Period Diary, Cycle Tracker Reviews

Period Diary, Cycle Tracker Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-02

See why over 50 million women choose to track their period and ovulation dates
with Period Diary. You are unique, so why not have an app that’s unique as
well? Finally, there’s an app for female health & period and ovulation
tracking that’s catered to you and your cycle. Co-created with...

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Period Diary, Cycle Tracker Reviews

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    All-Around Great Tracker

    I downloaded Period Diary about 4 years after I got my Mirena IUD. For those first few blissful years, I had no period whatsoever and life was grand. When it came back, I started tracking so that I could know when I needed to have pads and tampons on hand. As I logged more information, the tracker became more accurate and I was able to better estimate my cycle length and ovulation by pairing the app’s predictions with my physiological observations. It also comes in handy when at the gynecologist’s office and I’m asked for the date of my last menstrual period. I am not at the point of trying to conceive, but I imagine Period Tracker becomes even more useful in that scenario. Logging my period makes even that less than fun time of month a little brighter. The app is very easy to use and good at what it does. I’ll continue to use it for as long as I have a period!

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    Please put the old design back!

    I understand that Bella has decided to redesign everything so it goes with their brand, but now it seems foreign and less intuitive. I don’t like that the calendar only uses a color key now — the icons or pictures that were used before were much more helpful. It was more friendly and I prefer the flower. It was simple and intuitive and reliable. As women we wouldn’t want to suddenly switch gynecologists so why would we want our private little app to suddenly have a new face, and for it to have been resigned as part of a bigger purpose - to sell a brand/goods/services? When I click on app support it goes to the Bella website. That’s not a link to the developers. I don’t feel comfortable with this new look and feel at all. And the comforting flower really didn’t need to turn into an acidic citrus fruit. I spend so much time clicking on tabs and not really seeing things as well as I did with the previous version. If it’s not broken don’t fix it. Nobody said this new version is better. You released the change to benefit your business, not to benefit your users.

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    Erased data

    UPDATE: time zones affect the data on your calendar so heads up if you’re going on vacation and see that your data’s been erased?!?! The team responded to my email and once arriving home, my data was recovered. I’ve been using this app for over two years and have grown from just logging my periods. I would log my intimate dates and end up using this as a legitimate diary to log about my days. I traveled today and when I opened my app to show a friend something, all my logs were erased with the exception of one I wrote two days ago. Alongside all the days I was intimate have been eradicated and it’s frustrating to lose all this data. For two years I’ve written down dreams and much more and would rate this 5 stars if I could get my data back😕😕😕.

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    Everything disappeared

    I’ve been using this app for many many years and I needed to get a new phone. Once I got my new phone and re-enterred my password etc the whole app look and even name changed (I even went in and paid for the other app that looked more like the one I had been using but this one cost which my other one was free and on my phone already called period diary and after paying that one didn’t have my info either) AND all my past several years of period tracking all disappeared and there was no one to even contact to find out what happened so now I’m completely starting from scratch which this information should be stored someplace but I cannot figure out how to access it bc the app doesn’t have any contact us or chat place to ask questions or get assistance. It’s so frustrating to have it work great and then all my data be gone overnight. I had it tracking my period to the day but now it’s all messed up. I’m so annoyed by this

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    A few bugs.

    First off before I criticize this app I must say it is still an app on my phone and I use it and it is very handy and is the best period tracker I've used. Now there is one bug. When I start my period the app sill says I'm late. And everyday of my period I have to manually click on each and everyday I'm on it, and it keeps saying can not change can not change, or it will delete my Previous day of starting my period, or it will think I started my period everytime. It does not manually count I have to click each and everyday from start to end my period, or it will say my period lasted 1 day. So I kinda have to fight with it to get my start to end date correct. It just a little bug. Idk how to fix it. Or if it is indeed supposed to do that. Other than that I love the app and a little fighting is worth keeping it on my phone.

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    What’s with the new look??

    What’s with the new look!? I’ve been using this app for more than 5 years and it has been easy to read and easy to use. My phone auto updated and as I opened it this morning to mark my period, I had this completely different app and look. So different, in fact that I thought they completely deleted my old application and information. That tracking has been very important for me and my doctors... The new calendar looks smaller and is difficult to read, particularly with the numbers of the month kind of floating with no architectural containment. The colored dots, I imagine, are supposed make it clean and sleek but it’s just not. It’s hard for me to see which days are which. When you make notes on a day the little dot changes to black and you can’t tell what kind of day it was supposed to be...which is the whole point of using this app. If someone didn’t like the screen on the previous version of the app, they could change the “skin” or the design. Upon looking in the user guide, it says that you can change the appearance in the settings...but there’s no option the settings menu for appearance—so you can’t. You should be given the option to have a similar calendar or other appearances to make it easier for different kinds of women to use. We are not all looking for the same vast clean whiteness. Some of us need a structural look. Also, did not appreciate the being taken by surprise.

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    Best period tracking app

    I’ve used this app every month to keep track of my period since 2014. I like to know what day I will likely be starting my period without having to calculate the days since my last period or remember the dates myself. So easy to use, just open the app and it gives you a countdown to what day your period should start, and in my experience it is usually very accurate down to the day. When first starting to track your period with this app, you will want to keep in mind that it will take a few months of logging your cycle for the app to accurately calculate when your next period will be, since everyone is different and it is based on how long your past cycles have been. Thanks so much for this app!

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    Flower period app

    This app is the best one I have found. My daughter just turned 13 and will not download it on her phone. She’s very embarrassed and doesn’t want anyone to see it. So, it’s on my phone. She just calls to tell me her cycle started or ended. She was pretty cute when we told her about her period would be coming in the next few years. She asked “ does it only happen one time”? I said “no, it happens every month”. That didn’t go over well at all. Then she asked “ how many times total would she get it?” I said for about 40 years. It was totally hysterical to me how she reacted but she was completely mortified. So, going back to the original question- yes! It’s a fantastic app and I hope it gets off my phone soon. I’m 49, I did my time!!

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    no bugs - mmpb

    to previous reviewer - I think it’s just the way the app is programed —so you would need to enter just start date & end date of your periods (not every single day you’re on) so yeah. i like this app. Just 1 added feature i’d like to see: if there could be a summary list for all the notes i’ve taken every day. idk if other ladies would take different notes other than the available ones that are available in the app such as mood, temp etc, but i do keep track of my bm & what other intimate things i note. so i’d love love it if i can view all my notes on 1 page say for like the week or the month and then if incan export it or take pic of it or send to my notes for data keeps, that'll b super awesome. thanks-

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    3 babies in 4 years and done!

    Using this tracker I successfully planned 3 pregnancies in 4 years. I liked that it gave a range of ovulation days, so we knew which week we should be "trying" on. Each time it was accurate because only once did it take us more than 2 months of trying. And one time it only took the one try. Perhaps we are just really fertile, but it was good to know when I would be fertile so we could also plan not to get pregnant in between babies. Now I'm done with baby making and I use it to track my period just so I know when it's coming and I like that I can add notes about my emotions and how heavy the flow is on each day.

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    Change it back!!!

    I have been a user of this app for over 6 years now. My period was super irregular when it first started (I did sports), so this app really helped to keep track of my cycle. The calendar was easy to view and I could quickly track how my period was going. The symptoms and mood emojis were clear and cute. The fact that you could pick your own background made it really personal and down to earth. It was honestly the best app ever. However, this new look has seriously messed this app up for me. The calendar is small and impossible to read. The colors are insignificant and all the information is just one big white mess. The symptoms and moods look like ugly pink marshmallows and come off as a poor attempt to “keep up with the times.” There was literally no need for this change and I’m really contemplating switching apps. Which is unfortunate because, like many others, I have so much history with this app.

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    Bellabeat Ruined This App

    I used to really like this app- I found it visually appealing, and it had all the functionalities I was looking for. I personally liked being able to symptom and mood track, and found these features to be easy with the app. I also liked how customizable it was. HOWEVER, since it has been taken over by bellabeat, all of this has changed. The new appearance is ugly and makes no sense, and there is no way to change the skin (this function has been removed, despite being listed in the app description on the App Store). The icon is just marketing for the company, and has nothing to do with the app itself. The functions have been rearranged/reworked, and I find it less user friendly. Lastly, I have found the app to be glitchy/slow lately. Unfortunately, since I quite liked the app until recently, I will be exporting my data and then finding a new app to use.

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    Would have given it 5 and half 🌟!

    I have loved this app for so long! Until last month when it all changed. I wonder if the app editors have ever heard the old adage, “Don’t fix it if ain’t broke.” For the most part they kept the layout the same, but changed the look of everything. 🤬 Before, you could look at the flowers and they were so cute, you knew exactly what emotion they reflected. You didn’t have to read the emotion to guess what it was supposed to represent. It was fun to keep daily logs. Now the emoji faces are so ugly and stupid looking, everything is a guess. The calendar hurts my eyes to look at now; it is so confusing. I hate the look of the whole thing! I wish it would just go back to the way it was. If it doesn’t get better soon, I’ll have to start looking for another app. What a shame because this one used to be perfect!

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    Please expand app

    This is truly a great app. It can be a little confusing at first but this is about periods - we’re all confused - yes??? Anyway - I would love for the developers to expand this app into the perimenopause/menopause area. I’ve been searching and searching and there’s not an app that bridges from menstruation and ovulation into the premenopausal time of a woman’s life. IMO - it’s a greatly needed area as women’s bodies are changing A LOT and an app like this would be greatly helpful for the user and the healthcare professionals trying to get us through this strange time in life. Please consider this - you have a HUGE population of women either in peri menopause or are approaching that time. Tracking periods and moods while in these older years can be extremely helpful while working with healthcare staff to get through it. Thx!!

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    Best period tracker

    I’ve been using this app for over a year, and haven’t had any problems with it. I’d love for there to a notification option, or better yet, an email option. So that you could receive a private email reminder (or app notification) when you’re 5-7 days away from starting. In some weeks, I’ve used the notes sections, but I find that I rarely remember to use it. At the risk of being annoying, it might be helpful to have a “What are your symptoms and emotions today?” notification in the evenings during your period, and maybe a day or two before and after? I’m definitely satisfied with the app as it stands though! (obviously, I’ve used it every month for a year and a half!)

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Is Period Diary, Cycle Tracker Safe?

Yes. Period Diary, Cycle Tracker is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 62,052 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Period Diary, Cycle Tracker Is 47.5/100.

Is Period Diary, Cycle Tracker Legit?

Yes. Period Diary, Cycle Tracker is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 62,052 Period Diary, Cycle Tracker User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Period Diary, Cycle Tracker Is 47.5/100.

Is Period Diary, Cycle Tracker not working?

Period Diary, Cycle Tracker works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 2 Comments

By Lulu
Feb 03 2021

An error message has been coming up for days & I can’t get past it to get in for my info?

By Kaycee
Jan 06 2021

An error message continuously pops up while I try to open the app. I can’t access any of my information.

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