Magic Piano by Smule Reviews

Magic Piano by Smule Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-24

From Bruno Mars to Mozart, play the hottest songs! Relax your soul with
beautiful sounds of piano while playing your favorite tunes on original #1 piano
rhythm game. Featured by TIME, New York Times and Apple's Best New
Apps. Features - New hits added daily - 1000+ hits across genres -...

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Magic Piano by Smule Reviews

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    Smoola and ad problems

    I’ve had this app for at least 6 years and I loved playing it when I first downloaded it. I don’t really mind all the changes that made the app look different, but I’m having problems that I never had in the past. When I played this app on my iPad, I watched videos to get at least 75 smoola and it worked. Then recently when I started to do it again, it worked but then I would get ads that didn’t get me any smoola. When I first started having this problem, I thought that there might be a glitch in the app. So I tried to buy a song from the Songbook because I thought I would get the song I wanted even though I didn’t have the right amount of smoola. But when I tapped on the song to buy it, it said that I didn’t have the right amount even though I watched videos to earn smoola. Sometimes I would wait to get more smoola and then when I press the button to earn 5 smoola, it would say there I should come back later to watch more videos. Then I go to use another app to occupy myself. Then when I go back to the app, I would press the same button again, but then I would get an ad that doesn’t get me any smoola. I also wish that I wouldn’t have to watch videos after playing songs and I wouldn’t have to watch videos to play free songs even though I already played the song I want to play again.

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    I used to love it...

    So I've had this app probably since I was 15 when I first got my iPhone 6, and it was addicting up until now. Okay so last night every single song I have showed 3 stars next to each level of difficulty that I have played at, and just a few minutes ago when I went to open the app, ALL of my songs showed no stars highlighted, no scores, no nothing. Like I just bought them or composed them and haven't even started playing them yet. I am really angry. 😡😡 Also there are just too many ads. 👎🏻 Every ten seconds after I finish a song, a stupid ad pops up about some coloring book or food game and it's really annoying. 😤 Also I really hate how the majority of everyone's favorite songs nowadays can't be played unless you have a VIP membership accessibility. It's ridiculous. I feel that VIP membership to play a song on Magic Piano should be banned, because you know, there are not very many VIP members in the world. I'm seriously thinking about deleting this app from my phone for permanent. I've not only had to deal with the troubles I stated above, but I've also had to deal with the app freezing up, songs I compose that won't let me publish no matter what I do, and Daily Challenge songs taking decades to load and then refreshing the app only for it to crash every time I reopen it. It's getting really frustrating and I can't take it any longer. 🚫

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    Not like I remember

    I had this app a couple years ago and absolutely loved it. It was challenging to play, since I only had a tiny device to play it on, but it was great. I actually felt like I was making progress with each song and difficulty I completed. I fell out of touch with the app in college and recently decided to redownload it because of how fun I remembered it being. I am disappointed with what Ive found. It feels like the only way to actually progress and earn coins for new songs is to spend money. It’s either that, or play the same few songs over and over again, making little progress each time. I could play a song on the hardest level without missing a single note, and still barely progress to higher levels. Not to mention the plethora of ads. I fully understand that when you play a game for free to expect a few ads here and there, but no other free app I’ve ever used has shoved so many ads in my face. I was able to tolerate it for a while, because the game itself is loads of fun, but my patience has worn out and I’ve deleted the app from my devices. It’s a shame because I absolutely adore the gameplay and ability to compose my own songs. I got this app to help relax when I have an idle moment between school and work, but it’s proven to be more stressful dealing with the above issues than it’s worth. It’s absolute waste of time, money, and effort.

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    Fun to play, but not my style

    I’ve downloaded this app on and off lately, for separate reasons. First of all, I hate all of these ads! I mean, sometimes every time you enter a different song, the same ad pops up. So on top of having to watch these stupid ads for different games, it’s the same one over and over and over. It’s so annoying that I’ve purposely turned off my Wi-Fi just to get rid of ads. It’s ridiculous! Second of all, I hate that the achievements give you only one or two coins! I mean, about eighty percent of the songs cost twenty five coins! And you work so hard on a single achievement to only get one coin? It’s stupid! Last but not least, there’s the case of this VIP stuff! I mean, half the songs in the entire app is in the VIP section! And almost all of my favorite songs are in the VIP section! It’s just not fair. Why should we spend our money on some stupid things like VIP memberships when eventually we’re gonna delete the game for all these reasons! Basically what this game- and all games in fact- is saying is that instead of using money to buy exciting things, we’re using it for an online item that isn’t real. It’s ridiculous, it’s stupid, and it’s a waste of money. Even though I somewhat enjoyed the game, all of these things are making my interests go down! Fix these things!

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    Went downhill

    I used to have this app as a very young child, and the only reason why I deleted it was because I got frustrated at its difficulty. Just recently, the game crossed my mind and I decided to re-download it and give it another go. Because I’ve gotten a lot better at video games over the years, the difficulty of the game was no longer a problem. There, were, however, new problems with the game that I didn’t expect to encounter. For starters, the game has WAY to many ads. I can’t play a single song, not even a short one like Happy Birthday, without being forced to watch a stupid, boring video that I don’t care about. I got this game because I remembered how fun it was, but it’s kind of hard to have fun when 90% of the game is just you watching ads for other games. Second of all, this game is basically begging you for money at this point. The fact that some of the songs are only available to VIP users is just stupid. Do they really expect us to spend actual money on a stupid piano game that we have on our phones? Besides from that, every achievement you can accomplish in the game (leveling up, getting new songs, etc.) can be bought with just a few bucks. The fact that literally everything in this game has been put up for sale is terrible. Well, that’s my review

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    $mule.. it’s all about the $$$

    I loved this game for a long time but over the last year or more the ads are ridiculous and every time before you start a song .. there’s an ad.. finish a song... another ad... select another song.. an ad.. and on and on. I paid for a one week trial and didn’t realize it continued charging me. I originally signed up for 7.99 a month only to find out a couple months later they were billing me 2.99 a week! Being able to compose songs was a cool idea until I finished a level and earned 200 coins... purchased a newer song for 75 coins that was nothing more than a few taps and that was it. I didn’t get the song I paid for and that’s happened many of times. When someone submits a composure I think someone at the company should review it first before putting it out there for people to waste their money. Lastly... I have maxed out on levels so all the songs I rack points up on are of no use since the app is now not even giving me credit so unless I want to pay for VIP I have no way to earn what little reward you get for completing a level. What started out as my absolute favorite game is now nothing more than a money sucker and it doesn’t appear that it’ll improve. Great game gone to the deleted aps of my account! They aren’t getting anymore of my money!

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    Horrible ads!

    I’ve always enjoyed playing magic piano. Over the years, I’ve had a membership and at other times did not. Currently, I don’t feel I play it enough to justify paying. With that being said, I have noticed some things that make this app not very enjoyable. 1. It takes FOREVER to earn smule coins. Which makes the app not much fun because I feel like I get to play the same songs over and over again. Not cool and not challenging. 2. Under “my songs” I have a bunch of songs which I have either bought or had while having a membership. At this point without clicking on each one there is no way to tell if I’m able to play it or if I need more smule. Confusing. 3. This is the most annoying of all. The ads that I see (which I do feel there are too many of) are not ones that I wish for my kids to see. There are ones that show a doll that is getting beat up and bloodied and tells you you “kick it’s a**” and that this will “relieve your stress”, really?! Not the message I want to send. There are others I have seen that are similar, zombies I believe, and there is a lot of blood. I don’t expect or desire to see these ads, ever, yet alone, over and over again. That needs to be changed or I will have to delete this once great app.

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    Very good, but some flaws.

    Your game is very good and I honestly think it could be quite more famous. But there are some flaws... take the amount of ads for example... every time you finish a song, ad. Whenever you want to play a song in the free song list, and I quote,”your free content will be available after this message!” And then an ad. I feel like you just went a little overboard with the ads. And second of all MEMBERSHIPS. People already know that memberships are becoming a problem. They attract you into buying them, they give you a free trial, and they make it so almost everything is membership only. I counted that vip only song list in the menu. Over (drumroll please) 700 SONGS. You might wanna check how much you do to non-members. Finally, this isn’t too much of a complaint but just a thing to tell you. You’re age rating is 4+ right? Well.... Whenever I have to rack up smoola I watch ads and one of them has been catching my eye. You might wanna check your advertising because one of the ads legit has 18+ in the corner and the end of the ad even says,” adult game for adult emotions.” But so yeah just check your ads every so often and I feel like that this game could be much better

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    Ads, ads, ads, and ads.

    Jesus Christ where do I even begin? Ok well I’ve had this game for a few years now and I swear to god it’s never been this bad. I always exit a song just before it ends to avoid watching an ad, because they’re literally after EVERY song. Not to mention before AND after free songs, which to be fair there’s a lack of, but I’m not sure I could consider that a good thing either. I have a lot of songs, over 131. So explain to me why there’s only 131 songs in the “my songs” section? Anytime I buy a new song, it doesn’t get added to the list, a problem which just recently started happening to me. There’s no way I’m gonna look up a song every time I wanna play it when it’s supposed to be added to the list for the convenience of the player. THIS BUG NEEDS TO BE FIXED. I tried looking up the songs again, and playing them through again, even beating them on all difficulties, to try and see if it got them added to the list. And it did.... until I closed the app and reopened it that is. Did I also mention that there’s way too many ads? I did? Well the game will shove it in your face again. Something needs to be done, this app is no longer of good quality from the bugs and there’s too many ads, earning smule undeserved money, the company is solely based on greed now.

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    Fingers too big?

    So I've only had the app for a couple of hours and I signed up for the free seven day trial. I love the selection of songs, and I played a couple on easy mode and thought they were quite fun. But if I change the difficulty above easy, there are times when I'm asked to hit three notes at once. The two dots off to the right are so close together I can't hit them both at the same time. I put my two fingers together as tightly as possible and tap the screen and it's only registering that I'm hitting one of the dots. I don't have big hands, I'm a woman of average height and average weight so my fingers are not chubby or unusual in any way. I feel like I am missing something. Like there Nice to be an obvious solution then I'm just not noticing. Especially because I don't see anyone else complaining about this problem. Maybe there should be settings I can change to make the dots a little bit further apart so that my fingers can hit them, but I don't see anything like that anywhere. So I really like the song selection and I like the concept of the game and the sound is very nice, so I would give it a higher rating if I could actually Play it above easy. Until I figure out what's wrong and how to fix it this app is useless to me.

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    Love game but....

    This game is a perfect game for when you are bored or stressed and you just want to play the piano. I also love how you are able to make your own music on the app. There are a couple of problems in the problems in the game. The first issue is that the game glitches a lot sometimes and I have to shut my phone off a couple of times and that gets annoying. A second issue is that the game takes a while to load once you open it (the longest I ever waited was about 5-8 minutes). A third issue is that if you want to play a song you have to pay for it or use coins which you have to pay for or earn by watching ads (sometimes the ads don’t even load correctly so you can’t watch the video for coins).The songs are also expensive so it’s hard to get songs. A fourth reason is that when ever I click on something I the app there is add. Adds always pop up and one time one was inappropriate(a choices add that had sexual content).Also if you create a song you don’t get to be able to own it you have to pay for it!!! I understand you guys need to make money somehow but still!!!! I like the game but it needs some tweaks for the perfect fun experience.

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    So I get you guys are a big app now, and I have had Magic Piano since it first came out, years ago. I used it when there was only basic songs like Twinkle Twinkle little Star. I’ve kept it all these years, and never have I gotten so many ads. I have over 150 songs, do you know how many Ads I had to watch? Plus free songs. I also did TapJoy stuff, and never once got my Smula (should be almost 6800 since I did ones you actually had to pay for also) I’ve reported it and then was told it was “Lost” but it said I had done it. Of course I got a little mad. Yet, I still have the app. How am I re-payed? ADS AFTER EVERY SONG! I like to play the songs but it’s annoying when a ad comes in every two seconds. As before I can play to ad after I play then repeat. It’s used to be reasonable, 1 ad after every 3-4 songs. Sometimes 5 if you watched a Smula ad. Don’t you guys already have Millions just from all of your apps combined? You guys are getting greedy. Also the VIP thing. Why are all the good songs VIP? The daily challenges used to be VIP songs, which was cool. But now it’s songs you can go and buy. Tired of it smule. I’ll keep the game and I wish to have my 6800 Smula, but I’m not going to force it. And PLEASE KEEP THE ADS ON A DOWN LOW!

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    This app has gotten worse and worse. There is very rarely any free content created. I have a large library of songs that I accumulated when the app had a bigger variety of free songs, but even I get bored of playing those. So, does that mean I buy a VIP membership? Of course not! It’s super overpriced! To put it into perspective, a year of VIP is $40 which is about as much as a good quality Nintendo DS game. Not only does the Nintendo DS game have more to offer (offense intended) you also get to play it forever. It’s one payment of $40, not $40 a year like Magic Piano. Who in their right mind would buy a VIP subscription to Magic Piano? So, that’s off the table. I should just play the songs I have and get over it right? Or maybe save up smoola to get more. First of all, smoola takes forever to earn. I’ve been playing this game on and off for years and I got enough smoola to buy one song ONCE. Not to mention I had accumulated a lot of smoola at a point (probably over 100) and I opened the app one day and it was gone! The only reason I gave this app any stars at all is because if you’re playing one of the few decent songs you can, it’s really really fun. But it’s a terrible app that begs for money from us and lost what made it so great.

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    You have succeeded at making me more mad at you than I am at any other app developer out there. Congratulations. With this game there is 0 loyalty reward, it is practically impossible for non-paying members to play, and things you have earned or paid for are not permanent. I paid for this app for 2 and a half years straight. Before then I paid for a couple of songs with earned smoola. I am at a higher level where earned smoola is nearly impossible, and now that I no longer pay (because you raised the price from $3 to $8 a month, which is absolutely RIDICULOUS for an app whose only purpose is to play songs), I have lost Every song that I have paid for, have no more smoola and no way to earn smoola because the next level is so high up and I have already played every level of the only free songs available, and two of the piano sounds I EARNED have been bumped up a couple levels and I no longer have them! It’s like my paying for 2 years has become a Punishment because I have lost the songs I paid for in the past on the same account and can’t even level up anymore! To anyone who doesn’t have the app- DON’T GET IT UNLESS YOU’RE WILLING TO PAY $8 A MONTH. You’ll get addicted and then get stabbed in the back when they take things you’ve earned away from you!

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    The glitch😤

    Overall I think this app is fun and I like that there’s a ton of songs to choose from. But I’m writing this review because of one problem in particular I’m having. When I play on the hard level, (using up to four fingers) often for some unknown reason it will keep pausing even though I do NOT hit the pause button. This happens a lot now (sometimes ten times a exaggeration!) Also it’s started to glitch out right into other apps when I’m right in the middle of a song. It’s getting very annoying. Please fix this! (A month later) Something just popped up on my screen on how to make it stop pausing right in the middle so many times of every song. I did it and it worked. Thanks! I’ll bump it up to four stars now. I’d have a better chance of giving it five stars if there weren’t soooo many ads (An ad after every song you play and sometimes you’re required to watch an ad before you can even begin playing a song) and if the songs didn’t cost so much.

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Is Magic Piano by Smule Safe?

Yes. Magic Piano by Smule is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 18,219 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Magic Piano by Smule Is 46.6/100.

Is Magic Piano by Smule Legit?

Yes. Magic Piano by Smule is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 18,219 Magic Piano by Smule User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Magic Piano by Smule Is 46.6/100.

Is Magic Piano by Smule not working?

Magic Piano by Smule works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By ccoll
Jan 08 2021

i know there has to be ads but at least put the volume icon on the ads so I can hurry and mute it. i love the sound of the piano and have it maxed on my phone but then tons of ads will come up and some have the volume icon to mute it right away but some don't. If i get more then one ad that i have to keep turning down my volume i just don't play anymore ....not worth it

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