Bleacher Report: Sports News Reviews

Bleacher Report: Sports News Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-08

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Bleacher Report: Sports News Reviews

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    Best Sports App

    While the sportswriters who write the articles are truly sucky human beings, the whole system is great. I love the personalized home with stuff that i actually care about, and i love that you can follow brands (like nike and yeezy) and music artists. There are also ways to use free trials for a few days which is nice, and athlete q and a’s which are epic. Also, though after a few awesome months, whenever i tried to fire something or comment it would just say invalid response, so that’s why this is 2 star. Hopefully this does not happen to you. Update: AWFUL customer service. My account was apparently suspended and I had no clue why, and I was told to email a certain address and never got a reply. They should be ashamed. Another Update: Eventually they got back to me and were very courteous and restored my account.

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    It’s alright

    I’ll start off by saying when I try to read articles not written by Bleacher report the fully loaded page turns white making it literally impossible to read. Kind of annoying and it’s only when it’s non bleacher report articles. iPhone Xs The rest is about Bleacher report itself. Annoyed of the constant click baiting when I just want good sports knowledge. Constant errors in the writing, it doesn’t seem like they have an editor. Sometimes it’s really minor stuff like a misspelled word. Most writing programs have a spell check feature so it’s really bothersome that the writer couldn’t click a few extra buttons to make the article better but I think it’s actually representative of the writing in general. I don’t think much time or care is taken with the assignments. I definitely think they are more interested in getting you to click something rather than making sure whatever they write is worth clicking. I am slowly and slowly finding myself just going to google and searching for writers who I know took time to write rather than go on the app and that’s kinda sad cause this app is really what got me into sports as much as I am. I understand you got to keep the lights on but I just want to be entertained or interested not bored or mad.

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    Great if you want to read ads

    This app is littered with pop up ads. Every time I click on (this review is being interrupted by a simulated pop up ad) an article to read I am either interrupted or prompted to pay for a subscribed (this review is being interrupted by a simulated pop up ad) service. While the app in principle covers many (this review is being interrupted by a simulated pop up ad) sports and allows you to follow your favorite (this review is being interrupted by a simulated pop up ad) teams, even setting priorities for your news feed, you’re better off just (this review is being interrupted by a simulated pop up ad) reading the headlines and checking scores, both of which can (this review is being interrupted by a simulated pop up ad) be found in an sport-official app such as MLB app and others. App also links a lot of content (this review is being interrupted by a simulated pop up ad) to Twitter, and if I wanted to use Twitter I’d just (this review is being interrupted by a simulated pop up ad is this annoying yet? Yeah I bet. And so is the app when it does it get the picture?) reactivate my Twitter account and participate that way. At least Twitter has (this review is being interrupted by a simulated pop up ad and you thought I was done) an ad blocker. In other words, for complete stories use other apps otherwise risk being (this review is being interrupted by a simulated pop up ad)...

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    Good app, this would make it better/more convenient.

    Great app. I love the articles. I would give a 5 star, if you had a way to see previously read articles or were able to favorite preciously read articles like the “News” app on iPhone. It makes it incredibly more convenient and easier to share articles or refer back to an article when needed. I’ve given up on multiple occasions when trying to find an article I’m referencing when talking to friends or family or when I’m trying to see if someone’s responded to my comment. Locating a previously read article is so difficult, I’ve been unsuccessful with finding some articles even after going to bleacher report after a few minutes, notably if the article is under the “Fire” category. Usually, I have to do a google search of the terms I remember + bleacher report just to pull up a previously read article. This issue should not be an issue in this day and age.

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    Horrible update

    I used to love this app. I recommended it to all my friends. It was comprehensive, concise, intuitive, and most of all; the information I needed and wanted was right at my fingertips. In a recent update, that all changed. They changed the bar across the top of the home page that used to show my team’s current and upcoming games. Now it shows current games and a bunch of completely irrelevant games from sports I didn’t even tell the app I liked! To find my team’s upcoming games, I have to dig around in scores, which is inconvenient and unnecessary. I also used to be able to tap on a game to see where it would be broadcast. Can no longer do that. Again, have to find that in the scores, extra searching, and it’s no longer customized for my local market so I still don’t know where I can find the game. (I’m in Ohio, when the Cavs are playing OKC, it’s no help to tell me they’re on FS OKC, are they on FSO?) My homepage feed no longer seems to be customized to my preferences. Frankly, I’m just waiting to find a replacement app and then I’ll dump this one.

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    BR app is apart of my daily social media line up

    This app lets you pick your favorite teams and access articles and news on them through a easy to understand user interface. I also love how you can turn off notifications for each individual sport so when basketball is in the off-season I turn off notifications while I pay attention to football. Also it has an active, yet sometimes rowdy, user base to there are tons of ways to connect with fellow fans and see what people think after games or breaking news. One criticism however: can we please go back to showing season stats for players for the upcoming game match ups? I don’t care what the stats for the last game were and often it doesn’t impact the current game all too much. Wanna see season stats.

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    Great app but missing one thing

    I’ve had bleacher report since it was on the old app and it was called Team Stream and I love it and use it everyday for my sports news. However, I have one thing I wish you guys would add. On the Scores page either under each matchup, or as part of the Game Info section under its preview could you please put what channel the game is being covered on? There are lots of games that I want to watch but am not sure where they are playing on tv and have to look it up somewhere else. Like the Copa America final today for example, it was on telemundo and I spent the first five minutes of the match looking for it online and on my guide. If you could add that this app would be perfect! Thanks!

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    Easily the best for up to date sports news and highlights

    This app is a total upgrade from the ESPN app where it is hard to get to an article you are looking for, this has all the up to date sports info before every other app like ESPN and CBS Sports. This app also gives you easy access to highlights or cool plays of any sport, on the other apps you have to search and search and sometimes it not even there like you want it to be. You can also discuss opinions with the other users and it's nice when you want to say something about what just happened and you have no one else to tell so you turn to Bleacher Report. This app is a very good and well maintained app and deserves five stars

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    A must for getting the info first

    While you may think this is a bs paid review it’s not. I’ve been a fantasy football commissioner for 6 years and been in a league for 12. This is by far the best app I’ve downloaded for football info. I run my league on espn but they always seem to be a step behind. I get notified by this app long before espn posts injuries and any other things to effect my team. If you want to be up on what’s going on before everyone else this is the app you need. I can’t promise you a championship but this app gives you the info to help make better decisions. Oh yeah and it’s free so if you don’t like it after 2 weeks delete it but I would bet you probably won’t.

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    Notifications bugs

    This app is really great when first using it. However after sometimes you don’t receive any alerts for the teams you have alerts for. So what’s the point of the app if I’m not receiving notifications for my sports. Yes I do have bleacher report enabled in my settings for notifications and also in app as well. And I haven’t been able to get a notification for months. When the app was working, everything worked well and it was better than ESPN which I deleted for bleacher report. Also, bleacher report would be quicker to give alerts than ESPN as well.

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    Bad writing for WWE page

    Bleacher Report is a good source, overall. My biggest criticism is how awful the writers are for the WWE page. They constantly knock the product by writing negative articles. Throughout their recaps of shows and events, they make overly biased, condescending comments about what transpired, as if they could have done better if they had wrote the show. Do they even like wrestling? Do they understand how wrestling works? It would be nice to read about what happened on Raw or Smackdown without having to read several amateur snipes about the product, which only makes them seem bitter and pretentious. I don’t even bother reading any of their articles anymore about “So and So must do “X” to stay relevant”. Again, bitter and pretentious writing. I hope Bleacher Report recognizes their WWE writers’s incompetence and puts an end to it.

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    App Doesn’t List Relevant Standings or Schedule

    I know this is soccer so it isn’t big for Bleacher Report unless it is the Premier League but the standings are either not up to date or no longer even there. Example: Serie A, Champions League and Juventus among others. They used to be there but now that and schedules for national teams are not updated. This is not difficult to update especially since they were there. It seems it is intermittent depending on the week, meaning sometimes it is there, sometimes not, and sometimes it s the champions league schedule even if the team isn’t in the champions league, which makes the app even more difficult to navigate than it already is. Also the schedule for My Teams is skewed and it often doesn’t show up on the header and sometimes the schedules are not updated until after a match is played even on the team’s schedule page.

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    If you love sports, download bleacher report

    I use this app ALOT, whether it be to read up on new stories or check in on analysis or predictions or check scores. The only thing I’d love if they added was to be able to edit your comment. I comment a lot on stories and articles so I engage in the comment section a lot. I’ve seen everyone including myself make a spelling mistake. It would be cool if you guys added the option to edit your comments and maybe showing that the comment was edited. I can see people fixing their comment and going back on something they said so showing like a transcript history would be beneficial. Thanks for all you do B/R, you guys have changed the game for sports reporting and sports app

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    Awesome app

    This app is generally very good. Unpopular opinion: the stories are great! It’s not your everyday sports app, while it can give you the final score to the games, it also gives you more lighthearted and funny stories that the MLB and NFL for example, don’t give you. I understand why some people don’t like to get stories based on the jokes and stuff that goes on within the professional sports leagues, but I think it’s great, knowing that you can also get your basic sports news here and from many other apps. If you want a new look on your favorite sports teams, look no further than bleacher report.

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    Not Articles Open

    I love using the Bleacher Report for all my sports needs, however lately certain articles will not open. Currently the two I have trouble with is LA Times and The Athletic. What is annoying is that I see the article on Bleacher Report and I get excited to read it and then find that it won’t open unless I subscribe to that company and pay a fee. Why do I need Bleacher Report if I can’t open the articles and I have to sign up for other company articles to read anything? I would just as well prefer that those articles were not there or if they were better identified as articles you need memberships for to read. Then I wouldn’t get excited about articles I am not allowed to read.

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Is Bleacher Report: Sports News Safe?

Yes. Bleacher Report: Sports News is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 228,879 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Bleacher Report: Sports News Is 45.2/100.

Is Bleacher Report: Sports News Legit?

Yes. Bleacher Report: Sports News is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 228,879 Bleacher Report: Sports News User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Bleacher Report: Sports News Is 45.2/100.

Is Bleacher Report: Sports News not working?

Bleacher Report: Sports News works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Joe F
Jul 30 2021

HelloI have been using bleacher report for 3 or 4 years nowBut now whenever I try to read an article it jumps from one article to another it won't stay stillIf jumps to another page over and over is it my phone or is it the way the app is constructed now

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