ABC7 Los Angeles Reviews

ABC7 Los Angeles Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-29

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ABC7 Los Angeles Reviews

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    Thank you

    I was Born in California and grew up with channel 7 eyewitness news as a teenager I remember watching Christine Lund as one and the news casters and I continue to watch it today even though in 2010 I move to Pocatello Idaho our news is not nearly as professional and lacks giving information of other parts of the world. I watch channel 7 eyewitnesses news every day.

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    New update BUT STILL HAVE 60 sec ad 🤬🤯 before you get to hear about the breaking news

    Been watching for this new update for days , was so excited when it came and in your description box you said we’ve heard all the concerns and we fixed him and then some... no you didn’t!!! Make us sit through a 60+ second ad before getting the breaking news story which you give for concern of the general public... to everyone it looks like you’re more worried about getting your ad money before notifying public. Ever so many different ways to have ad placements that do not conflict with breaking news news conferences which you guys already know because they’re all over your app they pop up nonstop. Sad and disappointing when needing to have a 60 second ad about nothing before we can get to news that can potential he save lives so grossly disappointing

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    KABC News App

    I don't know if I'm expecting too much from this app or not but when it hear something happening (especially in the local LA area) I often want to hear updates or more information. I have found that KABC doesn't post breaking news or updates until the television news is on. I generally now go straight to Google to keep current. 😔 I just realized that I never sent this review so I’m able to downgrade my review. I’m more frustrated than ever with the newest app. I used to be able to check news in that particular area (i.e, Los Angeles, California, National, Weather, etc). Just now I wanted to see something that had happened in Northern California. I found the California section. There are 2 features. One from 22 hours ago and the other from about 3 days ago. If I want current news, I would hope it would be on the app-not old news.

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    What’s new is bad!

    Easy navigation and a stunning new display?!? No and NO. Whoever designed this update has clearly never actually read news on the app. The navigation is cumbersome on both iPad and iPhone versions. Gone is the simple left or right swipe to “page” through the news once the first article is selected. On the iPhone you have to keep going back to the main page to select each item while also swiping up to get to the articles you have to keep selecting individually. The iPad version navigation is only slightly better but worse overall because it eliminates the back and forth between articles and the main page but does it by permanently commandeering a large chunk of the left side of the screen for the article list leaving an awkward and narrow reading page.

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    ABC7 news app

    This would be a great app if only I could stay connected while I am reading a news story. I usually get disconnected at least 5-10 times while reading a news story. If I am inclined to continue reading, I have to get back into the app(as if for the first time,) scroll down (again) to my story, select the story, then scroll down (again)to where I stopped reading (before being disconnected.) I have to repeat this process 5-10 times before I can finish reading a news story. I don’t have this problem while watching a video though. The app is great for keeping updated on breaking news.

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    Local news is great, full screen pop ups are a bummer

    This app has improved. I can’t remember the last time the app jumped around multiple times per article due to more ads loading. And I think they might have finally fixed the auto play videos on some articles that would play despite my volume switch being set to silent. But the latest full screen ad pop-ups that occur on nearly every article with a delay of about 2 seconds is the latest irritation provided by this app. If it wasn’t the best source for local news in my area, I would stop using it immediately.

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    Gets worse the longer you have it!!!

    I actually had this news app for a long time. It started off great!! Everything was functional and simple. As time went on, update after update, the app just got horrible. I don’t mind too many ads, but they were getting to be more rampant. The video ads that would pop up after clicking on a news article or video would freeze and cause the actual video I was interested in watching to play back choppy or with delayed Audio. Bottom line is it became very frustrating to use the app and get news. I deleted it about two years ago. Now looking around for another one, my guess is they are all the same by now.

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    HATE the new Upgrade!

    I am really hoping the news app is put back to how it looked prior to being upgraded. The new upgrade forces individuals to read/scroll one story at a time. This is so annoying. Previously readers were able to scroll and view all stories at once and select which to open and read. Hate the new feature SOO so much I deleted the app from my phone. So now I am forced to obtain my news from multiple news outlets. Such an inconvenience and shame because I really like your news and really liked your easy to maneuver app. I really hope changes are made to going back to how the app was previously

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    Funny Sampson

    I like the App 80% of the time. The 20% dislike with the App is about watching the video of the news stories. When you are listening and watching the video, the news anchor is talking and a voice in an ad is talking at the same time. Sometimes the ad is running longer than the news story. It is very distracting. Because of this issue, my only option is to read all of the news stories. This is an update. I am now liking the app 40% of the time. Why? The app keeps closing while scrolling to the next story. I just might have to delete the app for a while. FIX THIS PROBLEM, PLEASE.

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    Decent app with annoyances

    I generally like this news application with the exception of looking at the embedded photos. When viewing on my iPhone X, I cannot close the photo due to the “x” for closing the pop up is to the right of the top sensor notch of the display and is not clickable. I have to force close the app to & then relaunch it to get back to the story I was reading. Not a big deal but at that point I just move on to another one. I’ve contacted them via the support a few months ago and did not hear back from them & as of today it still has the same problem in the UI.

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    Simply Terrible

    KABC- Please look at the app ratings since the November upgrade. Mostly positive before the upgrade, now mostly negative reviews star. Everybody is complaining about the same issues. Dump this “New Coke” and go back to “Classic Coke”, please! The new app format is terrible. I used to be able to glance at the app a few times an hour to look for subject matter I was interested in. Now I need to scroll through the whole series of stories, mostly subject matter that doesn't appeal to me, to find a topic that I would be interested in. Now I look at the KABC7 only once or twice a day. Swallow your pride and please revert back to the previous format.

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    I know you need to show advertisement for $$ but you need a skip after 10 seconds and a lot if times it will play adds twice before you can see the news . Also every news clip video We pay shouldn’t have to watch the same add over again very annoying .

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    Update is horrible!

    This used to be my go to app, opened it on the daily in place of actually watching the news on the t.v. Until a couple of days ago when they decided to update it, worst update ever! The old format was so convenient and easy to maneuver, now you can only view one story at a time and it keeps playing the videos for the stories I don't want to watch. Honestly I don't think I have even figured out how to work it correctly. It shouldn't be this annoying to try to read the news. Now I'm in search for a better news app that's easier to manage!

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    Great source for news on my phone

    BUT!! Since they asked for my rating :) I get that advertising is how you make money but 30 sec ads??? What is this 2013? LOL also sometimes I just want to look at the cover pic of the video and not watch the video because of the long ad then an anchor person talking for 15-30 more seconds so it'd be nice if they move the play arrow to the bottom corner of the video clip then I can quickly see if the criminal in the video is a friend or not

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    Deceptive Update

    UPDATED REVIEW: The newest changes are so terrible that I have deleted the app. This app now fills the screen with a single story so I have to scroll and scroll to find what I want to read. It won't let me change advertiser tracking features. It claims to allow me to turn off video autoplay, then autoplays video anyhow. There must be a USEFUL app out there that will let me get a quick scan of local news and I'm off to find that app. ORIGINAL REVIEW: Update description says nothing about the multiple advertisements that now appear with each news story. Wish I had not "updated."

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Is ABC7 Los Angeles Safe?

No. ABC7 Los Angeles does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 15,676 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for ABC7 Los Angeles Is 18.1/100.

Is ABC7 Los Angeles Legit?

No. ABC7 Los Angeles does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 15,676 ABC7 Los Angeles User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for ABC7 Los Angeles Is 18.1/100.

Is ABC7 Los Angeles not working?

ABC7 Los Angeles works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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