iTrackBites: Weight Loss Diet Reviews

iTrackBites: Weight Loss Diet Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-21

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iTrackBites: Weight Loss Diet Reviews

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    exactly what i need!

    i started weight watchers in august 2015 and lost a lot of weight on their "points plus" system. it was awesome! i lost 60lbs in 5 months and it was super easy! then in january 2016, WW decided to switch to a new "smart points" system, which was more strict so i found myself cheating and giving up on a regular basis. the number on my scale has gone up and down since then. honestly, i've gained back the 20lbs i lost on the "smart points" system and then some. the old "points plus" system allowed me indulge a bit more, which kept me on track and encouraged without feeling deprived of my treats! unfortunately, WW doesn't let you choose which program is best for you - they just got rid of the "points plus" system all together. everyone's bodies and mentalities respond differently to nutrition and wellness so i was very disappointed that WW wouldn't let me go back to the "points plus" method that had worked so much better for my needs. THIS APP LETS YOU CHOOSE YOUR PROGRAM!!! i can feel confident in my future success knowing that my old preferred program is back! no cheating. no discouragement. no quitting. i wish i had found this sooner!

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    Greediness showing

    I liked the previous version of WW, one of the main reasons I chose this app was that it enabled you to use the previous WW plan instead of the new one if you wanted. Also, it's much less expensive. It mostly enables me to do what I want to do and the scanner works great (better than WW). However let's face it, the general interface and food guides are clunky and not at all intuitive. I've paid for the app and at least 3 in-app purchases which are food guides. They are pretty bad - most of the time I'm going from app to app and then doing a web search to piece together the points for the food I'm eating. And then "new" guides become available for a full purchase cost - when they really should be updates to current users to help better the poor food searching guides already in place. Then there are nag screens to buy things like their white noise app. We shouldn't be getting ads if we bought the app and also have bought in app purchases. It's hard enough to follow a meal plan, if you have to jump through hoops and use multiple in and out of app sources just to record your points for the day, it becomes, much much harder. I've not used this for long periods just because I didn't want to deal with navigating through the amateurish maze that they call an interface. If I hadn't already bought it, I don't think I would.

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    BIG Rip Off don’t waste your money

    To the Developers you need to READ THE ONE STAR REVIEWS AND TAKE NOTES: Don’t believe the FAKE REVIEWS!!! I have been a Apple customer for over 9 years I purchased this app on the old version when it wasn’t a friggin subscription model a total wast of money. I hate when companies try an sucker people into a subscription model. I will never give my money to a Software company monthly to use it. When people start to wake up that no company will survive, if people don’t fall into the trap of the subscription model. I earn my money to hard to give it away on theses companies that go this way. You would go broke if you subscribe to every software company on this model. There are way too many other companies that offer onetime purchase to fall for that. So when this company upgraded my app it took my purchase out and wants me to subscribe. Well Hell no. I will find another company that offers a one time purchase. I will put this company on blast on all my Social media accounts.!!!! Good Bye , I am 100 percent with all the other reviewers that agree with me and all the one stars. I wish I could give zero stars. Because it was a friggin trap that I didn’t fall for. I have did restore purchase several times and nothing, I paid the restaurant guide it’s gone I paid for the app it’s gone nothing but this friggin subscription model there should a lawsuit against this practice

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    Great app needs update

    ********update******** The app has been updated since my original review and it has definitely improved. I just canceled my weight watchers subscription yet again to try out iTrackBites version of freestyle which is called flex. I signed up for the monthly subscription to unlock flex and it stated there are over 200 zero “bites” foods now available. I know what they are since I recently had them on the weight watchers app, but yet again they are not available as zero bites foods on the list. How can you follow the freestyle with less allotted bites but not change the bites values in the system?! I've been on and off using this app for about almost two years. I recently started back up last week and I realized why I stopped using it in the first place. Now don't get me wrong because this is a great substitute for paying monthly for the weight watchers app, but it gets to be tedious when you have to create a new food for something as simple as green tea. I think the app needs a wider variety of foods available in the pocket guide to make for simple searches along with an updated restaurant guide.

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    It used to be great

    I’ve had the app for years. I bought the guides and bundles and have loved chatting in the community. They have made updates where you can upgrade to Pro and do the most current WW plan. They stated though that you didn’t have to upgrade and pay the subscription fee if you don’t want to do the newer plan. They also said we didn’t have to upgrade to post in the community. I noticed a few weeks ago I was no longer able to post. I sent a support email June 23rd saying “I can’t post anymore. I’ve been a member for years. I don’t have to pay 39 now to post do I?” They responded several others had the same issue and it will be fixed in an update. It was updated and still didn’t work. I emailed them again and this time a woman responded that you now have to pay 39 to upgrade to pro to post in the community” When I asked in a Facebook group a bunch of people said they never upgraded and could still post. So I give up. I’m not paying 39 after having bought the apps and guides years ago. I’m not interested in the newer plan.

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    Great App!

    I was motivated to start WW about 6 weeks ago when I found a classic WW starter kit at a garage sale. I logged my points for a few days before wondering if there was an app for that. I found this app, and decided to give it a try. It took me a few days to get used to using the app instead of the points books and log, but now I won't go back. I love the barcode scan, and the ability to store favorites. It's easy to adjust portions to 1/2, 1 1/2, etc. Having the points to spread as I like throughout the week is great, and I'm rewarded points for exercising. I'm able to plan my eating so that I can have a variety of food, including sweets. Keeping accountable has made me think about what and how much I eat. After seeing how many points a portion of a portion has, I'm often satisfied with a smaller amount. I'm not much for attending support group meetings. For me, having this app with me on my phone throughout the day is the reminder I need of my goal and my achievements. The community chat threads also provide support. Overall a great app.

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    I paid, but it was worth it

    I used to do weight watcher when I first tried to lose weight. It went well for a while then it just got to be so expensive. I stopped and just slowly put the weight back on. I decided to try again and did some research on which apps were similar to the points system WW used. It was easier to spend points and eat things I enjoyed and focus on portions sizes and not worry too much about micro/macro nutrients. I found iTrackBites in June and gave it a go. I also convinced my fiancé to join as well. I like that it doesn’t restrict what you can eat (I still eat a small ice cream cone every now and then) and it has weekly “bites” for special occasions if I want to splurge. I can earn some extra points through daily points and it syncs with my Fitbit. As of today, I have lost over 20 lbs in a healthy, safe way and have kept it off by tracking with iTrackBites. My fiancé is 2 lbs away from his goal weight. I’m so happy I found iTrackBites and I’m able to reach my weight loss goals in a

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    Food Guide Bug Fixed

    Updated review 4/8/18: The update on this app fixed the bug that caused the app to keep asking me to pay for the online food guide I had already purchased. Now I just with they would improve the interface and allow apple watch integration and this app would be 5 stars. I’m certainly willing to pay a small fee for a great app vs paying for WW. ***Previous review***I like this app and I feel it’s comparable to WW and at a reasonable price. However the interface is poorly designed and old looking and their free databases lack a lot of food options. So I decided to pay $1.99 for the online food guide. I thought it was a one time fee. Literally an hour after paying for the guide the app asked me to pay for it again to use it. I took screenshots of my successful purchase of the guide as proof that I’ve already paid. There is a restore purchases option in the settings and that worked a fee times to get the guide back but it continues to ask me to pay every time I reopen the app. That’s ridiculous! There are other similar apps out there with better designs and Apple Watch integration for counting activity points.

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    I like this app but a few things would make it excellent!

    I have used the Weight Watchers app for years but decided to use this instead to save money and because I'd rather do Points Plus. I commend you for coming up with this! It has many great features. Comparing it to the WW app, there are a few things that I miss. I like how the WW app separates breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Also, I purchased the online add on and the restaurant add on. The restaurant add on needs to keep up to date! I went to Applebee's this evening and chose from their lighter fare menu and the entree isn't listed in there. I still have the WW app that will be expiring this week and it is listed in there. That was disappointing since I paid extra for the add on. I also wish that all the food listed in the online add on would give you a choice of how you want to track certain items, like whether you want to use ounces, grams, cups, etc. instead of just saying 1 serving. I like to use grams when I weigh my food. Don't get me wrong though, I do appreciate the app, I just feel that there is room for improvement.

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    An amazing app

    I gave up weight watchers because one it was too expensive into with the new weight watchers I was not losing this place gives me the ideal of being with people that understand what I’m going through also I’ve met some people that are just fantastic on this website just talking it makes you feel better I started this back in May and it’s hard going from weight watchers to calories but I’m doing the calories all the way and since I started in May I have lost 19 pounds learning how to do calories yes it’s hard but I’ve also now started doing taking out the salt to or a lot of salt I should say so this site is amazing I have an Apple phone and I love it and I can track everything I eat and then I put it in a notepad to show my doctor to so I want to say you guys are number one and keep doing the great job and some of the recipes the only thing is I wish we could find out how long you cook it and what time to cook it for two thank you keep up the good work

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    Never Going Back

    I can’t say enough good things about this app. I’ve used Weight Watchers off and on for years and always somehow found myself veering off and canceling my membership out of guilt because I felt like I was wasting money. A discouraging, vicious cycle. But no more – now that I’ve been using this app I’ve lost nearly 25 pounds and gained peace of mind that if I do have a setback or two, it’s okay and I can keep going because I’m not paying a monthly membership fee. I have the freedom and flexibility to follow this plan as closely or as loosely as I want and I never feel guilty because of money. This app has been a true lifesaver and one that I will most likely be using for the rest of my life. I purchased everything except for the snack guide and it was all WELL worth it. Highly recommended if you want to get serious about losing weight the healthy way but want to do it on your own terms without being chained to subscription.

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    Enjoying this app

    I used the weight watchers smart points app for four months. I was very comfortable using the weight watchers app and wasn't sure if I would like the I track app… But I am now extremely comfortable and like it even better than the weight watchers app. Once you get to know it, the app is very user-friendly. Looking forward to having the ability to group the foods I track into breakfast lunch and dinner. I would also like to see an update where when you change the quantity of a serving of food you could on that same window see what the new smart points calculates to without having to track the food, then have to remember to delete the food if you choose not to eat it. I am very happy I chose this app to replace the weight watchers app. I did research many other apps and thought that this one was the closest. It is a bonus that I truly like it better than the weight watchers app.

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    Great app, but could be more user-friendly

    After getting tired of paying so much for the online version of weight Watchers, I purchased this iTrackBites. At first it can seem a bit intimidating to use, and I do feel like it could be better streamlined for ease of use. But if you take a little bit to browse the app and learn the ins and outs, you’ll realize it’s not as complicated as it looks. You will have to purchase a few “add-ons” like the guides, but that was no biggie to me. Still VERY well worth the low price. Also to note, this app has not yet updated to the WW Freestyle program. BUT if that’s the program you choose to follow, you still can in here. I use the “classic” version and simply do not track ANY “free” foods. Only foods that I know have points. From my understanding, iTrackBites is in the process of updating to add the Freestyle program. All-in-all, I enjoy this app and what it offers at a price I find very fair.

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    Free with a catch

    App has recently updated making it a free app. There is, of course, a catch. You can no longer purchase the add on components that make this comparable to the WW online plan such as the online food guide, recipe builder, and restaurant guides. If you want those items (and they will make your experience a ton easier), you are required to purchase a subscription of approx $48/year (it's advertised as $2.99/mo but they charge you the full amount). If you don't subscribe, you can still use the programs but you will be required to calculate the "bite" values with the calculator or scan the barcode. They have a basic food guide but I rarely find what I am looking for. I enter my values (often looking stuff up on MyFitnessPal or by label) and save it to my favorites. This essentially is how I am working around not subscribing. Overall, it's a great app for the price (free) and still much cheaper than WW even with the subscription. I wish I found this app several weeks ago when I could purchase and own the information outright.

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    Great app!

    I've done weight watchers multiples times since 2001 to either lose a few lbs or maintain. It gets so expensive to join and rejoin all the time just for the purposes of tracking points. I prefer using an older weight watchers program since it worked for me in the past and I'm more likely to stick to something if I'm familiar with it. I like how I can choose from 3 different programs in this app. I am able to use my preferred program no problem. I only had to pay once and have had this app on my phone for a few years. I like how I can just come back to it any time I feel the need to track my food again. And all my data is still saved so I can look back at prior months. I used to hate how I would pay for a few months of WW and then as soon as I stopped paying I didn't have access to all of my data.

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Is iTrackBites: Weight Loss Diet Safe?

Yes. iTrackBites: Weight Loss Diet is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 83,798 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for iTrackBites: Weight Loss Diet Is 24.1/100.

Is iTrackBites: Weight Loss Diet Legit?

Yes. iTrackBites: Weight Loss Diet is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 83,798 iTrackBites: Weight Loss Diet User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for iTrackBites: Weight Loss Diet Is 24.1/100.

Is iTrackBites: Weight Loss Diet not working?

iTrackBites: Weight Loss Diet works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Beverly Sherry
Mar 22 2021

Trying to cancel my subscription to Itrackbites and getting nowhere fast. I tried to message them on their Facebook page and once I said I wanted to cancel they stopped messaging me back. I have email and received no response. Does anyone have a phone number for them that works???

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