days and the plan will be 50%off and you and your SO can use it on same plan. One thing that could make it better is if we can add our own media to the love letters. Like pictures, stickers, and snippets of our own music. Right now there is only 5selections. I got tired of listening to the same songs over and over. I wish we can use other stickers like pusheen hello kitty but I guess that is a licensing thing but I’d be happy to pay for it. :) please keep BetweenTheAppCouplesLove updated. I would hate to get a notice one day that it is over which is why I paid for the plan.


Great - when it doesn’t crash

I’ve been using BetweenTheAppCouplesLove for a long time, since Avocado was abandoned, and it’s the primary way my husband and I communicate. It’s very simple and I love that there’s a PC app to go with it so I can keep the conversations consistent even when I’m not on my phone (at work, at home). BUT ever since I upgraded to my iPhone X about 9 months ago, Between has had ever increasing crashing issues that prevent it from opening no matter how many hard or soft restarts I try, until it suddenly works again. Worse, I tried contacting customer service about it and was given token advice about installing and uninstalling. I’ll keep using it as I can because my husband’s iPhone 8 Plus has no problems, and neither do the computer apps, but it has definitely degraded the experience for me and I’m annoyed pretty frequently (at least once per day) when trying to use it.


My fiancé and I love it

I love all the stickers and emojis that are couple themed but what I love is that there’s a calendar made for couples! There’s even a counter showing how many days you’ve been together and reminders for birthdays and anniversaries. I also love the love letter feature and journaling tab. The only thing I think could be improved is if the calendar could remember events so that we don’t have to type the same thing over and over. We use it to update our work schedules and appointments and it gets a bit tedious having to re-enter all the information each time. Other than that, this is a great app for couples to be more involved with each other when they’re apart.


GIF support, please!

It’s been a few years, and Between has improved SO MUCH with all the updates. I’m subscribed to Between Plus for a year, and I appreciated the extra perks, especially the ability to send high quality videos and photos and longer videos. I’m obsessed with the stickers, and I’m guilty of purchasing more than I should have. The ONLY thing I’m requesting is the ability to send gifs instead of just sending the link similar how it’s done on iMessage, for example. It’d be awesome to see the gifs play as messages. Thank you to the developers for listening to users and for creating a unique and super cute messaging app for couples. I’ve tried others, and this is definitely the best one.


Just the most special thing :)

There’s something so precious about having an app only for eachother and it really does mean something to be able to text my beautiful bae without seeing a hundred other people’s messages right next to hers distracting and stressing me. BetweenTheAppCouplesLove is just for your special person and that’s why it’s beautiful 😌and as you get to know the layout it somehow gets better and better and the calls work without vpn if they’re in a country where Skype and ft doesn’t work which is just amazing. And the way you can set dates for the home screen for the next time you’ll see them is just so cute. it’s the best app I’ve ever installed <3


Recommend to everyone I know

Between is wonderful and has been great for my boyfriend and I. We primarily use it for texting and I am mildly obsessed with the stickers. (Seriously, if I could use them outside the between app I totally would - I have been known to open BetweenTheAppCouplesLove just to look at the adorableness on occasion). The highest recommendation I can really give is that Between is the only app I have that I chose to upgrade to premium in order to support BetweenTheAppCouplesLove , even though we get everything we need from the free version. It’s a wonderful way to be intentional about your relationship and I really do rave about it to everyone I know that’s in a couple. 10/10, try it and you’ll know what I mean.


*happy anime crying face*

I was so so so sooooo HAPPY to have found BetweenTheAppCouplesLove because my fiancé is joining the army after high school (he's a senior this year and I'm a junior) and so I found BetweenTheAppCouplesLove through Facebook and it is sooo wonderful to have because he and I can make memories to always have and look at if like say one of us can't talk or he can't text me because of no service but has a minute to be on his phone and look at pictures and memories. and I can do the same if I miss him but he's asleep or busy and can't text me and it's just a wonderful app for couples separated by the service because say schooling or whatever it is that one partner couldn't go with the other


Definitely could be better, but solid replacement for Couple

My husband and I are from the Couple generation, and when they stopped updating BetweenTheAppCouplesLove , we were devastated and immediately went hunting for another. Between is a good replacement for Couple - but COULD be so much better if they thought more about incorporating more of the fun of a relationship into BetweenTheAppCouplesLove - like Couple did. Couple had a pretty big base of users, and there’s a gaping hole in the market that Between has the potential to dominate. Thumbkiss, location sharing, photo drawing, GIF support... More exciting and fun updates would be welcomed by the community. Speaking as working adults now who see each other 1-2 hrs/day, any kind of intimacy during the day would be appreciated. At this level, if a more fun app appeared we would jump ship.

Is Between The App Couples Love Safe?

Yes. Between, The App Couples Love is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 19,414 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Between, The App Couples Love Is 64.9/100.

Is Between The App Couples Love Legit?

Yes. Between, The App Couples Love is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 19,414 Between, The App Couples Love User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Between, The App Couples Love Is 64.9/100.

Is Between, The App Couples Love not working?

Between, The App Couples Love works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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